New Items May 2014

004.165 iPadMini R816 Rosenzweig, Gary, au My iPad mini
005.369 Office2013 C752 Conner, Nancy Office 2013 : the missing manual
005.369 Office2013 W248 Wang, Wally. Office 2013 for dummies
005.369 PowerPoint2013 W873 Wood, William. Teach yourself visually PowerPoint 2013
005.369 QuickBooks2014 B576 Biafore, Bonnie, aut QuickBooks 2014 : the missing manual
005.75 Dreamweaver N392 Negrino, Tom. Dreamweaver CC
005.75 HTML H313 Harris, Andrew HTML5 and CSS3 all-in-one for dummies
005.75 HTML M622 Michaud, Thomas (Web Foundations of Web design : introduction to HTML and CSS
153.4 L666 Levitt, Steven D., a Think like a freak : the authors of Freakonomics offer to retrain your brain
155.935 P123 Padgett, Jason. Struck by genius : how a brain injury made me a mathematical marvel
155.937 W734 Willis, Claire B. Lasting words : a guide to finding meaning toward the close of life
158 K23 Kay, Katty, author. The confidence code : the science and art of self-assurance-- what womenshould know
158.1 B531 Bernstein, Gabrielle Miracles now : 108 life-changing tools for less stress, more flow, and finding your true purpose
158.1 E36 Eisenstein, Charles The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible
158.1 H313 Harris, Dan 10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story
158.2 H332 Hartley, Mary. The Smart Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want : How to Be Assertive With Wit, Style and Grace.
181.11 S633 Slingerland, Edward Trying not to try : the art and science of spontaneity
248.4 T238 Taylor, Barbara Brow Learning to walk in the dark
282 F819 Francis, Pope The church of mercy : a vision for the church
282.73 C191 Campbell, Simone. A nun on the bus : how all of us can create hope, change, and community
291.4 P624 Pies, Ronald W. The three-petalled rose : how the synthesis of Judaism, Buddhism, and Stoicism can create a healthy, fulfilled and flourishing life
294.3 C545 Chdrn, Pema. Living beautifully with uncertainty and change
299.31 S534 Shaw, Garry J., auth The Egyptian myths : a guide to the ancient gods and legends
306.8743 D274 Day, Lori. Her next chapter : how mother-daughter book clubs can help girls navigate malicious media, risky relationships, girl gossip, and so much more
320.1 M149 Machiavelli, Niccol The prince
320.51 F278 Fawcett, Edmund, aut Liberalism : the life of an idea
320.51 K46 Kibbe, Matt. Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff : a libertarian manifesto
322.3 N135 Nader, Ralph. Unstoppable : the emerging left-right alliance to dismantle the corporate state
323.41 R595 Risen, Clay, author. The bill of the century : the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act
327.12 B618 Bird, Kai. The good spy : the life and death of Robert Ames
327.12 B618 Bird, Kai. The good spy : the life and death of Robert Ames
327.12 G297 Greenwald, Glenn, au No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state
327.174 S286 Scarry, Elaine. Thermonuclear monarchy : choosing between democracy and doom
330.1 H341 Harvey, David Seventeen contradictions and the end of capitalism
330.153 S642 Smith, Adam The wealth of nations
332.041 P636 Piketty, Thomas Capital in the twenty-first century
332.49 R539 Rickards, James. The death of money : the coming collapse of the international monetary system
338.542 G313 Geithner, Timothy F. Stress test : reflections on financial crises
339.46 E135 Easterly, William Tyranny of experts : economists, dictators, and the forgotten rights of the poor
362.198 D818 Dubow, Sara. Ourselves unborn : a history of the fetus in modern America
363.73 V188 Vallianatos, E. G. Poison spring : the secret history of pollution and the EPA
364.152 C246 Capote, Truman In cold blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences
364.152 G525 Giridharadas, Anand. The true American : murder and mercy in Texas
364.153 C678 Cohan, William D. The price of silence : the Duke lacrosse scandal, the power of the elite,and the corruption of our great universities
364.154 K71 Knight, Michelle, au Finding me : a decade of darkness, a life reclaimed : a memoir of the Cleveland kidnappings
