New Items September 2016

002 H843 Houston, Keith, The book: a cover-to-cover exploration of the most powerful object of our time
070.5 W957   The Writer's market
152.4 L524 Lehrer, Jonah, A book about love
152.4 T761 Tracy, Jessica L., Take pride: why the deadliest sin holds the secret to human success
153.4 L666 Levitin, Daniel J., A field guide to lies: critical thinking in the information age
155.232 S213 Sand, Ilse, Highly sensitive people in an insensitive world: how to create a happy life
158 H388 Havrilesky, Heather, How to be a person in the world: Ask Polly's guide through the paradoxes of modern life
158.1 B667 Bodian, Stephan, Meditation for dummies
158.1 B959 Burk, Domyo Sater, Meditation
158.1 S291 Schab, Lisa M., Self-esteem for teens: six principles for creating the life you want
190 G686 Gottlieb, Anthony, The dream of enlightenment: the rise of modern philosophy
299.9 W731 Williamson, Marianne, Tears to triumph: the spiritual journey from suffering to enlightenment
302.224 W855 Wolfe, Tom, The kingdom of speech
303.483 C312 Carr, Nicholas G., Utopia is creepy: and other provocations
305.8 P562 Phillips, Patrick, Blood at the root: a racial cleansing in America
306.48 B675 Bogost, Ian, Play anything: the pleasure of limits, the uses of boredom, and the secret of games
306.7 L897 Love, Candace V., No more narcissists!: how to stop choosing self-absorbed men and find the love you deserve
317.3 O44   The (Old) farmer's almanack
320.52 H685 Hochschild, Arlie Russell, Strangers in their own land: anger and mourning on the American right
323.6 H847   How to get a green card: legal ways to stay in the U.S.A
324.973 D549 Dickerson, John, Whistlestop: my favorite stories from presidential campaign history
324.973 D745 Dowd, Maureen, The year of voting dangerously
324.973 M875 Morris, Dick, Armageddon: how Trump can beat Hillary
327.12 M387 Marton, Kati, True believer: Stalin's last American spy
332.494 S855 Stiglitz, Joseph E., The euro: how a common currency threatens the future of Europe
338.76 M648 Miller, James A. Powerhouse: the untold story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency
355.033 B873 Brooks, Rosa, How everything became war and the military became everything: tales from the Pentagon
362.1 L198 Lalli, Frank, Your best health care now: get doctor discounts, save with better health insurance, find affordable prescriptions
362.1086 K88 Kovic, Ron. Hurricane Street
364.106 S631 Slater, Dan Wolf Boys: Two American Teenagers and Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Carte
370.11 S899 Schwartz, Kyle, I wish my teacher knew: how one question can change everything for our kids
371.141 B168 Baker, Nicholson, Substitute: going to school with a thousand kids
371.262 SAT Chemistry B277   SAT subject test in chemistry
371.262 SAT Chemistry B277   SAT subject test in chemistry
371.262 SAT Math S253   SAT subject test math level
371.262 SAT Math S253   SAT subject test; Math level 1
371.262 SAT Math S253   SAT subject test; Math level 1
371.262 SAT Math S253   SAT subject test math level
371.262 SAT Physics B277   Barron's SAT subject test; Physics
371.262 SAT Physics B277   Barron's SAT subject test; Physics
371.425 B691 Bolles, Richard Nelson. What color is your parachute?
371.425 S615 Sinche, Melanie V., Next gen PhD: a guide to career paths in science
378.3 P485   Peterson's how to get money for college: financing your future beyond federal aid
378.73 B561   Best colleges
378.73 B561   The best ... colleges
378.73 P485   2 year colleges
387.5 C626 Clements, Eric L., Captain of the Carpathia: the seafaring life of Titanic hero Sir Arthur Henry Rostron
394.12 B725 Booth, Michael, Super sushi ramen express: one family's journey through the belly of Japan
510.92 L481 Lee Shetterly, Margot, Hidden figures: the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
512.7 A819 Ash, Avner, Summing it up: from one plus one to modern number theory
530.11 G556 Gleick, James, Time travel: a history
553.7 G659 Gooley, Tristan, How to read water: clues and patterns from puddles to the sea : learn to gauge depth, navigate, forecast weather and make other predictions with water
581.634 M597 Meuninck, Jim, Medicinal plants of North America: a field guide
608.7 P295   Patent it yourself
612.02 B846 Breus, Michael, The power of when: discover your chronotype--and the best time to eat lunch, ask for a raise, have sex, write a novel, take your meds, and more
613.2 M687 Moalem, Sharon, The DNA restart: unlock your personal genetic code to eat for your genes, lose weight, and reverse aging
616.01 F511 Finlay, B. Brett, Let them eat dirt: saving your child from an oversanitized world
616.3 M468 Mayer, Emeran A., Mind-gut connection: how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health
618.92 S411 Schwarz, Alan, ADHD nation: children, doctors, big pharma, and the making of an American epidemic
629.1334 M617 Mezrich, Ben, The 37th parallel: the secret truth behind America's UFO highway
641.5 B877 Brown, Alton, EveryDayCook
641.5 P785 Pomeroy, Naomi, Taste & technique: recipes to elevate your home cooking
641.508 Z66 Ziegelman, Jane, A square meal: a culinary history of the Great Depression
641.52 C976 Currence, John, Big bad breakfast: the most important book of the day
641.555 H521 Henry, Diana, Simple: effortless food, big flavors
641.555 R469 Rhee, Chungah, Damn delicious: 100 super easy, super fast recipes
641.5631 K32 Kemp, Domini, The Ketogenic Kitchen: Low carb. High fat. Extraordinary health
641.5636 P981 Pulde, Alona, Forks over knives family: every parent's guide to raising healthy, happy kids on a whole-food, plant-based diet
641.568 R815 Rosenstrach, Jenny, How to celebrate everything: recipes and rituals for birthdays, holidays, family dinners, and every day in between
641.5973 B328 Batali, Mario, Mario Batali big American cookbook: 250 favorite recipes from across the USA
641.65 M377   Martha Stewart's vegetables: inspired recipes and tips for choosing, cooking, and enjoying the freshest seasonal flavors
641.7 K19 Katz, Sandor Ellix, Wild fermentation: the flavor, nutrition, and craft of live-culture foods
641.815 B828   Bread illustrated: a step-by-step guide to achieving bakery-quality results at home
641.8653 B995 Byrn, Anne, American cake: from colonial gingerbread to classic layer, the stories and recipes behind more than 125 of our best-loved cakes from past to present
