New Items November 2016

005.1 F699 Ford, Jerry Lee, Programming for the absolute beginner
070.5 C536   Children's writer's & illustrator's market
070.5 N937   Novel & short story writer's market
070.5 P745   Poet's market
133.1 D551 Dickey, Colin, Ghostland: an American history in haunted places
133.4 O16 Ocker, J. W., A season with the witch: the magic and mayhem of Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts
153 V222 Vance, Erik, Suggestible you: the curious science of your brain's ability to deceive, transform, and heal
155.5 M132 McCraty, Rollin, Transforming stress for teens: the heartmath solution for staying cool under pressure
158 F462 Fields, Jonathan, How to live a good life: soulful stories, surprising science, and practical wisdom
158 S947 Sugar, Lisa, Power your happy: work hard, play nice, and build your dream life
158.1 C323 Carter, Christine, The sweet spot: how to find your groove at home and work
158.1 C338 Casey, Karen, 52 ways to live the Course in miracles: cultivate a simpler, slower, more love-filled life
239 K29 Keller, Timothy, Making sense of God: an invitation to the skeptical
302.23 L941 Luckett, Oliver, The social organism: a radical understanding of social media to transform your business and life
303.483 F911 Friedman, Thomas L., Thank you for being late: an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations
303.483 O58 O'Neil, Cathy, Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy
303.484 J23 Jaffe, Sarah, Necessary trouble: Americans in revolt
305.42 P762 Poland, Bailey, Haters: harassment, abuse, and violence online
305.8 D771   Dream a world anew: the African American experience and the shaping of America
305.8 L917 Lowery, Wesley, They can't kill us all: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement
306.3 S272 Sax, David, The revenge of analog: real things and why they matter
306.734 E46 Elliott, Susan J. Getting past your breakup: how to turn a devastating loss into the best thing that ever happened to you
306.734 E93   Every young adult's breakup survival guide: tips, tricks & expert advice for recovering
306.734 H624 Hibbert, Christina G., Who am I without you?: 52 ways to rebuild self-esteem after a breakup
306.76 L496   A legal guide for lesbian & gay couples
323.6 B398   Becoming a U.S. citizen: a guide to the law, exam, & interview
323.6 F441   Fiancé & marriage visas
327.12 B575 Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit, The spy who couldn't spell: a dyslexic traitor, an unbreakable code, and the FBI's hunt for America's stolen secrets
330.9 L665 Levinson, Marc, An extraordinary time: the end of the postwar boom and the return of the ordinary economy
331.1 B734 Borjas, George J., We wanted workers: unraveling the immigration narrative
331.13 B334 Batra, Raveendra N., End unemployment now: how to eliminate joblessness, debt, and poverty despite Congress
332.024 G394   Get it together: organize your records so your family won't have to
332.024 H966   The ABA/AARP checklist for family caregivers: a guide to making it manageable
332.63 B753 Bouchentouf, Amine, Investing in commodities for dummies
332.63 W668 Wild, Russell, Investing in bonds for dummies
333.95 A376 Alexander, Jane, Wild things, wild places: adventurous tales of wildlife and conservation on planet Earth
336.2 E71   The Ernst & Young tax guide
336.2 J11   J.K. Lasser's your income tax
338.76 L668 Levy, Lawrence To Pixar and beyond: my unlikely journey with Steve Jobs to make entertainment history
339.2 C743 Conard, Edward, The upside of inequality: how good intentions undermine the middle class
342.73 A485 Amar, Akhil Reed, The constitution today: timeless lessons for the issues of our era
346.73 G394   Getting permission: how to license & clear copyrighted materials online & of
346.73 O58   101 law forms for personal use
347.73 R425   Represent yourself in court
362.11 O82 Oshinsky, David M., Bellevue: three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America's most storied hospital
362.6 L848   Long-term care: how to plan and pay for it
364.153 P317 Patterson, James, Filthy rich: a powerful billionaire, the sex scandal that undid him, and all the justice that money can buy : the shocking true story of Jeffrey Epstein
368.4 B619 Birken, Emily Guy, Making social security work for you: advice, strategies, and timelines that can maximize your benefits
368.4 M645 Mill, Alfred, Social security 101: from medicare to spousal benefits, an essential primer on government retirement aid
368.4 M693 Moeller, Philip, Get what's yours for Medicare: maximize your coverage, minimize your costs
371.26 MCAT Physics W453 Wells, Connie J., 500 review questions for the MCAT: physics
371.262 ACT O32   The official ACT prep guide: the only official prep guide from the makers of the ACT
371.262 MCAT B277   Barron's new MCAT: medical college admission test
371.262 MCAT Chemistry M822 Moore, John T., 500 review questions for the MCAT: organic chemistry and biochemistry
371.262 MCAT P957   The Princeton Review complete MCAT
371.262 SAT E34   8 practice tests for the SAT®
371.262 SAT E34   8 practice tests for the SAT®
371.262 TOEIC B277   Barron's TOEIC: test of English for International Communication
371.426 Y31   Knock 'em dead cover letters
371.426 Y31   Knock 'em dead résumés
372.21 C554 Christakis, Erika, The importance of being little: what preschoolers really need from grownups
378.1 S271 Sawyer, Ethan. College essay essentials: a step-by-step guide to writing a successful college admission essay
378.3 P344   Paying for college without going broke
395.54 T737 Tower, Jeremiah, Table manners: how to behave in the modern world and why bother
495.1 L693 Liao, Haohsiang, Easy Mandarin Chinese: learn to speak Mandarin Chinese quickly!
550 A473 Alvarez, Walter, A most improbable journey: a big history of our planet and ourselves
560 P967 Prothero, Donald R., The story of life in 25 fossils: tales of intrepid fossil hunters and the wonders of evolution
568.19 N158 Naish, Darren, Dinosaurs: how they lived and evolved
575 C594 Clark, Robert, Evolution: a visual record
598.3 C889 Cramer, Deborah, The narrow edge: a tiny bird, an ancient crab, & an epic journey
610.3 M894   Mosby's medical dictionary
610.69 F793 Fox, Renée C. Doctors without borders: humanitarian quests, impossible dreams of Médecins Sans Frontières
610.73 M489   Medical assistant exam: strategies, practice & review : with practice test
610.73 S257   Saunders comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN
611 R628 Roach, Mary. Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers
611.711 F537 Fishman, Loren. Yoga for back pain
614.88 T549 Thygerson, Alton L., CPR and AED
616.079 H654 Hillman, Bruce J., A plague on all our houses: medical intrigue, Hollywood, and the discovery of AIDS
616.44 M996 Myers, Amy The thyroid connection: why you feel tired, brain-fogged, and overweight -- and how to get your life back
616.849 E33 Ehrnstrom, Colleen, End the insomnia struggle: a step-by-step guide to help you get to sleep and stay asleep
616.85 K56 Kinsman, Kat, Hi, anxiety: life with a bad case of nerves
616.85 M158 MacKinnon, Dean F., Still down: what to do when antidepressants fail
616.8521 N974 NurrieStearns, Mary. Yoga for emotional trauma: meditations and practices for healing pain and suffering
616.8521 W874 Wood, David Bowne, What have we done: the moral injury of our longest wars
616.8589 B256 Barkley, Russell A., When an adult you love has ADHD: professional advice for parents, partners, and siblings
616.8589 G816 Greenwood, David A., Overcoming distractions: thriving with adult ADD/ADHD
616.891 H153 Haines, Jean, Paint yourself calm: colourful, creative mindfulness through watercolour
616.978 O13 O'Bryan, Tom, The autoimmune fix: how to stop the hidden autoimmune damage that keeps you sick, fat, and tired before it turns into disease
616.994 B828   Breast cancer clear & simple: all your questions answered
616.994 S772 Spurgeon, Anne, Childhood cancer: a parent's guide to solid tumor cancers
618.175 A439 Allmen, Tara, Menopause confidential: a doctor reveals the secrets to thriving through midlife
629.455 W846 Wohlforth, Charles P. Beyond Earth: our path to a new home in the planets
629.47 G984 Guthrie, Julian, How to make a spaceship: a band of renegades, an epic race, and the birth of private space flight
630.1 D732 Dougherty, Shawn, The independent farmstead: growing soil, biodiversity, and nutrient-dense food with grassfed animals and intensive pasture management
636.089 M555   The Merck veterinary manual
636.7 H816 Horowitz, Alexandra, Being a dog: following the dog into a world of smell
636.7 S857 Stilwell, Victoria, The secret language of dogs: unlocking the canine mind for a happier pet
639.34 A969   Aquarium fishes of the world
640.73 P746 Pogue, David, Pogue's basics: money: essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell you) about beating the system
641.5 B768 Bourdain, Anthony, Appetites
641.5 C773   Cook's science: how to unlock flavor in 50 of our favorite ingredients
641.5 C976 Curry, Ayesha, The seasoned life: food, family, faith, and the joy of eating well
641.5 F465 Fieri, Guy, Guy Fieri family food: 125 real-deal recipes -kitchen tested, home approved
641.54 H587 Hesser, Amanda, A new way to dinner: a playbook of recipes & strategies for the week ahead
641.563 W178 Walker, Danielle Danielle Walker's against all grain celebrations: a year of gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo recipes for every occasion
641.5631 C383 Cavuto, Katie, Whole cooking & nutrition: an everyday superfoods approach to planning, cooking, and eating with diabetes
641.5635 H768 Homolka, Gina, Skinnytaste fast and slow: knockout quick-fix and slow cooker recipes
641.5636 L713 Liddon, Angela, The oh she glows cookbook: quick and simple satisfying plant-based recipes
641.5636 T532   Thug kitchen 101
641.568 S894 Strachan, Elise, Sweet! celebrations
641.5955 D868 Duguid, Naomi, Taste of Persia: a cook's travels through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan
641.5972 C335 Casares, Sylvia, The enchilada queen cookbook: enchiladas, fajitas, tamales, and more classic recipes from Texas-Mexico border kitchens
641.5974 B377 Beaulieu, Linda, The New England orchard cookbook: harvesting dishes & desserts from the region's bounty
641.59747 S193 Samuelsson, Marcus, The Red Rooster cookbook: the story of food and hustle in Harlem
641.5975 H852 Howard, Vivian Deep run roots: stories and recipes from my corner of the South
641.813 G976 Gunst, Kathy, Soup swap: comforting recipes to make and share
641.865 W431 Weiss, Luisa, Classic German baking: the very best recipes for traditional favorites, from pfeffernüsse to streuselkuchen
647.95 B768 Bourdain, Anthony. Kitchen confidential: adventures in the culinary underbelly
649.125 P538 Phelan, Thomas W., 1-2-3 magic teen: communicate, connect, and guide your teen to adulthood
649.3 G784 Grayson, Jennifer, Unlatched: the evolution of breastfeeding and the making of a controversy
650.1 M954 Mulcahy, Diane, The gig economy: the complete guide to getting better work, taking more time off, and financing the life you want!