368.4 S678   Social Security, Medicare & government pensions.
371.262 CLEP C628   CLEP : official study guide.
495.1 H873 Hsueh, Shaolan, auth Chineasy : the new way to read Chinese
517 F363 Fernandez, Oscar E. Everyday calculus : discovering the hidden math all around us
551.21 W875 Wood, Gillen D'Arcy. Tambora : the eruption that changed the world
551.6 B187 Ball, T. F. (Timothy The deliberate corruption of climate science
551.6 P952 Primack, Richard B. Walden warming : climate change comes to Thoreau's woods
575 D228 Darwin, Charles The origin of species and the voyage of the beagle
591.56 A747 Arndt, Ingo Animal architecture
591.92 P184 Palumbi, Stephen R. The extreme life of the sea
595.799 W726 Williams, Paul H. (E Bumble bees of North America : an identification guide
598.764 F655 Fogden, Michael, aut Hummingbirds : a life-size guide to every species
599.9 W121 Wade, Nicholas J., a A troublesome inheritance : genes, race and human history
610.695 R625 Rivkees, Scott A. Resident on call : a doctor's reflections on his first years at Mass General
610.73 N337   NCLEX-RN : strategies, practice, and review.
610.73 N337   NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy!
610.73 S257   Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination
612.82 H965 Hurley, Dan, 1957- Smarter : the new science of building brain power
612.82 K24 Kean, Sam, author. The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons : the history of the human brain as revealed by true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery
612.821 D855 Duff, Kat The secret life of sleep
613 L892 Lourie, Bruce. Toxin toxout : getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world
613.28 F248 Fasano, Alessio, aut Gluten freedom : the nation's leading expert offers the essential guide to a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle
613.28 T262 Teicholz, Nina. The big fat surprise : why butter, meat, and cheese belong in a healthy diet
613.7 D216 Darden, Ellington The body fat breakthrough : tap the muscle-building power of negative training and lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days
615.5 B642 Bland, Jeffrey The disease delusion : conquering the causes of chronic illness for a healthier, longer, and happier life
616.025 F674 Fong, Kevin Extreme medicine : how exploration transformed medicine in the twentiethcentury
616.0472 K17 Kaplan, Gary The total recovery : solving the mystery of chronic pain and depression : how we get sick, why we stay sick, how we can recover
616.0472 V865 Vlachonis, Vicky. The body doesn't lie : a 3-step program to end chronic pain and become positively radiant
616.398 L411 Lavie, Carl J., auth The obesity paradox : when thinner means sicker and heavier means healthier
616.8521 C249 Capps, Ron. Seriously not all right : five wars in ten years
616.8585 V253 Van Gelder, Kiera. The Buddha and the borderline : my recovery from borderline personality disorder through dialectical behavior therapy, Buddhism, and online dating
616.895 J32 Jamison, Kay R. An unquiet mind
616.8982 W464 Welton, Jude. What did you say? What do you mean? : an illustrated guide to understanding metaphors
616.994 J17 Jacobs, Hollye. Silver lining : a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer.
616.994 T948 Turner, Kelly A. Radical remission : surviving cancer against all odds
617.89 D416 Denworth, Lydia I can hear you whisper : an intimate journey through the science of sound and language
618.92 H665 Hinshaw, Stephen P. The ADHD explosion : myths, medication, money, and today's push for performance
621.483 M214 Mahaffey, James A. Atomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters : from the Ozark Mountains to Fukushima
629.227 L743 Lindemann, Mark, aut The total motorcycling manual
636.8 B786 Bowen, James The world according to Bob : the further adventures of one man and his streetwise cat
641.15 G811 Greene, Ross W. The explosive child : a new approach for understanding and parenting easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children.
641.3 B234 Barber, Dan The third plate : field notes on the future of food
641.5 L913 Lowe, Paul Sweet Paul eat & make : charming recipes + kitchen crafts you will love
641.53 G195 Gand, Gale. Gale Gand's lunch!
641.563 J95 Junger, Alejandro. Clean eats : over 200 delicious recipes to reset your body's natural balance and discover what it means to be truly healthy
641.5636 B624 Bittman, Mark. The VB6 cookbook : more than 350 recipes for healthy vegan meals all dayand delicious flexitarian dinners at night
641.5636 R727 Rogers, Jeff Vegan ice cream : over 90 sinfully delicious dairy-free delights
641.5636 T329 Terry, Bryant Afro-vegan : farm-fresh African, Caribbean & Southern flavors remixed
641.578 E78   The essential New York Times grilling cookbook : more than 100 years of sizzling food writing and recipes
641.589 M423 Masters, Tess, autho The blender girl : super-easy, super-healthy meals, snacks, desserts & drinks
641.5944 M315 Marchand, Greg. Frenchie : new bistro cooking
641.5944 W724 Williams, Jody Buvette : the pleasure of good food
641.874 B967 Burns, Walter. The ultimate cocktail encyclopedia
641.875 H218 Hamilton, Jill. The ultimate juices and smoothies encyclopedia : your essential guide tohealthy and delicious drinks
649.1 M491 Medina, John Brain rules for baby : how to raise a smart and happy child from zero tofive
649.122 F939 Frost, Jo. Jo Frost's toddler rules : your 5-step guide to shaping proper behavior
649.63 R183 Ramsey, Dave. Smart money smart kids : raising the next generation to win with money
650.1 M981 Murray, Charles A. The curmudgeon's guide to getting ahead : dos and don'ts of right behavior, tough thinking, clear writing, and living a good life
