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Computers and WiFi

Public Computers

  • Public computers on the upper level provide Internet access and Microsoft Office. Public computers in the Children's Room provide filtered Internet access for children. Users must sign-in to a computer with a library card or guest pass. Time limits may apply. The library's Internet Access Policy can be found HERE.
  • Users of the library's public computers may save files to their own flash drives. Flash drives are available to purchase at the Circulation Desk. A portable "floppy" drive for 3.5 inch disks is available at the reference desk.
  • Public computers may print to a black laser printer at a charge of 10 cents per page, or a color laser printer for 25 cents per page. Pre-payment through a "print account" is required. To set up a print account, simply present your library card and payment (cash or check) to the staff at the reference desk on the upper level.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the library. The service, provided by the Town's IT department, supports the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g standards. Access is free. No registration or password is required. Users agree to abide by the library's Wireless Access and Internet Usage policies.

At this time, the library does not provide printing from wireless devices.

The wireless service allows various Internet protocols including HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSL, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, MSN Messenger and AOL Messenger. VPN traffic is allowed but not supported.  Bandwidth for streaming data is not available.

Electrical outlets to power laptops are located in tables and study carrels throughout the library. Printing is unavailable from the wireless network.

In order to use the wireless service you need a laptop computer or other wireless device with a properly configured wireless network interface card.

  • The wireless network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier) is “Acton”.
  • The wireless mode should be set to “Infrastructure” (rather than “ad hoc” or “peer to peer”).
  • The Wireless TCP/IP Properties should be set to DHCP or “Obtain an IP address automatically”.
  • The DNS configuration should be set to “Disable DNS” (Windows 9x), or “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically” (Windows XP, 2000 or Millennium).