657.2 K29 Kelly, Jane E., Bookkeeping for dummies
658.152 B827   Effective fundraising for nonprofits
658.85 H698 Hoffeld, David, The science of selling: proven strategies to make your pitch, influence decisions, and close the deal
706.5 A791   Artist's & graphic designer's market: where & how to sell your illustration, fine art, graphic design & cartoons
709.2 D317h Hauptman, Jodi, Degas: a strange new beauty
730.95 E55 Empson, William The Face of the Buddh
745.5 H299 Harrington, Jamie, The unofficial guide to crafting the world of Harry Potter: 30 magical crafts for, witches- from pencil wands to house colors tie-dye shirts
746 P263 Parrott, Helen Mark-making in textile art
747 Y51 Yip, Vern, Vern Yip's design wise: your smart guide to a beautiful home
779 M282 Mann, Sally, Remembered light: Cy Twombly in Lexington
780.92 O99 Ozawa, Seiji, Absolutely on music: conversations
784 S698   Songwriter's market
784.5 M996 Myers, Marc, Anatomy of a song: the oral history of 45 iconic hits that changed rock, R & B and pop
790.1 J69 Johnson, Steven, Wonderland: how play made the modern world
791.43 B292 Bartok, Dennis, A thousand cuts: the bizarre underground world of collectors and dealers who saved the movies
791.457 S644 Smith, Chris, The Daily show (the book): an oral history as told by Jon Stewart, the correspondents, staff and guests
796.332 H738 Holley, Michael, Belichick and Brady: two men, the Patriots, and how they revolutionized football
796.83 H245 Hannigan, Dave. Drama in the Bahamas: Muhammad Ali's last fight
796.962 G835 Gretzky, Wayne, 99: stories of the game
808.3 P431 Percy, Benjamin, Thrill me: essays on fiction
809 V258   Vanity fair's writers on writers
811.54 F312 Feldman, Alan, Immortality
811.54 L665 Levine, Philip, The last shift
811.54 P658 Pinsky, Robert, At the foundling hospital
811.6 R615 Ritvo, Max, Four reincarnations: poems
818.54 L521 Le Guin, Ursula K., Words are my matter: writings about life and books, 2000-2016 with a journal of a writer's week
821.1 C496b Brown, Peter, Geoffrey Chaucer
841.8 M252b Bloch, R. Howard, One toss of the dice: the incredible story of how a poem made us modern
843.91 C211k Kaplan, Alice Yaeger, Looking for The Stranger: Albert Camus and the life of a literary classic
907.4 C914 Creighton, Margaret S., The electrifying fall of Rainbow City: spectacle and assassination at the 1901 World's Fair
910.2 B515   Berlitz complete guide to cruising and cruise ships
910.453 L269 Lang, John S. Titanic: a fresh look at the evidence by a former Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents
910.453 L675 Lewis, Matt, Last man off: a true story of disaster and survival on the Antarctic seas
914 E89   Europe by Eurail
914.15 F932   Frommer's ... Ireland
914.21 R539   Rick Steves' London
914.3712 P898   Prague
914.43 F653   Fodor's Paris
914.55 R539   Rick Steves' Florence & Tuscany
914.563 D611   Discover Rome
914.563 R539   Rick Steves' Rome
914.6 R539   Rick Steves' Spain
914.7 R969   Russi
915.19 S726   South Korea
915.35 O54   Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula
915.9 S727   South-East Asia on a shoestring
917.2 M611   Mexico
917.286 F653   Fodor's Costa Rica
917.29 C277   Caribbean
917.29 F653   Fodor's essential Caribbean
917.446 N899   Not for tourists guide to Boston
917.471 F653   Fodor's New York City
917.59 B619;2017   Walt Disney World
917.59 U58   The unofficial guide to Walt Disney world with kids
917.59 U85   The Unofficial guide to Walt Disney World & EPCOT
919.31 F932   Frommer's New Zealand
919.4 F653   Fodor's essential Australia
919.4 F932   Frommer's easyguide to Australia
919.69 F653   Fodor's essential Hawaii
940 N832   Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe
940 W527   Western Europe
940.53 W516   The West Point History of World War II: the United States Military Academy
940.534 F919 Fritzsche, Peter, An iron wind: Europe under Hitler
940.5426 S955 Summers, Anthony, A matter of honor: Pearl Harbor : betrayal, blame, and a family's quest for justice
941.3 S851 Stewart, Rory, The Marches: a borderland journey between England and Scotland
943.1 M681 Mitchell, Greg, The tunnels: escapes under the Berlin Wall and the historic films the JFK White House tried to kill
947 R696   Russia & Eurasia
956 K35 Kennedy, Hugh Caliphate: the history of an idea
956 M627   The Middle East and South Asia
956.01 L222 Lambert, Malcolm God's armies: crusade and Jihad: origins, history, aftermath
959.7 G676 Goscha, Christopher E., Vietnam: a new history
959.704 N576 Nguyen, Viet Thanh, Nothing ever dies: Vietnam and the memory of war
971 C212   Canada
973 H148 Hahn, Steven, A nation without borders: the United States and its world in an age of civil wars, 1830-1910
973.32 F383 Ferreiro, Larrie D., Brothers at arms: American independence and the men of France and Spain who saved it
973.7415 E29 Egerton, Douglas R., Thunder at the gates: the black Civil War regiments that redeemed America
973.744 G964 Guiney, Patrick R. Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth: the Civil War letters of Colonel Patrick R. Guiney, Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
973.75 S674 Snow, Richard, Iron dawn: the Monitor, the Merrimack, and the Civil War sea battle that changed history
973.84 M645 Millard, Candice. The destiny of the republic: a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president
973.921 V948 Von Tunzelmann, Alex, Blood and sand: Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower's campaign for peace
973.922 Z35 Zapruder, Alexandra, Twenty-six seconds: a personal history of the Zapruder film
973.932 S215 Sanders, Bernard, Our revolution: a future to believe in
974.8 M133 McCullough, David G. The Johnstown flood
980 L357   Latin America
Biography 920 B924 Buckley, William F., A torch kept lit: great lives of the twentieth century
Biography Astor, M. Sorel, Edward, Mary Astor's purple diary: the great American sex scandal of 1936
Biography Bryant, K. Lazenby, Roland, Showboat: the life of Kobe Bryant
Biography Clinton, H. Klein, Edward, Guilty as sin: uncovering new evidence of corruption and how Hillary Clinton and the Democrats derailed the FBI investigation
Biography Cohen, A. Cohen, Andy, Superficial: more adventures from the Andy Cohen diaries
Biography Everett, E. Mason, Matthew, Apostle of Union: a political biography of Edward Everett
Biography Fisher, C. Fisher, Carrie, The princess diarist
Biography Gaines, C. Gaines, Chip, The Magnolia Story
Biography Ginsburg, R.B. Ginsburg, Ruth Bader, My own words
Biography Gottlieb, R. Gottlieb, Robert, Avid reader: a life
Biography Henson, T.P. Henson, Taraji P., Around the way girl: a memoir
Biography Hilfiger, T. Hilfiger, Tommy, American dreamer: my life in fashion & business
Biography Hoover, H. Jeansonne, Glen, Herbert Hoover: a life
Biography Jung, E. Clay, Catrine, Labyrinths: Emma Jung, her marriage to Carl, and the early years of psychoanalysis
Biography Kaminsky, A. Kaminsky, Sarah, Adolfo Kaminsky: a forger's life
Biography Keenan, M.J. Jensen, Sarah. A perfect union of contrary things
Biography Kelly, M. Kelly, Megyn, Settle for more
Biography Kerpelman, L.C. Kerpelman, Larry C. Concrete Steps: Coming of Age in a Once-Big Cit
Biography Kroc, J.B. Napoli, Lisa, Ray & Joan: the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away
Biography Martin, A. Princenthal, Nancy, Agnes Martin: her life and art
Biography Moser, B. Moser, Barry, We were brothers
Biography Ndibe, O. Ndibe, Okey, Never look an American in the eye: a memoir : flying turtles, colonial ghosts, and the making of a Nigerian American
Biography Noah, T. Noah, Trevor, Born a crime: stories from a South African childhood
Biography O'Neill, E. Gelb, Arthur, By women possessed: a life of Eugene O'Neill
Biography Rivers, J. Bennetts, Leslie, Last girl before freeway: the life, loves, losses, and liberation of Joan Rivers
Biography Roosevelt, E. Cook, Blanche Wiesen. Eleanor Roosevelt
Biography Roosevelt, F.D. Lelyveld, Joseph, His final battle: the last months of Franklin Roosevelt
Biography Rynecki, M. Rynecki, Elizabeth, Chasing portraits: a great-granddaughter's quest for her lost art legacy
Biography Springsteen, B. Springsteen, Bruce, Born to run
Biography Till, L. Wideman, John Edgar, Writing to save a life: the Louis Till file
Biography Victoria Baird, Julia Victoria the queen: an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire
Biography Wilson, B. Wilson, Brian, I am Brian Wilson: a memoir
BookOnCD 153.85 C565 Cialdini, Robert B., Influence: the psychology of persuasion
BookOnCD 158.1 C289 Carnegie, Dale, How to win friends & influence people
BookOnCD 791.457 B964 Burnett, Carol. In Such Good Company
BookOnCD 818.54 C754 Conroy, Pat, A lowcountry heart: reflections on a writing life
BookOnCD Anbinder Anbinder, Tyler, City of dreams: the 400-year epic history of immigrant New York
BookOnCD Barclay Barclay, Linwood Twenty-three
BookOnCD Biography Cranston, B. Cranston, Bryan, A life in parts
BookOnCD Biography Melton, G.D. Melton, Glennon Doyle, Love warrior: a memoir
BookOnCD Biography Schumer, A. Schumer, Amy, The girl with the lower back tattoo
BookOnCD Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D., Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
BookOnCD Coelho Coelho, Paulo. The spy
BookOnCD Connelly Connelly, Michael, The wrong side of goodbye
BookOnCD Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. Turbo twenty-three
BookOnCD Fielding Fielding, Helen, Bridget Jones's baby;the diaries
