New Items May 2016

004 W466 Wempen, Faithe, Digital literacy for dummies
004.165 iPad H325 Hart-Davis, Guy, iPad?
005.133 JavaScript B877 Brown, Ethan, Learning javascript: add sparkle and life to your web pages
005.369 Excel2016 M143 McFedries, Paul, Excel 2016
005.369 Office2016 M351 Marmel, Elaine J. Teach yourself visually Office 2016
005.369 PowerPoint2016 B789 Boyd, Barbara Teach yourself visually PowerPoint 2016
005.369 Word2016 M351 Marmel, Elaine J., Teach yourself visually Word 2016
005.4469 MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite M143 McFedries, Paul. Teach yourself visually OS X Yosemite
005.4469 MacOSX 10.11ElCapitan M143 McFedries, Paul. OS X, El Capitan
006.68 Photoshop Elements14 K29 Kelby, Scott, The Photoshop Elements 14 book for digital photographers
006.68 Photoshop Elements14 O12 Obermeier, Barbara. Photoshop elements 14 for dummies
006.68 Photoshop Lightroom6 K29 Kelby, Scott, The Adobe Photoshop lightroom CC book for digital photographers
025.82 H224 Hammer, Joshua, The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu: and their race to save the world's most precious manuscripts
153.83 V228 Vanderbilt, Tom, You may also like: taste in an age of endless choice
158 S913 Strayed, Cheryl, Brave enough
158.1 D836 Duckworth, Angela. Grit: the power of passion and perseverance
158.1 T595 Tippett, Krista, Becoming wise: an inquiry into the mystery and art of living
302.3 J95 Junger, Sebastian, Tribe: on homecoming and belonging
303.4 S689 Solomon, Andrew, Far and away: reporting from the brink of change : seven continents, twenty-five years
303.483 R953 Rushkoff, Douglas, Throwing rocks at the Google bus: how growth became the enemy of prosperity
305.42 Z47 Zeisler, Andi, We were Feminists Once: from Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement
305.8 G987 Guyatt, Nicholas, Bind us apart: how enlightened Americans invented racial segregation
306.0973 F996   The future we want: radical ideas for a new century
306.734 W419 Weigel, Moira, Labor of love: the invention of dating
306.76 C752 Conley, Garrard, Boy erased: a memoir
306.9 N492 Neumann, Ann, The good death: an exploration of dying in America
307.77 W358 Wayland-Smith, Ellen, Oneida: from free love Utopia to the well-set table
320.973 G653 Goodman, Amy, Democracy now!: twenty years covering the movements changing America
320.973 W676 Wilentz, Sean, The politicians & the egalitarians: the hidden history of American politics
323.44 W881 Woodard, Colin, American character: a history of the epic struggle between individual liberty and the common good
327.12 M511 Meier, Barry. Missing man: the American spy who vanished in Iran
327.73 Z98 Zwonitzer, Mark, The statesman and the storyteller: John Hay, Mark Twain, and the rise of American imperialism
330 L666 Levitt, Steven D., When to rob a bank: ...and 131 more warped suggestions and well-intended rants
330.973 S878 Stone, James Martin, Five easy theses: commonsense solutions to America's greatest economic challenges
332.6307 R497 Rice, Steven M., Series 7 exam for dummies
338.064 A281 Agtmael, Antoine W. van, The smartest places on Earth: why rustbelts are the emerging hotspots of global innovation
338.47 C337 Case, Stephen McConnell, The third wave: an entrepreneur's vision of the future
338.47629 G624 Goldstone, Lawrence, Drive!: Henry Ford, George Selden, and the race to invent the auto age
338.47683 H111 Haag, Pamela, The gunning of America: business and the making of American gun culture
338.76 L991 Lyons, Daniel, Disrupted: my misadventure in the start-up bubble
343.73 B827 Bray, Chris Court-martial: how military justice has shaped America from the revolution to 9/11 and beyond
355.07 R628 Roach, Mary. Grunt : the curious science of humans at wa
363.25 D582 Di Maio, Vincent J. M., Morgue: a life in death
363.32 K17 Kaplan, Fred M., Dark territory: the secret history of cyber war
364.162 M267 Manaugh, Geoff, A burglar's guide to the city
364.973 G798 Greenberg, Karen J., Rogue justice: the making of the security state
365.6 S476 Senghor, Shaka, Writing my wrongs: life, death, and redemption in an American prison
370.11 N553 Newman, Katherine S., Reskilling America: learning to labor in the twenty-first century
371.262 SAT Biology M147   McGraw-Hill's SAT subject test, biology E/M
371.425 S654 Smith, Larry, No fears, no excuses: what you need to do to have a great career
388 H922 Humes, Edward, Door to door: the magnificent, maddening, mysterious world of transportation
448 K33 Kendris, Christopher. French now! level 1
458 F844 Frattola, Paola. Italian in 30 days: course book
468 K82 Königbauer, Carmen R. de, Spanish in 30 days
539.754 L665 Levin, Janna, Black hole blues: and other songs from outer space
551.6 S837 Stephenson, Wen, What we're fighting for now is each other: dispatches from the front lines of climate justice
552 P385 Pellant, Chris. Rocks and minerals
577 C319 Carroll, Sean M., The big picture: on the origins of life, meaning, and the universe itself
582.13 E46 Elliman, Ted, Wildflowers of New England
591.04 G535 Gisondi, Joe. Monster trek: the obsessive search for Bigfoot
591.04 R315 Redfern, Nicholas, The Bigfoot book: the encyclopedia of Sasquatch, yeti, and cryptid primates
591.5 H169 Halfpenny, James C., Scats and tracks of the Northeast: a field guide to the signs of seventy wildlife species
