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Language Learning with Mango Movies

by Library Staff | January 17, 2014 at 04:01 PM

Screenshot from Mango PremierMany of our library patrons are already using Mango Languages, the foreign language learning system available to Acton residents with a library card.  Mango is a computer-based system that features an interactive interface for nearly 40 languages. Users choose their learning level and learn at their own pace. An interactive program is also available as an app for mobile devices.

Mango has now expanded language learning opportunities with the introduction of "Mango Premier" --foreign language movies to stream to desktop computers that present both entertainment and a realistic language learning experience.

Videos are available now in six languages: Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish. Videos for Spanish speakers learning English are also available.

Mango Premier movies have two modes: "Movie Mode" and "Engage Mode." Movie Mode plays the movie uninterrupted with color-coded subtitles in English and the original language.

"Engage Mode" takes the viewer through the movie scene by scene, with quizzes along the way. A user can pause the movie and hover over the subtitled words to see their phonetic spelling and hear audio pronunciation. Each scene includes a review, where the learner can break down and practice the movie's dialogue line by line, and word by word. Mango Premiere gives the viewer total control, combining both spoken and written learning.

Mango is designed to be both highly visual and interactive. For language learners who need an all-audio learning tool (to use while driving, for example), a large selection of audio CDs is available at the library, including many of the Pimsleaur language courses.

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