650.14 H246 Hannon, Kerry. What's next? : finding your passion and your dream job in your forties, fifties, and beyond
651.09 S264 Saval, Nikil, author Cubed : a secret history of the workplace
658.0226 L496   Legal forms for starting & running a small business.
658.4 B613 Bing, Stanley, autho The curriculum : everything you need to know to be a master of business arts
686.3 P411   The Penland book of handmade books : master classes in bookmaking techniques.
709.01 C771 Cook, Jill. Ice Age Art : Arrival of the Modern Mind.
745.5 K54 Kingloff, Amanda. ProjectKid : 100 ingenious crafts for family fun
745.54 M151 McHugh, Gene. 500 paper objects : new directions in paper art
746.46 P253 Parmal, Pamela A., a Quilts and color : the Pilgrim
746.62 C417 Cerruti, Courtney. Playing with image transfers : exploring creative imagery for use in art,mixed media, and design
795.412 W592 Whitehead, Colson The noble hustle : poker, beef jerky, and death
796 R362 Reilly, Rick, author Tiger, meet my sister... : ...and other things I probably shouldn't havesaid
796.323 C154 Calipari, John Players first : coaching from the inside out
796.357 N277   The Hall : a celebration of baseball's greats : in stories and images, the complete roster of inductees
796.357 R621 Rivera, Mariano The closer : [my story]
796.357 W873 Wood, Allan. Don't let us win tonight! : an oral history of the 2004 Boston Red Sox
796.426 C629 Clerici, Paul C. Boston Marathon history by the mile
796.426 V122 Vad, Vijay. The new rules of running : five steps to run faster and longer for life
799.12 G454 Gierach, John All fishermen are liars
808.042 B878 Brown, Laura Marie. How to write anything : a complete guide
811.08 B369   Beat poets
811.3 E53 Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson : poems
811.54 C678 Cohen, Leonard Leonard Cohen : poems and songs
811.54 P716 Plath, Sylvia. Poems
816.4 D553 Dickinson, Emily Emily Dickinson letters
817.54 G981 Gurwitch, Annabelle. I see you made an effort : compliments, indignities, and survival stories from the edge of fifty
818.6 B623 Bissonnette, Zac. Good advice from bad people : selected wisdom from murderers, stock swindlers, and Lance Armstrong
821.8 B885 Browning, Robert Poems and letters
821.9 K57 Kipling, Rudyard Poems
823.914 P912 Pratchett, Terry. Turtle Recall : the Discworld Companion. So Far
831.9 R573 Rilke, Rainer Maria Poems
844.3 M761 Montaigne, Michel de The complete works : essays, travel journal, letters
851.1 D192 Dante Alighieri The divine comedy
851.15 D192s Shaw, Prue. Reading Dante : from here to eternity
873 V816 Virgil. The Aeneid
892.7 G447 Gibran, Kahlil The collected works : with eighty-four illustrations by th author
914.1 G786   Great Britain.
914.11 F653   Fodor's Scotland.
914.21 L847   London.
914.43 P232   Paris.
914.5 I88   Italy.
914.563 D611   Discover Rome.
914.972 R539   Rick Steves' Croatia & Slovenia.
915 P778 Polo, Marco The travels of Marco Polo, the Venetian
915.2 F653   Fodor's Japan.
915.61 T939   Turkey.
917.1 C212   Canada : a travel survival kit.
917.14 F653   Fodor's ... Montreal & Quebec City.
917.14 F932   Frommer's easyguide to Montral and Qubec City.
917.299 F653   Fodor's Bermuda.
917.471 N532   New York City.
917.53 W319   Washington, DC.
917.7311 C532   Chicago.
917.98 F653   Fodor's Alaska.
951.06 O83 Osnos, Evan Age of ambition : chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China
958.1 G659 Gopal, Anand No good men among the living : America, the Taliban, and the war throughAfghan eyes
973.331 B736 Borneman, Walter R. American spring : Lexington, Concord, and the road to revolution
973.331 F873 French, Allen The siege of Boston
973.5 D387 Demos, John, author. The Heathen School : a story of hope and betrayal in the age of the early Republic
974.44 C477c Clarke, Theodore G. The Charles River : a history of Greater Boston's waterway
974.71 M647 Miller, Donald L. Supreme city : how Jazz Age Manhattan gave birth to modern America
ActonColl 973.331 C658 Coburn, Frank Warren The battle of April 19, 1775 : in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington,Cambridge, Somerville and Charlestown, Massachusetts by Frank Warren Coburn.
ActonColl 974.44 A188 Acton (Mass.). Annual report of the Selectmen of the Town of Acton
Biography Bair, Bair, Julene, author The Ogallala road : a memoir of love and reckoning
Biography Hall, Hall, Shyima. Hidden girl : the true story of a modern-day child slave
Biography Hilton, C. Taraborrelli, J. Ran The Hiltons : the true story of an American dynasty
Biography Keaton, Keaton, Diane, autho Let's just say it wasn't pretty
Biography Madison, Cheney, Lynne V. James Madison : a life reconsidered
Biography Nabakov, V. Nabokov, Vladimir Vl Speak, memory : an autobiography revisited
Biography Pepys, Pepys, Samuel The diary of Samuel Pepys
Biography Roberts, Roberts, Robin Everybody's got something
Biography Robinson, Robinson, Lisa (Musi There goes gravity : a life in rock and roll
Biography Seeger, Seeger, Pete Pete Seeger : in his own words
Biography Trebincevic, Trebinevi, Kenan The Bosnia list : a memoir of war, exile, and return
Biography Williams, Williams, Dee (Build The big tiny : a built-it-myself memoir
Biography Williams, Williams, Claudia, a Ted Williams, my father
Biography Wizenberg, Wizenberg, Molly, au Delancey : a man, a woman, a restaurant, a marriage
BookOnCD 152.44 B877 Brown, Bren. Men, women & worthiness [sound recording] : [the experience of shame andthe power of being enough]
BookOnCD 154.2 M685 Mlodinow, Leonard Subliminal [sound recording] : [how your unconscious mind rules your behavior]
BookOnCD 158.1 K11 Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Guided mindfulness meditation. Series 2 [sound recording]
BookOnCD 291.43 T651 Tolle, Eckhart Meditation [sound recording] : practicing presence in every moment of your life
BookOnCD 332.62 L675 Lewis, Michael (Mich Flash boys [sound recording] : a Wall Street revolt
BookOnCD 332.62 L675 Lewis, Michael (Mich Flash boys [sound recording] : a Wall Street revolt
BookOnCD 364.154 K71 Knight, Michelle, au Finding me : a decade of darkness, a life reclaimed : a memoir of the Cleveland kidnappings
BookOnCD 959.704 O13 O'Brien, Tim If I die in a combat zone [sound recording] : box me up and ship me home
BookOnCD Adichie Adichie, Chimamanda Americanah [sound recording]
BookOnCD Anderson Anderson, Laurie Hal Speak [sound recording]
BookOnCD Baldacci Baldacci, David. The target [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Bauman, Bauman, Jeff. Stronger [sound recording] : fighting back after the Boston Marathon bombing
BookOnCD Biography Lee, Sixsmith, Martin, au Philomena : a mother, her son, and a fifty year search
BookOnCD Biography Mozart, W. Johnson, Paul Mozart [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Roberts, Roberts, Robin Everybody's got something [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Rockwell, Solomon, Deborah, au American mirror [sound recording] : the life and art of Norman Rockwell
BookOnCD Biography Smith, Smith, Daniel B. Monkey mind [sound recording] : a memoir of anxiety
BookOnCD Bradbury Bradbury, Ray The Martian chronicles [sound recording]
BookOnCD Carr Carr, Robyn. The chance [sound recording]
BookOnCD Cisneros Cisneros, Sandra. The house on Mango Street [sound recording]
BookOnCD Conrad Conrad, Joseph Heart of darkness [sound recording]
BookOnCD Cunningham Cunningham, Michael The snow queen [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Deaver Deaver, Jeffery. The skin collector [sound recording]
BookOnCD Dos Passos Dos Passos, John The big money [sound recording]
BookOnCD DosPassos Dos Passos, John 1919 [sound recording]
BookOnCD Elo Elo, Elisabeth, auth North of Boston
BookOnCD Faulkner Faulkner, William Light in august [sound recording]
BookOnCD Faulkner Faulkner, William The sound and the fury [sound recording]
BookOnCD Gaines Gaines, Ernest J. Lesson before dying [sound recording].