641.875 L313 Lapine, Missy Chase, Sneaky blends: supercharge your health with 100 recipes using the power of purees
646.3 R328 Rees, Anuschka, The curated closet: a simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe
646.7 C549 Chopra, Deepak, Radical beauty: how to transform yourself from the inside out
647.95 C284 Carlson, Craig, Pancakes in Paris: living the American dream in France
650.1 B964 Burnett, William Designing your life: how to build a well-lived, joyful life
650.14 B636 Blake, Jenny, Pivot: the only move that matters is your next one
658.04 Y81   Your limited liability company
709.2 M742k King, Ross, Mad enchantment: Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies
709.22 S637 Smee, Sebastian, The art of rivalry: four friendships, betrayals, and breakthroughs in modern art
746.12 M843 Moreno, Jillian, Yarn-i-tec-ture: a knitter's guide to spinning : building exactly the yarn you want
746.432 H582 Herzog, Amy, You can knit that: foolproof instructions for fabulous sweaters
746.434 C799 Corkhill, Betsan, Crochet therapy: the soothing art of savoring each stitch
749.3 R989 Rybczynski, Witold, Now I sit me down: from klismos to plastic chair : a natural history
751.46 B745 Bossom, Michael, The encaustic art project book
759.954 G682 Goswamy, B. N., The spirit of Indian painting: close encounters with 101 great works, 1100-1900
791.457 B964 Burnett, Carol, In such good company: eleven years of laughter, mayhem, and fun in the sandbox
794.8 A182 Ackerman, Dan, The Tetris effect: the game that hypnotized the world
796.426 D451 De Sena, Joe, Spartan fit!: 30 days. Transform your mind. Transform your body. Commit to grit.
811.6 G298 Geer, Mary Ellen Lost & the foun
814.6 S755 Spiegelman, Willard, Senior moments: looking back, looking ahead
817.54 B279 Barry, Dave, Best. State. Ever.: a Florida man defends his homeland
817.6 A312 Ajayi, Luvvie, I'm judging you: the do-better manual
910.453 G731 Gracie, Archibald, Titanic: a survivor's story
910.453 M728 Molony, Senan, Titanic unseen: Titanic and her contemporaries : images from the Bell and Kempster albums
910.453 M997 Mylon, Patrick, RMS Titanic: the wider story
914.21 F653   Fodor's London
917.446 F653   Fodor's Boston
919.3 F653   Fodor's essential New Zealand
940.5315 M477 Mazzeo, Tilar J., Irena's children: the extraordinary story of the woman who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto
940.5421 L651 Letts, Elizabeth, The Perfect Horse: the daring U.S. mission to rescue the priceless stallions kidnapped by the Nazis
940.5426 O66 O'Reilly, Bill, Killing the rising sun: how America vanquished World War II Japan
941.5 C132 Cahill, Thomas. How the Irish saved civilization: the untold story of Ireland's heroic role from the fall of Rome to the rise of medieval Europe
950 E13   East and Southeast Asia
954 K45 Khilnani, Sunil, Incarnations: a history of India in fifty lives
960 A258   Africa
973.3 T238 Taylor, Alan, American revolutions: a continental history, 1750-1804
Biography Brown, M. McSpadden, Lezley, Tell the truth & shame the devil: the life, legacy, and love of my son Michael Brown
Biography Churchill, W. Millard, Candice, Hero of the empire: the Boer War, a daring escape and the making of Winston Churchill
Biography Cleary, B. Foster, Laura O. Walking with Ramona: Exploring Beverly Cleary's Portlan
Biography Cliburn, V. Cliff, Nigel. Moscow nights: the Van Cliburn story : how one man and his piano transformed the Cold War
Biography Collins, L. Collins, Lauren When in French: love in a second language
Biography Cox, L. Cox, Lynne, Swimming in the sink: an episode of the heart
Biography Crowther, W. Rinaldi, Tom, The red bandanna
Biography Dahl, R. Dahl, Roald, Love from Boy: Roald Dahl's letters to his mother
Biography English, P. Kidder, Tracy, A truck full of money
Biography Ephron, N. Cohen, Richard M. She made me laugh: my friend Nora Ephron
Biography Green, R.S. Bergner, Daniel, Sing for your life: a story of race, music, and family
Biography Hitler, A. Ullrich, Volker, Hitler: ascent, 1889-1939
Biography Jacobs, J. Kanigel, Robert, Eyes on the street: the life of Jane Jacobs
Biography LeCarre, J. Le Carré, John, The pigeon tunnel: stories from my life
Biography LeHand, M. Smith, Kathryn, The gatekeeper: Missy LeHand, FDR, and the untold story of the partnership that defined a presidency
Biography Lesser, E. Lesser, Elizabeth, Marrow: a love story
Biography Love, M. Love, Mike, Good vibrations: my life as a Beach Boy
Biography Melton, G.D. Melton, Glennon Doyle, Love warrior
Biography Roosevelt, E. Quinn, Susan, Eleanor and Hick: the love affair that shaped a First Lady
Biography Roosevelt, F.D. Lelyveld, Joseph, His final battle: the last months of Franklin Roosevelt
Biography Scott, R.L. Coram, Robert, Double ace: the life of Robert Lee Scott Jr., pilot, hero, and teller of tall tales
Biography Taylor, E. Bogle, Donald, Elizabeth and Michael: the queen of Hollywood and the king of pop : a love story
Biography Trump, D. Kranish, Michael, Trump Revealed: an American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power
Biography Trump, D. Johnston, David, The making of Donald Trump
Biography Trussoni, D. Trussoni, Danielle, The fortress: a love story
Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D., Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Biography Vargas, E. Vargas, Elizabeth, Between breaths: a memoir of panic and addiction
Biography Wambach, A. Wambach, Abby Forward: A Memoi
Biography Wilson, M. Wilson, Mara, Where am I now?: true stories of girlhood and accidental fame
BookOnCD Carr Carr, Robyn. The life she wants
BookOnCD Chiaverini Chiaverini, Jennifer. Fates and traitors: a novel of John Wilkes Booth
BookOnCD Close Close, Jennifer, The hopefuls [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Eggers Eggers, Dave, Heroes of the frontier [sound recording]
BookOnCD Forman Forman, Gayle. Leave me [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Giffin Giffin, Emily. First comes love [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Gyasi Gyasi, Yaa, Homegoing [sound recording]
BookOnCD Johnson Johnson, Craig, An obvious fact [sound recording]
BookOnCD Kelly Kelly, Martha Hall. Lilac girls [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Krueger Krueger, William Kent, Manitou Canyon: a novel
BookOnCD McEwan McEwan, Ian. Nutshell [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Melville Melville, Herman. The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade [sound recording]
BookOnCD Moore Moore, Alan, Jerusalem
BookOnCD Perry Perry, Anne Revenge in a cold river [sound recording
BookOnCD Proulx Proulx, Annie. Barkskins [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Silva Silva, Daniel, The black widow [sound recording]
BookOnCD Stewart Stewart, Amy. Lady cop makes trouble
BookOnCD Ware Ware, Ruth, The woman in cabin 10 [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Whitehead Whitehead, Colson, The Underground Railroad [sound recording]