591.5 W111 Waal, F. B. M. de Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are?
597.8 H188 Halliday, Tim, The book of frogs: a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world
598.1 P885 Powell, Robert, Peterson field guide to reptiles and amphibians of eastern and central North America
598.2 A182 Ackerman, Jennifer, The genius of birds
598.2 H469 Heinrich, Bernd, One wild bird at a time: portraits of individual lives
598.202 M664 Minetor, Randi, New England bird lover's garden: attracting birds with plants and flowers
598.25 H319 Harrison, Hal H. A field guide to the birds' nests: United States east of the Mississippi River
598.29 S564 Sibley, David, Sibley birds east: field guide to birds of eastern North America
598.29 T468 Thompson, Bill, The new birder's guide to birds of North America
599 D583 Dinets, Vladimir, Peterson field guide to finding mammals in North America
613.79 H889 Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, The sleep revolution: transforming your life, one night at a time
616.042 M953 Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene: an intimate history
616.0756 P953 Primrose, Pamela B., Complete phlebotomy exam review
616.12 F959 Fuhrman, Joel, The end of heart disease: the Eat to Live Plan to prevent and reverse heart disease
616.34 A968 Axe, Josh, Eat dirt: why leaky gut may be the root cause of your health problems and 5 surprising steps to cure it
616.85 B866 Brogan, Kelly. A mind of your own: the truth about depression and how women can heal their bodies to reclaim their lives : featuring a 30-day plan for transformation
616.89 K42 Kessler, David A., Capture: unraveling the mystery of mental suffering
616.891 H624 Hibbert, Christina G., 8 keys to mental health through exercise
616.994 G921 Gubar, Susan, Reading and writing cancer: how words heal
616.994 H515 Henner, Marilu, Changing normal: how I helped my husband beat cancer
618.142 S444 Seckin, Tamer. The doctor will see you now: recognizing and treating endometriosis
618.2 P923   The pregnancy encyclopedia: all your questions answered
621.384 W913 Woolley, Scott, The network: the battle for the airwaves and the birth of the communications age
629.44 W587 White, Rowland, Into the black: the extraordinary untold story of the first flight of the space shuttle Columbia and the astronauts who flew her
635.09 M138 McDowell, Marta, All the Presidents' gardens: Madison's cabbages to Kennedy's roses : how the White House grounds have grown with America
635.96 G218   Gardening for birds, butterflies, & bees: everything you need to know to create a wildlife habitat in your backyard
635.96 H418 Hayes, Rhonda Fleming, Pollinator friendly gardening: gardening for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators
640 S721 Soukup, Ruth, Unstuffed: decluttering your home, mind, & soul
641.3 B657 Blount, Roy, Save room for pie: food songs and chewy ruminations
641.4 A416   The all new Ball book of canning and preserving: over 350 of the best canned, jammed, pickled, and preserved recipes
641.563 L729 Lillien, Lisa, Clean & hungry: easy all-natural recipes for healthy eating in the real world
641.563 M681 Mitchell, Andie. Eating in the middle;a mostly wholesome cookbook
641.563 T163 Tam, Michelle, Nom nom paleo: food for humans
641.5631 C556 Christo, Heather, Pure delicious: more than 150 delectable allergen-free recipes without gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, or cane sugar
641.5636 T454 Thomas, Anna, Vegan vegetarian omnivore: dinner for everyone at the table
641.59519 J81 Joo, Judy, Korean food made simple
641.638 C268 Cardoz, Floyd, Floyd Cardoz: flavorwalla : big flavor, bold spices, a new way to cook the foods you love
646.72 L581 Leonard, Mary Helen. The natural beauty solution: break free from commercial beauty products using simple recipes and natural ingredients
649.65 R523 Richardson, Justin, Everything you never wanted your kids to know about sex, (but were afraid they'd ask): the secrets to surviving your child's sexual development from birth to the teens
658.114 A519 Ammirati, Sean, The science of growth: how Facebook beat Friendster-- and how nine other startups left the rest in the dust
658.4 B954 Burg, Bob, The go-giver leader: a little story about what matters most in business
676.2 K96 Kurlansky, Mark, Paper: paging through history
700.19 L187 Laing, Olivia, The lonely city: adventures in the art of being alone
741.5 C564 Chute, Hillary L., Disaster drawn: visual witness, comics, and documentary form
770 F151 Fagans, Michael, The iPhone photographer: how to take professional photographs with your iPhone
770 G258 Gatcum, Chris, The beginner's photography guide: the ultimate step-by-step manual for getting the most from your digital camera
770 T239 Taylor, David, Digital photography complete course
781 P638 Pilhofer, Michael, Music theory for dummies®
781 S371 Schonbrun, Marc. The everything essential music theory book: a guide to the fundamentals of reading, writing, and understanding music
781.2 S961 Surmani, Andrew. Alfred's essentials of music theory: a complete self-study course for all musicians
781.633 P562 Phillips, Mark, How to-- read music
784.5 G786   The great American songbook: the composers : piano, vocal, guitar
784.5 O58   150 of the most beautiful songs ever: piano, vocal, guitar
784.5 R595   Rise again: a group singing songbook
786.4 O58   100 of the most beautiful piano solos ever
787.1 R219 Rapoport, Katharine, Violin for dummies
787.61 O58   100 most beautiful songs ever: for fingerpicking guitar
793.2 C754 Conrad, Lauren, Celebrate
796 F996 Futterman, Matthew. Players: the story of sports and money, and the visionaries who fought to create a revolution
796.323 F299 Feinstein, John, The legends club: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an epic college basketball rivalry
796.342 S628 Skidelsky, William, Federer and me: a story of obsession
796.357 D221 Darling, Ron, Game 7, 1986: failure and triumph in the biggest game of my life
796.357 K96 Kurkjian, Tim, I'm fascinated by sacrifice flies: inside the game we all love
796.357 P286 Passan, Jeff, The arm: inside the billion-dollar mystery of the most valuable commodity in sports
796.4 M147 McGraw, Eliza R. L., Here comes Exterminator!: the longshot horse, the Great War, and the making of an American hero
796.51 A646   Appalachian Trail guide to Massachusetts-Connecticut with Northern Berkshires trails
796.51 A646   Massachusetts trail guide: AMC guide to hiking trails in Massachusetts
796.51 B921   AMC's best day hikes in the White Mountains
796.51 K82 Kong, Dolores. Hiking Acadia National Park: a guide to the park's greatest hiking adventures
796.6 B931 Buhring, Juliana, This road I ride: sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself
797.122 D238 Daugherty, Michael, AMC's best sea kayaking in New England: 50 coastal paddling adventures from Maine to Connecticut
809 L776   The literature book
814.54 K56 Kinsley, Michael E, Old age: a beginner's guide
818.08 S888 Isay, David, Callings: the purpose and passion of work
818.54 J14 Jackson, Shirley, Let me tell you: new stories, essays, and other writings
821.912 S661 Smith, Stevie, All the poems of Stevie Smith
822.33 D Dickson, Andrew, Worlds elsewhere: journeys around Shakespeare's globe
822.33 S8   Hamlet: a critical reader
823.7 A933t Todd, Janet, The Cambridge introduction to Jane Austen
824.914 G141 Gaiman, Neil, The view from the cheap seats: selected nonfiction
875 C568 Cicero, Marcus Tullius, How to grow old: ancient wisdom for the second half of life
917.3 I27 Ilgunas, Ken, Trespassing across America: one man's epic, never-done-before (and sort of illegal) hike across the heartland
917.3 S446   Secrets of the national parks: the experts' guide to the best experiences beyond the tourist trail
917.3 U84   USA's national parks
917.3 W727 Williams, Terry Tempest. The hour of land: a personal topography of America's national parks
917.41 W953 Wright, Virginia Ultimate Acadia: 50 reasons to visit Maine's national park
917.53 F653   Fodor's Washington, D.C
917.8 F653   Fodor's complete guide to the National Parks of the West
917.8 F932   Frommer's EasyGuide to National Parks of the American West
917.875 Y43   Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
917.875 Y43   Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks and Jackson Hole: a complete guide
917.91 G751   Grand Canyon National Park
917.92 Z79   Zion & Bryce Canyon national parks
917.944 Y65   Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
940.5315 N152 Nagorski, Andrew, The Nazi hunters
940.545 G377 Geroux, William, The Mathews men: seven brothers and the war against Hitler's U-boats
940.5485 H358 Hastings, Max, The secret war: spies, ciphers, and guerrillas, 1939-1945
940.5486 B298 Bascomb, Neal, The winter fortress: the epic mission to sabotage Hitler's atomic bomb
940.55 F297 Feigel, Lara. The bitter taste of victory: life, love, and art in the ruins of the Reich
947.046 S443 Sebag Montefiore, Simon, The Romanovs: 1613-1918
956.05 B117 Bacevich, Andrew J., America's war for the greater Middle East: a military history
956.05 C967 Culbertson, Shelly, The fires of spring: a post-Arab Spring journey through the turbulent new Middle East
956.7043 F163 Fair, Eric, Consequence: a memoir
956.7043 G854 Griffith, W. Zach, Packed for the wrong trip: a new look inside Abu Ghraib and the citizen-soldiers who redeemed America's honor
956.7043 W535 Weston, J. Kael, The mirror test: America at war in Iraq and Afghanistan
956.92 F911 Friedman, Matti, Pumpkinflowers: a soldier's story
970.3 M383 Carlsen, William, Jungle of stone: the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya
973 W724 Williams, Juan, We the people: the modern-day figures who have reshaped and affirmed the Founding Fathers' vision of America
973.3 P545 Philbrick, Nathaniel, Valiant ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
973.46 F341 Fenster, Julie M., Jefferson's America: the President, the purchase, and the explorers who transformed a nation
973.92 H645 Hill, Clint, Five presidents: my extraordinary journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford
ActonColl 810.8 A162   ABRHS Window sea
ActonColl 810.8 A162   ABRHS Window sea
Biography 920 B877 Brower, Kate Andersen, First women: the grace and power of America's modern First Ladies
Biography Abu-Jaber, D. Abu-Jaber, Diana, Life without a recipe: a memoir
Biography Boxer, B. Boxer, Barbara. The art of tough: fearlessly facing politics and life
Biography Cooper, A. Cooper, Anderson. The rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son talk about life, love, and loss
Biography De Pury, S. De Pury, Simon, The auctioneer: adventures in the art trade
Biography Gould, J. Lepore, Jill, Joe Gould's teeth
Biography Huang, E. Huang, Eddie, Double cup love: on the trail of family, food, and broken hearts in China
Biography Kennedy, K. Leaming, Barbara, Kick Kennedy: the charmed life and tragic death of the favorite Kennedy daughter
Biography Knight, P. Knight, Philip H., Shoe dog: a memoir by the creator of Nike
Biography Knopf, B.W. Claridge, Laura P., The lady with the Borzoi: Blanche Knopf, literary tastemaker extraordinaire
Biography Lakshmi, P. Lakshmi, Padma. Love, loss, and what we ate
Biography Lerner, B. Lerner, Betsy, The bridge ladies: a memoir
Biography Liddell, E. Hamilton, Duncan, For the glory: Eric Liddell's journey from Olympic champion to modern martyr
Biography Lincoln, A. Blumenthal, Sidney, A self-made man: the political life of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1849
Biography Marzorati, G. Marzorati, Gerald, Late to the ball: age. learn. fight. love. play tennis. win.
