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"My Reading History" and "My Lists"

by Children's Librarian 1 | March 4, 2019 at 06:03 PM

Two useful but underused features of the Minuteman Catalog are "My Reading History" and "My Lists."  These options provide a handy way of keeping lists of what you've read, and what you might want to read some day...


We are often asked if the library keeps a record of what a borrower has checked out. 

For privacy reasons, the library does not keep a record of all of the items a borrower has checked out.  A borrower may, however, turn a "Reading History" option on if they wish to keep track of items they've checked out. To turn on the Reading History option in your account:

  • Login to My Account with your library card number (or username) and password.
  • Click on "Reading History."
  • Click "Save Reading History."

Items you check out after you opt in will be in your Reading History, listed in date order, with links back to the catalog.  This list can only be accessed by you (or anyone who knows your username or barcode number and your password)—the library staff does not have access to your Reading History (or your password).  You may opt-out at any time, and you can delete individual items from the list.



Another useful but underused service available through the Minuteman Catalog and My Account is "My Lists." This service allows you to keep lists of items found in the catalog. These might be items you want to read/watch/listen to some day but not now, or books on a particular subject.  To get started with this feature:

  • Login to My Account with your library card number (or username) and password.
  • Search the catalog using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • In the search results, add a title to your cart by clicking the basket icon next to the title's entry. You may add more than one title to your cart.
  • Click "My Book Cart" at the top of the page to view your cart.
  • Click "Save to list" to add the checked items in your cart to a list. 
  • Give your list a name and an optional description, then click "Create."
  • Click "Clear my cart" at the top of the page to empty your Book Cart. Logging out of your account will also empty your cart.

You may create more than one list by repeating these steps and giving each list a different name. To view your saved lists, log into My Account and click "My Lists."

To access your reading history and saved lists through the Minuteman Library Network Mobile App, tap "My Account" on the app's main page. Tap "View My Record," then tap "View in Browser." Login to your account to view both of these features.

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