BookOnCD Greene Greene, Graham Our man in Havana [sound recording]
BookOnCD Harris Harris, Mark Five came back [sound recording] : a story of Hollywood and the Second World War
BookOnCD Harris Harris, Charlaine. Midnight crossroad [sound recording]
BookOnCD Heller Heller, Joseph. Catch-22 [sound recording]
BookOnCD Hemingway Hemingway, Ernest The sun also rises [sound recording]
BookOnCD Hemingway Hemingway, Ernest To have and have not [sound recording]
BookOnCD Hemingway Hemingway, Ernest A moveable feast [sound recording]
BookOnCD Iles Iles, Greg. Natchez burning [sound recording]
BookOnCD Kingsolver Kingsolver, Barbara. The bean trees [sound recording]
BookOnCD Lawrence Lawrence, D. H. (Dav Sons and lovers [sound recording]
BookOnCD LeCarre Le Carr, John Smiley's people [sound recording] : a George Smiley novel
BookOnCD Lepore Lepore, Jill Book of ages [sound recording] : the life and opinions of Jane Franklin
BookOnCD Li Li, Yiyun Kinder than solitude [sound recording]
BookOnCD Maugham Maugham, W. Somerset Of human bondage [sound recording]
BookOnCD Melville Melville, Herman Billy Budd [sound recording]
BookOnCD Miller Miller, Linda Lael. Big sky secrets [sound recording]
BookOnCD Minot Minot, Susan, author Thirty girls [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Nabokov Nabokov, Vladimir Vl Pnin [sound recording]
BookOnCD Nabokov Nabokov, Vladimir Vl Lolita [sound recording]
BookOnCD O'Brien O'Brien, Tim. The things they carried [sound recording]
BookOnCD Rivers Rivers, Francine Bridge to haven [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Sandford Sandford, John Field of prey [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Scott Scott, James, author The kept [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet [sound recording]
BookOnCD Seton Seton, Anya. Katherine [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Shteyngart Shteyngart, Gary Little failure [sound recording] : a memoir
BookOnCD Singer Singer, Isaac Bashev Gimpel the fool and other stories [sound recording]
BookOnCD Steinbeck Steinbeck, John The grapes of wrath [sound recording]
BookOnCD Todd Todd, Charles. Hunting shadows [sound recording].
BookOnCD Wells Wells, H. G. (Herber The war of the worlds [sound recording]
BookOnCD Wilde Wilde, Oscar The picture of Dorian Gray [sound recording]
BookOnCD Wilder Wilder, Thornton The bridge of San Luis Rey [sound recording]
BookOnCD Wright Wright, Richard Native son [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 370.1 P293 Pasupathi, Monisha. How we learn [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 649.1 V829 Vishton, Peter M. tc Scientific secrets for raising kids who thrive [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 658.4 P977 Puccio, Gerard. The creative thinker's toolkit
CollegeCourses CD 809.3 S557   Heroes and legends : the most influential characters of literature
COM Classical Buxtehude Buxtehude, Dietrich Sacred cantatas. Vol. 2 [sound recording]
COM Classical Meunier Vox Luminis (Musical English royal funeral music [sound recording]
COM Classical Shostakovich Shostakovich, Dmitri String quartets nos. 7 & 8 [sound recording]
COM Classical Vivaldi Vivaldi, Antonio Il progetto Vivaldi [sound recording] = [The Vivaldi project = Das
COM Country Hayes Hayes, Hunter Storyline
COM Country McBride McBride, Martina, pe Everlasting
COM Country Rascal Rascal Flatts (Music Rewind
COM Popular Jackson Jackson, Michael Xscape
COM Popular Lake Lake Street Dive (Mu Lake Street Dive [sound recording].
COM Popular Li Lykke Li I never learn
COM Popular McLachlan McLachlan, Sarah. Shine on [sound recording]
COM Rock Albarn Albarn, Damon, compo Everyday robots
COM Rock Black Black Keys (Musical Turn blue
COM Rock Bombay Bombay Bicycle Club So long, see you tomorrow [sound recording]
COM Rock Both Both (Musical group) The Both [sound recording].