Biography McCartney, P. Norman, Philip, Paul McCartney: the life
Biography Miscavige, R. Miscavige, Ron, Ruthless: scientology, my son David Miscavige, and me
Biography Moby Moby, Porcelain: a memoir
Biography Salie, F. Salie, Faith, Approval junkie: adventures in caring too much
Biography Streep, M. Schulman, Michael, Her again: becoming Meryl Streep
Biography Toorpakai, M. Toorpakai, Maria, A different kind of daughter: the girl who hid from the Taliban in plain sight
Biography Twain, M. Zacks, Richard, Chasing the last laugh: Mark Twain's raucous and redemptive round-the-world comedy tour
Biography Yang, B. Yang, Kao Kalia, The song poet: a memoir of my father
BookOnCD Alger Alger, Cristina, This was not the plan [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Biography Dumas, T.A. Reiss, Tom. The Black Count [sound recording]: glory, revolution, betrayal, and the real Count of Monte Cristo
BookOnCD Carr Carr, Robyn, What we find [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Johansen Johansen, Iris. Hide away [sound recording]
BookOnCD Quick Quick, Amanda, 'Til death do us part [sound recording]
BookOnCD Toibin Tóibín, Colm, Brooklyn [sound recording]: a novel
Chinese 327 Ruifei Ruifei. Wo dang Meiguo zheng fu guan yuan
Chinese 613 Song   Song gei lao ba lao ma de jian kang shu
Chinese 658 Wan   Wan zhuan wei xin 6.0
Chinese 973 Xue Xue, Yong, Meiguo zhe xie nian: 1980 zhi jin : Meiguo suan shen me
Chinese Biography Cheng, L. Cheng, Long, Cheng Long: hai mei zhang da jiu lao le
Chinese Fic Hao Hao, Yan, Wang da hua de ge ming sheng ya =Wangdahua revolutionary career
Chinese Fic Liang Liang, Xiaosheng, Fu chou de wen zi
Chinese Fic Liu Liu, Cixin. San ti II: hei an sen lin
Chinese Fic Liu Liu, Cixin, San ti
Chinese Fic Liu Liu, Cixin. San ti.;III,;Si shen yong sheng = Three body.;III, Dead end
Chinese Fic Su Su, Tong, Huang que ji
Chinese Fic Wang Wang, Meng, Qi pa qi pa chu chu ai
Chinese Fic Wang Wang, Meng, Zhe bian feng jing
Chinese Fic Wang Wang, Meng, Zhe bian feng jing
Chinese Fic Weir Weir, Andy, Huo xing jiu yuan
Chinese Fic Zhang Zhang, Xiaoxian, Li bie qu
COM Classical Bach Bach, Johann Sebastian, Cello suites [sound recording]
COM International Jia Jia, Peng Fang. River = Kawa [sound recording]
COM Jazz Jazz   The Jazz masters [sound recording]: 27 classic performances from the Columbia Jazz Masterpieces series
COM Jazz Ritenour Ritenour, Lee. Two worlds [sound recording]
COM Jazz Stax   Stax 50th anniversary celebration [sound recording]
COM Language Spanish Starting   Starting out in Spanish [sound recording]
DVD 613 P637   Pilates beginning mat workout [videorecording]
DVD All   All the kings men [videorecording]
DVD Choice   The choice [videorecording]
DVD Dave   Dave [videorecording]
DVD Deadpool   Deadpool [videorecording]
DVD Dirty   Dirty grandpa [videorecording]
DVD Fargo   Fargo.;Year two [videorecording]
DVD Finest   The finest hours [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Turkish Mustang   Mustang [videorecording]
DVD Gods   Gods of Egypt [videorecording]
DVD Greatest   Greatest classic legends film collection.;Burt Lancaster [videorecording]
DVD Joy   Joy [videorecording]
DVD VEEP   VEEP.;The complete fourth season [videorecording]
Fic Amend Amend, Allison, Enchanted Islands: a novel
Fic Anderson Anderson, Alison A., The summer guest: a novel
Fic Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay, The weekenders
Fic Armstrong Armstrong, Kelley, City of the lost
Fic Backman Backman, Fredrik, Britt-Marie was here: a novel
Fic Bajaj Bajaj, Karan, The yoga of Max's discontent
Fic Baker Baker, Jo, A country road, a tree: a novel
Fic Barnes Barnes, Julian, The noise of time
Fic Barnett Barnett, Laura, The versions of us
Fic Barone Barone, Tracy, Happy family: a novel
Fic Beazley Beazley, Lisa, Keep me posted
Fic Belfer Belfer, Lauren, And after the fire: a novel
Fic Beverly-Whittemore Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda, June: a novel
Fic Brock Brock, Amber. A Fine Imitation
Fic Brooks Brooks, Terry, The sorcerer's daughter: the defenders of Shannara
Fic Brown Brown, Kate Lord, The house of dreams: a novel
Fic Busquets Busquets, Milena, This too shall pass: a novel
Fic Cann Cann, Dana, Ghosts of Bergen County
Fic Carr Carr, Robyn, What we find
Fic Charles Charles, Christopher, The exiled
Fic Church Church, Elizabeth J., The atomic weight of love: a novel
Fic Cohen Cohen, Julie, Dear thing
Fic Crane Crane, Elizabeth, The history of great things: a novel
Fic Cronin Cronin, Justin, The city of mirrors: a novel
Fic Cussler Cussler, Clive, The Emperor's revenge: an Oregon Files adventure
Fic Danler Danler, Stephanie, Sweetbitter
Fic De Kretser De Kretser, Michelle. Springtime: a ghost story
Fic DiSclanani DiSclafani, Anton, The after party: a novel
Fic Durham Durham, David Anthony, The risen: a novel of Spartacus
Fic Dutton Dutton, Danielle, Margaret the first
Fic Edwards Edwards, Yvvette. The Mother: a novel
Fic Erades Erades, Guillermo, Back to Moscow
Fic Erdrich Erdrich, Louise, LaRose
Fic Erens Erens, Pamela, Eleven hours
Fic Fenton Fenton, Liz, The year we turned forty: a novel
Fic Frank Frank, Dorothea Benton, All summer long
Fic Gardos Gárdos, Péter, Fever at dawn
Fic Gomez Barcena Gómez Bárcena, Juan, The sky over Lima
Fic Haddon Haddon, Mark, The pier falls: and other stories
Fic Hannah Hannah, Sophie, A game for all the family
Fic Haslett Haslett, Adam, Imagine me gone: a novel
Fic Hatvany Hatvany, Amy, Somewhere out there: a novel
Fic Hawley Hawley, Noah, Before the fall
Fic Hay Hay, Ashley, The railwayman's wife: a novel
Fic Hayes Hayes, Antonia, Relativity
Fic Hendrix Hendrix, Grady, My best friend's exorcism: a novel
Fic Hill Hill, Joe, The Fireman: a novel
Fic Hilton Hilton, L. S., Maestra
Fic Himes Himes, Leigh, The one that got away: a novel
Fic Ho Ho⁺⁶, Kyun, The story of Hong Gildong
Fic Howard Howard, Kat, Roses and rot
Fic Howard Howard, Linda, Troublemaker
Fic Hurley Hurley, Andrew Michael, The Loney
Fic Janowitz Janowitz, Brenda, The dinner party: a novel
Fic John John, Elnathan, Born on a Tuesday: a novel
Fic Kelly Kelly, Victoria, Mrs. Houdini: a novel
Fic Kilpack Kilpack, Josi S., Forever and forever: the courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton
Fic Kubica Kubica, Mary, Don't you cry
Fic Lippman Lippman, Laura, Wilde Lake: a novel
Fic Loigman Loigman, Lynda Cohen, The two-family house
Fic Lynch Lynch, Jim, Before the wind
Fic Mackintosh Mackintosh, Clare, I let you go
Fic Mann Mann, Don, Hunt the dragon
Fic Martini Martini, Steve, Blood flag: a Paul Madriani novel
Fic McFarlane McFarlane, Fiona, The high places: stories
Fic McFate McFate, Sean, Shadow war
Fic McGarrity McGarrity, Michael, The last ranch: a novel of the new American West
Fic McKinnon McKinnon, Hannah Roberts, The lake season: a novel
Fic Millet Millet, Lydia, Sweet lamb of heaven: a novel
Fic Miralles Miralles, Francesc, Love in lowercase: a novel
Fic Mitzner Mitzner, Adam, The girl from home: a thriller
Fic Mogelson Mogelson, Luke. These heroic, happy dead
Fic Moggach Moggach, Deborah. Something to hide
Fic Monroe Monroe, Mary Alice, A lowcountry wedding
Fic Morgan Morgan, C. E., The sport of kings
Fic Muller Müller, Herta, The fox was ever the hunter: a novel
Fic Neill Neill, Chloe, Midnight marked: a Chicagoland vampires novel
Fic North North, Ryan, Romeo And/Or Juliet: A Chooseable-path Adventur
Fic Norwich Norwich, William D., My Mrs. Brown
Fic Olde Heuvelt Olde Heuvelt, Thomas, Hex