Chinese 158.5 Diamond Diamond, Stuart, Huadun shang xue yuan zui shou huan ying de tan pan ke: shang wan zhe tang ke, shi jie dou hui ting ni de
Chinese 709.2 Xiao Xiao, Taosheng, Xiao Taosheng hui hua zuo pin shi jie xun hui zhan =Xiao, Tao Sheng East in West, nature and humanity --world exhibition tour
Chinese Fic Takiwa Takiwa, Asako, Jingdu lian xi shi dai
DVD All   All the way [videorecording]
DVD Bigger   A bigger splash [videorecording]
DVD Blood   Blood simple [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Fan   Fan [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Kapoor   Kapoor & sons [videorecording]: (since 1921)
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Ki   Ki & Ka [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Spanish From   From afar [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Spanish Ma   Ma ma [videorecording]
E-audiobook Hertmans, Stefan. War and turpentine [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-audiobook Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy [electronic resource]: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
E-audiobook Evanovich, Janet. Curious minds [electronic resource]: Knight and Moon Series, Book 1
E-audiobook Penny, Louise. A great reckoning [electronic resource]: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series, Book 12
E-audiobook Silva, Daniel. The black widow [electronic resource]
E-audiobook Junger, Sebastian. Tribe [electronic resource]: On Homecoming and Belonging
E-audiobook Duhigg, Charles. Smarter faster better [electronic resource]: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business
E-book Moriarty, Liane. The last anniversary [electronic resource]: a novel
E-book Whitehead, Colson. The underground railroad (Oprah's book club) [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Loigman, Lynda Cohen. The two-family house [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy [electronic resource]: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
E-book Penny, Louise. A great reckoning [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin. Seinfeldia [electronic resource]: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything
E-book Ward, Jesmyn. The fire this time [electronic resource]: A New Generation Speaks about Race
E-book Gregory, Philippa. Three sisters, three queens [electronic resource]
E-book Vance, Ashlee. Elon musk [electronic resource]: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
E-book Junger, Sebastian. Tribe [electronic resource]: On Homecoming and Belonging
E-book Duckworth, Angela. Grit [electronic resource]: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
E-book Schumer, Amy. The girl with the lower back tattoo [electronic resource]
E-book Roberts, Nora. Bay of sighs [electronic resource]: Guardians Trilogy, Book 2
E-book Roach, Mary. Grunt [electronic resource]: The Curious Science of Humans at War
E-book Colfer, Chris. An author's odyssey [electronic resource]: The Land of Stories Series, Book 5
Fic Anderson Anderson, Gillian, The sound of seas
Fic Balson Balson, Ronald H., Karolina's twins
Fic Brown Brown, Dale, Puppet master
Fic Burke Burke, James Lee, The jealous kind: a novel
Fic Carlino Carlino, Rene⁺¹e, Swear on this life: a novel
Fic Carr Carr, Robyn, The life she wants
Fic Chiaverini Chiaverini, Jennifer, Fates and traitors: a novel of John Wilkes Booth
Fic Cogman Cogman, Genevieve, The masked city: an invisible library novel
Fic Cussler Cussler, Clive, Pirate: a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure
Fic Davies Davies, Peter Ho, The fortunes
Fic Davis Davis, Fiona, The dollhouse
Fic Dev Dev, Sonali, A change of heart
Fic Dinh Dinh, Viet, After disasters
Fic Dodd Dodd, Christina, Because I'm watching
Fic Domet Domet, Sarah The Guinevere
Fic Donoghue Donoghue, Emma, The wonder: a novel
Fic Donohue Donohue, Keith, The motion of puppets
Fic Doughty Doughty, Louise, Black water: a novel
Fic Durst Durst, Sarah Beth, The queen of blood
Fic Foer Foer, Jonathan Safran, Here I am
Fic Forman Forman, Gayle, Leave me
Fic Graham Graham, Heather, An angel's touch
Fic Grose Grose, Jessica, Soulmates
Fic Gyasi Gyasi, Yaa, Homegoing: a novel
Fic Haasen Hiaasen, Carl, Razor girl
Fic Hicks Hicks, Robert, The orphan mother: a novel
Fic High   High stakes: a wild cards mosaic novel
Fic Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, Winter storms
Fic Hill Hill, Nathan, The nix: a novel
Fic Hodge Hodge, A. M. Acadia los
Fic Holm Holm, Chris F., Red right hand
Fic Howard Howard, Linda, Frost line
Fic Jefferies Jefferies, Dinah, The tea planter's wife: a novel
Fic Koch Koch, Herman, Dear Mr. M: a novel
Fic Konar Konar, Affinity, Mischling
Fic Lemaitre Lemaître, Pierre, Blood wedding
Fic Livesey Livesey, Margot, Mercury: a novel
Fic Madeleine Madeleine, Laura, The confectioner's tale: a novel of Paris
Fic Martin Martin, George R. R. A game of thrones
Fic McBride McBride, Eimear, The lesser bohemians
Fic McEwan McEwan, Ian, Nutshell: a novel
Fic Moore Moore, Alan, Jerusalem: a novel
Fic Paris Paris, B. A., Behind closed doors
Fic Patchett Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth
Fic Patchett Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth
Fic Patterson Patterson, James, Woman of god
Fic Rash Rash, Ron, The risen: a novel
Fic Reilly Reilly, Meg Little, We are unprepared: a novel
Fic Semple Semple, Maria, Today will be different: a novel
Fic Shalev Shalev, Meir. Two she-bears: a novel
Fic Snoekstra Snoekstra, Anna Only Daughte
Fic Sparks Sparks, Nicholas, Two by two
Fic Steel Steel, Danielle, Rushing waters: a novel
Fic Szalay Szalay, David, All that man is
Fic Towles Towles, Amor, A gentleman in Moscow
Fic Vasquez Vásquez, Juan Gabriel, Reputations
Fic Ware Ware, Ruth, The woman in cabin 10
Fic Wayne Wayne, Teddy, Loner
Fic Zink Zink, Nell, Nicotine
Graphic Trudeau Trudeau, G. B. Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trum
J 1,2,3 Gross Gross, Benedikt, ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky
J 1,2,3 Root Root, Phyllis, One north star: a counting book
J 372.4 B414 Beech, Linda. 240 vocabulary words kids need to know: 24 ready-to-reproduce packets that make vocabulary building fun & effective; Grade 5
J 372.4 H513 Henkel, Arlene. Phonics: blends, phonics review : grades 1-3
J 372.4 R287   Reading comprehension; Grade 4
J 373.18 R426 Reynolds, Luke, Surviving middle school: navigating the halls, riding the social roller coaster, and unmasking the real you
J 394.26 DayOfTheDead J79 Jones, Theodore Celebrating Day of the Dead
J 398.2 K49 Kimmel, Eric A., Rattlestiltskin
J 523.18 D298 DeCristofano, Carolyn Cinami. Big bang!: the tongue-tickling tale of a speck that became spectacular
J 523.3 L419 Lawrence, Ellen, The Moon: our neighbor in space
J 568.19 E74 Esbaum, Jill. Angry birds playground: dinosaurs : a prehistoric adventure!