BookOnCD French French, Tana, The trespasser: a novel
BookOnCD Grisham Grisham, John, The whistler: a novel
BookOnCD Harris Harris, Charlaine, All the little liars
BookOnCD Hoffman Hoffman, Alice. Faithful: a novel
BookOnCD Johansen Johansen, Iris, Night watch
BookOnCD Kidder Kidder, Tracy. A truck full of money
BookOnCD Krentz Krentz, Jayne Ann, When all the girls have gone
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, Precious and Grace
BookOnCD Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, The chemist: a novel
BookOnCD Mills Mills, Kyle, Order to kill
BookOnCD Moore Moore, Graham, The last days of night
BookOnCD Moyes Moyes, Jojo, Paris for one & other stories
BookOnCD Myers Myers, Mike Canada
BookOnCD Patchett Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth
BookOnCD Penny Penny, Louise, A great reckoning: [a novel]
BookOnCD Picoult Picoult, Jodi, Small great things: a novel
BookOnCD Robb Robb, J. D., Apprentice in death
BookOnCD Semple Semple, Maria. Today will be different
BookOnCD Smith Smith, Zadie. Swing time
BookOnCD Vargas, E. Vargas, Elizabeth, Between breaths: a memoir of panic and addiction
COM Holiday Odom Odom, Leslie, Simply Christmas
COM Language Italian I88   Italian for your trip
DVD Anthropoid   Anthropoid
DVD Bad   Bad moms
DVD Captain   Captain Fantastic
DVD Game   Game of thrones; The complete sixth season
DVD Hell   Hell or high water
DVD Indignation   Indignation
DVD Ithaca   Ithaca
DVD Mechanic   Mechanic: resurrection
DVD Mia   Mia madre = My mother
DVD Poldark   Poldark; The complete second season
DVD Sausage   Sausage party
DVD War   War dogs
DVD Warcraft   Warcraft
E-audiobook Zinn, Howard. A people's history of the United States: 1492 to Present
E-audiobook Ware, Ruth. The woman in cabin 10
E-audiobook Melton, Glennon Doyle. Love warrior: A Memoir
E-audiobook Riordan, Rick. The hammer of thor: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Series, Book 2
E-audiobook Patchett, Ann. Commonwealth
E-audiobook Foer, Jonathan Safran. Here I am: A Novel
E-audiobook Stedman, M. L. The light between oceans
E-audiobook Picoult, Jodi. Small great things: A Novel
E-book Mbue, Imbolo. Behold the dreamers: A Novel
E-book Thien, Madeleine. Do not say we have nothing: A Novel
E-book Melton, Glennon Doyle. Love warrior: A Memoir - Oprah's Book Club 2016 Selection
E-book Backman, Fredrik. Britt-marie was here: A Novel
E-book Sandford, John. Escape clause
E-book Semple, Maria. Today will be different
E-book Beatty, Paul. The sellout: A Novel
E-book Foer, Jonathan Safran. Here I am: A Novel
E-book Jiles, Paulette. News of the world: A Novel
E-book Picoult, Jodi. Small great things: A Novel
Fic Archer Archer, Jeffrey, This was a man: the final volume of the Clifton Chronicles
Fic Backman Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove: a novel
Fic Baldacci Baldacci, David, No man's land
Fic Banner Banner, Catherine, The house at the edge of night: a novel
Fic Benedict Benedict, Marie, The other Einstein: a novel
Fic Best   The best American short stories
Fic Birch Birch, Carol, Orphans of the carnival: a novel
Fic Bowen Bowen, Lila, Conspiracy of ravens
Fic Carter Carter, Mary, Home with my sisters
Fic Chabon Chabon, Michael, Moonglow: a novel
Fic Chamberlin Chamberlin, Holly, The season of us
Fic Child Child, Lee, Night school
Fic Coelho Coelho, Paulo, The spy: a novel
Fic Colin Colin, Beatrice, To capture what we cannot keep
Fic Constantine Constantine, David, The life-writer
Fic Cornwell Cornwell, Bernard, The flame bearer: a novel
Fic Correa Correa, Armando Lucas, The German girl
Fic Crown Crown, Jonathan, Sirius: a novel about the little dog who almost changed history
Fic Cussler Cussler, Clive, Odessa sea
Fic Dermansky Dermansky, Marcy, The red car: a novel
Fic Dickens Dickens, Charles, A Christmas carol: the original manuscript edition
Fic Donoghue Donoghue, Emma, The wonder: a novel
Fic Doyle Doyle, Brian, The mighty Currawongs: & other stories
Fic Duncan Duncan, Patrick Sheane, Dracula vs. Hitler
Fic Evans Evans, Richard Paul, The mistletoe secret: a novel
Fic Flagg Flagg, Fannie. The whole town's talking: a novel
Fic Frangello Frangello, Gina Every Kind of Wanting
Fic Frost Frost, Mark, The secret history of Twin Peaks
Fic Goodkind Goodkind, Terry, Nest: a thriller
Fic Griffin Griffin, Ella, The flower arrangement
Fic Hoffman Hoffman, Alice, Faithful
Fic Hope Hope, Anna, The ballroom: a novel
Fic Hore Hore, Rachel, A week in Paris: a novel
Fic Johansen Johansen, Erika The Fate of the Tearlin
Fic Jones Jones, Brendan, The Alaskan laundry
Fic Kauffman Kauffman, Rebecca, Another place you've never been: a novel
Fic Kelly Kelly, Cathy. Between sisters
Fic Kennedy Kennedy, A. L., Serious sweet
Fic Kingsbury Kingsbury, Karen, A Baxter family Christmas: a novel
Fic Krentz Krentz, Jayne Ann, When all the girls have gone
Fic Lamb Lamb, Wally, I'll take you there: a novel
Fic Lawson Lawson, April Ayers, Virgin: and other stories
Fic Littell Littell, Robert, The Mayakovsky tapes: a novel
Fic Liu Liu, Ken, The wall of storms
Fic MacArthur MacArthur, Robin, Half wild: stories
Fic Malladi Malladi, Amulya, A house for happy mothers: a novel
Fic Marillier Marillier, Juliet, Den of wolves: a Blackthorn & Grim novel
Fic Martin Martin, William, Back Bay
Fic McKenzie McKenzie, Elizabeth, The portable Veblen
Fic Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, The chemist: a novel
Fic Montefiore Montefiore, Santa, The girl in the castle: a novel
Fic Morrell Morrell, David, Ruler of the night
Fic Morris Morris, Kevin All Joe Knight: a novel
Fic Muller Müller, Holly, My own dear brother
Fic Murray Murray, Sabina, Valiant gentlemen
Fic Nelson Nelson, Willie, Pretty paper: a Christmas tale
Fic Noel Noel, Katharine, Meantime
Fic Oz Oz, Amos, Judas
Fic Patchett Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth: a novel
Fic Picoult Picoult, Jodi, Small great things: a novel
Fic Picoult Picoult, Jodi, Small great things: a novel
Fic Rice Rice, Anne, Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis
Fic Riley Edmonds, Lucinda, The angel tree
Fic Roy Roy, Anuradha, Sleeping on Jupiter: a novel
Fic Sargent Sargent, Colin, The Boston castrato: a novel
Fic Scranton Scranton, Roy, War porn
Fic Semple Semple, Maria, Today will be different: a novel
Fic Smith Smith, Zadie, Swing time
Fic Spark Spark, Debra, Unknown caller: a novel
Fic Steel Steel, Danielle, The award: a novel
Fic Svevo Svevo, Italo, Zeno's conscience
Fic Taylor Taylor, Art On the road with Del & Louise
Fic Thien Thien, Madeleine, Do not say we have nothing: a novel
Fic Tolstoy Tolstoy, Leo, Anna Karenina: a novel in eight parts
Fic Treadway Treadway, Jessica, How will I know you?: a novel
Fic Unger Unger, Lisa, Ink and bone
Fic Valente Valente, Anne, Our hearts will burn us down: a novel
Fic Verjee Verjee, Iman, Who will catch us when as we fall
Fic Ward Ward, J R Blood Vo
Fic Wells Wells, Dan, Extreme makeover: apocalypse edition
Fic Whalen Whalen, Marybeth, The things we wish were true
Fic Wilson Wilson, Kea, We eat our own: a novel
Fic Winterson Winterson, Jeanette, Christmas days: 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days
Fic Yan Yan, Lianke, The explosion chronicles: a novel
GenealColl 974.44 A188   Street list of residents seventeen years of age and over Town of Acton Massachusett
J 031.02 M149 Machajewski, Sarah, America's oddest landmarks
J 031.02 W425   Weird but true! Gross
J 031.02 W425   Weird but true! 8: 300 outrageous facts
J 1,2,3 Dotlich Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, Race car count
J 221.9 R994   Creation
J 292.08 B995 Byrd, Robert, Jason and the Argonauts
J 294.5 S617 Singh, Rina, Diwali: festival of lights
J 328.73 N428 Nelson, Maria, Becoming a senator
J 328.73 N428 Nelson, Maria, Becoming a House representative
J 332.024 S425 Scott, Elaine, Dollars and sense: a kid's guide to using--not losing--money
J 333.79 B784 Bow, James, Energy from the sun: solar power
J 333.92 K83 Kopp, Megan, Energy from wind: wind farming
J 347.73 L743 Linde, Barbara M., Becoming a Supreme Court justice
J 353.03 N428 Nelson, Maria, Becoming vice president
J 353.03 R161 Rajczak, Michael, Becoming president
J 353.91 M216 Mahoney, Emily Jankowski, Becoming a state governor
J 363.7 H994 Hyde, Natalie, Protecting Earth's surface
J 364.106 R887 Roxburgh, Ellis Al Capone vs. Eliot Ness : opposite sides of the la
J 372.4 S741   Spectrum phonics; Grade 1
J 372.7 S741   Math. Grade
J 391 B988 Butterfield, Moira Clothes around the world
J 391.2 B388 Beccia, Carlyn. Fashion rebels: style icons who changed the world through fashion
J 394.29 B967 Burns, Kylie. Cultural traditions in Kenya
J 394.29 M849 Morganelli, Adrianna, Cultural traditions in Italy
J 394.29 M849 Morganelli, Adrianna, Cultural traditions in Argentina
J 398.2 M114 McAllister, Angela, A year full of stories
J 398.21 D674 Don, Lari, Serpents and werewolves: stories of shape-shifters from around the world
J 398.21 P454b Bryan, Ed, Cinderella
J 423.1 D131 Dahl, Roald, Oxford Roald Dahl dictionary
J 428 E93   Everything you need to ace English Language Arts in one big fat notebook: the complete middle school study guide
J 468 A694 Argueta, Jorge, Somos como las nubes = We are like the clouds
J 468 B671 Boelts, Maribeth El fútbol me hace feli
J 468 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, Zelda la Cenicienta
J 468 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, Lagartija Lisa: ¡El cielo se está cayendo!
