New Items November 2013

Database subscription [electronic resource].
001 Y24 Yanofsky, Noson S. The outer limits of reason : what science, mathematics, and logic cannot tell us
004.165 MacBook R263 Ray, John My MacBook : Mountain Lion edition
004.165 Nexus J72 Johnston, Craig Jame My Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
004.6 B972 Burrows, Terry. Blogs, wikis, Facebook, and more : everything you want to know about using today's internet but are afraid to ask
004.6 B972 Burrows, Terry. Blogs, wikis, Facebook, and more : everything you want to know about using today's internet but are afraid to ask
004.6 M843 Moreno, Megan Andrea Sex, drugs 'n Facebook : a parents' toolkit for promoting healthy Internet use
005.133 C++ L766 Lippman, Stanley B. C++ primer
005.133 C++ R215 Rao, Siddhartha. Sams teach yourself C++ in one hour a day
005.133 Python L975 Lutz, Mark, author. Learning Python
005.369 Office2013 M351 Marmel, Elaine J. Office 2013 simplified
005.369 Office2013 M626   Microsoft office professional 2013
005.369 Office2013 W544 Weverka, Peter. Office 2013 all-in-one for dummies
005.43 Windows8 W466 Wempen, Faithe. Windows 8 for dummies eLearning kit
005.4469 MacOSX 10.8MountainLion L666 LeVitus, Bob. OS X Mountain Lion for dummies
005.4469 MacOSX 10.8MountainLion P746 Pogue, David OS X Mountain Lion
005.75 HTML S247 Sarris, Simon, autho HTML5 unleashed
006.754 Facebook M649 Miller, Michael My facebook for seniors
153.6 H573 Hertenstein, Matthew The tell : the little clues that reveal big truths about who we are
153.83 H576 Hertz, Noreena. Eyes Wide Open : How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World.
155.24 G543 Gladwell, Malcolm David and Goliath : underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants
155.412 C678 Cohen, Lawrence J. The opposite of worry : the playful parenting approach to childhood anxieties and fears
158.1 B222 Baptiste, Baron. Being of power : the nine practices to ignite an empowered life
158.1 K11 Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Full catastrophe living : using the wisdom of your body and mind to facestress, pain, and illness
170 G811 Greene, Joshua David Moral tribes : emotion, reason, and the gap between us and them
248.4 O85 Osteen, Joel. Break out! : 5 keys to go beyond your barriers and live an extraordinarylife
277.3 M815 Monville, Marie, aut One light still shines
303.483 V465 Venter, J. Craig. Life at the speed of light : from the double helix to the dawn of digital life
306.84 M651 Miller, Susan Katz. Being both : embracing two religions in one interfaith family
306.874 F911 Friedman, Hilary Lev Playing to win : raising children in a competitive culture
306.89 N796   Nolo's essential guide to child custody & support.
324.973 H195 Halperin, Mark, auth Double down : game change 2012
326 N877 Northup, Solomon Twelve years a slave
330 G571 Gneezy, Uri. The why axis : hidden motives and the undiscovered economics of everydaylife
330.973 G815 Greenspan, Alan The map and the territory : risk, human nature, and the future of forecasting
332.024 H942 Hunt, Mary. The smart woman's guide to planning for retirement : how to save for your future today
332.024 N877 Northrup, Kate. Money : a love story : untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want
332.6324 H859 Howell-Carey, Chanta The all-new real estate foreclosure, short-selling, underwater, propertyauction, positive cash flow book : your ultimate guide to making money in a crashing market