J 595.796 G822 Gregory, Josh, Ants
J 598.864 T951 Turner, Pamela S., Crow smarts: inside the brain of the world's brightest bird
J 598.899 G822 Gregory, Josh, Hummingbirds
J 599.322 G822 Gregory, Josh, Rabbits
J 599.734 G822 Gregory, Josh, Hippopotamuses
J 599.744 P189 Gregory, Josh, Red pandas
J 599.81 G822 Gregory, Josh, Lemurs
J 624.1 H251 Hanson, Anders, Cool structures: creative activities that make math & science fun for kids!
J 624.19 R721 Rogenmoser, Yvonne, Crossing the Gotthard: the longest tunnel in the world
J 636.7 H981 Hutmacher, Kimberly. Sled dogs
J 910.453 L972 Lüsted, Marcia Amidon. The sinking of the Titanic
J 914.21 B988 Lonely Planet City Trails - Londo
J 948 L283 Langley, Andrew, You wouldn't want to be a Viking explorer!: voyages you'd rather not make
J 948 M328 Margeson, Susan M. Viking
J 949.4 R729 Rogers Seavey, Lura, Switzerland
J 950 C387 Ceceri, Kathy. The Silk Road: explore the world's most famous trade route
J 951.5 S699 Sonneborn, Liz, Tibet
J 951.7 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth, Mongolia
J 959.704 M169 McNab, Chris, 50 things you should know about the Vietnam war
J 966.26 S697 Somervill, Barbara A., Niger
J 966.9 R729 Rogers Seavey, Lura, Nigeria
J 973.91 L347   100 years ago: a collection of 5 leveled readers about daily life, then and now
J 983 B954 Burgan, Michael, Chile
J A,B,C Valario Valario, Geraldo Moose, Goose, Animals on the Loose!: A Canadian Wildlife AB
J Biography Bishop, S. Henson, Heather, Lift your light a little higher: the story of Stephen Bishop : slave-explorer
J Biography Bonhoeffer, D. McCormick, Patricia, The plot to kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer : pastor, spy, unlikely hero
J Biography Roosevelt, E. Shea, John M., Eleanor Roosevelt in her own words
J Biography Seeger, P. Silvey, Anita, Let your voice be heard: the life and times of Pete Seeger
J Biography Sing, T. Pimentel, Annette Bay, Mountain chef: how one man lost his groceries, changed his plans, and helped cook up the National Park Service
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. Night-night, little Pookie
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. The going to bed book
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. Dinosaur dance!
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. What's wrong, little Pookie?
J BoardBk Dahl Dahl, Michael. Pig takes a bath
J BoardBk Gamble Gamble, Adam. Good night Boston
J BoardBk Heras Heras, Theo, Hat on, hat off
J BoardBk Levison Levison, Jesse. U is for underwear
J BoardBk McPhail McPhail, David, Olivia loves Owl
J BoardBk Patricelli Patricelli, Leslie. Tubby
J BoardBk Willems Willems, Mo, Who sleeps, Cat the cat?
J BookOnCD 398.21 G864 Grimm, Jacob, 20 favorites from the complete Grimm's fairy tales [sound recording]: Rapunzel, Cinderella, the White Snake, Little Red-cap, the Twelve Huntsman, the Frog-king, and more
J BookOnCD Colfer Colfer, Chris, Beyond the Kingdoms [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Colfer Colfer, Chris, An author's odyssey [sound recording]
J BookOnCD DiCamillo DiCamillo, Kate, Where are you going, baby Lincoln? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD DiCamillo DiCamillo, Kate. Raymie Nightingale [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Foxlee Foxlee, Karen, A most magical girl [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Grisham Grisham, John. Theodore Boone, the scandal [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Holm Holm, Jennifer L., Full of Beans [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Holm Holm, Jennifer L., Full of Beans [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Kubo Chesterfield, Sadie. Kubo and the two strings [sound recording]: the junior novel
J BookOnCD Mafi Mafi, Tahereh, Furthermore [sound recording]: [a novel]
J BookOnCD Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A., The scourge
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hidden oracle [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick, For Magnus Chase [sound recording]: Hotel Valhalla guide to the Norse worlds
J BookOnCD Siebel Siebel, Kathryn, Trouble with twins [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Tolkien Tolkien, J. R. R. The hobbit [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Watson Watson, Jude, Sting [sound recording]: it takes a crook to catch a crook
J BookOnCD Wolk Wolk, Lauren, Wolf Hollow [sound recording]
J CD Book&CD Caudle Caudle, Brad Solar system [sound recording
J CD Music Bibbidi   Bibbidi bobbidi Bach [sound recording
J DVD 786 M995   My piano DVD [videorecording]: the fun way for kids to learn!
J DVD Barbie   Barbie, star light adventure [videorecording]
J DVD Bridge   Bridge to Terabithia [videorecording]
J DVD Curious   Curious George; Outdoor adventures [videorecording]
J DVD Garfield   Garfield [videorecording]
J DVD Halloween   The Halloween tree [videorecording]
J DVD Jungle   The jungle book [videorecording]
J DVD Lego   Lego DC Comics super heroes; Justice League vs. Bizarro League [videorecording]
J DVD Littlest   Littlest pet shop; Mysteries at the pet shop [videorecording]
J DVD Mostly   Mostly ghostly; One night in doom house [videorecording]
J DVD Pound   Pound puppies; Halloween at shelter 17 [videorecording]
J DVD StarWars   Star wars rebels; Complete season two [videorecording]
J DVD SuperHero   DC superhero girls [videorecording]: hero of the year
J DVD Wild   Wild Kratts; Wild reptiles [videorecording]
J EasyReader Disney Koster, Amy Sky, The knight night guard
J EasyReader Milway Milway, Alex, Pigsticks and Harold and the pirate treasure
J EasyReader O'Connor O'Connor, Jane, Best reading buddies
J EasyReader Willems Santat, Dan, The cookie fiasco
J EasyReader Willems Keller, Laurie, We are growing!
