The Friends of Pine Hawk is an ad-hoc group of Acton citizens, town officials, and educators who came together in the summer of 2002 around one issue: to promote understanding of the archaeological and human story behind the great trove of Native American artifacts discovered at the "Pine Hawk" site in Acton. During the excavation for Acton's new sewer plant in South Acton, an extraordinary record of Native American habitation was uncovered, a record extending back over 7,000 years. We believe a better understanding of this remarkable find enriches our community educationally and culturally. Acton is fortunate to have this “Pine Hawk” site, which is now recognized as one of the more significant Native American sites in New England.

Every October we sponsor a series of Pine Hawk and archaeologically related events you and your family might enjoy. Please select below for a viewable listing of events or a printable flyer in PDF format.
Pine Hawk Events October, 2012 (HTML file)
Pine Hawk Events October, 2012 (PDF file)

Pine Hawk Flyer for Children, October, 2012 (PDF file)
Pine Hawk Flyer for Adults, October, 2012 (PDF file)


Below are links to other Pine Hawk and Acton archaeological material, all resources and books that are available locally.

Acton Schools web site A great web site developed by the Acton Public Schools to supplement the fourth grade curriculum unit on local Native American culture.

Frequently Asked Questions Basic facts about Pine Hawk.

Speakers List People who are familiar with Pine Hawk and/or Native American subjects.

Pine Hawk Brochure (PDF file) This flyer provides an overview of Friends of Pine Hawk activities.

Pine Hawk Archival Documents Press items, Town Reports, and other resources and books that are available locally. Loads of interesting things!

Also, with the support of the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, we have produced three pictorial displays to tell the Pine Hawk story. These displays are portable, suitable for taking to lectures and demonstrations. When not traveling, the displays are mounted near the Reference Desk at the Acton Memorial Library. Here are pictures of each of them:
1. Pine Hawk - the Dig   2. Pine Hawk - the Artifacts   3. Pine Hawk - the Setting

Finally we note that the Massachusetts Archaeological Society as a gateway to related activities throughout our state.

The Friends of Pine Hawk are grateful to the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council,
Woodard & Curran, and the Friends of the Acton Libraries for their support.