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New Catalog Allows Browsing the Shelf

by Children's Librarian 1 | May 1, 2015 at 01:05 PM

There are two versions of the Minuteman Catalog. The older version, which is more familiar to most people is called the “Classic Catalog”, and the newer version is known as the New Minuteman Catalog, the Discovery Catalog, or Encore  (the software vendor’s trade name).

Why two catalogs?  Minuteman has continued to provide the Classic Catalog for the convenience of library users who prefer the familiar, but the New Catalog adds nifty and powerful features. Here is one we like:





1. From the Classic Catalog homepage click on "New Minuteman Catalog"  or go to:



2. Type what you are looking for into the Search box.  In this example we will search for books about  perennials.


3. From the result list, click on a title that you are interested in.


4. On the next screen, click the Call No.  for the library whose shelves you would like to browse.


5. You are now looking at covers of books in the order they are on our shelves. Use the arrows to browse to the right and the left.



For the full catalog record and to access the Request button, click on a cover image.


That's it!  Enjoy browsing the library shelves from the comfort of your own home!

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