J 468 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, Los tres chivitos y el ogre
J 468 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, El traje nuevo del Rey
J 468 R657 Robins, Maureen Picard, Los problemas del intercambio
J 468 R657 Robins, Maureen Picard, El hábitat de los murciélagos
J 468 S822 Steinkraus, Kyla, La casita del árbol
J 468 S822 Steinkraus, Kyla, Cuentos de pesca
J 468 S822 Steinkraus, Kyla, Vamos a acampar
J 500 E93   Everything you need to ace science in one big fat notebook: the complete middle school study guide
J 500.5 B395 Becker, Helaine, Everything space
J 510.7 P485 Peterson, Altair, Everything you need to ace math in one big fat notebook: the complete middle school study guide
J 520 G837 Greve, Tom, Astronomers
J 530.8 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring weight
J 530.8 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring distance
J 530.8 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring height
J 530.8 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring speed
J 530.8 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring volume
J 536.5 B141 Baer, T. H., Measuring temperature
J 537 R744 Roland, James, How circuits work
J 537.62 C554 Christensen, Victoria G How conductors wor
J 551.2 H994 Hyde, Natalie, Earthquakes, eruptions, and other events that change Earth
J 551.21 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, Volcanologists
J 551.3 H994 Hyde, Natalie, How do wind and water change Earth?
J 551.4 H994 Hyde, Natalie, Earth's landforms and bodies of water
J 551.48 J68 Johnson, Robin What is a flood?
J 551.48 M864 Morley, Catherine Weyerhaeuser, Where do rivers go, momma?
J 551.52 J68 Johnson, Robin What is a heat wave?
J 551.55 J68 Johnson, Robin What is a thunderstorm?
J 551.55 J68 Johnson, Robin What is a hurricane?
J 551.55 J68 Johnson, Robin. What is a blizzard?
J 551.55 J68 Johnson, Robin What is a tornado?
J 552 P397 Pendergast, George, The rock cycle at work
J 560 G837 Greve, Tom, Paleontologists
J 568.19 P243 Parker, Steve, Dinosaurs
J 574.51 K83 Kopp, Megan What do you find on a saguaro cactus
J 574.51 K83 Kopp, Megan What do you find in a rainforest tree
J 574.51 K83 Kopp, Megan What do you find in a backyard
J 574.52 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal. Marine biologists
J 574.52 K83 Kopp, Megan What do you find in a pond
J 574.52 K83 Kopp, Megan What do yo find in a coral reef
J 574.52 K83 Kopp, Megan What do you find in a tide pool
J 574.522 D135 Dakers, Diane, The carbon cycle
J 574.522 D135 Dakers, Diane, The nitrogen cycle
J 581 G837 Greve, Tom, Botanists
J 591 B395 Becker, Helaine, Monster science: could monsters survive (and thrive!) in the real world?
J 592 Y73 Young, Karen Romano, No bones!
J 593.95 R161 Rajczak, Michael Sea urchin
J 595.38 P495 Petrie, Janice S. C., Something's tugging on my claw!
J 595.7 K82 Koontz, Robin Michal, Entomologists
J 595.7 P243 Parker, Steve, Insects and spiders
J 595.78 E26 Edwards, Roberta. Flight of the butterflies
J 597.8 S851 Stewart, Melissa, Place for frogs
J 599.31 B134 Bader, Bonnie, Slow, slow sloths
J 599.5 P243 Parker, Steve, Whales and dolphins
J 599.735 D974 Dussling, Jennifer. Giraffes
J 599.744 B368 De la Bédoyère, Camilla, Bears
J 599.744 F791 Kalman, Bobbie, Fox family adventures
J 599.744 R118 Kalman, Bobbie, Raccoon family adventures
J 612.1 M411 Mason, Paul, Your hardworking heart and spectacular circulatory system: find out how your body works!
J 612.2 M411 Mason, Paul, Your breathtaking lungs and rocking respiratory system: find out how your body works!
J 612.3 M411 Mason, Paul, Your growling guts and dynamic digestive system: find out how your body works!
J 612.6 M411 Mason, Paul, Your growing body and remarkable reproductive system: find out how your body works!
J 612.7 M411 Mason, Paul, Your strong skeleton and amazing muscular system: find out how your body works!
J 612.8 M411 Mason, Paul, Your mind-bending brain and networking nervous system: find out how your body works!
J 621.32 R744 Roland, James How LEDs wor
J 621.381 C554 Christensen, Victoria G How sensors wor
J 621.381 R744 Roland, James How transistors work
J 629.13 W517 West, David Ten of the best adventures in the sk
J 629.45 W517 West, David Ten of the best adventures in spac
J 629.892 B784 Bow, James, Maker projects for kids who love robotics
J 629.892 M818 Mooney, Carla, Awesome military robots
J 629.892 P424 Peppas, Lynn, Robotics
J 629.892 S972 Swanson, Jennifer, National geographic kids.;Everything robotics: all the photos, facts, and fun to make you race for robots
J 636.1 D331 De la Bédoyère, Camilla, Horses and ponies
J 636.1 M446 Matzke, Ann H. Mini horse
J 636.4 R323 Reed, Cristie. Mini pig
J 636.7 W124 Wadsworth, Ginger, Poop detectives: working dogs in the field
J 636.92 K36 Kenney, Karen Latchana, Sugar glider
J 636.93 K36 Kenney, Karen Latchana, Rat
J 636.93 M446 Matzke, Ann, Hedgehog
J 636.97 R323 Reed, Cristie, Ferret
J 639.39 L443 Le Berre, François. The chameleon handbook
J 641.3 Z53 Zelz, Abigail Ewing, Pass the pandowdy, please: chewing on history with famous folks and their fabulous foods
J 688.72 H141 Hagar, Erin. Awesome minds: the inventors of LEGO toys
J 690.52 C818 Cornille, Didier, Skyscrapers: who built that? : an introduction to skyscrapers and their architects
J 701.8 B216 Bang, Molly, Picture this: how pictures work
J 709.2 M433h Haeringen, Annemarie van, Mr. Matisse and his cutouts
J 741 C779 Coote, Maree. Spellbound
J 741 C779 Coote, Maree, Alphabet city zoo: making pictures with the a-b-c
J 741.59 L663 Levete, Sarah, Maker projects for kids who love animation
J 745.5 K54 King, Penny, Secrets of the sea
J 751.4 P419 Peot, Margaret. Inkblot: drip, splat, and squish your way to creativity
J 793.735 C556 Christopher, Clara, Animal jokes, riddles, and games
J 793.735 E11 Eagen, Rachel Monster and creepy-crawly jokes, riddles, and game
J 793.735 R691 Rodger, Marguerite Around the world in jokes, riddles, and game
J 793.735 R691 Rodger, Anne-Marie, Sports jokes, riddles, and games
J 794 S625 Sjonger, Rebecca, Maker projects for kids who love games
J 794.8 C744 ConCrafter, Minecraft: an unofficial guide with new facts and commands
J 796.124 C345 Cassriel, Betsy, Kiteboarding
J 796.21 C348 Castellano, Peter Longboard Skateboardin
J 796.21 F559 Fitzpatrick, Jim, Skateboarding
J 796.323 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan 20 fun facts about basketbal
J 796.332 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan 20 fun facts about footbal
J 796.334 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan 20 fun facts about socce
J 796.357 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan 20 fun facts about basebal
J 796.51 A164 Absolon, Molly. Hiking and backpacking with kids: proven strategies for fun family adventures
J 796.72 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan 20 fun facts about auto racin
J 796.75 P458 Perritano, John, Motocross racing
J 796.93 B154 Bailey, Diane, Heliskiing
J 797.56 B154 Bailey, Diane, Skydiving
J 799.26 B561 Bestul, Scott, Field & stream's guide to hunting whitetail
J 811.54 B915 Bryan, Ashley, Freedom over me: eleven slaves, their lives and dreams brought to life
J 811.54 T829 Trillin, Calvin, No fair! No fair! and other jolly poems of childhood
J 909 V458 Vengoecheo, Ximena, Everything you need to ace world history in one big fat notebook: a middle school study guide
J 910.454 M123 McCarthy, Tom, Pirates and shipwrecks: real tales of terror on the high seas : true stories
J 912 P947 Priddy, Roger. Picture atlas
J 930.1 H994 Hyde, Natalie, The lost City of Atlantis
J 936.2 K29 Kelley, True, Where is Stonehenge?