J Fic Almhjell Almhjell, Tone, Thornghost
J Fic Angleberger Angleberger, Tom, Fuzzy
J Fic Atkins Atkins, Jeannine, Finding wonders: three girls who changed science
J Fic Barrie Frank, Josette, Peter Pan
J Fic Beil Beil, Michael D., A new recruit
J Fic Black Black, Holly, The bronze key
J Fic Brallier Brallier, Max, The last kids on Earth and the zombie parade
J Fic Cassidy Cassidy, Sara, A boy named Queen
J Fic Chainani Chainani, Soman, The School for Good and Evil
J Fic Chainani Chainani, Soman, The School for Good and Evil: the ever never handbook
J Fic Cooper Cooper, Rose The ungrateful dead
J Fic Corderoy Corderoy, Tracey, The Super-spooky fright night!
J Fic Creech Creech, Sharon, Moo
J Fic Crowl Crowl, M. Tara, Eden's escape
J Fic Crum Crum, Shutta, William and the witch's riddle
J Fic DeStefano DeStefano, Lauren, The peculiar night of the blue heart
J Fic Dinerstein Dinerstein, Eric, What elephants know
J Fic Dowding Dowding, Philippa Carter and the Curious Maze: Weird Stories Gone Wron
J Fic Dowell Dowell, Frances O'Roark, Sam the Man & the chicken plan
J Fic Ehrlich Ehrlich, Esther, Nest
J Fic Engle Engle, Margarita. The lightning dreamer: Cuba's greatest abolitionist
J Fic Eulberg Eulberg, Elizabeth, The Great Shelby Holmes
J Fic Fayers Fayers, Claire. The voyage to Magical North
J Fic Fishbach Fishbach, Sheri Lynn, Dex
J Fic Fitzhugh Fitzhugh, Louise. Harriet, the spy
J Fic Gardiner Gardiner, John Reynolds. Stone Fox
J Fic Gidwitz Gidwitz, Adam, The inquisitor's tale, or, The three magical children and their holy dog
J Fic Giff Giff, Patricia Reilly, Jubilee
J Fic Grosso Grosso, Mike, I am drums
J Fic Gruss Gruss, Karin One red sho
J Fic Hannigan Hannigan, Kate, Winter wonders
J Fic Hannigan Hannigan, Kate, Summer showers
J Fic Hansen Hansen, Doug, California, the magic island
J Fic Harrington Harrington, Janice N., Catching a storyfish
J Fic Hodder Hodder, Bridget, The rat prince
J Fic Holm Holm, Jennifer L., Full of Beans
J Fic Humphrey Humphrey, Anna, Clara Humble and the not-so-super powers
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Thunder and shadow
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Thunder and shadow
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Thunder and shadow
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Starlight
J Fic Ignatow Ignatow, Amy, The Mighty Odds
J Fic Jarrell Jarrell, Randall, The animal family
J Fic Krishnaswami Krishnaswami, Uma, Book Uncle and me
J Fic LaFleur LaFleur, Suzanne M, Beautiful blue world
J Fic Landry Landry, Leo What's Up, Chuck
J Fic LaReau LaReau, Kara, The infamous Ratsos
J Fic Lego Davies, Beth, Batman's missions
J Fic Lewis Lewis, C. S. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
J Fic Liss Liss, David, Rebels
J Fic London London, C. Alexander The Wild Ones: Moonlight Brigad
J Fic Low Low, A. J., Sherlock Sam and the missing heirloom in Katong
J Fic Low Low, A. J., Sherlock Sam and the ghostly moans in Fort Canning
J Fic Lowe Lowe, Natasha, The marvelous magic of Miss Mabel
J Fic Lupica Lupica, Mike, Last man out
J Fic MacHale MacHale, D. J., Curse of the Boggin
J Fic MacLachlan MacLachlan, Patricia, The poet's dog
J Fic Mafi Mafi, Tahereh, Furthermore
J Fic Martin Martin, Ann M., Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, Sleeping Beauty:;the one who took the really long nap
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, Rapunzel: the one with the hair
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, A mango-shaped space: a novel
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase
J Fic McMann McMann, Lisa, Going wild
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Samantha the swimming fairy
J Fic Messner Messner, Kate, Wake up missing
J Fic Meyerhoff Meyerhoff, Jenny, Sweet peas and honeybees
J Fic Milford Milford, Kate, The Left-Handed Fate
J Fic Mills Mills, Claudia, The trouble with babies
J Fic Mlynowski Mlynowski, Sarah. Sink or swim
J Fic Montgomery Montgomery, Ross Perijee & me
J Fic Moulton Moulton, Erin E. Tracing stars
J Fic Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A., The scourge
J Fic Ninjago Farshtey, Greg. Jay: ninja of lightning
J Fic O'Hara O'Hara, Mo, My big fat zombie goldfish: live and let swim
J Fic O'Hara O'Hara, Mo, Any fin is possible
J Fic Pakkala Pakkala, Christine, Last-but-not-least Lola and a knot the size of Texas
J Fic Pastis Pastis, Stephan, The book you're not supposed to have
J Fic Poblocki Poblocki, Dan, The gathering
J Fic Ponti Ponti, James, Framed!
