Study Room Policy



Effective 9/1/17

Acton Memorial Library provides small rooms for small group work or other tasks which may not be easily accomplished in other areas of the library. These rules are intended to assist in the equitable use of the spaces while supporting the library’s priority on literacy. Access to the study rooms may be denied if users fail to comply with the rules. 


  1. Capacity is limited to no more than three people.
  2. Use by an individual or group will be limited to two hours per day. The time limit may be extended if no others are waiting for the room at the end of the time block.
  3. If an individual or group has been using a room for more than two hours and a staff member tells them that someone else would like to use the room, the study room users should vacate within five minutes.
  4. When not reserved, study rooms may be used on a first-come/first-served basis by individuals or small groups following sign-in at the Reference Desk.
  5. Study room users should leave the study room five minutes before the library closes.
  6. Anyone who damages a study room, behaves inappropriately while using a study room, or uses a study room in a way that disturbs other library users may be asked to relinquish use of the room. Repeated or severe misuse shall be cause for denial of future use.
  7. The Conference Room may be used as a study room under the above rules for use of rooms only if both of the following apply: 1) no study rooms are available and 2) the Conference Room is not booked for a meeting for at least 45 minutes from the beginning of use as a study room. The Conference Room may not be reserved as a study room and its use as a study room is limited to no more than three people.


  1. The library will take on-going, open-ended study room reservations for students and tutors of non-profit literacy organizations and tutors working with students from the Acton Boxborough Regional School District in lieu of class attendance.
  2. The library will also take reservations up to one week in advance for other individuals and small groups.
  3. Occasional reservations for other uses may be made at the discretion of the Reference Staff.
  4. Reservations will not be for a particular room.
  5. Rooms will be held for ten minutes past the reserved start time.
  6. Users must sign in at the Reference Desk. Repeated failure to sign in or to notify the library if a reservation is canceled may result in denial of future reservations.

Approved by the Acton Memorial Library Board of Trustees 8/24/17