332.678 W644 Wiedemer, David (Joh The aftershock investor : a crash course in staying afloat in a sinking economy.
338.27 Z94 Zuckerman, Gregory. The frackers : the outrageous inside story of the new billionaire wildcatters
338.76 B599 Bilton, Nick. Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.
338.76 S877 Stone, Brad, author. The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon
362.1 B811 Bradley, Elizabeth H The American health care paradox : why spending more is getting us less
362.29 C289 Carnes, Patrick A gentle path through the twelve principles : living the values behind the steps
363.32 Z36 Zarate, Juan Carlos. Treasury's war : the unleashing of a new era of financial warfare
363.8 B929 Buffett, Howard G. 40 chances : finding hope in a hungry world
364.152 R935 Rule, Ann. Practice to deceive
371.262 SAT M423   Master the SAT.
378.73 W673 Wilder, Craig Steven Ebony & ivy : race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities
388.34 B658 Blue, Elly. Bikenomics : How Bicycling Can Save the Economy.
393.9 L849 Long, Thomas G. The good funeral : death, grief, and the community of care
495.1 G769 Grasso, John-Francis Everything speaking Mandarin Chinese book.
510 F879 Northrup, Kate. Money : a love story : untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want
530.12 H762 Holzner, Steven. Quantum physics for dummies
540 S849 Stewart, Ian (Ian Ch The handy chemistry answer book
593.7 G381 Gershwin, Lisa-Ann. Stung! : on jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean
599.884 B364 Bechard, Deni. Empty hands, open arms : the race to save bonobos in the Congo and make conservation go viral
613 K19 Katz, David L. Disease-proof : the remarkable truth about what makes us well
613.0423 T469 Thompson, Edward H. A man's guide to healthy aging : stay smart, strong, and active
613.262 Q8 Quivers, Robin. The vegucation of Robin : how real food saved my life
613.28 S224 Sanfilippo, Diane. 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally.
613.28 Y94 Yudkin, John Pure, white, and deadly : how sugar is killing us and what we can do to stop it
613.7046 H294 Harper, Jennifer Coh Little flower yoga for kids : a yoga and mindfulness program to help your child improve attention and emotional balance
613.7046 N224 Nardini, Sadie The 21-day yoga body : a metabolic makeover & life-styling manual to getyou fierce, fit & fabulous in just 3 weeks
613.71 S582 Siler, Brooke The women's health big book of pilates : the essential guide to total body fitness
615.852 H178 Hall, Mari. Reiki for Common Ailments : A Practical Guide to Healing More Than 80 Common.
616.852 O82 Osgood, Kelsey. How to disappear completely : on modern anorexia
616.924 H816 Horowitz, Richard. Why can't I get better? : solving the mystery of lyme and chronic disease
616.98 S234 Santee, Robert G. The Tao of stress : how to calm, balance, and simplify your life
618.2 L984 Lyerly, Anne Drapkin A good birth : finding the positive and profound in your childbirth experience
618.9285 H634 Higashida, Naoki The reason I jump : the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism
623.44 P513 Petzal, David E. Gun : one hundred greatest firearms.
636.7 K19 Katz, Jon. The second-chance dog : a love story
641.5 R766 Romney, Ann The Romney family table : sharing home-cooked recipes and favorite traditions
641.5 W329 Waters, Alice. The art of simple food II : recipes, flavor, and inspiration from the new kitchen garden
641.54 B838 Brennan, Kathy. Keepers : two home cooks share their tried-and-true weeknight recipes and the secrets to happiness in the kitchen
641.563 A263 Agatston, Arthur. The South Beach diet gluten solution cookbook
641.563 B981 Bussanich, Kyra Sweet cravings : 50 seductive desserts for a gluten-free lifestyle
641.563 D342 De Laurentiis, Giada Giada's feel good food : my healthy recipes and secrets
641.563 F512 Finlayson, Judith, a The 163 best paleo slow cooker recipes : 100% gluten-free
641.563 K25 Keatley, Megan McCul Primal cravings : your favorite foods made paleo
641.5631 H698 Hoffinger, Renee. The recovery diet : a groundbreaking, scientific approach to a healthy life while recovering from alcoholism
641.5636 G972 Gulin, Dunja. The vegan baker : more than 50 delicious recipes for vegan-friendly cakes, cookies, bars and other baked treats
641.589 G646 Good, Phyllis Pellma Fix-it and forget-it new cookbook : 250 new delicious slow cooker recipes
641.589 S634   Slow cooker revolution. Volume 2 : the easy prep edition
641.59 C438 Chalmers, Merelyn Fr Monday Morning Cooking Club : The Food, the Stories, the Sisterhood.
641.5945 B326 Bastianich, Lidia. Lidia's commonsense Italian cooking : 150 delicious and simple recipes everyone can master
641.5952 O69 Orkin, Ivan. Ivan Ramen : love, obsession, and recipes from Tokyo's most unlikely noodle joint
641.813 O39 Ojakangas, Beatrice The soup & bread cookbook : more than 100 seasonal pairings for simple, satisfying meals
641.815 K52 King, Andy Baking by hand : make the best artisanal breads and pastries better without a mixer
641.86 M681 Mitchell, Karen (Kar The Model Bakery cookbook : favorite recipes from a beloved wine countrybakery
641.865 C773   The Cook's illustrated baking book : baking demystified : with 450 recipes from America's most trusted food magazine