COM Rock Coldplay Coldplay (Musical gr Ghost stories
COM Rock LaMontagne LaMontagne, Ray, com Supernova [sound recording]
COM Rock Merchant Merchant, Natalie, c Natalie Merchant
COM Rock Michaelson Michaelson, Ingrid. Lights out [sound recording]
COM Rock Needtobreathe Needtobreathe (Music Rivers in the wasteland
COM Rock Neon Neon Trees (Musical Pop psychology
COM Rock Now   Now that's what I call music! 50.
COM Rock War War on Drugs (Musica Lost in the dream
DVD 222 N739   Noah and the great ark
DVD 296 S887   The story of the Jews.
DVD 362 A652   Approved for adoption
DVD 363 B144   Bag it [videorecording].
DVD 363 N222   Narco cultura [videorecording]
DVD 371 A227   The address
DVD 371 G525   Girl rising
DVD 410 I73   Is the man who is tall happy? : an animated conversation with Noam Chomsky
DVD 530 B85   A brief history of time
DVD 598 E12   Earthflight. The complete series
DVD 647 S757   Spinning plates
DVD 782 B663   Bob Dylan [videorecording] : the 30th anniversary concert celebration
DVD 782 M985   Muscle Shoals
DVD 791 C736   Computer chess [videorecording]
DVD 791 I11   I am divine
DVD 796 A735   The Armstrong lie
DVD 796 C894   The crash reel [videorecording]
DVD 796 O58   1 [videorecording]
DVD 796 S955   The summit
DVD Call   Call the midwife. Season three.
DVD ForeignFilm Arabic Wadjda   Wadjda [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Chennai   Chennai express
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Special   Special 26 [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Yeh   Yeh jawaani hai deewani [videorecording]
DVD Mary   Mary and Max [videorecording]
DVD Orange   Orange is the new black. Season one
DVD Suits   Suits. Season three [videorecording]
E-audiobook Novak, B. J. One more thing [electronic resource] : Stories and Other Stories. B.J Novak.
E-audiobook Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black [electronic resource] : My Year in a Women's Prison.
E-book Brown, Daniel The boys in the boat [electronic resource] : Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
E-book Coben, Harlan. Missing you [electronic resource]. Harlan Coben.
E-book Elo, Elisabeth. North of boston [electronic resource] : A Novel. Elisabeth Elo.
E-book Kaysen, Susanna. Cambridge [electronic resource]. Susanna Kaysen.
E-book Korelitz, Jean Hanff You should have known [electronic resource]. Jean Hanff Korelitz.
E-book Moore, Lorrie. Bark [electronic resource] : Stories. Lorrie Moore.
E-book Pollan, Michael. Cooked [electronic resource] : Finding Ourselves in the Kitchen. MichaelPollan.
E-book Quindlen, Anna. Still life with bread crumbs [electronic resource] : A Novel. Anna Quindlen.
Fic Achebe Achebe, Chinua. The African trilogy : Things fall apart ; No longer at ease , and Arrow of God
Fic Addison Addison, Corban The garden of burning sand
Fic Adichie Adichie, Chimamanda Americanah
Fic Alger Alger, Horatio, Jr. Ragged Dick ; and, Struggling upward
Fic Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay Save the date
Fic Austen Austen, Jane The annotated Persuasion
Fic Austen Austen, Jane Emma : an annotated edition
Fic Bail Bail, Murray. Voyage.
Fic BairO'Keeffe Bair O'Keeffe, Krist The art of floating : a novel
Fic Baldacci Baldacci, David, aut The target
Fic Beckett Beckett, Samuel Molloy. Malone dies. The unnamable
Fic Bellow Bellow, Saul. Seize the day
Fic Berry Berry, Steve The Lincoln myth : a novel
Fic Beverly-Whittemore Beverly-Whittemore Bittersweet : a novel
Fic Bond Bond, Cynthia Ruby : a novel
Fic Bostwick Bostwick, Marie, aut Apart at the seams
Fic Bronte Bront, Charlotte Jane Eyre
Fic Bronte Bront, Emily Wuthering Heights
Fic Bronte Bront, Emily Wuthering heights
Fic Brown Brown, Dale Starfire : a novel
Fic Buck Buck, Pearl S. (Pear The good earth
Fic Butcher Butcher, Jim Skin game : a novel of the Dresden files
Fic Camus Camus, Albert The stranger
Fic Cather Cather, Willa O pioneers!
Fic Chekhov Chekhov, Anton Pavlo The complete short novels
Fic Clarke Clarke, Richard A. ( Sting of the drone
Fic Conrad Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness
Fic Cotter Cotter, Bill The parallel apartments
Fic Cunningham Cunningham, Michael The snow queen
Fic Dickens Dickens, Charles Great expectations
Fic Dickens Dickens, Charles Little Dorrit
Fic Dickens Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist
Fic Dobbs Dobbs, Michael House of cards
Fic Doerr Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see : a novel
Fic Downing Downing, David Jack of spies
Fic Doyle Doyle, Brian The plover
Fic Dumas Dumas, Alexandre The three musketeers
Fic Evans Evans, Richard Paul Walking on water : the fifth journal of the Walk series
Fic Faulkner Faulkner, William Absalom, absalom! : the corrected text
Fic Ferris Ferris, Joshua. To rise again at a decent hour : a novel
Fic Fierro Fierro, Julia. Cutting teeth
Fic Finder Finder, Joseph. Suspicion
Fic Ford Ford, Ford Madox Parade's end
Fic Ford Ford, Jamie. Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet : a novel
Fic Forster Forster, E. M. (Edwa A room with a view, Where angels fear to tread
Fic Garcia Marquez Garca Mrquez, Gabrie Love in the time of cholera
Fic Giffin Giffin, Emily, autho The one & only : a novel
Fic Gogol Gogol, Nikola Vasile Dead souls
Fic Hardy Hardy, Thomas The return of the native
Fic Harris Harris, Charlaine. Midnight crossroad
Fic Hatvany Hatvany, Amy Safe with me : a novel
Fic Hawthorne Hawthorne, Nathaniel The scarlet letter : a romance
Fic Hayes Hayes, Samantha. Until you're mine : a novel
Fic Hayes Hayes, Terry I am Pilgrim : a thriller
Fic Heller Heller, Peter The painter : a novel
Fic Hemingway Hemingway, Ernest The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway.
