Readers’ Tools

Goodreads:  A social media site for book lovers.  Discover and create personalized shelves of books to read, track books you have already read and share your opinions about books with friends.

The Hub: Your connection to Teen Reads (Young Adult Library Services Association - YALSA): a one-stop-shop for finding information about teen reads, book recommendations, and information about YALSA lists and awards.

Literature Map:  Search for an author to create a visual map of authors' names. The closer two names are to each other, the more likely a reader will like both authors. Click on another author's name to put them at the center of the map.

Reading Rants:  Out of the ordinary teen booklists and YA book reviews.

Teen Reads: Offers book reviews and lists of young adult and adult books appropriate for teens.

What Should I Read Next?:  Enter the title or author of a book you enjoy and this site will provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.

Whichbook: Use the sliders to choose up to four elements you are looking for in a book, such as happy vs. sad or short vs. long, and the website will offer reading suggestions. You can also specify the type of character, plot, and setting.