641.8653 C295 Carpenter, Autumn. The complete photo guide to cake decorating
641.8653 C625 Clemens, Ruth. The busy girl's guide to cake decorating
646.7 J58 Jett, Tish. Forever Chic : Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance.
646.7 K29 Kelly, Clinton. Freakin' fabulous on a budget
649.1 J33 Janis-Norton, Noel Calmer, easier, happier parenting : five strategies that end the daily battles and get kids to listen the first time
649.1 W266 Wardle, Jeremy. The everything parent's guide to raising mindful children : giving parents the tools to teach emotional awareness, coping skills, and impulse control in children
658.114 D845 DuDell, Michael Parr Shark tank jump start your business : how to grow a business from concept to cash
658.3 S822 Steingold, Fred. The employer's legal handbook
658.4 K29 Kelley, Tom Creative confidence : unleashing the creative potential within us all
658.4 S675 Stackpole, Cynthia PMP certification all-in-one for dummies
658.8 P217 Papke, Edgar. True alignment : linking company culture with customer needs for extraordinary results
658.84 S553 Sherman, Dan Maximum success with Linkedin : dominate your market, build a global brand, and create the career of your dreams
684.1 B877 Brown, Amanda Spruce : a step-by-step guide to upholstery and design
709.2 B289j   Jennifer Bartlett, history of the universe : works 1970-2011
745.594 H716 Hogsett, Jamie Show your colors : 30 flexible beading wire jewelry projects
747.9 F523   Fireplace design & decorating ideas
796.323 E73 Erving, Julius, auth Dr. J : the autobiography
796.3576 C652   Coaching softball technical and tactical skills
811.54 C712 Collins, Billy, auth Aimless love : new and selected poems
811.54 G739 Graham, Jorie Place
811.54 L661 Levertov, Denise This great unknowing : last poems
813.4 T969m   Mark Twain's The adventures of Huckleberry Finn
813.54 R845p Pierpont, Claudia Ro Roth unbound : a writer and his books
814.54 L579 Leon, Donna. My Venice and other essays
822.33 S7 Shakespeare, William Hamlet
914.69 P853   Portugal.
937.06 S286 Scarre, Christopher. Chronicle of the Roman emperors : the reign-by-reign record of the rulers of Imperial Rome
940.311 M167 MacMillan, Margaret The war that ended peace : the road to 1914
940.5426 H996 Hylton, Wil S. Vanished : the sixty-year search for the missing men of World War II
940.548 B458 Bender, Bryan. You are not forgotten : the story of a lost WWII pilot and a twenty-first-century soldier's mission to bring him home
942.01 F598 Fleming, Robin. Britain after Rome : the fall and rise, 400-1070
950.1 A628 Anthony, David W. The horse, the wheel, and language : how Bronze-Age riders from the Eurasian steppes shaped the modern world
956.91 L625 Lesch, David W. Syria : the fall of the house of Assad
973.1 A648 Appleby, Joyce Oldha Shores of knowledge : new world discoveries and the scientific imagination
973.7 S664   Smithsonian Civil War : inside the National Collection
973.91 G656 Goodwin, Doris Kearn The bully pulpit : Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the golden age of journalism
973.922 H645 Hill, Clint. Five days in November
973.922 S546 Shenon, Philip. A cruel and shocking act : the secret history of the Kennedy assassination
973.922 V468 Ventura, Jesse. They killed our president : 63 reasons to believe there was a conspiracyto assassinate JFK
973.922 W567 Russo, Gus. Where were you? : America remembers the JFK assassination
973.93 K91 Krauthammer, Charles Things that matter : three decades of passions, pastimes, and politics
973.931 B168 Baker, Peter Days of fire : Bush and Cheney in the White House
Biography Adams, Adams, Scott How to fail at almost everything and still win big : kind of the story of my life
Biography Beatles Lewisohn, Mark. The Beatles. Volume 1, Tune in : all these years
Biography Brosh, Brosh, Allie. Hyperbole and a half : unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms,mayhem, and other things that happened
