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Blakc and white photograph of trees by Richard HigginsAn Eye for Trees: Images Inspired by Thoreau’s Way of Seeing Trees

Photographs by Richard Higgins


March 3 - April 29, 2020 in the Meeting Room Gallery

Richard Higgins, the photographer and author of the popular book “Thoreau and the Language of Trees” will have a solo exhibit in the library Meeting Room Gallery during the months of March and April.

Higgins has spent the past 12 years photographing trees in Concord and surrounding towns including Acton, frequently returning to the same tree in different seasons. He follows the precepts of Henry David Thoreau: looking carefully, seeing them with the knowledge of their species, and most importantly with a passion for their beauty.

He says of his work: Thoreau loved especially how winter magnificently transforms trees---and I love to photograph them for the same reason. I’ve been taking pictures for 12 years. If there’s an artistic aesthetic in my work, it’s seeing the familiar anew and finding beauty in the ordinary---a skill that Thoreau developed to a high degree. We only truly see when we look, he said, and he was ever looking to discern expressions, character and beauty of trees. That intention continues to influence my work. Our word “amateur” comes from the French amour, to love, and my amateur eye was my great guide in these photographs. I try to become better at photography, but I like to think that I’ve kept my amateur eye.



Exhibitions are free and handicapped accessible. Exhibitions in the library meeting room are available for viewing whenever the library is open and the room is not in use for a meeting. Please check the library Events Calendar for availability.

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