Online Computer Tutorials

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The library's subscription to Safari Books Online includes access to hundreds of online books and videos on computer technology and basic programming topics. Our subscription includes home access for Acton residents.

Other Free Online Resources

Computer Skills

  • Digital Learn - Online tutorials to help you tackle technology at your own pace. Classes include Getting Started on the Computer, Buying a Plane Ticket, Online Job Searching, and much more.
  • GCF Learn Free – Lessons and videos on a wide variety of computer skills including the basics, software tutorials, and essential skills for living in the online world.
  • JobScout - "A free, online learning platform that will teach you the basic Internet skills you need to find a job." Includes Internet basics tutorials and an online program to create or edit a resume.

Using a Mouse

  • Mouse Tutorial - An interactive tutorial to practice using the mouse, with helpful text descriptions along the way.
  • Mouse Practice - A mouse tutorial with three levels of practice. Click on Mousing Around for Level 1, Mousercises for Level 2, or Practice Games for Level 3.
  • SeniorNet Mouse Exercises - Mouse practice designed specifically for senior citizens, with large print type and graphics.


  • Touch Typing Practice - Typing tutorials, a typing test, and games.
  • TypingWeb -  Beginner to advanced lessons as well as specialty lessons. Premium lessons are available to preview, but require you to pay to go further. Courses identify problem keys, words per minute, and accuracy. Log-in to keep track of your progress.

Operating Systems

  • Get Started with Windows 10, from Microsoft - Overview of the major new features that Windows 10 offers. The blue menu on the side provides links to other topics related to Windows 10, including Cortana and Microsoft Edge.
  • Windows 10 Tutorial, from GCF Learn Free - This tutorial provides an overview of Windows 10, offers answers to frequently asked questions, and guides you through the basics to start using this operating system. Includes a tutorial for using Windows 10 on a tablet.
  • Windows 10 Video Tutorial - 14 videos on using Windows 10 on a computer or tablet. Also includes a link to a tutorial for users who would like help upgrading from Windows 7 or 8. Recommended for users that are familiar with the mouse and keyboard and basic functions of a computer.
  • Windows 7 Tutorial, from GCF Learn Free - Rated as one of the most popular guides on the GCF Learn Free website, this tutorial will help you to customize your computer while using Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 Video Tutorial - 17 videos on using this operating system and how to get the most out of it. Recommended for users that are familiar with the mouse and keyboard and basic functions of a computer.
  • Articles introducing Windows 8 and 8.1 and their basic concepts from - A series of short articles providing step-by-step guidance for using Windows 8 and 8.1.
  • Install the Classic Shell app on your Windows 8 PC to add classic Windows features such as the start button, start Menu, and toolbar for Windows Explorer.
  • OS X Basics,  from GCF Learn Free  - Whether you're new to OS X or just want to brush up on the basics, this tutorial will cover the most important things you'll need to know.
  • Using a Mac (OS X), from Digital Learn - Learn how to use a Mac (Apple) with the OS X Operating System.

Desktop Applications

Cloud Applications

  • Google Apps Learning Center – Videos and instruction guides for various Google apps including gmail, calendar, docs and more.
  • Google Docs (part of Google Drive),   from GCF Learn Free  - This tutorial steps you through the ins and outs of creating documents using Google Docs, a free, easy-to-use, word processing option.
  • Google Spreadsheets (part of Google Drive),  from GCF Learn Free - This tutorial shows you how to use the free Google spreadsheet application.
  • Office Online (part of Microsoft's OneDrive),   from GCF Learn Free  - This tutorial explains how to access and use Office Online, a free, online version of Microsoft Office.
  • Google Apps, from In Pictures - Three tutorials covering Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

The Internet

  • Internet 101, from GCF Learn Free  – An introductory guide through Internet basics, providing up-to-date information on the latest online tools and technologies. Also in Spanish.
  • Internet Tips, from GCF Learn Free -- Designed for users with basic knowledge of the Internet, this guide includes sections on Choosing an Email Service and Choosing a Web Browser
  • Internet Safety, from GCF Learn Free - A guide with tips on major areas of staying safe online, including how to identify spam and scams, secure online payments and shopping, and safe practices while using wireless networks or mobile devices.
  • - Learn how to stay safe and secure while using the Internet.
  • Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords - Learn how to create secure passwords that are more difficult for others to guess.
  • Search Better, from GCF Learn Free -- This interactive tutorial offers tips on how to effectively search the Internet and evaluate web pages for content and credibility. Includes a section to practice your evaluation skills.
  • Searching the Web -- Learn about Internet basics, including terminology, web browsers, and search engines. Click on the blue buttons on the left to read each section. 
  • Internet Research for College Classes – The Virtual Training Suite aims to help university students to develop Internet research skills to assist with their university coursework and assignments.
  • Search for Images on The Internet – Learn how to use the Internet to find copyright cleared images.
  • Evaluate Web Resources -- This guide walks you through the steps of determining a website's credibility and includes links to examples of each type of website mentioned.
  • Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources -- A concise list of questions to ask when evaluating websites. 
  • Evaluating Health Information Online -- MedlinePlus has compiled several useful links to help you learn how to find reliable health information online.