Biography Carson, Bushkin, Henry, auth Johnny Carson
Biography Cash, Hilburn, Robert, aut Johnny Cash : the life
Biography Child, Karbo, Karen. Julia Child rules : lessons on savoring life
Biography Cixi Chang, Jung Empress Dowager Cixi : the concubine who launched modern China
Biography Clark, Dedman, Bill. Empty mansions : the mysterious life of Huguette Clark and the spending of a great American fortune
Biography Elizabeth, Queen, consortofHenryVII Weir, Alison Elizabeth of York : a Tudor queen and her world
Biography Gardner, Gardner, Martin Undiluted hocus-pocus : the autobiography of Martin Gardner
Biography Huston, Huston, Anjelica. A story lately told : coming of age in Ireland, London, and New York
Biography Mailer, Lennon, Michael. Norman Mailer : a double life
Biography Nicholson, Eliot, Marc. Nicholson : a biography
Biography Parker, Crouch, Stanley. Kansas City lightning : the rise and times of Charlie Parker
Biography Patchett, Patchett, Ann, autho This is the story of a happy marriage
Biography Richard III Langley, Philippa. The king's grave : the discovery of Richard III's lost burial place and the clues it holds
Biography Richard III Langley, Philippa. The king's grave : the discovery of Richard III's lost burial place and the clues it holds
Biography Rockwell, Solomon, Deborah. American mirror : the life and art of Norman Rockwell
Biography Rosenblatt, Rosenblatt, Roger, a The boy detective : a New York childhood
Biography Yousafzai, Yousafzai, Malala I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban
BookOnCD 232.9 A835 Aslan, Reza. Zealot [sound recording] : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth
BookOnCD 306.2 L525 Leibovich, Mark. This town [sound recording] : two parties and a funeral--plus, plenty ofvalet parking!--in America's gilded capital
BookOnCD Child Child, Lee. Tripwire [sound recording] : a Jack Reacher novel
BookOnCD Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia D Dust [sound recording]
BookOnCD Cussler Cussler, Clive. Mirage [sound recording]
BookOnCD Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. Takedown twenty [sound recording]
BookOnCD Flagg Flagg, Fannie. The All-Girl Filling Station's last reunion [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Keneally Keneally, Thomas. The daughters of Mars [sound recording]
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexan The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon [sound recording]
BookOnCD Sakey Sakey, Marcus. Brilliance [sound recording]
COM Folk Griffin Griffin, Patty Silver bell [sound recording]
COM Holiday Blige Blige, Mary J., perf A Mary Christmas
COM Musicals Glee Lennon, John Glee sings the Beatles.
COM Popular Avicii Avicii True [sound recording]
COM Popular DeGraw DeGraw, Gavin Make a move
COM Popular Grande Grande, Ariana. Yours truly [sound recording]
COM Popular Lady Lady Gaga, performer Artpop
COM Popular Lorde Lorde Pure heroine [sound recording]
COM Rock Arcade Arcade Fire (Musical Reflektor [sound recording]
COM Rock Cage Cage the Elephant (M Melophobia [sound recording]
COM Rock Gov't Gov't Mule (Musical Shout! [sound recording]
COM Rock Head Head and the Heart ( Let's be still [sound recording]
COM Rock Johnson Johnson, Jack From here to now to you [sound recording]
COM Rock Mazzy Mazzy Star (Musical Seasons of your day [sound recording]
COM Rock McCartney McCartney, Paul, per New [sound recording]
COM Rock Pani Panic! at the Disco Too weird to live, too rare to die! [sound recording]
DVD Breaking   Breaking bad. The final season
DVD Castle   Castle. The complete fifth season [videorecording]
DVD Dexter   Dexter. The complete final season.
DVD Glee   Glee. The complete fourth season [videorecording]
DVD Hollow   Hollow crown, the - the complete series [videorecording].
DVD Homeland   Homeland. The complete second season [videorecording]
DVD Mad   Mad men. Season 6 [videorecording].
DVD Treme   Treme. The complete third season [videorecording].
