Historical Images of Acton

See also the following publications, which are available in the library:

Acton (Images of America), by William A. Klauer. Arcadia Publishing, 2001.

Acton, A Second Look. The Acton Historical Commission, 1985.

Acton Center in 1879 (AML archives 32.1.2) Acton Center (postcard postmarked 1930s) (AML archives 2020.x) Isaac Davis Monument, Town Hall, Acton Memorial Library; Acton Center (image courtesy of Brewster Conant, 001.02b) Acton Town Hall (Courtesy Brewster Conant, 001.04b) Acton Town Hall (postcard postmarked 1907) (AML archives 74.16.1p) Acton Town Hall (postcard postmarked 1932)  (AML reference office). Isaac Davis Monument, Acton Center (AML archives 77.16.5) Captain Daniel Tuttle and Luke Smith in front of the Isaac Davis Monument, Acton Center (AML archives 73.6.1) Members of the G.A.R. in front of the Acton Memorial Library (image Courtesy Brewster Conant) Acton Memorial Library (AML archives 77.16.9a) Acton Memorial Library (AML archives 74.16.7) Acton Memorial Library, postcard postmarked 1906 (AML archives 1990.2.1) Acton Memorial Library, postcard postmarked 1908   (AML archives 2020.x) Acton Memorial Library, early 1900s, (AML archives 1999.1.1) Interior of the Memorial Library (AML archives 67.5.2c) Interior of the Memorial Library, view from the Fireplace Room (AML archives 67.5.2b) U.S. Post Office & Notar's Supermarket (Acton Center Store) (AML archives 87.4.7) Main Street, Acton (AML archives 77.16.4) Mead Building, West Acton (AML archives 87.3.1) Massachusetts Avenue, West Acton (AML archives 68.2.15) West Acton business section (AML archives 2018.x) West Acton train depot (AML archives 68.1.5) South Acton from train station (AML archives 74.16.1c) Post Office and Square, South Acton (AML archives 77.16.2) Merriam Company mill, River Street, South Acton (AML archives 74.16.1o) South Acton School (AML archives 74.16.1l) South Acton from Faulkner Hill ((AML archives 74.16.1a) New Bridge, South Acton (card postmarked 1908) (AML archives 74.16.1d) Winter scene with streetcar, South Acton (AML archives 74.16.1j) Streetcar in snow. Faulkner barn in the background (AML archives 68.1.8) South Acton Universalist Church in the early 1900s (AML archives 74.16.1m) South Acton Congregational Church, 1904 (AML archives 74.16.1n) South Acton Congregational Church (AML archives 87.4.8) South Acton Train Station (AML archives 68.2.3) South Acton Train Station (postmarked 1903)  (AML archives 74.16.1g) South Acton Train Station (AML archives 74.16.1f) South Acton Train Station (AML archives 87.14.3) Faulkner House, South Acton (AML archives 68.2.13) View toward Exchange Hall, South Acton (AML archives 87.14.2) Acton Congregational Church, after 1898 renovation (image courtesy Brewster Conant 001.04a) Acton Congregational Church, after 1898 renovation (AML archives 87.4.4) St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church (AML archives 87.4.16) South Acton, American House Hotel on Railroad Street at left (AML archives 87.14.4) Railroad crossing, South Acton (AML archives 87.14.5) Four views of South Acton (AML archives 2018.x) Saw mill, Concord Road, East Acton (AML archives 77.16.1) Lake Nagog Inn, North Acton (AML archives 77.16.3) Nagog House, North Acton (AML archives 2018.x)