J 937 H994 Hyde, Natalie, Gladiators
J 940.53 O32 Offord, Alexander, The causes of World War II
J 940.53 R887 Roxburgh, Ellis, Adolf Hitler vs. Winston Churchill: foes of World War II
J 940.53 S458 Seidlitz, Lauri, The legacy of World War II
J 967.62 B218 Bankston, John, We visit Kenya
J 967.62 E23 Edgar, Sherra G., Kenya
J 970.3 M467 Levchuck, Caroline M. Kids during the time of the Maya
J 973.07 R846 Rothman, Lily, Everything you need to ace American history in one big fat notebook: the complete middle school study guide
J 973.46 R887 Roxburgh, Ellis Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr : duel to the death
J 973.7115 H994 Hyde, Natalie, The Underground Railroad
J 975.3 J25 Jakobsen, Kathy, My Washington, DC
J 975.3 W329 Waters, Kate, Curious about the White House
J 977.311 P278 Pascal, Janet B., What was the Great Chicago Fire?
J 979.461 H776 Hoobler, Dorothy, What was the San Francisco Earthquake?
J A,B,C Barrett Barrett, Judi, An excessive alphabet: avalanches of As to zillions of Zs
J Biography 920 S312 Schatz, Kate, Rad women worldwide: artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history
J Biography Alcott, L.M. McDonough, Yona Zeldis, Louisa: the life of Louisa May Alcott
J Biography Anning, M. Snedden, Robert. Mary Anning, fossil hunter
J Biography Basquiat, J. Steptoe, Javaka, Radiant child: the story of young artist Jean-Michel Basquiat
J Biography Curie, M. O'Quinn, Amy M. Marie Curie for kids: her life and scientific discoveries, with 21 activities and experiments
J Biography Darwin, C. Thermes, Jennifer, Charles Darwin's around-the-world adventure
J Biography DuBois, W.E.B Lochte, Hilary. W. E. B. Du Bois
J Biography Earhart, A. Lowell, Barbara, Daring Amelia
J Biography Genghis Khan Demi. Chingis Khan
J Biography Hemings, J.M. Winter, Jonah, My name is James Madison Hemings
J Biography Ho, Tuan Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, Adrift at sea: a Vietnamese boy's story of survival
J Biography Hoge, R. Hoge, Robert, Ugly
J Biography Keats, E.J. Pinkney, Andrea Davis, A poem for Peter: the story of Ezra Jack Keats and the creation of The snowy day
J Biography Key, B. Bowman, Donna Janell, Step right up: how Doc and Jim Key taught the world about kindness
J Biography Lafayette, J. Rockwell, Anne F., A spy called James: the true story of James Lafayette, Revolutionary War double agent
J Biography Lewis, J. Asim, Jabari, Preaching to the chickens: the story of young John Lewis
J Biography Lovelace, A. Stanley, Diane, Ada Lovelace, poet of science: the first computer programmer
J Biography Nightingale, F. Reef, Catherine, Florence Nightingale: the courageous life of the legendary nurse
J Biography Paul, A. Robbins, Dean, Miss Paul and the president: the creative campaign for women's right to vote
J Biography Sellins, F. Farrell, Mary Cronk, Fannie never flinched: one woman's courage in the struggle for American labor union rights
J Biography Three Pollack, Pam, Who were the Three Stooges?
J Biography White, E.B. Sweet, Melissa, Some writer!: the story of E. B. White
J Biography Williams, S. Fishman, Jon M., Serena Williams
J Biography Wiszowaty, R. Wiszowaty, Robin My Maasai life: a child's adventure in Afric
J Biography Wonder, S. Gigliotti, Jim, Who is Stevie Wonder?
J Biography Yasui, S. Stelson, Caren Barzelay, Sachiko: a Nagasaki bomb survivor's story
J BoardBk Bee Bee, William, Stanley's shapes
J BoardBk Bee Bee, William, Stanley's colors
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. Spooky Pookie
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. Doggies: a counting and barking book
J BoardBk Cocca-Leffler Cocca-Leffler, Maryann, What I love about Christmas
J BoardBk Deneux Deneux, Xavier, Vehicles
J BoardBk Deneux Deneux, Xavier, Homes
J BoardBk Deneux Deneux, Xavier. ABC: TouchThinkLearn
J BoardBk Foster   Jane Foster's first words
J BoardBk Foster   Jane Foster's black and white
J BoardBk Foster Foster, Jane, Jane Foster's Stripy tiger pattern book
J BoardBk Foster Foster, Jane, Jane Foster's colors
J BoardBk Foster Foster, Jane, Jane Foster's Brown bBear color book
J BoardBk Fujikawa Fujikawa, Gyo. Sleepy time
J BoardBk Groves Groves, Julia Animal babies in the meadow!
J BoardBk Groves Groves, Julia Animal babies in the forest!
J BoardBk Lenski Lenski, Lois, The little airplane
J BoardBk Macken Macken, JoAnn Early, Baby says moo!
J BoardBk Miller Miller, Margaret, I love colors
J BoardBk Muhle Mühle, Jörg, Tickle my ears
J BoardBk Reiss Reiss, John J, Colors
J BoardBk Schofield Schofield, Jennifer. Animal babies on mountains
J BoardBk Smee Smee, Nicola. Clip-clop
J BoardBk Spanyol Spanyol, Jessica, Clive and his babies
J BoardBk Spanyol Spanyol, Jessica, Clive and his art
J BookOnCD Biography Hamilton, A. Fritz, Jean, Alexander Hamilton: [the outsider]
J BookOnCD Coville Coville, Bruce, Hatched
J BookOnCD Davies Davies, Jacqueline Nothing but troubl
J BookOnCD Fairstein Fairstein, Linda A. Into the lion's den
J BookOnCD Grabenstein Grabenstein, Chris, Home sweet motel
J BookOnCD Gratz Gratz, Alan Projekt 1065
J BookOnCD Hawkins Hawkins, Rachel, Journey's end
J BookOnCD Kinney Kinney, Jeff, Double down
J BookOnCD Lin Lin, Grace, When the sea turned to silver
J BookOnCD Patterson Patterson, James, Dog's best friend
J BookOnCD Primavera Primavera, Elise, Making mistakes on purpose
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick. The serpent's shadow
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hammer of Thor
J BookOnCD Scattergood Scattergood, Augusta Making friends with Billy Won
J BookOnCD Schmid Schmid, Susan Maupin, If the magic fits
J BookOnCD Shepherd Shepherd, Megan, The secret horses of Briar Hill
J BookOnCD SuperHeroes Colfer, Eoin. Iron man: the gauntlet
J BookOnCD Thirty London, C. Alexander 39 Clues Superspecial. The Outbrea
J BookOnCD Van Draanen Van Draanen, Wendelin, The secret life of Lincoln Jones
J BookOnCD Welford Welford, Ross, Time traveling with a hamster
J CD Book&CD Loggins Loggins, Kenny, Footloose
J CD Book&CD Paul Paul, Ann Whitford. Mañana, iguana
J CD EarlyChildhood Plunkett Plunkett, Michael Rhythm sticks rap and tap
J CD Holiday Halloween   Kidz Bop Halloween party
J CD Music Jenkins Jenkins, Ella. Growing up with Ella Jenkins
J CD Music Okee   Saddle up: a Western adventure album
J CD Music Panton Panton, Diana I believe in little things
J DVD Barbie   Barbie as the Island Princess
J DVD Daniel   Daniel Tiger's neighborhood.;Daniel goes to the doctor
J DVD Finding   Finding Dory
J DVD Odd   Odd Squad.;The O games
J DVD Odd   Odd squad.;Dance like nobody's watching
J DVD Pete's   Pete's dragon
J DVD Wild   Wild Kratts.;Shark-tastic!
J DVD Yesterday   Yesterday I found an A
J EasyReader Bader Bader, Bonnie, Ham-ham-hamsters
J EasyReader Barbie Man-Kong, Mary. I can be a pet vet
J EasyReader Cat Worth, Bonnie, One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote
J EasyReader Cat Worth, Bonnie, Oh, the things they invented!: all about great inventors
J EasyReader Cleary Cleary, Brian P., The nice mice in the rice: a long vowel sound book
J EasyReader Dean Dean, James, Sir Pete the Brave
J EasyReader DePaola DePaola, Tomie, Andy & Sandy and the first snow
J EasyReader Dotlich Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, Digger the Dinosaur
J EasyReader Meadows Meadows, Daisy. The Rainbow Fairies
J EasyReader Meet Man-Kong, Mary, Meet the pets
J EasyReader Milgrim Milgrim, David, Go, Otto, go!
J EasyReader Sebra Sebra, Richard, It's Halloween!
J EasyReader Sebra Sebra, Richard, It's Chinese New Year!
J EasyReader Seuss Seuss, Green eggs and ham
J EasyReader Sofia Baer, Jill, Just one of the princes
J EasyReader StarWars Saunders, Catherine. Star wars.;Join the rebels
J EasyReader Stoeke Stoeke, Janet Morgan, Snow hens
J EasyReader SuperHeroes   Hero story collection
J EasyReader Wilhelm Wilhelm, Hans, I love snow!
J Fic Abbott Abbott, Tony, The crown of fire
J Fic Adler Adler, David A. Cam Jansen: the mystery of Flight 54
J Fic Becker Becker, Suzy, Kate the great: winner takes all
J Fic Bruchac Bruchac, Joseph, Talking leaves
J Fic Campbell Campbell, Isaiah, The troubles of Johnny Cannon
J Fic Campbell Campbell, Isaiah, AbrakaPOW
J Fic Can Turner, Tracey, Lost in the swamp of terror
J Fic Can Doeden, Matt, Can you survive an asteroid strike?
