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MyHeritage Library Edition

by Children's Librarian 1 | March 12, 2020 at 04:03 PM

This family history resource, available remotely to Acton residents, includes hundreds of different types of records useful to genealogists, including a historical newspaper collection and a family tree collection.

The newspaper collection within MyHeritage is organized by state, and includes 6,072,876 pages from 239 Massachusetts newspapers:  “This collection is a compendium of newspapers published in various cities and towns in the state of Massachusetts from 1704 until 1974 with particular emphasis on papers from Boston and surrounding locales. Produced by MyHeritage in partnership with the Boston Public Library, this extensive collection includes papers from the colonial era through the late 20th century.”

My Heritage also includes a Family Tree collection with 3,319,089,424 records!:  “This collection includes family trees submitted by MyHeritage members.   MyHeritage protects the privacy of its users strictly: information on living people is not disclosed to protect privacy. Family trees are dynamic and constantly change as the users add more data and update them.   The information about individuals in family trees varies greatly based on what users know and wish to document about their family. The accuracy and completeness of the data cannot be guaranteed. You may contact the owner of a family tree to get in touch or request more information.”  In other words, this is a great place to start and gather clues, but remember to verify your findings with original sources.

To access MyHeritage Library Edition use the link on the library E-Resources page, or login HERE.

While everyone is welcome to use this resource from within the library, home access is limited to Acton residents.

What else is in MyHeritage Library Edition?

  • More than 9 billion historical ​records from the United States, Europe, Latin America, and other regions
  • The full USA federal census (1790-1940) with images
  • Census of England and Wales (1841-1901) with images​
  • More than 3 billion exclusive family tree profiles from MyHeritage and Geni
  • 816 million US public records
  • Hundreds of millions of Nordic records
  • More than 100 million gravestone photos
  • More than 474 million historical photographs
  • Military records, immigration records and passenger lists
  • Citizenship and naturalization records
  • Directories, guides, references, biographies and yearbooks
  • Government, land and court records
  • Wills and probate records
  • Exclusive databases
  • Additional content under license including Tributes obituaries, WikiTree, BillionGraves, Canadian Headstones and many others
  • New collections containing millions of records added monthly​


If you have questions about this or any other e-resource, please call the Reference Department at 978-929-6543.

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