J Fic Potter Potter, Ellen, The sea pony
J Fic Reynolds Reynolds, Jason, Ghost
J Fic Rhuday-Perkovich Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola, Two Naomis
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla guide to the Norse worlds: your introduction to deities, mythical beings & fantastic creatures
J Fic Rocha Rocha, K. E., Mission to Moon Farm
J Fic Rodkey Rodkey, Geoff, The Tapper twins run for president
J Fic Rosen Rosen, Lev AC, The memory wall
J Fic Rudden Rudden, Dave, Knights of the Borrowed Dark
J Fic Sanderson Sanderson, Brandon, The dark talent
J Fic Sanderson Sanderson, Brandon, The knights of Crystallia
J Fic Sands Sands, Kevin, Mark of the plague
J Fic Saunders Saunders, Kate, Five children on the Western Front
J Fic Scattergood Scattergood, Augusta, Making friends with Billy Wong
J Fic Scieszka Scieszka, Jon, Frank Einstein and the evoblaster belt
J Fic Sherman Sherman, Delia, Evil wizard Smallbone
J Fic Smelcer Smelcer, John E., Stealing Indians
J Fic Starobinets Starobinets, Anna Catlanti
J Fic StarWars Schaefer, Elizabeth Rey's story
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J Fic Stilton   All because of a cup of coffee
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J Fic Vivat Vivat, Booki, Frazzled: everyday disasters and impending doom
J Fic Watson Watson, Jude, Sting: it takes a crook to catch a crook
J Fic Weiner Weiner, Jennifer, The littlest Bigfoot
J Fic West West, Tracey, Flight of the Moon Dragon
J Fic White White, Wade Albert, The adventurer's guide to successful escapes
J Fic Windsor Windsor, M. L., Jack Death
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Tessa's lost and found
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Scarlet discovers true strength
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Piper's perfect dream
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Leona's unlucky mission
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Cassie comes through
J Fic Zappa Zappa, Shana Muldoon, Vega and the fashion disaster
J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, Big Nate: revenge of the cream puffs
J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, Big Nate: revenge of the cream puffs
J Graphic Brown Brown, Jeffrey, Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. Something under the bed is drooling: a Calvin and Hobbes collection
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. Homicidal psycho jungle cat: a Calvin and Hobbes collection
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. The Calvin and Hobbes tenth anniversary book
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. The authoritative Calvin and Hobbes: a Calvin and Hobbes treasury
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield gets in a pickle
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield lard of the jungle
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Hatke Hatke, Ben, Mighty Jack
J Graphic Jedi Brown, Jeffrey, The phantom bully
J Graphic Jedi Brown, Jeffrey, Jedi Academy
J Graphic Just Velasquez, Crystal Just Princesse
J Graphic Kid Fajardo, Alexis E., Kid Beowulf: the blood-bound oath
J Graphic Monkey Chen, Weidong, Monkey King; Vol. 03,;Journey to the West
J Graphic Orchard Orchard, Eric, Bera the one-headed troll
J Graphic Phelan Phelan, Matt, Snow White
J Graphic Phoebe Simpson, Dana, Razzle dazzle unicorn: another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure
J Graphic Pilkey Pilkey, Dav, Dog Man
J Graphic Secret Yang, Gene Luen, Paths & portals
J Graphic SuperHeroes Fontana, Shea, DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High School yearbook
J Graphic SuperHeroes Caramagna, Joe, Ultimate Spider-Man web-warriors; Contest of champions
J Graphic Telgemeier Telgemeier, Raina, Ghosts
J Graphic Telgemeier Telgemeier, Raina, Ghosts
J Graphic Weing Weing, Drew, The creepy case files of Margo Maloo
J PictureBk Arena Arena, Jen, Marta! big & small
J PictureBk Atkinson Atkinson, Cale, Maxwell the monkey barber
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Chris, 88 instruments
J PictureBk Beaton Beaton, Kate, King Baby
J PictureBk Beaty Beaty, Andrea, Ada Twist, scientist
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain bears hug and make up
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears dollars and sense
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears and too much teasing
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain bears and too much birthday
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears and the big spelling bee
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Mike, The Berenstain Bears and the golden rule
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Jan, The Berenstain Bears safe and sound!
J PictureBk Biggs Biggs, Brian, Tinyville town gets to work!
J PictureBk Bogart Bogart, Jo Ellen, The white cat and the monk: a retelling of the poem Pangur Bán
J PictureBk Bonilla Bonilla, Rocio, The highest mountain of books in the world
J PictureBk Bram Bram, Elizabeth, Rufus the writer
J PictureBk Brocoli Brocoli, Steffie, Through the forest
J PictureBk Brosgol Brosgol, Vera, Leave me alone
J PictureBk Cecil Cecil, Randy, Lucy
J PictureBk Chriscoe Chriscoe, Sharon, Race car dreams
J PictureBk Classic   Classic children's tales: 150 years of Frederick Warne
J PictureBk Coates Coates, Jan, Sky pig
J PictureBk Contraire Contraire, Bastien Undercover: One of These Things Is Almost Like the Other
J PictureBk Cronin Cronin, Doreen, Click, clack, surprise!
J PictureBk Crossley-Holland Crossley-Holland, Kevin, The riddlemaster
J PictureBk Cuevas Cuevas, Michelle, The uncorker of ocean bottles
J PictureBk Curato Curato, Mike, Little Elliot, big fun
J PictureBk DeGennaro DeGennaro, Sue, The pros & cons of being a frog
J PictureBk Dempsey Dempsey, Kristy. A hop is up
J PictureBk DiPucchio DiPucchio, Kelly, Dragon was terrible
J PictureBk Disney   Disney classics storybook treasury
J PictureBk Docherty Docherty, Helen, The storybook knight
J PictureBk Doodler Doodler, Todd H., Hot rod hot dog
J PictureBk Dupont Dupont, Joan, Philippe the black sheep
J PictureBk Eliot Eliot, T. S. Macavity
J PictureBk Empson Empson, Jo, Little home bird
J PictureBk Empson Empson, Jo, Chimpanzees for tea!
J PictureBk Feder Feder, Sandra. Moon inside
J PictureBk Ferrell Ferrell, Sean, The Snurtch
J PictureBk Flyte Flyte, Min, Box
J PictureBk Freedman Freedman, Claire, My grandparents love me
J PictureBk Funk Funk, Josh, Dear dragon
J PictureBk Gall Gall, Chris, NanoBots
J PictureBk Godwin Godwin, Laura, Owl sees owl
J PictureBk Graham Graham, Amanda, Picasso, the green tree frog
J PictureBk GrandPre GrandPré, Mary, Cleonardo, the little inventor
J PictureBk Gravel Gravel, Elise, The cranky ballerina
J PictureBk Hagar Hagar, Erin, Doing her bit: a story about the Woman's Land Army of America
J PictureBk Hall Hall, Michael, Wonderfall
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Green Green, Rod Santa's reindeer
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Green Green, Rod Santa Claus
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Yoon Yoon, Salina, Penguin's Christmas wish
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears go on a Ghost Walk
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Caswell Caswell, Deanna, Boo! haiku
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Denise Denise, Anika, Monster trucks
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Dolan Dolan, Elys, The mystery of the haunted farm
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Ferriell Ferriell, R. H. Mrs. Julie's pumpkin
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Gehl Gehl, Laura. Peep and Egg: I'm not trick-or-treating
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Metzger Metzger, Steve, This is the house that monsters built
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Schertle Schertle, Alice, Little Blue Truck's Halloween
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Wohl Wohl, Lauren L., A teeny tiny halloween
J PictureBk Hutchins Hutchins, Pat, Where, oh where, is Rosie's chick?
J PictureBk Jackson Jackson, Richard, In plain sight
J PictureBk John John, Jory, Quit calling me a monster!
J PictureBk John John, Jory, Penguin problems
J PictureBk Johnston Johnston, Tony, First grade, here I come!