J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly, Henry and the paper route
J Fic Cody Cody, Matthew. The Peddler's road
J Fic Cody Cody, Matthew, The magician's key
J Fic Coggin Coggin, Linda, The dog, Ray
J Fic Cummings Cummings, Lindsay, The traitor of Belltroll
J Fic Cummings Cummings, Lindsay, The pillars of Ponderay
J Fic Currie Currie, Susan, The mask that sang
J Fic Deen Deen, Natasha, Lark holds the key
J Fic Diamond Diamond, Jill, Lou Lou and Pea and the mural mystery
J Fic Duddle Duddle, Jonny, The Jolley-Rogers and the ghostly galleon
J Fic Duddle Duddle, Jonny, The Jolley-Rogers and the cave of doom
J Fic Edwards Edwards, Julie, Little Bo: the story of Bonnie Boadicea
J Fic Everest Everest, D. D., Archie Greene and the alchemists' curse
J Fic Faber Faber, Polly, The not-a-pig
J Fic Fairstein Fairstein, Linda A., Into the lion's den
J Fic Ferrante Ferrante, Elena, The beach at night
J Fic Fraillon Fraillon, Zana, The Bone Sparrow
J Fic Gaillard Gaillard, Frye, Go south to freedom: based on a true story
J Fic Gray Gray, Jennifer Atticus Claw goes ashore
J Fic Green Green, Tim, Left out
J Fic Gutman Gutman, Dan. Mrs. Dole is out of control!
J Fic Haig Haig, Matt, A boy called Christmas
J Fic Hale Hale, Shannon, The Princess in Black takes a vacation
J Fic Hannibal Hannibal, James R., The Lost Property Office
J Fic Hilmo Hilmo, Tess, Cinnamon moon
J Fic Hubbard Hubbard, Kirsten, Race the night
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, The sight
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Hawkwing's journey
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin, Hawkwing's journey
J Fic Kessler Kessler, Liz. Emily Windsnap and the monster from the deep
J Fic Kinney Kinney, Jeff, Double down
J Fic Kinney Kinney, Jeff, Double down
J Fic Kirby Kirby, Matthew J., Island of the sun
J Fic Korman Korman, Gordon, Masterminds
J Fic Krulik Krulik, Nancy E. Camp rules!
J Fic Larson Larson, Kirby, Liberty
J Fic Legrand Legrand, Claire, Foxheart
J Fic Maberry Maberry, Jonathan, Vault of shadows
J Fic McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, School ship Tobermory
J Fic McGee McGee, Ron, Ryan Quinn and the Rebel's escape
J Fic McVoy McVoy, Terra Elan, This is all your fault, Cassie Parker
J Fic Medina Medina, Juana, Juana & Lucas
J Fic Messenger Messenger, Shannon, Lodestar
J Fic Methods Methods, Bryan, The thief's apprentice
J Fic Middleton Middleton, Dana, The infinity year of Avalon James
J Fic Mills Mills, Claudia, Simon Ellis, spelling bee champ
J Fic Mills Mills, Claudia, Cody Harmon, king of pets
J Fic Morgan Morgan, Genevieve, The kinfolk
J Fic O'Donnell O'Donnell, Liam, The case of maker mischief
J Fic Oliver Oliver, Lin, Danger! Tiger crossing
J Fic Oliver Oliver, Lin, Beware! Shadows in the night
J Fic Patterson Patterson, James, Dog's best friend
J Fic Paulsen Paulsen, Gary. Brian's return
J Fic Peel Peel, Kit, Snow summer
J Fic Plourde Plourde, Lynn, Maxi's secrets (or, what you can learn from a dog)
J Fic Polonsky Polonsky, Ami, Threads
J Fic Prendergast Prendergast, Gabrielle, Pandas on the eastside
J Fic Rankin Rankin, Cindy, Under the ashes
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K, Fantastic beasts and where to find them: the original screenplay
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K, Fantastic beasts and where to find them: the original screenplay
J Fic Russell Russell, Rachel Renée, Tales from a not-so-friendly frenemy
J Fic Russell Russell, Rachel Renée, Tales from a not-so-friendly frenemy
J Fic Said Said, S. F., Phoenix
J Fic Schanen Schanen, Adriana Brad, Quinny & Hopper: partners in slime
J Fic Schmid Schmid, Susan Maupin, If the magic fits
J Fic Selden Selden, George, The cricket in Times Square
J Fic Selden Selden, George, Chester Cricket's pigeon ride
J Fic Sharp Sharp, Margery, Rescuers
J Fic Shotz Shotz, Jennifer Li Her
J Fic Sperry Sperry, Armstrong, Call it courag
J Fic Sperry Sperry, Armstrong, Call it courage
J Fic Spinelli Spinelli, Jerry. Maniac Magee: a novel
J Fic Swartz Swartz, Elly D., Finding perfect
J Fic Teagan Teagan, Erin, The friendship experiment
J Fic Tougas Tougas, Shelley, A patron saint for junior bridesmaids
J Fic VanDraanen Van Draanen, Wendelin, The secret life of Lincoln Jones
J Fic Vendel Vendel, Edward van de, A dog like Sam
J Fic Vernon Vernon, Ursula, Ratpunzel
J Fic Vickers Vickers, Elaine, Like magic
J Fic Voigt Voigt, Cynthia. Teddy & Co.
J Fic Walters Walters, Eric, Batcat and the seven squirrels
J Fic Warman Warman, Janice, The world beneath
J Fic Willis Willis, Jeanne, Supercat vs the party pooper
J Fic Young Young, Karen Romano, Hundred percent
J Graphic Action Fogg, Scott, Action lab: dog of wonder.;Volume one; Who let the dogs out?
J Graphic Christie Christie, Robert, Quirk's quest.;Into the Outlands
J Graphic Coverly Coverly, Dave, Night of the living shadows
J Graphic Crilley Crilley, Mark, The drawing lesson: a graphic novel that teaches you how to draw
J Graphic Dantdm DanTDM, Trayaurus and the enchanted crystal
J Graphic Dream Grunberg, Greg, Dream Jumper.;Book one; Nightmare escape
J Graphic Jellaby Soo, Kean, Jellaby: the lost monster
J Graphic Keene Petrucha, Stefan. The demon of River Heights
J Graphic Korgi Slade, Christian. Korgi
J Graphic McDonnell McDonnell, Patrick, Tek
J Graphic Only Gallaher, David, The only living boy: prisoner of the patchwork planet
J Graphic Only Gallaher, David, The only living boy, 3, Once upon a time
J Graphic Only Gallaher, David, The only living boy, 2, Beyond sea and sky
J Graphic Pullman Melchior-Durand, Stéphane, The golden compass: the graphic novel
J Graphic Pussycat Peyo, Pussycat
J Graphic Sklyanders Rodri⁺¹guez, David A., The trap masters
J Graphic Skylanders Marz, Ron. Skylanders superchargers; Dive, Dive, Dive
J Graphic Skylanders Marz, Ron, Welcome to Skylander Academy
J Graphic Skylanders Marz, Ron, Mini but mighty
J Graphic Skylanders Marz, Ron, Forgetting Flynn
J Graphic Space Riess, Natalie, Space Battle Lunchtime; Volume one; Lights, camera, snacktion!
J Graphic SuperHeroes Fontana, Shea, DC Super Hero Girls; Hits and myths
J Graphic SuperHeroes Fontana, Shea, DC Super Hero Girls; Finals crisis
J Graphic Three Chantler, Scott, Pirates of the Silver Coast
J Graphic Words Niemann, Christoph, Words
J PictureBk 398.8 M918e Elya, Susan Middleton, La Madre Goose: nursery rhymes for los niños
J PictureBk 428.1 S761 Spitzer, Katja, At the beach: first words
J PictureBk 516 S761 Spitzer, Katja, Shapes are fun!
J PictureBk 523.7 M511 Meier, Anna, Curious George discovers the Sun
J PictureBk 523.8 F866 Freitas, Bethany V., Curious George discovers the stars
J PictureBk 525 P719 Platt, Cynthia. Curious George discovers the seasons
J PictureBk 525 P719 Platt, Cynthia. Curious George discovers the seasons
J PictureBk 551.567 C522 Cherrix, Amy E., Curious George discovers the rainbow
J PictureBk 581 P438 Perez, Monica, Curious George discovers plants
J PictureBk 591.92 R688 Roderick, Stacey, Ocean animals from head to tail
J PictureBk 598.23 C545 Choi, Eun-Gyu Allkinds of nests
J PictureBk 599.327 M648 Miller, Kathy M. Chippy Chipmunk: parties in the garden
J PictureBk 612.8 N963 Nuchi, Adah, Curious George discovers the senses
J PictureBk 629.133 A937 Austin, Mike, Rescue squad no. 9
J PictureBk 629.4 P438 Perez, Monica, Curious George discovers space
J PictureBk 641.3 R848 Rotner, Shelley, Grow! Raise! Catch!: how we get our food
J PictureBk Agee Agee, Jon, Lion lessons
J PictureBk Ahlberg Ahlberg, Janet. Each peach pear plum: an ''I spy'' story
J PictureBk Antony Antony, Steve, I'll wait, Mr. Panda
J PictureBk Arnaldo Arnaldo, Monica, Margo thinks twice
J PictureBk Arnaldo Arnaldo, Monica, The little book of big fears
J PictureBk Arnold Arnold, Marsha Diane, Waiting for snow
J PictureBk Ashburn Ashburn, Boni, The class
J PictureBk Bajaj Bajaj, Varsha, This is our baby, born today
J PictureBk Baker Baker, Keith, Hap-pea all year!
J PictureBk Barbie   Barbie, my favorite stories
J PictureBk Barnett Barnett, Mac, The magic word
J PictureBk Biddulph Biddulph, Rob, The grizzly bear who lost his grrrrr!
J PictureBk Bijsterbosch Bijsterbosch, Anita, Who will dance with little mouse?
