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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

by Library Staff | December 30, 2013 at 08:12 PM

In 2014, I resolve to... Exercise and eat well!... Learn a new language... Manage my money better! ....

No matter what you resolve to do in 2014, the library has resources to help you to meet your goal.


The Acton Memorial Library provides a range of exercise books and DVDs to help you stretch, strengthen, and slim down.  In our DVD collection, you will find a variety of different yoga, cardio and fitness programs under the call number DVD 613. 

Come upstairs to the second floor to find books on diet and physical fitness.  Make your way over to the shelves that include numbers that begin with 613.  We always have new items coming into the library, so be sure to check out the New Books section near the front windows on the second floor, as well.


The library offers language instruction in a variety of formats. 

  • Dictionaries, workbooks, and grammar guides for many different languages can be found on our shelves.  You can find these language materials in our nonfiction holdings, starting with the Dewey Decimal number 433.
  • Language instruction on CDs can make a long commute a learning opportunity.  Our language instruction audio CDs are located in our audio section on the second floor.
  • If you are an advanced reader of another language, take advantage of our foreign language materials.  The library maintains collections in Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Gujarati, Hindi, and Tamil.
  • Mango Languages Online is a fun, interactive computer program available to you through the Acton Memorial Library website. Anyone can access Mango at the library, and, if you are an Acton resident, you may also use this service at home.  To find Mango, go to - Resources & Research - Databases – Languages


The library has a large section of books on personal finance.  Whether you are looking for a fresh financial start or planning for retirement, you will find the information you need under the Dewey Decimal number 332.024. 

What's Your New Year’s Resolution?  

Here is a list of subjects that you might be focusing on in 2014, and where you will find related materials here at the Acton Memorial Library.  Talk to a reference librarian if you need assistance.

Alcoholism:                   362.292, 616.861

Bicycling                         796.6, 629.227

Cooking                          641.5 – 641.8

Dieting                            613.2

Drug Abuse                    362.29, 616.86

Education                       370s

Job Hunting                   371.425

Exercise                          613.7

Fashion                           391, 646, 746.9

Finance, Personal        332.024

Fitness                            613

Health                              613

Language                       433 – 499.992

Nutrition                          613.2, 641.1

Parenting                        649

Spirituality                       291.4, 294.3, 158

Travel-US                        910s

Estate Planning             332.024

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