Fic O'Nan O'Nan, Stewart, City of secrets
Fic Palmer Palmer, Matthew, The wolf of Sarajevo
Fic Palmer Palmer, Daniel, Mercy
Fic Parker Parker, Harry, Anatomy of a soldier
Fic Patrick Patrick, Phaedra. The curious charms of Arthur Pepper
Fic Perri Perri, Camille, The assistants
Fic Pollack Pollack, Eileen, A perfect life: a novel
Fic Porto Porto, Alexandre Vidal, Sergio Y.
Fic Preston Preston, Douglas J., Beyond the ice limit: a Gideon Crew novel
Fic Rudolph Rudolph, Michael, Noble chase: a novel
Fic Russo Russo, Richard, Nobody's fool
Fic Seay Seay, Martin, The mirror thief: a novel
Fic Sharratt Sharratt, Mary, The dark lady's mask
Fic Stein Stein, Garth. The art of racing in the rain: a novel
Fic Stein Stein, Garth. The art of racing in the rain: a novel
Fic Stillman Stillman, Whit, Love & friendship: in which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon is entirely vindicated : concerning the beautiful Lady Susan Vernon, her cunning daughter & the strange antagonism of the DeCourcy family
Fic Straub Straub, Emma, Modern lovers
Fic Sweeney Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Fic Sweeney Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Fic Swift Swift, Graham, Mothering Sunday: a romance
Fic Thayer Thayer, Nancy, The island house: a novel
Fic Thorpe Thorpe, Rufi, Dear fang, with love
Fic Turtledove Turtledove, Harry. The house of Daniel
Fic Tussing Tussing, Justin, Vexation lullaby: [a novel]
Fic Vincent Vincent, Isabel, Dinner with Edward: the story of a remarkable friendship
Fic Vyleta Vyleta, Dan, Smoke: a novel
Fic Whitehouse Whitehouse, Lucie, Keep you close: a novel
Fic Wood Wood, Benjamin, The ecliptic
French 843.92 B234d   L'élegance du hérisson, Muriel Barbery: fiche de lecture
French Fic Bradley Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Le secret d'Avalon
French Fic Foer Foer, Jonathan Safran Extrêmement fort et incroyablement près
French Fic Garde Garde, Francois Ce qu'il advint du sauvage blan
French Fic Gardner Gardner, Lisa. Sauver sa peau
French Fic Golden Golden, Arthur Geisha
French Fic Harris Harris, Charlanine Interlude mortel
French Fic LeCarre Le Carré, John, La constance du jardinier: roman
French Fic Lustbader Lustbader, Eric. Mensonge dans la peau : le ruse de Bourn
French Fic McLain McLain, Paula, Madame Hemingway
French Fic Ollivier Ollivier, Émile, Passages: roman
French Fic Puchner Puchner, Eric Famille Model
French Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K. Une place à prender
French Fic Rufin Rufin, Jean-Christophe, Le collier rouge: roman
French Fic Shaffer Shaffer, Mary Ann Cercle littéraire des amateurs d'épluchures de patate
French Fic Smith Smith, Tom Rob. Enfant 44
French Fic Sparks Sparks, Nicholas Tout jamais
French Fic Tolkien Tolkien, J. R. R. Le Seigneur des anneaux
Graphic 519.5 G638 Gonick, Larry. The cartoon guide to statistics
Graphic Wyld Wyld, Evie, Everything is teeth
J 031.02 L554 Lemke, Donald B. Guinness world records.;Super humans!
J 031.02 P962 Probst, Jeff, Amazing places
J 031.02 W378 Webster, Christy. Guinness World Records.;Biggest and smallest!
J 1,2,3 Sorenson Sorenson, Ashley N., The very cold, freezing, no-numbers day
J 153.6 B711 Bondy, Halley, Speak up!: a guide to having your say and speaking your mind
J 155.937 S639 Smid, Emmi. Luna's red hat: an illustrated storybook to help children cope with loss and suicide
J 177.7 R961 Russell, Bernadette, Do nice, be kind, spread happy: acts of kindness for kids
J 248.4 F819 Francis, Dear Pope Francis
J 292.08 H417 Hayes, Amy, Medusa and Pegasus
J 305.42 G618 Gold, Susan Dudley. The Women's Rights Movement and Abolitionism
J 305.8 A547 Anderson, Joanna, The many people of America
J 326 P158 Paley, Caitlyn. Slave narratives and the writings of freedmen
J 326 W362 Weatherford, Carole Boston, Freedom in Congo Square
J 328.73 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan. Standing in a senator's shoes
J 328.73 S738 Spath, Carolyn E. W. Standing in the shoes of a member of the House of Representatives
J 332.024 S399 Schwartz, Heather E., Spend wisely
J 332.024 S399 Schwartz, Heather E. Save wisely
J 332.024 S399 Schwartz, Heather E. Bank wisely
J 332.04 J17 Jacobson, Ryan, Get a job making stuff to sell
J 333.79 S949 Sullivan, Laura L., The Pros and cons of solar power
J 333.9 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. The pros and cons of hydropower
J 333.91 P458 Perritano, John, Freshwater resources
J 333.91 P458 Perritano, John. Marine resources
J 333.9539 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan, The pros and cons of biofuel
J 342.73 K94 Krull, Kathleen, A kids' guide to America's Bill of Rights
J 344.744 G653 Goodman, Susan E., The first step: how one girl put segregation on trial
J 347.73 M114 McAneney, Caitie, Standing in a Supreme Court justice's shoes
J 347.73 M873 Morretta, Alison, Legal debates of the antislavery movement
J 353.03 M149 Machajewski, Sarah. Standing in the president's shoes
J 353.1 M114 McAneney, Caitie. Standing in the Secretary of State's shoes
J 353.91 N147 Nagelhout, Ryan. Standing in a governor's shoes
J 356.1 R592 Ripley, Tim. Paratroopers: what it takes to join the elite
J 356.1 R592 Ripley, Tim. Counterterrorism operatives: what it takes to join the elite
J 358.23 R592 Ripley, Tim. Demolitions experts: what it takes to join the elite
J 358.4 R592 Ripley, Tim. Drone operators: what it takes to join the elite
J 364.15 B666 Bodden, Valerie. The 9/11 terror attacks: Odysseys
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget, Manners at a friend's house
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget, Manners with technology
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget, Manners on vacation
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget, Manners at the store
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget. Manners at school
J 395.1 H528 Heos, Bridget, Manners at a restaurant
J 398.45 G855 Griffiths, Katie. Leprechauns
J 428.1 S915 Street, Pat You're Pulling My Leg!: 440 Human-Body Sayings from Head to To
J 428.2 K33 Kenan, Tessa, What did he say? : a book about quotation marks
J 428.2 P885 Powell, Marie, We're going to the Smiths' house: a book about apostrophes
J 428.2 P885 Powell, Marie, What is that?: a book about question marks
J 428.2 P885 Powell, Marie, This is exciting!: a book about exclamation points
J 428.2 P885 Powell, Marie, Take a pause, Paul: a book about commas
J 428.2 P885 Powell, Marie, Stop right there.: a book about periods
J 507.2 S774 Squire, Ann, Extreme laboratories
J 513.2 A237 Adler, David A., Place value
J 546 P458 Perritano, John, Iron
J 546 P458 Perritano, John, Gold and silver
J 546 P458 Perritano, John, Copper
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of South America
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of North America
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of Europe
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of Australia
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of Asia
J 551.6 K96 Kummer, Patricia K., The changing climate of Antarctica
J 553.63 P458 Perritano, John, Salt
J 574.507 C321 Carson, Mary Kay, Inside Biosphere 2: Earth science under glass
J 574.9 S756 Spilsbury, Louise, Polar regions
J 582.16 T217 Tate, Nikki, Deep roots: how trees sustain our planet
J 591 A752 Arnold, Caroline, Living fossils: clues to the past
J 595.724 B561 Bestor, Sheri Mabry, Good trick, walking stick!
