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Mango Languages Mobile App

by Reference Librarian 2 | July 20, 2020 at 02:07 PM

image of the Mango app on various mobile devicesLooking to learn a new language? Try the Mango Languages mobile app!

This app offers mobile language learning for over 70 languages and dialects, as well as English learning courses for over 20 languages. Each lesson incorporates the four key conversational components crucial for successful communication: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.

Created by native speakers, each course teaches language using practical phrases and real-life conversations. Also, each course adjusts to the user's individual learning pace and builds on the learner's progress by combining new content with already mastered material.

Other features of this resource include:

  • Color-coded parts of speech make it easy to compare the new language with English grammar
  • Voice comparison allows you to match your pronuncation with that of native speakers
  • Culture notes incorporated into each main course
  • Chapter recaps, quizzes, and unit tests
  • Course progress will sync on different devices -- for both the Mango website and mobile app -- when you log in with the same Mango account
  • Mango Movies:  feature-length world films with a breakdown of each line of dialogue
  • Study Reminders: Notifications that remind you to continue your Mango course, tailored to your schedule

To get started with the Mango Languages app, follow the steps below.


Before installing the app on your mobile device, create a Mango account. Here's how:


Now that you have an active Mango account, visit the app store on your mobile device. The Mango Languages app is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

  • In the app store, search for "Mango Languages" and install the newest version of the app (look for the multicolored M icon).
  • Login to the app with the email address and password you chose in Step 1, choose a language, and download as many lessons as you like.

Have fun with Mango mobile!


Please contact the library's Reference Desk at 978-929-6543 or with any questions about Mango or any of the library's e-resources.

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