News Literacy

"Fake news" is in the news.  How do you know whether a news story or social media post is credible?  Here are resources from around the web to help you develop your news literacy:


News Literacy

Fact-checking sites

Additional links on Evaluating Web Resources

  • Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources -- From the University of Southern Maine, a concise list of questions to ask when evaluating websites. 
  • The CRAAP Test (PDF),  a list of questions to help you evaluate the credibility of information, from California State University, Chico.
  • Evaluate Web Resources -- From the University of Maryland University College, this guide walks you through the steps of determining a website's credibility and includes links to examples of each type of website mentioned.
  • Search Better, from GCF Learn Free -- This interactive tutorial offers tips on how to effectively search the Internet and evaluate web pages for content and credibility. Includes a section to practice your evaluation skills.


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