J PictureBk Bloom Bloom, Amy, Little sweet potato
J PictureBk Boelts Boelts, Maribeth, A bike like Sergio's
J PictureBk Borando Borando, Silvia, Now you see me, now you don't
J PictureBk Borando Borando, Silvia, Near, far
J PictureBk Bornoff Bornoff, Emily, Where did they go?: a spotting book
J PictureBk Bruel Bruel, Nick, Bad Kitty does not like snow
J PictureBk Christmas Holiday Muncaster Muncaster, Harriet, The biggest smallest Christmas present
J PictureBk Ciraolo Ciraolo, Simona, The lines on Nana's face
J PictureBk Clark Clark, M. H. You belong here
J PictureBk Clement Clement, Nathan, Job site
J PictureBk Connors Connors, Stompin' Tom, The hockey song
J PictureBk Craig Craig, Lindsey, Oh so quiet!
J PictureBk Cummings Cummings, Phil, Newspaper hats
J PictureBk Cyrus Cyrus, Kurt, Billions of bricks: [a counting book about building]
J PictureBk Dean Dean, Kim, Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes
J PictureBk Dean Dean, James, Pete the cat: go, Pete, go!
J PictureBk Dickson Dickson, Irene, Blocks
J PictureBk Disney   Disney's storybook collection.;Volume 2
J PictureBk Dominguez Dominguez, Angela N., How do you say? =;¿Como se dice?
J PictureBk Dormer Dormer, Frank W., The sword in the stove
J PictureBk Doyle Doyle, Eugenie, Sleep tight farm: a farm prepares for winter
J PictureBk Ehlert Ehlert, Lois. Boo to you!
J PictureBk Eliot Eliot, T. S. Mr. Mistoffelees: the Conjuring Cat
J PictureBk Elliott Elliott, Zetta, Melena's jubilee: the story of a fresh start
J PictureBk Escoffier Escoffier, Michaël, Have you seen my trumpet?
J PictureBk Fleming Fleming, Denise, 5 little ducks
J PictureBk Frazee Frazee, Marla, Introducing the bossier baby as herself!
J PictureBk Gorbachev Gorbachev, Valeri, Pizza-pie snowman
J PictureBk Graff Graff, Lisa It is not time for sleeping: (a bedtime story)
J PictureBk Greenne Greene, Rhonda Gowler. Push! dig! scoop!: a construction counting rhyme
J PictureBk Hancocks Hancocks, Helen, William heads to Hollywood
J PictureBk Haughton Haughton, Chris, Goodnight everyone
J PictureBk Herbauts Herbauts, Anne, What color is the wind?
J PictureBk Herz Herz, Henry, Little Red Cuttlefish
J PictureBk Hest Hest, Amy, Are you sure, mother bear?
J PictureBk HIrst Hirst, Daisy, Alphonse, that is not ok to do!
J PictureBk Holiday Chistmas Duvall Duvall, John The great spruce
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Brett Brett, Jan, Gingerbread Christmas
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Brown Brown, Margaret Wise, Christmas in the barn
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas George George, Kallie, The lost gift: a Christmas story
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Hoffman Puttapipat, Niroot. The nutcracker
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Mader Mader, C. Roger, Stowaway in a sleigh
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas McGrory McGrory, Anik, The Christmas fox
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Nichols Nichols, Lori, Maple & Willow's Christmas tree
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Wallace Wallace, Adam, How to catch an elf
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Wheeler Wheeler, Lisa, The Christmas boot
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Bond Bond, Felicia. The Halloween play
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Carrier Carrier, Lark, On Halloween
J PictureBk Holiday Halloween Trumbauer Trumbauer, Lisa, The haunted ghoul bus
J PictureBk Holiday Ramadan Khan Khan, Hena. The night of the moon: a Muslim holiday story
J PictureBk Holiday Ramandan Addasi Addasi, Maha, The white nights of Ramadan
J PictureBk Holiday Thanksgiving Pilkey Pilkey, Dav, 'Twas the night before Thanksgiving
J PictureBk Hood Hood, Susan, The fix-it man
J PictureBk Hurst Hurst, Elise, Imagine a city
J PictureBk Isern Isern, Susanna, Bogo: the fox who wanted everything
J PictureBk Johnston Johnston, Tony, A small thing ... but big
J PictureBk Jones Jones, Christianne C., Fuchsia Fierce
J PictureBk Katz Katz, Karen. Babies on the bus
J PictureBk Keane Keane, Claire, Little big girl
J PictureBk Kelly Kelly, Mij, Lion's lullaby
J PictureBk Kerascoet Kerascoët, Paul & Antoinette
J PictureBk Kiernan Kiernan, Pat, Good morning, city
J PictureBk Krensky Krensky, Stephen, Dinosaurs in disguise
J PictureBk Lies Lies, Brian, Gator dad
J PictureBk MacIver MacIver, Juliette, That's not a hippopotamus!
J PictureBk Martins Martins, Isabel Minhós, What's that noise?: (this book is calling you...)
J PictureBk Martins Martins, Isabel Minhós, Don't cross the line!
J PictureBk McKee McKee, David, Elmer and butterfly
J PictureBk Meschenmoser Meschenmoser, Sebastian, Pug Man's 3 wishes
J PictureBk Miles Miles, Brenda Cinderstella : a tale of planets not prince
J PictureBk Ohora OHora, Zachariah, The not so quiet library
J PictureBk Orbeck-Nilssen Ørbeck-Nilssen, Constance, Why am I here?
J PictureBk Parachini Parachini, Jodie, This is a serious book
J PictureBk Parenteau Parenteau, Shirley, Bears in the snow
J PictureBk Parr Parr, Todd. The family book
J PictureBk Patton Patton, Julia, Drat that fat cat
J PictureBk Peacock Peacock, Shane, The artist and me
J PictureBk Pham Pham, LeUyen, The bear who wasn't there
J PictureBk Plourde Plourde, Lynn, Baby Bear's not hibernating
J PictureBk Portis Portis, Antoinette, Best frints in the whole universe
J PictureBk Potter Potter, Giselle, This is my dollhouse
J PictureBk Potter   A celebration of Beatrix Potter: art and letters by more than 30 of today's favorite children's book illustrators
J PictureBk Proimos Proimos, James, Mac & Cheese
J PictureBk Rankin Rankin, Laura, My turn!
J PictureBk Rudge Rudge, Leila, Gary
J PictureBk Rueda Rueda, Claudia, Bunny slopes
J PictureBk Rylant Rylant, Cynthia, Little penguins
J PictureBk Sayre Sayre, April Pulley, Squirrels leap, squirrels sleep
J PictureBk Smith Smith, Emma Bland. Journey: based on the true story of OR7, the most famous wolf in the West
J PictureBk Sobol Sobol, John, Friend or foe?
J PictureBk Stangl Stangl, Katrin, Strong as a bear
J PictureBk Sturges Sturges, Philemon. I love trucks!
J PictureBk Sullivan Sullivan, Tom, I used to be a fish
J PictureBk Sweet Sweet, Susan D., Princess Penelopea hates peas: a tale of picky eating and avoiding catastropeas
J PictureBk Tabor Tabor, Corey R., Fox and the jumping contest
J PictureBk Tonatiuh Tonatiuh, Duncan, The princess and the warrior: a tale of two volcanoes
J PictureBk Verplancke Verplancke, Klaas, Magritte's apple
J PictureBk Walton Walton, Jessica, Introducing Teddy: a gentle story about gender and friendship
J PictureBk Wellington Wellington, Monica. Mr. Cookie Baker
J PictureBk Wheeler Wheeler, Lisa, Dino-racing
J PictureBk Whelan Whelan, Susan, The great sock secret
J PictureBk Willis Willis, Jeanne, Poles apart
J PictureBk Won Won, Brian, Hooray for today!
J PictureBk Woodcock Woodcock, Fiona, Hiding Heidi
J PictureBk Yolen Yolen, Jane, On bird hill
J PictureBk Yuly Yuly, Toni, Cat nap
J PictureBk Zimmerman Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing. Trashy town
J VideoPlayer 500 M194   The magic schoolbus.;Vol. 8
J VideoPlayer 500 M194   Magic school bus. Vol. 10
J VideoPlayer 500 M194   The magic school bus.;Vol. 9
J VideoPlayer 796 L883   Lots & lots of fitness fun for kids.;Let's go out and play!