Fic Hemmings Hemmings, Kaui Hart. The possibilities
Fic Hunter Hunter, Stephen Sniper's Honor : a Bob Lee Swagger novel
Fic Huxley Huxley, Aldous Brave new world
Fic Ignatius Ignatius, David The Director : a novel
Fic Ishiguro Ishiguro, Kazuo The remains of the day
Fic Johnston Johnston, Bret Antho Remember me like this : a novel
Fic Kafka Kafka, Franz Collected stories
Fic Kafka Kafka, Franz The metamorphosis
Fic Kelby Kelby, N. M. (Nicole The pink suit : a novel
Fic Kendal Kendal, Claire. The book of you : a novel
Fic Kipling Kipling, Rudyard Collected stories
Fic Kuhn Kuhn, Shane. The intern's handbook : a thriller
Fic Lazar Lazar, Zachary. I pity the poor immigrant : a novel
Fic Ma Ma, Kathryn. The year she left us : a novel
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J 609 M978 Murphy, Jim Weird & wacky inventions
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J 612.2 R239 Rau, Dana Meachen My lungs
J 612.3 R239 Rau, Dana Meachen My stomach
J 612.7 R239 Rau, Dana Meachen My bones and muscles
J 612.79 R239 Rau, Dana Meachen My skin
J 612.82 R239 Rau, Dana Meachen My brain
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J 636.7 B666 Bodden, Valerie. Bulldogs
J 636.7 B666 Bodden, Valerie. Terriers
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J 641.86 F246 Farrow, Joanna. Gingerbread : houses, animals and decorations : explore the delicious versatility of gingerbread in 24 delightful projects
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J Biography Aaron, Williams, Doug (Spor Hank Aaron : groundbreaking baseball slugger
J Biography Adams, Belton, Blair, autho Abigail Adams in her own words
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J Biography Jefferson, Shea, John M., autho Thomas Jefferson in his own words
J Biography Jordan, Hawkins, Jeff (Sport Michael Jordan : basketball superstar & commercial icon
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J Biography Lucas, Pollack, Pam, author Who is George Lucas?
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J Biography Pele Trusdell, Brian, aut Pel : soccer star & ambassador
J Biography Pink Rowell, Rebecca. Pink : pop singer & songwriter
J Biography Rihanna Herringshaw, DeAnn Rihanna : Grammy-winning superstar
J Biography Roosevelt, Burgan, Michael, aut Who was Theodore Roosevelt?
J Biography Watson, Higgins, Nadia. Emma Watson : from wizards to wallflowers
J BoardBk First   First 100 words.
J BoardBk Hill Hill, Eric Spot's favorite colors
J BoardBk McDonnell McDonnell, Christine Dog wants to play
J BookOnCD Boyne Boyne, John Stay where you are & then leave [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Christopher Christopher, Matt Perfect game
J BookOnCD Gaiman Gaiman, Neil. Fortunately, the milk [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Gutman Gutman, Dan. Miss Holly is too jolly! [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Kline Kline, Suzy. Horrible Harry and the scarlet scissors [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Lerangis Lerangis, Peter. The Colossus rises [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Lerangis Lerangis, Peter. Lost in Babylon [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Marino Marino, Andy The door [sound recording]
J BookOnCD McAlpine McAlpine, Gordon. Once upon a midnight eerie [sound recording] : the misadventures of Edgar & Allan Poe
J BookOnCD Nix Nix, Garth, author. The missing
J BookOnCD Oppel Oppel, Kenneth The boundless [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Pearson Pearson, Ridley, aut The insider
J BookOnCD Turnage Turnage, Sheila, aut The ghosts of Tupelo Landing
J BookOnCD Warner Warner, Sally EllRay Jakes is a rock star! [sound recording]
J CD Book&CD 581.3 G441 Gibbons, Gail. From seed to plant [sound recording]
J CD Book&CD Claflin Claflin, Willy The Bully Goat Grim : a Maynard Moose tale
J CD Book&CD Claflin Claflin, Willy Rapunzel and the seven dwarfs [sound recording] : a Maynard Moose tale
J CD Book&CD Finch Finch, Mary, author. The little red hen [sound recording]
J CD Book&CD VanHout Hout, Mies van, auth Twinkle, twinkle, little star
J CD EarlyChildhood Janisch Janisch, Michael. Jazz for babies. The piano album [sound recording]
J CD Music Gill Gill, Jim, composer Jim Gill sings the sneezing song and other contagious tunes.
J CD Music KidzBop   Kidz bop 25
J CD Music Raffi Raffi. Fun food songs [sound recording]
J DVD 500 Y39   National Science Foundation : the year in science 2014.