J PictureBk Kang Kang, A. N., The very fluffy kitty, Papillon
J PictureBk Kuhlman Kuhlman, Evan, Hank's big day: the story of a bug
J PictureBk Kuhlmann Kuhlmann, Torben, Armstrong: the adventurous journey of a mouse to the moon
J PictureBk Lallemand Lallemand, Orianne. The wolf who wanted to change his color
J PictureBk Lallemand Lallemand, Orianne. Wolf who wanted to be a superhero
J PictureBk Lallemand Lallemand, Orianne, The wolf who visited the land of fairy tales
J PictureBk LaMarche LaMarche, Jim, Pond
J PictureBk Leigh Leigh, C.J. The Ninjabread Ma
J PictureBk Lin Lin, Grace. The ugly vegetables
J PictureBk Litwin Litwin, Eric, Ice cream and dinosaurs
J PictureBk Macam Macam, Acree Graham, The king of the birds
J PictureBk McLachlan McLachlan, Brian, What noise do I make?
J PictureBk McPhail McPhail, David, Crash! the cat
J PictureBk Meisel Meisel, Paul, Good night, Bat!: good morning, Squirrel!
J PictureBk Murphy Murphy, Jill Meltdown
J PictureBk Murray Murray, Diana, Ned the knitting pirate
J PictureBk Murray Murray, Diana, Grimelda: the very messy witch
J PictureBk Noll Noll, Amanda, Hey, that's my monster!
J PictureBk O'Brien O'Brien, Anne Sibley, Hocus pocus, it's fall!
J PictureBk O'Leary O'Leary, Sara, You are Two
J PictureBk Olson Olson, Jennifer Gray, Ninja Bunny: sister vs. brother
J PictureBk Pak Pak, Kenard, Goodbye summer, hello autumn
J PictureBk Parr Parr, Todd, Teachers rock!
J PictureBk Parsley Parsley, Elise, If you ever want to bring an alligator to school, don't!
J PictureBk Penfold Penfold, Alexandra, Eat, sleep, poop
J PictureBk Plourde Plourde, Lynn, You're doing that in the talent show?!
J PictureBk Plourde Plourde, Lynn, Bella's fall coat
J PictureBk Rabe Rabe, Tish, On the first day of kindergarten
J PictureBk Raffi Raffi. Baby Beluga
J PictureBk Richards Richards, Dan, Can one balloon make an elephant fly?
J PictureBk Saltzberg Saltzberg, Barney, A little bit of oomph!
J PictureBk Sauer Sauer, Tammi, Mary had a little glam
J PictureBk Schaefer Schaefer, Lola M., Because of an acorn
J PictureBk Schulz Schulz, Heidi, Giraffes ruin everything
J PictureBk Seeger Seeger, Laura Vaccaro, Lemons are not red
J PictureBk Shannon Shannon, David, Duck on a tractor
J PictureBk Shapiro Shapiro, Esmé, Ooko
J PictureBk Shaw Shaw, Stephanie, Schnitzel: a cautionary tale for lazy louts
J PictureBk Singer Singer, Marilyn, What's a banana?
J PictureBk Smith   Walking in a winter wonderland: based on the song by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith, as sung by Peggy Lee
J PictureBk Staub Staub, Leslie. Time for (Earth) school, Dewey Dew
J PictureBk Stead Stead, Philip Christian, Samson in the snow
J PictureBk Stringer Stringer, Lauren, Yellow time
J PictureBk SuperHeroes Wrecks, Billy. Superman!
J PictureBk SuperHeroes Dahl, Michael, Bedtime for Batman
J PictureBk Suzuki Suzuki, Mamoru, You belong to me
J PictureBk Tenney Tenney, Shawna J. C., Brunhilda's backwards day
J PictureBk Thomas Thomas, Shelley Moore, This book is not about dragons
J PictureBk Thomas Thomas, Jan, Is that wise, Pig?
J PictureBk Vere Vere, Ed, Max at night
J PictureBk Walcker Walcker, Yann, Mika the bear is afraid of the dark
J PictureBk Wells Wells, Rosemary, Fiona's little lie
J PictureBk Wenzel Wenzel, Brendan, They all saw a cat
J PictureBk Williams Williams, Vera B., Home at last
J PictureBk Witek Witek, Jo, All my treasures: a book of joy
J PictureBk Yaccarino Yaccarino, Dan, I am a story
J PictureBk Yolen Yolen, Jane, Little frog and the scary autumn thing
J PictureBk Yoon Yoon, Salina, Bear's big day
J PictureBk Zenz Zenz, Aaron, Monsters go night-night
J Playaway Alexander Alexander, Kwame. Booked [sound recording]
J Playaway De la Cruz De la Cruz, Melissa, Return to the Isle of the Lost [sound recording]
J Playaway Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara, Waylon! [sound recording]: one awesome thing
J VideoPlayer 419 W361   We sign; American patriotic and classroom favorite songs [videorecording]
LargeType 817.54 B279 Barry, Dave, Best. State. Ever.: a Florida man defends his homeland
LargeType Backman Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove
LargeType Biography LeCarre, J. Le Carré, John, The pigeon tunnel: stories from my life
LargeType Brown Brown, Sandra, Sting
LargeType Burke Burke, James Lee, The jealous kind
LargeType Dailey Dailey, Janet, Texas tall
LargeType Danler Danler, Stephanie, Sweetbitter
LargeType Eskens Eskens, Allen, The life we bury
LargeType Forman Forman, Gayle, Leave me
LargeType Gregory Gregory, Philippa, Three sisters, three queens
LargeType Koch Koch, Herman, Dear Mr. M
LargeType Lapena Lapeña, Shari, The couple next door
LargeType Michaels Michaels, Fern, Fast and loose
LargeType Miller Miller, Linda Lael, Always a cowboy
LargeType Miranda Miranda, Megan, All the missing girls
LargeType Neggers Neggers, Carla, Liar's key
LargeType Paris Paris, B. A., Behind closed doors
LargeType Parker (Coleman) Coleman, Reed Farrel, Robert B. Parker's debt to pay: a Jesse Stone novel
LargeType Perry Perry, Anne, Revenge in a cold river: a William Monk novel
LargeType Richards Richards, Emilie, When we were sisters
LargeType Robb Robb, J. D., Apprentice in death
LargeType Rosoff Rosoff, Meg, Jonathan unleashed
LargeType Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, Damaged
LargeType Steel Steel, Danielle, Rushing waters: a novel
Museum Pass   Harvard University Art Museums
Mystery Beaton Beaton, M. C., Pushing up daisies: an Agatha Raisin mystery
Mystery Bolton Bolton, Sharon Daisy in chain