J 595.78 H567 Herrington, Lisa M., Butterflies and moths
J 597.8 H567 Herrington, Lisa M., Frogs and toads
J 598.13 C869 Cousteau, Philippe, Follow the moon home
J 598.13 H567 Herrington, Lisa M., Turtles and tortoises
J 598.14 D153 Daly, Timothy M. Alligators
J 598.14 H567 Herrington, Lisa M., Crocodiles and alligators
J 598.2 V242 VanDerwater, Amy Ludwig, Every day birds
J 599.728 C321 Carson, Mary Kay. Emi and the rhino scientist
J 599.744 C367 Herrington, Lisa M., Cheetahs and leopards
J 599.744 O46 Delacre, Lulu, ¡Olinguito, de la A a la Z!: descubriendo el bosque nublado = Olinguito, from A to Z! : unveiling the cloud forest
J 599.8 H567 Herrington, Lisa M., Monkeys and apes
J 599.884 E82 Eszterhas, Suzi, Orangutan orphanage
J 613.7 G259 Gates, Mariam, Good morning yoga: a pose-by-pose wake-up story
J 614.518 D676 Donaldson, Olivia, Influenza
J 616.079 M172 McPartland, Randall. HIV and AIDS
J 616.362 M649 Miller, Petra, Hepatitis
J 616.835 G784 Grayson-Jones, Timothy. Polio
J 616.912 A567 Andrews, Lawrence, Smallpox
J 616.918 M649 Miller, Petra. Dengue fever
J 616.925 M649 Miller, Petra, Ebola
J 616.926 M172 McPartland, Randall. E. coli
J 616.932 G784 Grayson-Jones, Timothy. Cholera
J 616.995 M172 McPartland, Randall. Tuberculosis
J 629.45 B666 Bodden, Valerie. Man walks on the moon: days of change
J 631.52 C346 Castaldo, Nancy F. The story of seeds: from Mendel's garden to your plate, and how there's more of less to eat around the world
J 635 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Gardening
J 641.86 C938 Crocker, Betty. Betty Crocker just cupcakes: 100 recipes for the way you really cook
J 641.86 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Baking
J 646.2 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Sewing
J 662.6 S817 Stefoff, Rebecca, The pros and cons of coal
J 665.5 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan, The pros and cons of oil
J 665.5 P243 Parker, Steve, Oil
J 665.7 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth, The pros and cons of natural gas and fracking
J 709.02 F559 Fitzpatrick, Anne, The Renaissance: movements in art
J 709.02 G975 Gunderson, Jessica, Gothic art: odysseys
J 709.03 F559 Fitzpatrick, Anne, The Baroque period: odysseys
J 709.03 G975 Gunderson, Jessica, Romanticism: movements in art
J 709.03 G975 Gunderson, Jessica, Realism: odysseys
J 709.03 G975 Gunderson, Jessica, Impressionism: odysseys
J 709.04 F559 Fitzpatrick, Anne, Late modernism: odysseys
J 709.04 R664 Robinson, Shannon, Cubism: odysseys
J 741 A636 Antram, David, Manga boys
J 741.59 A636 Antram, David, The art of drawing manga pets
J 741.59 A636 Antram, David, The art of drawing manga villains
J 741.59 A636 Antram, David, The art of drawing manga girls
J 745.54 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Paper crafts
J 770 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Photography
J 790.1 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie, Collecting
J 791.53 W628 White, Amy, Dressing the naked hand: the world's greatest guide to making, staging, and performing with puppets
J 793.735 M648 Miller, Kelley, Just joking: cats
J 796.323 A682 Aretha, David. Superstars of the Chicago Bulls
J 796.323 D649 Doeden, Matt. The Final Four: the pursuit of college basketball glory
J 796.323 H224 Hammer, Max. Superstars of the Oklahoma City Thunder
J 796.323 H224 Hammer, Max. Superstars of the Miami Heat
J 796.323 H683 Hoblin, Paul. Superstars of the San Antonio Spurs
J 796.323 H683 Hoblin, Paul. Superstars of the New York Knicks
J 796.323 M379 Martin, Annabelle T. Superstars of the Los Angeles Lakers
J 796.323 M379 Martin, Annabelle T. Superstars of the Cleveland Cavaliers
J 798.8 O81 Osborne, Mary Pope, Dogsledding and extreme sports: a nonfiction companion to Magic tree house #54, Balto of the Blue Dawn
J 811.54 N252 Nash, Mildred J. Stars for starters: a night sky poetry guide
J 811.54 N252 Nash, Mildred J. Stars for starters: a night sky poetry guide
J 811.6 F656 Fogliano, Julie, When green becomes tomatoes
J 811.6 L352 Latham, Irene, Fresh delicious: poems from the farmer's market
J 811.6 R123 Raczka, Bob, Wet cement: a mix of concrete poems
J 917.64 F917 Frisch, Nate. Big Bend National Park
J 917.83 F917 Frisch, Nate. Badlands National Park
J 917.87 F917 Frisch, Nate. Grand Teton National Park
J 917.88 F917 Frisch, Nate. Rocky Mountain National Park
J 930 B498 Bergin, Mark, Warfare in the ancient world
J 932 B786 Bower, Tamara The Mummy Makers of Egyp
J 940.1 M135 Macdonald, Fiona, Warfare in the Middle Ages
J 940.4 G347 George, Enzo. World War I: the War to End All Wars
J 940.53 G347 George, Enzo, World War II
J 940.5315 B666 Bodden, Valerie, The Holocaust
J 940.5421 G347 George, Enzo. World War II in Europe and North Africa: preserving democracy
J 940.5425 B666 Bodden, Valerie, The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
J 940.5426 G347 George, Enzo. World War II in the Pacific: war with Japan
J 942 M284 Manning, Paul, Thames River
J 944.04 R569 Riggs, Kate, The French Revolution
J 946.9 H434 Heale, Jay, Portugal
J 948.9 P295 Pateman, Robert, Denmark
J 949.2 S514 Seward, Pat, Netherlands
J 951.2 M284 Manning, Paul, Yangtze River
J 954 M284 Manning, Paul, Ganges River
J 954 S559 Shoup, Kate, India
J 956.91 S726 South, Coleman, Syria
J 962 M284 Manning, Paul, Nile River
J 962 S559 Shoup, Kate, Egypt
J 964 S514 Seward, Pat, Morocco
J 971 G665 Gordon, Sharon, Canada
J 972 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth, Mexico
J 973 G665 Gordon, Sharon, United States
J 973.2 C236 Capaccio, George. Schools in Colonial America
J 973.2 C236 Capaccio, George. Religion in colonial America
J 973.2 C699 Colligan, Louise H. Government in colonial America
J 973.2 C699 Colligan, L. H. The City in Colonial America
J 973.2 E47 Ellis, Carol, The military in Colonial America
J 973.2 S949 Sullivan, Laura L., The colonial woodworker
J 973.2 S949 Sullivan, Laura L., The colonial wigmaker
J 973.71 G618 Gold, Susan Dudley. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
J 973.71 S817 Stefoff, Rebecca, John Brown and the armed resistance to slavery
J 973.714 B561 Best, B. J., Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Thirteenth Amendment
J 977 M284 Manning, Paul, Mississippi River
J 981 M284 Manning, Paul, Amazon River
J 986.6 F663 Foley, Erin, Ecuador
J Biography Blondin Tavares, Matt, Crossing Niagara: the death-defying tightrope adventures of the Great Blondin
J Biography Blume, J. Bowman, Chris, Judy Blume
J Biography Hoy, W. Churnin, Nancy, The William Hoy story: how a deaf baseball player changed the game
J Biography Seuss, Dr. Schuetz, Kari. Dr. Seuss
J Biography Silverstein, S. Bowman, Chris, Shel Silverstein
J BoardBk Barton Barton, Byron. Trucks
J BoardBk Carle Carle, Eric. My very first book of words
J BoardBk Carle Carle, Eric. My very first book of shapes