J DVD 535 S796   Start smart. Science i need to know [videorecording] : Sound and light
J DVD 612 S796   Science I need to know. Skeletal and muscular systems
J DVD 629 H847   How to be an astronaut : real training, real astronauts, real cool!
J DVD 741 C328   Cartooning for kids : ready, set, draw!
J DVD 910 S796   Geography I need to know. Land formations & bodies of water
J DVD Aladdin   Aladdin [videorecording]
J DVD Berenstain   The Berenstain bears. Carnival coasters
J DVD Cloudy   Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 [videorecording]
J DVD Little   The little rascals save the day
J DVD Music   The music man [videorecording]
J DVD Nut   The nut job
J DVD Plumm   A Plumm summer [videorecording]
J DVD Smile   A smile as big as the moon [videorecording]
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex. Happy Earth Day!
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex., auth Happy Fourth of July!
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex. Happy Halloween!
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex. Happy New Year!
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex., auth Happy Thanksgiving!
J EasyReader Appleby Appleby, Alex. Happy Valentine's Day
J EasyReader Fairytale Blackford, Andy. The three little pigs and the new neighbor
J EasyReader Fairytale Dolan, Penny. The lovely duckling
J EasyReader Fairytale Jarman, Julia. Little Bad Riding Hood
J EasyReader Fairytale North, Laura. Cinderella's big foot
J EasyReader Fairytale North, Laura. Jack and the bean pie
J EasyReader Fairytale North, Laura. The Princess and the frozen peas
J EasyReader Fairytale North, Laura. Sleeping Beauty, 100 years later
J EasyReader Fairytale Richemont, Enid. Princess Frog
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature birds
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature dogs
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature farm animals
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature mammals
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature primates
J EasyReader Kuskowski Kuskowski, Alex. Miniature reptiles
J EasyReader Lakin Lakin, Patricia Bruno & Lulu's playground adventures
J EasyReader Learn Dee, Nora, author. Spanish words at the zoo
J EasyReader Learn Kennedy, Robert (Rob Spanish words in the house
J EasyReader Learn Leigh, Johanna, auth Spanish words at the park
J EasyReader Learn Patrick, Roman, auth Spanish words at the post office
J EasyReader Learn Salazar, Julia, auth Spanish words on the road
J EasyReader Learn Salazar, Sydney, aut Spanish words at school
J EasyReader Lego Fentiman, David, aut Calling all master builders!
J EasyReader Manushkin Manushkin, Fran, aut Cowgirl Katie
J EasyReader Manushkin Manushkin, Fran, aut Fly high, Katie!
J EasyReader Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie saves the Earth
J EasyReader Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Look at you, Katie Woo!
J EasyReader Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Moo, Katie Woo!
J Fic Abbott Abbott, Tony The final quest
J Fic Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Fattah, Randa. The friendship matchmaker
J Fic Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Fattah, Randa. The friendship matchmaker
J Fic Adler Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the mystery of the carnival prize
J Fic Adler Adler, David A. Cam Jansen the Sports Day mysteries : a super special
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J Fic Bentley Bentley, Sue Picture perfect
J Fic Bentley Bentley, Sue A puzzle of paws
J Fic Bentley Bentley, Sue Sparkling skates
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J Fic Bradley Bradley, Timothy J. Infestation
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J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ralph S. Mouse
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J Fic Freitas Freitas, Donna. Gold medal summer
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J Fic Go Badger, Meredith. Birthday girl
J Fic Go McAuley, Rowan. Class Captain
J Fic Go McAuley, Rowan Music mad
J Fic Go Perry, Chrissie. Flower girl
J Fic Gutman Gutman, Dan. Dr. Carbles is losing his marbles!
J Fic Gutman Gutman, Dan. Mr. Louie is screwy!
J Fic Gutman Gutman, Dan. Mr. Louie is screwy!
J Fic Haddix Haddix, Margaret Pet Among the enemy
J Fic Harper Harper, Charise Meri Dreamer, wisher, liar
J Fic Healy Healy, Christopher The hero's guide to being an outlaw
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J Fic Klise Klise, Kate. The Greatest Star on Earth
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J Fic Lerangis Lerangis, Peter. Seven wonders journals. The Select ; the Orphan
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J Fic Lupica Lupica, Mike. The Underdogs
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J Fic MacLean MacLean, Jill. The present tense of Prinny Murphy
J Fic Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo and friends
J Fic Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo and her big ideas
J Fic Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo, don't be blue
J Fic Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo, don't be blue
J Fic Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo rules the school
J Fic Marino Marino, Andy The door
J Fic Martin Martin, Ann M. Best kept secret : the third generation
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy Archie takes flight
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J Fic McMann McMann, Lisa. The Unwanteds
J Fic McQuerry McQuerry, Maureen Beyond the door
J Fic Messner Messner, Kate. Capture the flag
J Fic Messner Messner, Kate. Hide and seek
J Fic Miles Miles, Ellen. Scout
J Fic Mlynowski Mlynowski, Sarah, au Bad hair day
J Fic Moceanu Moceanu, Dominique Reaching high
J Fic Moceanu Moceanu, Dominique Unexpected twist
J Fic Muten Mutn, Burleigh. Miss Emily
J Fic Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reyn The boys start the war
J Fic Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reyn The girls get even
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J Fic Nix Nix, Garth, author. The mystery
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J Fic Sobol Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the jumping frogs
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J Fic Stilton   Cat and mouse in a haunted house
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J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo, a Get into gear, Stilton!