Mystery Bradley Bradley, C. Alan, Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd: a Flavia de Luce novel
Mystery Carlisle Carlisle, Anna Dark road home: a Gin Sullivan mystery
Mystery Christie (Hannah) Hannah, Sophie, Closed casket: the new Hercule Poirot mystery
Mystery Coben Coben, Harlan, Home
Mystery Coel Coel, Margaret, Winter's child
Mystery Echoes   Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: stories inspired by the Holmes canon
Mystery Fluke Fluke, Joanne, Christmas caramel murder
Mystery French French, Tana, The trespasser
Mystery Hart Hart, Elsa, The white mirror
Mystery Hoffman Hoffman, Patrick, Every man a menace
Mystery Jance Jance, Judith A., Downfall: a Brady novel of suspense
Mystery Johnson Johnson, Craig, An obvious fact
Mystery Kava Kava, Alex, Reckless creed
Mystery Keyse-Walker Keyse-Walker, John, Sun, sand, murder
Mystery Krueger Krueger, William Kent, Manitou Canyon: a novel
Mystery Lapena Lapeña, Shari, The couple next door
Mystery Macmillan Macmillan, Gilly, The perfect girl
Mystery Mayor Mayor, Archer, Presumption of guilt
Mystery Mizushima Mizushima, Margaret, Stalking ground
Mystery Mullen Mullen, Thomas, Darktown: a novel
Mystery Neggers Neggers, Carla, Liar's key
Mystery Neville Neville, Stuart, So say the fallen
Mystery Overholt Overholt, Cuyler, A deadly affection
Mystery Parker (Coleman) Coleman, Reed Farrel, Robert B. Parker's Debt to pay: a Jesse Stone novel
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James, Missing
Mystery Penny Penny, Louise, A great reckoning
Mystery Perry Perry, Anne, Revenge in a cold river: a William Monk novel
Mystery Price Price, Steven, By gaslight: a novel
Mystery Robb Robb, J. D., Apprentice in death
Mystery Saunders Saunders, Kate, The secrets of Wishtide: a Laetitia Rodd mystery
Mystery Slaughter Slaughter, Karin, The kept woman: a novel
Mystery Stewart Stewart, Amy, Lady cop makes trouble
Mystery Todd Todd, Charles, The shattered tree
Paperback Butcher Butcher, Jim, Furies of Calderon
Paperback Coben Coben, Harlan, The stranger
Paperback Gabaldon Gabaldon, Diana. The fiery cross
Paperback McEwan McEwan, Ian. Atonement : a novel
Paperback Miller Miller, Linda Lael, Once a rancher
Paperback Shalvis Shalvis, Jill, Sweet little lies
Paperback Steel Steel, Danielle, Undercover: a novel
Paperback Steel Steel, Danielle Prodigal so
Paperback Thayne Thayne, RaeAnne, Riverbend road
Paperback Thomas Thomas, Jodi, Rustler's moon
Paperback Thomas Thomas, Jodi, Lone heart pass
Ref 317.3 O44   The (Old) farmer's almanack
Ref 616.075 C976   Current medical diagnosis & treatment
Ref 769.56 S431   Scott standard postage stamp catalogue
Speed Read Woodson, Jacqueline, Another Brooklyn: a novel
Speed Read Weir, Andy, The Martian: a novel
Speed Read Wayne, Teddy, Loner
Speed Read Ware, Ruth, The woman in cabin 10
Speed Read Patterson, James, Woman of god
Speed Read Patterson, James, Missing
Speed Read Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth
Speed Read O'Reilly, Bill, Killing the rising sun: how America vanquished World War II Japan
Speed Read Gyasi, Yaa, Homegoing: a novel
Speed Read French, Tana, The trespasser
Speed Read Donoghue, Emma, The wonder: a novel
Speed Read Coben, Harlan, Home
Teen BookOnCD 155.5 C135 Cain, Susan, Quiet power: the secret strengths of introverts
Teen BookOnCD Mead Mead, Richelle, The glittering court [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD White White, Kiersten, And I darken
Teen BookOnCD Yancey Yancey, Richard, The last star [sound recording]
Teen Brennan Brennan, Sarah Rees, Tell the wind and fire
Teen Burkinshaw Burkinshaw, Kathleen, The last cherry blossom
Teen Cabot Cabot, Meg. Ready or not: an all-American girl novel
Teen Dashner Dashner, James, The fever code
Teen Devlin Devlin, Calla, Tell me something real
Teen DVD Balls   Balls of fury [videorecording]
Teen DVD Captain   Captain America, civil war [videorecording]
Teen DVD DC's   DC's legends of tomorrow; The complete first season [videorecording]
Teen DVD Limitless   Limitless; Season one [videorecording]
Teen DVD Man   The man who knew infinity [videorecording]
Teen DVD Now   Now you see me 2 [videorecording]
Teen DVD Steve   Steve Jobs [videorecording]
Teen DVD Teenage   Teenage mutant ninja turtles [videorecording]: out of the shadows
Teen Eshbaugh Eshbaugh, Julie, Ivory and Bone
Teen Graphic March Lewis, John, March
Teen Hutchinson Hutchinson, Shaun David, We are the ants
Teen Kirby Kirby, Matthew J., Last descendants
Teen McGee McGee, Katharine, The thousandth floor
Teen Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, Breaking dawn
Teen Penaflor Peñaflor, Lygia Day, Unscripted Joss Byrd
Teen Playaway Buckley Buckley, Michael, Raging sea [sound recording]
Teen Polisner Polisner, Gae, The memory of things
Teen Reed Reed, Jaime, Keep me in mind
Teen Riggs Riggs, Ransom, Tales of the peculiar
Teen Ritter Ritter, William, Ghostly echoes
Teen Stohl Stohl, Margaret, Black Widow: forever red
Teen Tahir Tahir, Sabaa, A torch against the night: an ember in the ashes novel
Teen Westerfeld Westerfeld, Scott, Swarm
Teen White White, Kiersten, And I darken
YA Fic Bardugo Bardugo, Leigh, Crooked kingdom
YA Fic Brooks Brooks, Kevin, Naked '76
YA Fic Dyer Dyer, Jonah Lisa, The Season
YA Fic Girard Girard, M-E, Girl mans up
YA Fic Grey Grey, Melissa, The shadow hour
YA Fic Maniscalco Maniscalco, Kerri, Stalking Jack the Ripper
YA Fic Niven Niven, Jennifer Holding up the univers
YA Fic Oliver Oliver, Lauren, Replica; Lyra ;Replica; Gemma
YA Fic Patterson Patterson, James, Cradle and all
YA Fic Thomas Thomas, Lex, The giant