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Lighting Changes

by Library Staff | June 10, 2015 at 04:06 PM

The Municipal Properties Department recently implemented energy efficiency upgrades to the library’s lighting system.

Many fixtures are now controlled with occupancy sensors, so lights in areas where users or staff are not present will automatically go off, coming on again when there’s motion in the area. People may notice dark sections of the building, but the lights will turn on as someone enters those areas. Another change is “daylight harvesting,” whereby the lights next to windows automatically dim to take advantage of natural light on sunny days. 

The lighting upgrades were made possible by a $37,511 Green Communities Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, a $9,847 utility incentive from Eversource (formerly NSTAR) and $21,500 from the Municipal Property Department’s operating budget. The expected payback period for the improvements is seven to eight years.

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