DVD Under   Under the dome. Season 1 [videorecording]
Fic Albom Albom, Mitch The first phone call from heaven
Fic Baldacci Baldacci, David, aut King and Maxwell
Fic Banks Banks, Russell A permanent member of the family
Fic Cameron Cameron, W. Bruce. The dogs of Christmas
Fic Clancy Clancy, Tom Command authority
Fic Cullen Cullen, Lynn, author Mrs. Poe
Fic Cussler Cussler, Clive. Mirage
Fic Faulks Faulks, Sebastian. Jeeves and the wedding bells : an homage to P.G. Wodehouse
Fic Fielding Fielding, Helen Bridget Jones : mad about the boy
Fic Flagg Flagg, Fannie. The all-girl filling station's last reunion : a novel
Fic Jackson Jackson, Joshilyn. Someone else's love story : a novel
Fic Jio Jio, Sarah. Morning glory
Fic Joss Joss, Morag, author. Our picnics in the sun : a novel
Fic Lahiri Lahiri, Jhumpa. The lowland : a novel
Fic Lamb Lamb, Wally. We are water : a novel
Fic Ludlum Lustbader Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum's the Bourne retribution : a new Jason Bourne novel
Fic Mansell Mansell, Jill. Don't want to miss a thing
Fic McDermott McDermott, Alice, au Someone
Fic McFarland McFarland, Dennis. Nostalgia
Fic McMillan McMillan, Terry. Who asked you?
Fic Moriarty Moriarty, Liane. The husband's secret
Fic O'Flynn O'Flynn, Catherine. Mr. Lynch's holiday : a novel
Fic Reich Reich, Christopher The Prince of Risk : a novel
Fic Riggle Riggle, Kristina, au The whole golden world
Fic Setterfield Setterfield, Diane Bellman & Black : a novel
Fic Shreve Shreve, Anita. Stella Bain
Fic Stone Stone, Robert Death of the black-haired girl
Fic Trigiani Trigiani, Adriana, a The Supreme Macaroni Company : a novel
Fic Trollope Trollope, Joanna, au Sense & sensibility
Fic Wiggs Wiggs, Susan, author Candlelight Christmas
Fic Winterson Winterson, Jeanette The daylight gate
Graphic 338.76 G619 Goldman, Seth. Mission in a bottle : the honest guide to doing business differerently--and succeeding
J 133.1 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan. Haunted! Edinburgh Castle
J 133.1 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan. Haunted! Alcatraz
J 133.1 N425 Nelson, Drew. Haunted! : the Tower of London
J 133.1 R161 Rajczak, Michael. Haunted! Gettysburg
J 133.1 R161 Rajczak, Michael. Haunted! : the White House
J 292.08 C622 Clayton, Sally Pomme Greek myths : stories of sun, stone, and sea
J 355.4 D676 Donaldson, Madeline. Deadly bloody battles
J 371.425 L253 Landau, Elaine. Deadly high-risk jobs
J 385.09 F628 Floca, Brian. Locomotive
J 398.21 G864   Cinderella : a Grimm's fairy tale
J 398.21 P454b Brett, Jan Cinders : a chicken Cinderella
J 398.24 A253 Pinkney, Jerry, auth The tortoise & the hare
J 468 C789 Corbeil, Jean-Claude My first Spanish
J 523.24 P853 Portman, Michael Are there other Earths?
J 523.3 P853 Portman, Michael Where did the moon come from?
J 523.4 P853 Portman, Michael Could we live on other planets?
J 523.43 P853 Portman, Michael Is there life on Mars?
J 523.44 P853 Portman, Michael Could an asteroid harm Earth?
J 523.482 P853 Portman, Michael Why isn't Pluto a planet?
J 523.7 S113 Sabatino, Michael, a How long will the sun last?
J 523.78 P853 Portman, Michael What is an eclipse?
J 523.8 R893 Roza, Greg, author. How are stars born?
J 523.88 R893 Roza, Greg, author. What is a black hole?
J 529 B894 Bruna, Dick. Tell the time with Miffy.
J 531.6 W599 Whiting, Jim Energy
J 534 C622 Claybourne, Anna. Sound
J 537 C689 Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus and the electric field trip
J 537 F575 Flaherty, Michael. Electricity & batteries
J 537 G228 Gardner, Robert. Electricity and magnetism experiments using batteries, bulbs, wires, andmore : one hour or less science experiments.
J 537 G782 Gray, Susan Heinrich Experiments with electricity
J 549 N428 Nelson, Maria. Earth's minerals.
J 551.302 N428 Nelson, Maria. Weathering and erosion.
J 552.1 N428 Nelson, Maria. Igneous rocks.
J 552.4 N428 Nelson, Maria. Metamorphic rocks.
J 552.5 N428 Nelson, Maria. Sedimentary rocks.
J 568.19 R522 Richardson, Hazel. Dinosaurs and prehistoric life
J 591.65 H636 Higgins, Nadia. Deadly adorable animals
J 591.69 D649 Doeden, Matt. Deadly venomous animals.