J VideoPlayer Bridwell   Clifford the big red dog.;Vol. 8
J VideoPlayer Clifford   Clifford the big red dog. Vol. 1
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Sing along with Sesame. Volume
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Fun with Abby and Zoe
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Bert and Ernie's great adventures
LargeType Archer Archer, Jeffrey, This was a man
LargeType Balogh Balogh, Mary, Someone to love: a Westcott novel
LargeType Blake Blake, Robin, Skin and bone
LargeType Brown Brown, Rita Mae, Cakewalk
LargeType Butler Butler, Robert Olen, Perfume River
LargeType Child Child, Lee, Night school: a Jack Reacher novel
LargeType Child Child, Lee, Night school: a Jack Reacher novel
LargeType Cogman Cogman, Genevieve, The invisible library
LargeType Connelly Connelly, Michael, The wrong side of goodbye: a novel
LargeType Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Chaos
LargeType Correa Correa, Armando Lucas, The German girl
LargeType Evanovich Evanovich, Janet, Turbo twenty-three
LargeType French French, Tana, The trespasser
LargeType Grisham Grisham, John The Whistle
LargeType Grisham Grisham, John The Whistle
LargeType Harms Harms, Kelly, The matchmakers of Minnow Bay
LargeType Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, Winter Storms: a novel
LargeType Kingsbury Kingsbury, Karen, A Baxter family Christmas
LargeType Michaels   The most wonderful time
LargeType Miller Miller, Louise The city baker's guide to country living
LargeType Novak Novak, Brenda Her darkest nightmare
LargeType Patchett Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth: a novel
LargeType Preston Preston, Douglas J., The Obsidian chamber: a Pendergast novel
LargeType Rosenfelt Rosenfelt, David, The Twelve dogs of Christmas
LargeType Rosenfelt Rosenfelt, David, Outfoxed
LargeType Sandford Sandford, John, Escape clause
LargeType Semple Semple, Maria, Today will be different: a novel
LargeType Sparks Sparks, Nicholas, Two by two
LargeType Steel Steel, Danielle, Country: a novel
LargeType Steel Steel, Danielle, The award: a novel
LargeType Woods Woods, Stuart, Sex, lies, and serious money
Mystery Baker Baker, Shannon, Stripped bare
Mystery Ballantyne Ballantyne, Lisa, Everything she forgot
Mystery Block Block, Lawrence Sinner Ma
Mystery Camilleri Camilleri, Andrea, A voice in the night
Mystery Clark Clark, Mary Higgins. Sleeping beauty killer
Mystery Connelly Connelly, Michael, The wrong side of goodbye: a novel
Mystery Copperman Copperman, E. J., The question of the felonious friend: an asperger's mystery
Mystery Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Chaos: a Scarpetta novel
Mystery DiSilverio DiSilverio, Laura A. H., Close call
Mystery Dubois DuBois, Brendan, Storm cell
Mystery Early Early, Barbara, Death of a toy soldier: a vintage toyshop mystery
Mystery Eriksson Eriksson, Kjell, Stone coffin: a mystery
Mystery Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. Turbo twenty-three: a Stephanie Plum novel
Mystery French French, Nicci, Friday on my mind
Mystery Hallinan Hallinan, Timothy, Fields where they lay: a Junior Bender mystery
Mystery Higashino Higashino, Keigo, Under the midnight sun
Mystery Littlejohn Littlejohn, Emily, Inherit the bones
Mystery Mack Mack, Janey, Shoot 'em up
Mystery McDermid McDermid, Val, Out of bounds
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James, Cross the line
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James Christmas myster
Mystery Perry Perry, Anne, A Christmas message: a novel
Mystery Piintoff Pintoff, Stefanie, City on edge: a novel
Mystery Robb Robb, J. D., Obsession in death
Mystery Schofield Schofield, Douglas Storm risin
Mystery Thomas Thomas, Will, Hell Bay: a Barker & Llewelyn novel
Mystery Thomas Thomas, Sherry A study in scarlet women
Mystery Thomson Thomson, E. S., Beloved poison
Mystery Tursten Tursten, Helene, Who watcheth
Mystery Wolf Wolf, Kevin, The homeplace
Oversized 709.2 Z34 Zao, Wou-ki, Zao Wou-Ki: No limits = Zhao Wuji
Paperback Balogh Balogh, Mary, Someone to love
Paperback Beaton Beaton, M. C. Death of a cad
Paperback Carlisle Carlisle, Kate, Deck the hallways
Paperback Reichs Reichs, Kathy, The bone collection
Ref 070.5 L776   Literary market place: LMP
Ref 070.5 L776   Literary market place: LMP
Ref 336.2 J11   J.K. Lasser's your income tax
Ref 336.2 T673   Top federal tax issues for ... CPE course
Ref 336.2 U11   United States master tax guide
Ref 394.2 C487   Chase's ... calendar of events
Ref 769.56 S431   Scott standard postage stamp catalogue
RefDesk   Consumer reports.;Buying guide
RefTable Circulating   Consumer reports.;Buying guide
Rental DVD   Star trek.;Beyond
Rental DVD   Finding Dory
Rental DVD   The BFG
SciFi Bova Bova, Ben, Apes and angels
SciFi Wagers Wagers, K. B., Behind the throne
Speed Read Springsteen, Bruce, Born to run
Speed Read Smith, Chris, The Daily show (the book): an oral history as told by Jon Stewart, the correspondents, staff and guests
Speed Read Semple, Maria, Today will be different: a novel
Speed Read Picoult, Jodi, Small great things: a novel
Speed Read Picoult, Jodi, Small great things
Speed Read Patterson, James, Cross the line
Speed Read Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth: a novel
Speed Read Patchett, Ann, Commonwealth: a novel
Speed Read Meyer, Stephenie, The chemist: a novel
Speed Read Evanovich, Janet. Turbo twenty-three: a Stephanie Plum novel
Speed Read Donoghue, Emma, The wonder: a novel
Speed Read Connelly, Michael, The wrong side of goodbye: a novel
Speed Read Child, Lee, Night school
Speed Read Baldacci, David, No man's land
Speed Read Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove: a novel
Teen DVD Freaky   Freaky Friday
Teen 305.235 L848 Long, Hayley, Being a girl
Teen 326 D262 Davis, Kenneth C. In the shadow of Liberty: the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives
Teen 362.293 G624 Goldstein, Margaret J., Legalizing marijuana: promises and pitfalls
Teen 363.25 H528 Heos, Bridget, Blood, bullets, and bones: the story of forensic science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA
Teen 391.2 C944 Croll, Jennifer, Bad girls of fashion: style rebels from Cleopatra to Lady Gaga
Teen 398.21 T161 Tan, Shaun, The singing bones: inspired by Grimms' fairy tales
Teen 688.72 K66 Kmiec, Pawel Unofficial Lego Technic builder's guid
Teen 736.98 J59 Jezewski, Mayumi, Origami jewelry
Teen 796.6 W429 Weiss, Eben, The ultimate bicycle owner's manual: the universal guide to bikes, riding, and everything for beginner and seasoned cyclists
Teen Barnes Barnes, Jennifer Bad blood
Teen Biography Buffalo Bill Fleming, Candace, Presenting Buffalo Bill: the man who invented the Wild West
Teen Biography Daniels, J. Wallace, Rich, Blood brother: Jonathan Daniels and his sacrifice for civil rights
Teen Biography Jennings, J. Jennings, Jazz, Being Jazz: my life as a (transgender teen)
Teen BookOnCD Tahir Tahir, Sabaa, A torch against the night
Teen Bow Bow, Erin, The swan riders
Teen Brown Brown, Skila. To stay alive: Mary Ann Graves and the tragic journey of the Donner Party
Teen Cameron Cameron, Sharon, The Forgetting
Teen Clare Clare, Cassandra, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Teen DVD Benny   Benny & Joon
Teen DVD Better   Better off dead
Teen DVD Bill   Bill & Ted's excellent double feature: Bill & Ted's excellent adventure Bill & Ted's bogus journey
Teen DVD Bye   Bye bye Birdie
Teen DVD Cinderella   A Cinderella story
Teen DVD Dark   The Dark Knight trilogy
Teen DVD Dark   The dark knight rises
Teen DVD Edward   Edward Scissorhands
Teen DVD Eragon   Eragon
Teen DVD Ferris   Ferris Bueller's day off
Teen DVD Freaks   Freaks and geeks: the complete series
Teen DVD Ghostbusters   Ghostbusters
Teen DVD Hulk   Hulk
Teen DVD Indiana   Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Teen DVD Iron   Iron Man
Teen DVD Legend   Legend of Korra; Book four; Balance
Teen DVD Midnight   Midnight special
Teen DVD StarTrek   Star trek; Beyond
Teen DVD Superman   Superman unbound
Teen Egan Egan, Catherine, Julia vanishes
Teen Elston Elston, Ashley, This is our story
Teen Gardner Gardner, Sally, The door that led to where
Teen Graceffa Graceffa, Joey, Children of Eden: a novel
Teen Graphic Gotham Fletcher, Brenden, Gotham Academy; Volume 3; Yearbook
Teen Graphic Gotham Cloonan, Becky, Gotham Academy; Volume 2; Calamity
Teen Graphic Gotham Cloonan, Becky, Gotham Academy; Volume 1; Welcome to Gotham Academy
Teen Graphic Rising Kyu, Aiya, The rising of the shield hero: the manga companion
Teen Gray Gray, Lucinda, The gilded cage
Teen Hinton Hinton, S. E., The outsiders
Teen Hrdlitschka Hrdlitschka, Shelley, Dancing in the rain
Teen Joseph Joseph, Lynn Dancing in the rai
Teen Kincaid Kincaid, S. J., The Diabolic
Teen Kirby Kirby, Matthew J., A taste for monsters
Teen Lauren Lauren, Christina, The house
Teen Lowry Lowry, Lois. The giver
Teen McCall McCall, Guadalupe Garcia, Shame the stars
Teen McLemore McLemore, Anna-Marie, When the moon was ours
Teen McNeil McNeil, Gretchen, I'm not your manic pixie dream girl
Teen Meyer Meyer, Marissa, Heartless
Teen Mills Mills, Wendy, All we have left
Teen Patterson Patterson, James. Confessions: the murder of an angel
Teen Pon Pon, Cindy, Sacrifice
Teen Reid Reid, Kim, Perfect liars
Teen Rising Yusagi, Aneko, The rising of the shield hero
Teen Shepard Shepard, Sara, The amateurs
Teen Showalter Showalter, Gena, Firstlife
Teen West West, Hannah, Kingdom of ash and briars
YA Fic Chapman Chapman, Erica M., Teach me to forget
YA Fic Clark Clark, Kristin Elizabeth, Jess, Chunk, and the road trip to infinity
YA Fic Glasgow Glasgow, Kathleen, Girl in pieces
YA Fic Goldhagen Goldhagen, Shari, 100 days of cake
YA Fic Gottfred Gottfred, B. T., The nerdy and the dirty
YA Fic Graundin Graudin, Ryan. Blood for blood
YA Fic Gray Gray, Claudia, A million worlds with you
YA Fic Harrington Harrington, Hannah Saving Jun
YA Fic Hurwitz Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, The rains
YA Fic Kilbourne Kilbourne, Christina, Detached
YA Fic Kletter Kletter, Kerry, The first time she drowned
YA Fic Larbalestier Larbalestier, Justine, My sister Rosa
YA Fic Linn Linn, Laurent, Draw the line
YA Fic Marjara Marjara, Eisha, Faerie
YA Fic Mathieu Mathieu, Jennifer, Afterward
YA Fic Metzger Metzger, Lois, Change places with me
YA Fic Moore Moore, Wes, This way home
YA Fic Pike Pike, Aprilynne, Glitter
YA Fic Rivers Rivers, Karen, Before we go extinct
YA Fic Roehrig Roehrig, Caleb, Last seen leaving
YA Fic Schorr Schorr, Melissa. Identity crisis
YA Fic Vizzini Vizzini, Ned, It's kind of a funny story
YA Fic Young Young, Suzanne, All in pieces