English Language Learning

Resources for English Language Learners

The "New" Minuteman Catalog is available with a traditional Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish interface.

  • "Literacy Collection": Books and audio CDs on learning English. Most items may be borrowed for three weeks and may be renewed.
  • TOEFL and citizenship test preparation books.
  • Mango Languages online language learning service, includes English programs. If you live in Acton, you may also use this service from home.
  • Laptop with Rosetta Stone English Levels 1-3, for use in the library.
  • TOEFL, TOEIC and citizenship test preparation via the Testing and Education Resource Center online service. If you live in Acton, you may also use this service from home.
  • Books in  Chinese,  French,  Spanish,  Russian,  Korean,  Portuguese,  Gujarati,  Hindi, and Tamil.
  • Computers with Asian and other non-roman scripts installed.
  • Library Catalog that can be searched with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian input.
  • Study rooms for English learners and their non-profit tutors (call ahead to schedule a room).

Useful Contacts

  • Acton Memorial Library, Reference department, 978-929-6543.
  • English at Large (tutors and conversation groups), www.englishatlarge.org, 781-395-2374.
  • HudsonMaynard Adult Literacy Learning Center (ESOL and citizenship classes), www.hmalc-learn.org
  • Massachusetts Adult Literacy Hotline, for  other English language learning services in Massachusetts http://getrealmass.info/hotline, 1-800-447-8844