J BoardBk Carle Carle, Eric. My very first book of numbers
J BoardBk Carle Carle, Eric. My very first book of colors
J BoardBk Counting   Counting machines
J BoardBk Depken Depken, Kristen L. Pocoyo
J BoardBk Depken Depken, Kristen L. Pato
J BoardBk Depken Depken, Kristen L. Loula
J BoardBk Depken Depken, Kristen L. Elly
J BoardBk Elmo's   Sesame Street Elmo's World: Babies!
J BoardBk Elmo's   Puppies!
J BoardBk Elmo's   Food!
J BoardBk Elmo's   Balls!
J BoardBk First   First 100 words
J BoardBk Hill Hill, Susanna Leonard. Freight train trip!: a lift-the-flap adventure
J BoardBk If   If I were a doctor
J BoardBk If   If I were a dentist
J BoardBk Katz Katz, Karen. Where is baby's belly button?: a lift-the-flap book
J BoardBk McPike McPike, Elizabeth, Little sleepyhead
J BoardBk Pat   Pat the zoo: a touch-and-feel book
J BoardBk Pitt Pitt, Sarah. Peek-a-boo jungle
J BoardBk Priddy Priddy, Roger. Numbers
J BoardBk Schertle Schertle, Alice. Little Blue Truck
J BoardBk Scott Scott, MaryJo, Corduroy's shapes
J BoardBk Sirett Sirett, Dawn, Tractor pop-up peekaboo!
J BoardBk Sirett Sirett, Dawn, Toot! toot!
J BoardBk Thomas   Thomas saves the day
J BoardBk What   What is pink?
J BoardBk What   What is blue
J BoardBk Where   Where is your nose?
J BookOnCD Alexander Alexander, Kwame. Booked [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Arroyo Arroyo, Raymond, The relic of Perilous Falls [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Biography 920 H559   Heroes of black history [sound recording]: Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Underground Railroad
J BookOnCD Biography 920 S416   Scientists and inventors [sound recording]: Neil Armstrong, Marie Curie, Ben Franklin, Galileo, Jane Goodall, Steve Jobs
J BookOnCD Biography Goodall, J. Edwards, Roberta. Who is Jane Goodall? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Biography Hershey, M. Buckley, James Who was MIlton Hershey? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Biography Robinson, J. Herman, Gail Who was Jackie Robinson? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Biography Seuss, Dr. Pascal, Janet B. Who was Dr. Seuss? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Bosch Bosch, Pseudonymous. Bad luck [sound recording]
J BookOnCD De la Cruz De la Cruz, Melissa, Return to the Isle of the Lost [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Dilloway Dilloway, Margaret Momotaro Xander and the lost island of monsters [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Disney, W. Stewart, Whitney, Who was Walt Disney? [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Fox Fox, Janet S. The charmed children of Rookskill Castle [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Grabenstein Grabenstein, Chris. Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Grant Grant, Holly. The dastardly deed [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Khan Khan, Joshua ShadowMagic [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Mabbitt Mabbitt, Will. Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Magic tree house.;Books 33 - 36 [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Magic tree house.;Books 25 - 28 [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Patterson Patterson, James, Middle school [sound recording]: the worst years of my life
J BookOnCD Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara, Waylon! [sound recording]: one awesome thing
J BookOnCD Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara, Pax [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Quinn Quinn, Spencer Arf [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Shirtliff Shurtliff, Liesl. Red [sound recording]: the true story of Red Riding Hood
J BookOnCD Spirit Mull, Brandon, Tales of the fallen beasts [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Spirit Johnson, Varian, The return [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Starmer Starmer, Aaron Storyteller [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Voyagers Magoon, Kekla, Infinity riders [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Voyagers Carman, Patrick. Omega rising [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Wexler Wexler, Django. The palace of glass [sound recording]
J DVD Alvin   Alvin and the Chipmunks.;The road chip [videorecording]
J EasyReader PAW Depken, Kristen L., Chase's space case
J EasyReader SuperHeroes Sazaklis, John. Batman: dawn of the Dynamic Duo
J Fic Alexander Alexander, Kwame, Booked
J Fic Auxier Auxier, Jonathan, Sophie Quire and the last Storyguard: a story
J Fic Avi Avi, The most important thing: stories about sons, fathers, and grandfathers
J Fic Barry Barry, Dave, The worst night ever
J Fic Black Black, Peter Jay, Lockdown
J Fic Blyton Blyton, Enid. The sea of adventure
J Fic Brooks Brooks, Walter R., Freddy goes camping
J Fic Brown Brown, Peter, The wild robot
J Fic Columbus Columbus, Chris, Clash of the worlds
J Fic Cronin Cronin, Doreen, Into the wild: yet another misadventure
J Fic De La Cruz De la Cruz, Melissa, Return to the Isle of the Lost: a Descendants novel
J Fic DiCamillo DiCamillo, Kate, Raymie nightingale
J Fic Flanagan Flanagan, John The Royal ranger
J Fic Frederick Frederick, Heather Vogel, Mother-daughter book camp
J Fic Gaiman Gaiman, Neil, Fortunately, the milk
J Fic Gibbs Gibbs, Stuart, Spaced out
J Fic Gutman Gutman, Dan. Officer Spence makes no sense!
J Fic Hiaasen Hiaasen, Carl. Hoot
J Fic Holub Holub, Joan, Perseus and the monstrous Medusa
J Fic Khan Khan, Joshua. Shadow magic
J Fic Knudsen Knudsen, Michelle. Mage of Trelian
J Fic Korman Korman, Gordon, Slacker
J Fic Lego Farshtey, Greg. Attack of the crocodiles
J Fic Marsh Marsh, Carole. The mystery at the Boston Marathon
J Fic McMann McMann, Lisa, Island of dragons
J Fic Oliver Oliver, Lauren, The screaming statue
J Fic Palacio Palacio, R. J. Wonder
J Fic Patterson Patterson, James, Jacky Ha-Ha
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hidden oracle
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hidden oracle
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hidden oracle
J Fic Salamon Salamon, Julie, Mutt's promise
J Fic Sales Sales, Leila, Once was a time
J Fic Shovan Shovan, Laura. The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary
J Fic Shurtliff Shurtliff, Liesl. Red: the true story of Red Riding Hood
J Fic Simon Simon, Coco, Alexis, cupcake crush
J Fic Spirit Johnson, Varian, The return
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo. The secret of Cacklefur Castle
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo, The hunt for the secret papyrus: plus a bonus mini mystery and cheesy jokes
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo Hour of Magi
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo. Beware! Space Junk!
