Stained glass detail

  • Public computers and WiFi are located throughout the building.
  • Black and white (10 cents per page) and color laser printing (25 cents per page) are available from public computers. At this time printing is NOT available from the wireless network.
  • Electrical outlets to power laptops and mobile devices are located in tables and study carrels throughout the library.
  • A microfilm (reel/fiche) reader/printer is located on the upper level. Printing is 10 cents per page.
  • A flatbed scanner is available on the upper level. 
  • A sheetfed scanner with OCR capability is available on the upper level.
  • Photocopiers (black and white only) are available on the lower and upper levels. Photocopies are 10 cents per page.
  • An electric typewriter is available on the upper level.
  • An iPad with Internet access and dozens of reference apps installed is located in the Reference Area.
  • An iPad with Children's apps is located in the Children's Room.
  • A portable "floppy" drive for 3.5 inch disks is available at the reference desk.
  • NEW!   Charging cables for popular smart phone models are available at the reference desk for use in the library.
  • A USB camera card (SD card) reader for use in the library is available at the reference desk.
  • Reading glasses for use in the library are available at the reference desk.

The library does NOT have a public fax machine.