J 595.44 G822 Gregory, Josh. Wolf Spiders.
J 597.31 G822 Gregory, Josh. Great white sharks.
J 598.11 M372 Marsico, Katie. Geckos.
J 598.14 M372 Marsico, Katie. Saltwater crocodiles.
J 599.5 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. Blue whales.
J 599.744 F791 Franchino, Vicky. Arctic foxes.
J 599.744 L587 Raatma, Lucia. Snow leopards.
J 623.74 C678 Cohn, Jessica. Military Machines.
J 629.13 P853 Portman, Michael Are UFOs real?
J 629.45 P853 Portman, Michael Why do astronauts wear spacesuits?
J 641.568 S245 Sarlin, Janeen. Princess tea parties
J 665.5 F235 Farndon, John. Eyewitness oil
J 720 P341 Paxmann, Christine. From mud huts to skyscrapers : architecture for children
J 736.98 M643 Miles, Lisa. Origami wild animals.
J 791.457 H177 Hall, Jason. Justice League
J 796.046 S264 Savage, Jeff. Deadly hard-hitting sports
J 796.357 M913 Moss, Marissa. Barbed wire baseball
J 931 S193 Samuels, Charlie Technology in ancient China
J 932 S193 Samuels, Charlie Technology in ancient Egypt
J 935 S193 Samuels, Charlie Technology in Mesopotamia
J 937 S193 Samuels, Charlie, au Technology in ancient Rome
J 938 S193 Samuels, Charlie, au Technology in ancient Greece
J 940.547 S217 Sandler, Martin W. Imprisoned : the betrayal of Japanese Americans during World War II
J 951.93 S699 Sonneborn, Liz. North Korea
J 956.91 Y54 Yomtov, Nelson. Syria
J 970 S193 Samuels, Charlie, au Technology in the ancient Americas
J 970.44 S571 Siegel, Beatrice. Indians of the Northeast woodlands
J 973 B954 Burgan, Michael. United States of America
J 973.311 W788 Winters, Kay. Colonial voices : hear them speak
J 976.4 P771 Pollack, Pam. What was the Alamo?
J A,B,C Marino Marino, Gianna. Zoopa : an animal alphabet
J Biography Bell, A. Bader, Bonnie. Who was Alexander Graham Bell?
J Biography Caldecott, Marcus, Leonard S. Randolph Caldecott : the man who could not stop drawing
J Biography Kennedy, J. Winter, Jonah JFK
J Biography Kennedy, J. McDonough, Yona Zeld Who was John F. Kennedy?
J Biography Leyson, Leyson, Leon The boy on the wooden box : how the impossible became possible...on Schindler's list
J Biography Lincoln, Pascal, Janet B. Who was Abraham Lincoln?
J Biography Obama, Edwards, Roberta. Who is Barack Obama?
J Biography Reagan, Milton, Joyce. Who was Ronald Reagan?
J Biography Sessions, Hopkins, H. Joseph. The tree lady : the true story of how one tree-loving woman changed a city forever
J Biography Tutankhamun Edwards, Roberta. Who was King Tut?
J Biography Washington, Edwards, Roberta. Who was George Washington?
J BoardBk Brawley Brawley, Helen. Percival the plain little caterpillar
J BoardBk Caillou Sanschagrin, Jocelin Caillou : it's mine!
J BoardBk Cousins Cousins, Lucy. Maisy's first colors
J BoardBk Davis Davis, Sarah. Baby surprises!
J BoardBk First   First picture word book
J BoardBk Garcia Garcia, Emma. Toot Toot Beep Beep.
J BoardBk Garcia Garcia, Emma. Tip Tip Dig Dig.
J BoardBk Garcia Garcia, Emma. Tap Tap Bang Bang.
J BoardBk Sassy   Sassy who says?
J BoardBk Sassy Aikins, Dave. Baby loves colors.
J BoardBk Sirett Sirett, Dawn. Chug, chug tractor : the best tractor book.
