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Gale Search Alerts

by Library Staff | May 16, 2016 at 03:05 PM

Keep on top of a subject with automatic search updates delivered to your in-box

Take full advantage of the magazine and journal content provided in the Gale journal databases by setting up “Search Alerts” for subjects that matter to you. When new content matching your search enters the database, you will receive an email with links to full-text articles. You choose the content you want to see and the frequency you want to see it.

Basic Search

For this example, we will search for articles on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Here are the easy steps:

1. From our website  (, click on “E-Resources” at the top of the page. If you are on a mobile device, tap "Essential Links," then "E-Resources."

2. Scroll down to the “Magazine and journal articles” category and choose a Gale database. For this example, choose “General OneFile.”

3. In the database search box type "United States Supreme Court"  (or your own search terms).

4. Scan the search results to confirm that the listed articles are the sort of thing you are interested in. If not, try different search terms or use the Advanced search option to construct a more precise search.

5. Click the small box next to "Full Text" under “Limit Search by” 

6. At the bottom of the screen click “Create Search Alert.”

7. On the next screen, fill in your email address, choose the frequency that you want to receive emails, choose “html” as the format (recommended if your email supports it), and click “Submit.”  

That's it!   You will receive a confirmation on the screen and in your email that your Search Alert was successfully created. Create as many Search Alerts as you like.  In the coming days you will receive email (from with links to new articles related to your searches.  

With General OneFile covering over 4,000 full-text, current journals, you can feel confident that you won't miss any important news related to your areas of interest.

Journal Alerts

Search Alerts can also be set-up for specific journals, rather than topics.  If you wish to subscribe to The New Yorker for example, type the title “New Yorker” in the search box, click on the arrow to the right of the search box, and choose "Publication", rather than “Basic Search”, as the search type.  

New issues of the periodical you choose will be delivered to your in-box.   For a list of full-text publications included in General OneFile, click on the “More” icon to the right of the Gale search box, and then on “Title List".

Mobile friendly

Search Alerts work great on both a desktop and a mobile device, and Gale includes convenient tools to download, print, save, translate, or convert text to an audio format.


If you would like assistance setting up Gale Search Alerts, please stop by or call the Acton Memorial Library reference desk at 978-929-6543.

The Gale databases are provided to all Massachusetts residents with funding provided by The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Non-Acton residents can access the Gale databases here.

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