Art Exhibition: Guy Washburn

September / October 2020 Online Exhibiton

Winter, New Normal

The winter of 2020 has been a curious affair, with a turbulent political situation threatening to tear the nation apart, rumors of a growing global pandemic, a climate in flux with record warmth, inconsistent precipitation and huge personal changes. 

The result has been nearly untreatable cabin fever.

I have always found my consolation in pulling on my boots, shouldering my pack and heading for the sanctuary of the outdoors. But that sanctuary has been in a state of flux due to climate change.

No longer is winter the season of crystalline stillness we have depended on. In its place an unceasing cycle of sleet and the dull brown of last year’s foliage with only moments of fleeting grace.

In this work I share those moments of fleeting grace I still find in the woodlands and riversides where I go to be moved and restored. – Guy Washburn


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