J BoardBk Wells Wells, Rosemary. Max drives away
J BookOnCD Armstrong Armstrong, K. L. Loki's wolves [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Cody Cody, Matthew. Will in scarlet [sound recording] : the boy behind the Robin Hood legend
J BookOnCD Gutman Gutman, Dan. Never say genius [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Gutman Gutman, Dan. Mission unstoppable [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid. Hard luck [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Strassser Strasser, Todd. Fallout [sound recording]
J DVD 419 S578   Playtime signs [videorecording]
J DVD 792 V834   The visual dictionary of ballet for children [videorecording] : completedictionary and class for the beginner ballet student
J DVD Arthur   Arthur. Season 11 [videorecording]
J DVD Arthur   Arthur. Season 10 [videorecording]
J DVD Barbie   Barbie & her sisters in a pony tale.
J DVD Batman   Lego Batman, the movie [videorecording] : DC superheroes unite
J DVD D   Dr. Dolittle. Million dollar mutts [videorecording]
J DVD D   Dr. Dolittle. 2 [videorecording]
J DVD D   Doctor Dolittle [videorecording] ; Dr. Dolittle
J DVD Inspector Kellogg, David Inspector Gadget [videodisc] : and, Inspector Gadget 2
J DVD Kung   Kung Fu Panda legends of awesomeness. The Scorpion sting [videorecording].
J DVD Little   Little mermaid ii, the
J DVD Magic   Magic puppy [videorecording]
J DVD Monsters   Monsters vs aliens [videorecording] : cloning around.
J DVD Planes   Planes : from above the world of cars
J DVD Pocoyo   Pocoyo. Pocoyo's world [videorecording]
J DVD Pokemon   Pokemon 4ever [videorecording]
J DVD Scooby-Doo   Scooby-Doo! Pirates ahoy! [videorecording]
J DVD Secret   The secret of NIMH [videorecording]
J DVD Secret   The secret of NIMH [videorecording]
J DVD Turbo   Turbo
J EasyReader Preller Preller, James. Wake me in spring
J E-audiobook Twain, Mark. The adventures of tom sawyer [electronic resource] : Tom Sawyer and HuckFinn Series, Book 1.
J E-audiobook Riordan, Rick. The Titan's curse [electronic resource]
J E-audiobook Riordan, Rick. The lost hero [electronic resource]
J E-audiobook Dahl, Roald. Fantastic mr. fox and other animal stories [electronic resource] : Includes Esio Trot, The Enormous Crocodile & The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.
J E-book Rawls, Wilson. Where the red fern grows [electronic resource] : the story of two dogs and a boy
J E-book Mebus, Scott. Gods of manhattan [electronic resource] : Gods of Manhattan Series, Book1.
J E-book Flanagan, John (John The ruins of Gorlan [electronic resource]
J E-book Davies, Jacqueline The lemonade war [electronic resource]
J E-book Dahl, Roald. Fantastic mr. fox [electronic resource].
J E-book Creech, Sharon. The boy on the porch [electronic resource].
J E-book Sage, Angie, author. Fyre [electronic resource]
J E-book Lewis, C. S. (Clive The lion, the witch and the wardrobe [electronic resource]
J E-book Lewis, C.S. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe [electronic resource] : The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 2.
J Fic Adler Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Spaghetti Max mystery
J Fic Almhjell Almhjell, Tone. The Twistrose Key
J Fic Awesome Rix, Jamie, author. Panda panic
J Fic Bailey Bailey, Carolyn Sher Miss Hickory
J Fic Barkley Barkley, Callie. Marion takes a break
J Fic Barkley Barkley, Callie. Amy meets her stepsister
J Fic Barshaw Barshaw, Ruth McNall Ellie McDoodle : new kid in school
J Fic Barshaw Barshaw, Ruth McNall Best friends fur-ever
J FIc Baum Baum, L. Frank (Lyma Oz : the complete collection. Volume 1
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J PictureBk Holiday Thanksgiving Elliott Elliott, Laura Thanksgiving Day thanks
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J PictureBk Maizes Maizes, Sarah. On my way to bed
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J PictureBk Seuss Seuss, Dr. Horton hears a Who! By Dr. Seuss.
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J PictureBk Young Young, Jessica (Jess My blue is happy
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LargeType Nesbo Nesbo, Jo Police : a novel
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Mystery Connelly Connelly, Michael The gods of guilt
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Mystery Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia D Dust
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Mystery Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. Takedown twenty
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Mystery Spencer-Fleming Spencer-Fleming, Jul Through the Evil Days : a Clare Fergusson
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Rental DVD   Man of steel [videorecording]
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Teen Lu Lu, Marie Champion : a Legend novel
Teen Lu Lu, Marie Champion : a Legend novel
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