J Fic West West, Tracey, Song of the poison dragon
J Fic Wexler Wexler, Django, The palace of glass
J Fic Wilson Wilson, Nathan D., The legend of Sam Miracle
J Graphic Bone Smith, Jeff, The dragonslayer
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. The Calvin and Hobbes lazy Sunday book: a collection of Sunday Calvin and Hobbes cartoons
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, The third Garfield treasury!
J Graphic Stratford Lendler, Ian, Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue presents Romeo and Juliet
J Graphic Stratford Lendler, Ian, Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue presents Romeo and Juliet
J Graphic Yomtov Yomtov, Nelson. Theseus and the Minotaur
J PictureBK 177.6 K39 Kerley, Barbara. With a friend by your side
J PictureBk 391 L419 Lawrence, Ellen, The clothes we wear
J PictureBk 428.1 S761 Spitzer, Katja, Let's go outside
J PictureBk 523.7 C652 Coan, Sharon, What the sun can do
J PictureBk 531.6 C652 Coan, Sharon, Pushes and pulls
J PictureBk 551.6 C652 Coan, Sharon, Changing weather
J PictureBk 574 R892 Royston, Angela, Living and nonliving
J PictureBk 629.133 R569 Riggs, Kate, Helicopters
J PictureBk 629.2 R569 Riggs, Kate, Ambulances
J PictureBk 629.22 F235 Farndon, John, Megafast trucks
J PictureBk 634 R495 Rice, Dona, Always growing.;Fruit
J PictureBk Ashman Ashman, Linda, Rock-a-bye romp
J PictureBk Elliot Elliot, Rachel, The adventurers
J PictureBk Flannery Flannery, John Beard boy
J PictureBk Holiday Passover Wayland Wayland, April Halprin. More than enough: a Passover story
J PictureBk Mack Mack, Jeff, Playtime?
J PictureBk Molchadsky Molchadsky, Yael, The chameleon that saved Noah's ark
J PictureBk Potter Potter, Beatrix, The tale of Tom Kitten
J PictureBk Potter Potter, Beatrix, The tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
J Playaway Frederick Frederick, Heather Vogel, The Mother-Daughter Book Club [sound recording]: Mother-Daughter Book Club Series
J Playaway Lawrence Lawrence, Iain Skeleton tree [sound recording]
J Playaway Urban Urban, Linda Milo Speck, accidental agent [sound recording]
J Playaway Vance Vance, Alexander P Behind the canvas [sound recording]
J Ref 372.64 P367 Peck, Penny. Crash course in storytime fundamentals
J VideoPlayer 419 W361   We sign. Animals & more animals [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer 419 W361   Play time & fun time [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer 513 M495   Meet the math facts. Level 1, Addition & subtraction [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer 516 M495   Meet the shapes [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer 629 L883   Lots & lots of trucks.;Vol. 2,;Mighty tough trucks! [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer Good   Good night, Gorilla and other favorite animal stories [videorecording]
J VideoPlayer Hi   Hi! Fly Guy [videorecording]: and other stories about friendship
J VideoPlayer Tiny   Tiny seed : and other stories for Earth Day [videorecording]
LargeType 973.3 P545 Philbrick, Nathaniel, Valiant ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
LargeType Arlidge Arlidge, M. J., The doll's house: a Detective Helen Grace thriller
LargeType Backman Backman, Fredrik, Britt-Marie was here
LargeType Baldacci Baldacci, David, The last mile
LargeType Balogh Balogh, Mary, Only beloved: a survivors' club novel
LargeType Biography Kalanithi, P. Kalanithi, Paul, When breath becomes air
LargeType Bowen Bowen, Rhys, Time of fog and fire
LargeType Chase Chase, Eve, Black Rabbit Hall
LargeType Cleave Cleave, Chris, Everyone brave is forgiven
LargeType Goodman Goodman, Carol, River Road
LargeType Harris Harris, Charlaine, Night shift
LargeType Hart Hart, John, Redemption road
LargeType Hay Hay, Ashley, The railwayman's wife
LargeType Johansen Johansen, Iris, Hide away
LargeType Joinson Joinson, Suzanne, The photographer's wife
LargeType Kelly Kelly, Victoria, Mrs. Houdini: a novel
LargeType Mallery Mallery, Susan, Best of my love
LargeType Martin Martin, Kat, Into the fury
LargeType Morgan Morgan, Robert, Chasing the North Star
LargeType Parker/Atkins Atkins, Ace, Robert B. Parker's slow burn
LargeType Patrick Patrick, Phaedra, The curious charms of Arthur Pepper
LargeType Patterson Patterson, James, 15th affair
LargeType Quick Quick, Amanda, 'Til death do us part
LargeType Russo Russo, Richard, Everybody's fool [text (large print)]
LargeType Sandford Sandford, John, Extreme prey
LargeType Steel Steel, Danielle, The apartment: a novel
Literacy 323.6 W424 Weintraub, Lynne. Citizenship, passing the test: ready for the interview
Literacy 418.0071 F855 Freeman, Yvonne S. ESL Teaching, Revised Edition: Principles for Succes
Literacy 428.1 G434 Giannotti, Janet. Word strategies: building a strong vocabulary
Literacy 428.1 N873 Northcutt, Ellen, Building a strong vocabulary for life skills
Literacy 428.1 N873 Northcutt, Ellen, Building a strong vocabulary for academic preparation
Literacy 428.1 N873 Northcutt, Ellen, Building a strong vocabulary for work readiness
Literacy 428.2 K25 Keating, Kevin Anthony. Grammar wise
Literacy 428.2 K25 Keating, Kevin Anthony. Grammar wise
Literacy 428.24 M978 Murphy, Raymond. Basic grammar in use, with answers
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics:;teacher's edition
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics:;teacher's edition
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics:;teacher's edition
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics:;teacher's edition
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics
Literacy 428.4 R496 Rice, Gail. Focus on phonics
Mystery Atherton Atherton, Nancy, Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure
Mystery Axelrod Axelrod, Steven, Nantucket grand
Mystery Barr Barr, Nevada, Boar Island
Mystery Berney Berney, Louis, The long and faraway gone
Mystery Billingham Billingham, Mark, Die of shame
Mystery Brown Brown, Rita Mae, Tall tail: a Mrs. Murphy mystery
Mystery Casey Casey, Jane After the fire: a mystery
Mystery Corby Corby, Gary, The singer from Memphis
Mystery Cox Cox, Michelle, A girl like you
Mystery De Muriel De Muriel, Oscar, The strings of murder
Mystery Dennison Dennison, Hannah, A killer ball at Honeychurch Hall
Mystery Dugoni Dugoni, Robert, In the clearing
Mystery Duncan Duncan, Elizabeth J., Murder on the hour: a Penny Brannigan mystery
Mystery Griffiths Griffiths, Elly, The woman in blue: a Ruth Galloway mystery
Mystery Hamilton Hamilton, Steve, The second life of Nick Mason
Mystery Hart Hart, John, Redemption road
Mystery Havill Havill, Steven. Come dark: a Posadas County mystery
Mystery Jordan Jordan, Neil, The drowned detective
Mystery Lagercrantz Lagercrantz, David, The fall of man in Wilmslow: the death and life of Alan Turing : a novel
Mystery Lehane Lehane, Cornelius, Murder at the 42nd Street library: a mystery
Mystery Parker/ Atkins Atkins, Ace, Robert B. Parker's Slow burn
Mystery Patrick Patrick, Renee, Design for dying
Mystery Pronzini Pronzini, Bill, Zigzag: a nameless detective collection
Mystery Quartey Quartey, Kwei, Gold of our fathers