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo. Rumble in the jungle
J Fic Tarshis Tarshis, Lauren. I survived the shark attacks of 1916
J Fic Tarshis Tarshis, Lauren. I survived the shark attacks of 1916
J Fic Terrell-Deutsch Terrell-Deutsch, Bev Running scared
J Fic Thirty Standiford, Natalie Countdown
J Fic Thirty Watson, Jude. In too deep
J Fic Unsworth Unsworth, Tania, aut The one safe place
J Fic Venkatraman Venkatraman, Padma A time to dance
J Fic Voake Voake, Steve, author Hooey Higgins and the tremendous trousers
J Fic Wagner Wagner, Hilary. Lords of Trillium
J Fic Wagner Wagner, Hilary. Nightshade City
J Fic Wagner Wagner, Hilary. The white assassin
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The midnight mystery
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The movie star mystery
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The mystery on the train
J Fic Warner Warner, Sally Ellray Jakes is magic
J Fic Watson Watson, Geoff Edison's gold
J Fic Watson Watson, Geoff Edison's gold
J Fic Wexler Wexler, Django. The forbidden library
J Fic White White, J. A., author The Thickety : a path begins
J Fic Zucker Zucker, Jonny. Game on
J Fic Zucker Zucker, Jonny. Grave danger
J Fic Zucker Zucker, Jonny. In deep
J Fic Zucker Zucker, Jonny. Short circuit
J Fic Zucker Zucker, Jonny. Supersonic
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric, auth The marvelous land of Oz
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric, auth The marvelous land of Oz
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric, auth The marvelous land of Oz
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric. The wonderful Wizard of Oz
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric. The wonderful Wizard of Oz
J Graphic Baum Shanower, Eric. The wonderful Wizard of Oz
J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, aut Big Nate, Mr. Popularity
J Graphic Bolton Bolton, Chris A. Smash : trial by fire
J Graphic ElseWhere Bannister. The shadow door
J Graphic ElseWhere Bannister. The Shadow Spies
J Graphic FoxTrot Amend, Bill. Jam-packed foxtrot
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim The tenth Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic G-Man Giarrusso, Chris. G-Man. 3, Coming home
J Graphic G-Man Giarrusso, Chris. G-Man. Learning to fly
J Graphic Hunter Jolley, Dan. Warriors : the rise of scourge
J Graphic Pilkey Pilkey, Dav The adventures of Ook and Gluk : kung-fu cavemen from the future
J Graphic Thompson Thompson, Richard Mighty Alice goes round and round : a Cul de Sac book
J Online Resource   World book online [electronic resource].
J PictureBk 363.37 D372 Demarest, Chris L. Firefighters A to Z
J PictureBk 613.2 R848 Rotner, Shelley. Yummy! : good food makes me strong
J PictureBk Anderson Anderson, Airlie, au Momo and Snap are NOT friends!
J PictureBk Austin Austin, Mike Junkyard
J PictureBk Baillie Baillie, Marilyn, au Whoosh! : a watery world of wonderful creatures
J PictureBk Bardhan-Quallen Bardhan-Quallen, Sud Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Byron, autho My bus
J PictureBk Bee Bee, William. Digger Dog
J PictureBk Beebe Beebe, Katy. Brother Hugo and the bear
J PictureBk Bently Bently, Peter The great balloon hullaballoo
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears and too much car trip
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain bears and too much tv
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain Bears get in a fight
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain bears get the gimmies
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain bears' trouble at school
J PictureBk Blackall Blackall, Sophie. The baby tree
J PictureBk Bluemle Bluemle, Elizabeth Tap tap boom boom
J PictureBk Breen Breen, Steve. Pug & Doug
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J PictureBk Bunting Bunting, Eve Washday
J PictureBk Burleigh Burleigh, Robert. Zoom! zoom! : sounds of things that go in the city
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J PictureBk Capucilli Capucilli, Alyssa Sa Tulip loves Rex
J PictureBk Carr Carr, Jan (M. J.). Toe shoe mouse
J PictureBk Chernesky Chernesky, Felicia S Pick a circle, gather squares : a fall harvest of shapes
J PictureBk Cole Cole, Henry Big bug
J PictureBk Cousins Cousins, Lucy. Maisy goes to the movies
J PictureBk Cronin Cronin, Doreen. Boom Snot Twitty
J PictureBk Cyrus Cyrus, Kurt, author. Motor dog
J PictureBk Czajak Czajak, Paul. Monster needs his sleep
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J PictureBk O'Connor O'Connor, Jane. Fancy Nancy and the wedding of the century
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J Playaway Gordon Gordon, Roderick. Terminal [electronic resource]
J Playaway Henkes Henkes, Kevin. Owen & other stories [sound recording]
J VideoPlayer 973 A512   American History collection. Volume 1.
J VideoPlayer Get   TumbleBooks. Get active!
J VideoPlayer Pinky   Pinky dinky doo. Pinky's perfect present & more.
J VideoPlayer Sports   Sports!
J811.6 W749 Wilson, Karma. Outside the box
LargeType Binchy Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street
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Ref 371.42 O15   Occupational outlook handbook
Ref 383 N277   National 5-digit zip code and post office directory.
Ref 383 N277   National 5-digit zip code and post office directory.
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RefTable 629.25 F953   Fuel economy guide.
Rental DVD   At Middleton
Rental DVD   Her
Rental DVD   Labor Day
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Rental DVD   Ride along
Rental DVD   Still mine
Rental DVD   Veronica Mars
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YA Graphic Justice Johns, Geoff Justice League. Volume 3, Throne of Atlantis