New York Times Digital Access

The Minuteman Library Network offers all Minuteman card holders free access to the New York Times website and mobile app.  A valid email address and registration at the New York Times web site is required for access.

In-Library Features:

Unlimited access to NYTimes.com content
International Edition and Chinese Edition
Historic Coverage 1851-1922 and 1981 to Current (1923-1980 only with off-site coupon, 5 articles per day)
Newsletters, Alerts & Times Wire
Sharing & Commenting
Times Topics
Search and Cross Searching
Real-Time Market Data & Company Research Pages
Mini Crossword puzzles (Full crossword puzzle not included)

Additional Offsite Features

NYTimes Apps
Today's Paper: Digital edition of today's print edition
5 Premium Archive (1923-1980) articles per day



In-library users:  Create a New York Times account:  https://nytimes.com/register;  then log-in from library computers with your NYT username and password at:  https://nytimes.com

Remote users:  Create a New York Times account; then redeem a remote access code every 72-hours