Mystery Riggs Riggs, Cynthia, Bloodroot: a Martha's Vineyard mystery
Mystery Rowland Rowland, John, Calamity in Kent
Mystery Swinson Swinson, David, The second girl
Mystery Viets Viets, Elaine, The art of murder: a dead-end job mystery
Mystery Wechsler Wechsler, Pamela, Mission Hill: a novel
Oversized 917.3 S558 Shive, Ian, The National Parks: an American legacy : celebrating 100 years of the National Park Service
Paperback Cain Cain, Chelsea. One Kick
Paperback Davidson Davidson, Diane Mott. Crunch time
Paperback Deaver Deaver, Jeffery, The October list: a novel in reverse with photographs by the author
Paperback Desmet Desmet, Christy, First degree fudge
Paperback Donoghue Donoghue, Emma, Room: a novel
Paperback Fluke Fluke, Joanne, Double fudge brownie murder
Paperback Grimes Grimes, Martha, Vertigo 42: a Richard Jury mystery
Paperback Jance Jance, Judith A., Moving target: a novel
Paperback Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan, Motive: an Alex Delaware novel
Paperback Kellerman Kellerman, Faye, Murder 101: a Decker/Lazarus novel
Paperback Penny Penny, Louise, Still life
Paperback Robb Robb, J. D., Obsession in death
Paperback Robb Robb, J. D., Devoted in death
Paperback Roberts Roberts, Nora, Chasing hope
Paperback Roberts Roberts, Nora. Chasing destiny
Paperback Sandford Sandford, John, Storm front
Paperback Silva Silva, Daniel, The heist
Paperback Silva Silva, Daniel, The Fallen Angel
Portuguese Fic Coelho Coelho, Paulo. Adultério
Rental DVD   Zoolander no. 2 [videorecording]
Rental DVD   The finest hours [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Deadpool [videorecording]
Rental DVD   The choice [videorecording]
Russian Biography Brik, L.U. Vaksberg, Arkadiĭ. Zagadka i magii︠`a Lili Brik
Russian Fic Grossman Grossman, Vasiliĭ. Za pravoe delo
Russian Fic Rybakov Rybakov, Anatoliĭ, Deti Arbata
Russian Fic Ulit︠s︡kai︠a Ulit︠s︡kai︠a︡, Li︠u︡dmila, Dar nerukotvornyĭ: [rasskazy, povesti, pʹesy]
SciFi Neuvel Neuvel, Sylvain, Sleeping giants
SciFi Sawyer Sawyer, Robert J., Quantum night
Spanish Fic Barbery Barbery, Muriel Elegancia del eriz
Spanish Fic Coelho Coelho, Paulo El Peregrino de Compostela : (diario de un mago
Spanish Fic Duenas Dueñas, María, La templanza
Spanish Fic Esquivel Esquivel, Laura Como agua para chocolate : novela de entregas mensuales con recetas, amores y remedios casero
Spanish Fic Garcia García, Santiago, Las Meninas
Spanish Fic Garcia Marquez García Márquez, Gabriel, Todos los cuentos
Spanish Fic Garcia Marquez García Márquez, Gabriel, Ojos de perro azul: [incluye tres relatos inéditos]
Spanish Fic Grisham Grisham, John. La granja
Spanish Fic Matute Matute, Ana María Paraíso inhabitad
Spanish Fic McCarthy McCarthy, Cormac, No es país para viejos
Spanish Fic Nelson Nelson, Jandy, Te daria el mundo
Speed Read Tóibín, Colm, Brooklyn: a novel
Speed Read Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Speed Read Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Speed Read Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible: a novel
Speed Read Simonson, Helen, The summer before the war: a novel
Speed Read Russo, Richard, Everybody's fool
Speed Read Roach, Mary. Grunt : the curious science of humans at wa
Speed Read Philbrick, Nathaniel, Valiant ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
Speed Read Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene: an intimate history
Speed Read Mayer, Jane. Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right
Speed Read Lyons, Daniel, Disrupted: my misadventure in the start-up bubble
Speed Read Loigman, Lynda Cohen, The two-family house
Speed Read Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, The sleep revolution: transforming your life, one night at a time
Speed Read Hart, John, Redemption road
Speed Read Grissom, Kathleen, Glory over everything: beyond the Kitchen house
Speed Read Grant, Adam M., Originals: how non-conformists move the world
Speed Read Erdrich, Louise, LaRose
Speed Read Duhigg, Charles, Smarter faster better: the secrets of productivity in life and business
Speed Read Cooper, Anderson. The rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son talk about life, love, and loss
Speed Read Chevalier, Tracy, At the edge of the orchard
Speed Read Bryson, Bill, The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain
Speed Read Backman, Fredrik, Britt-Marie was here: a novel
Teen BookOnCD Paolini Paolini, Christopher. Eragon [sound recording]
Teen 005.133 Python Scott, Brendan, Python for kids for dummies
Teen 005.133 Ruby Haupt, Christopher, Ruby for kids for dummies
Teen 306.76 S657 Smith, Rachelle Lee, Speaking out: queer youth in focus
Teen 364.973 K16 Kanefield, Teri, Guilty: crime, punishment, and the changing face of criminal justice
Teen 500 M695 Moffit, Mitch, AsapSCIENCE: answers to the world's weirdest questions, most persistent rumors, and unexplained phenomena
Teen 612.6 B154 Bailey, Jacqui, Sex, puberty and all that stuff: a guide to growing up
Teen 612.6 B154 Bailey, Jacqui, Sex, puberty and all that stuff: a guide to growing up
Teen 641.5 L819 Locricchio, Matthew. Teen cuisine
Teen 794.81 G984 Guthals, Sarah, Minecraft modding for kids for dummies
Teen 970.1 U72   Urban tribes: Native Americans in the city
Teen Ahdieh Ahdieh, Renée, The rose and the dagger
Teen Andrews Andrews, Jesse, The Haters
Teen Bond Bond, Gwenda, Double down
Teen BookOnCD Berry Berry, Julie Passion of Dolssa [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Brennan Brennan, Sarah Rees Tell the wind and fire [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Buxbaum Buxbaum, Julie Tell me three things [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Conklin Conklin, Melanie. Counting Thyme [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Green Green, Sally Half lost [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Savit Savit, Gavriel. Anna and the Swallow Man [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Sepetys Sepetys, Ruta. Salt to the sea [sound recording]: a novel
Teen Bradbury Bradbury, Ray, Fahrenheit 451
Teen Breslaw Breslaw, Anna, Scarlett Epstein hates it here
Teen Cass Cass, Kiera, The crown
Teen Clare Clare, Cassandra. Clockwork princess
Teen Clare Clare, Cassandra. Clockwork prince
Teen Clare Clare, Cassandra. City of glass
Teen De la Cruz De la Cruz, Melissa, Golden
Teen DVD 5th   The 5th wave [videorecording]
Teen DVD Hunger   The hunger games, catching fire [videorecording]
Teen Friesner Friesner, Esther M. Sphinx's princess
Teen Hardinge Hardinge, Frances, The Lie Tree
Teen Mead Mead, Richelle, The glittering court
Teen Murphy Murphy, Julie, Dumplin'
Teen Pitcher Pitcher, Annabel. Silence is goldfish: a novel
Teen Playaway Charbonneau Charbonneau, Joelle Need [sound recording]
Teen Playaway Laure Laure, Estelle Raging light [sound recording]
Teen Russo Russo, Meredith, If I was your girl
Teen Skye Skye, Evelyn, The crown's game
Teen Yancey Yancey, Richard, The last star
YA Fic Green Green, John, An abundance of Katherines
YA Fic Maas Maas, Sarah J., A court of mist and fury
YA Fic Shusterman Shusterman, Neal, Challenger deep
YA Graphic Black Toboso, Yana, Black butler