New Items March 2016

001 L987 Lynch, Michael P. The Internet of us: knowing more and understanding less in the age of Big Data
001.53 Z37 Zarkadakēs, Giōrgos In our own image: savior or destroyer? : the history and future of artificial intelligence
004 P624 Pierson, Lillian, Data science for dummies
004.165 iPhone M678 Miser, Brad, My iPhone for seniors
005.133 C113m Covaci, Tiberiu, MCSD certification toolkit (exam 70-483): programming in C#
028.9 B724   The books that changed my life: reflections by 100 authors, actors, musicians, and other remarkable people
070.19 D725 Dotson, Bob Make it memorable : writing and packaging visual news with styl
070.4 H279 Hargreaves, Ian, Journalism: a very short introduction
142.7 B168 Bakewell, Sarah, At the existentialist cafe: freedom, being, and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Karl Jaspers, Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others
153.1 S658 Smith Rumsey, Abby, When we are no more: how digital memory is shaping our future
153.6 N322 Navarro, Joe, What every BODY is saying: an ex-FBI agent's guide to speed reading people
153.8 E14   Eat pray love made me do it: life journeys inspired by the bestselling memoir
155.455 R975 Ruthsatz, Joanne, The prodigy's cousin: the family link between autism and extraordinary talent
155.937 R741 Roiphe, Katie, The violet hour: great writers at the end
158 C397 Centrella, Sarah. Hustle Believe Receive: An 8-step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream + 51 Stories to Prove It!
158.1 A468 Altman, Don, Clearing emotional clutter: mindfulness practices for letting go of what's blocking your fulfillment and transformation
158.1 C873 Covey, Stephen R., Primary greatness: the 12 levers of success
158.1 D871 Duhigg, Charles, Smarter faster better: the secrets of productivity in life and business
170.44 K87 Kotb, Hoda, Where we belong: journeys that show us the way
211.7 H431 Hazleton, Lesley Agnostic: A Spirited Manifest
211.8 L475 LeDrew, Stephen, The evolution of atheism: the politics of a modern movement
225.922 B623 Bissell, Tom, Apostle, or, Bones that shine like fire: travels among the tombs of the Twelve
234.2 C873 Covington, Dennis, Revelation: a search for faith in a violent religious world
289.3 C776 Cooper, Alex, Saving Alex: when I was fifteen I told my Mormon parents I was gay, and that's when my nightmare began
291.42 N534 Newberg, Andrew B., How enlightenment changes your brain: the new science of transformation
294.3 S559 Shojai, Pedram, The urban monk: Eastern wisdom and modern hacks to stop time and find success, happiness, and peace
302 G488 Gilovich, Thomas, The wisest one in the room: how you can benefit from social psychology's most powerful insights
302.76 W626 Whittington, Hillary, Raising Ryland: our story of parenting a transgender child with no strings attached
303.6 M385 Martínez, Oscar A history of violence: living and dying in Central America
303.61 E58 Engler, Mark, This is an uprising: how nonviolent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century
305.235 S163 Sales, Nancy Jo, American girls: social media and the secret lives of teenagers
305.244 H144 Hagerty, Barbara Bradley, Life reimagined: the science, art, and opportunity of midlife
305.409581 W361   We are Afghan women: voices of hope
306.734 B396 Becker-Phelps, Leslie, Love: the psychology of attraction
306.81 C466 Chapman, Gary D., The 5 love languages: the secret to love that lasts
306.815 T768 Traister, Rebecca, All the single ladies: unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation
306.89 P232 Paris, Wendy Splitopia: dispatches from today's good divorce and how to part well
320.082 M243 Malcolm, Ellen, When women win: EMILY's list and the rise of women in American politics
320.082 N566 Newton-Small, Jay, Broad influence: how women are changing the way America works
320.52 D592 Dionne, E. J., Why the right went wrong: conservatism-- from Goldwater to the Tea Party and beyond
320.973 L828 Lofgren, Mike, The deep state: the fall of the constitution and the rise of a shadow government
320.973 P869 Potter, Wendell, Nation on the take: how big money corrupts our democracy and what we can do about it
324.2736 F828 Frank, Thomas, Listen, Liberal, or, What ever happened to the party of the people?
324.62 W164 Waldman, Michael, The fight to vote
326 M179 Maddox, Lucy, The Parker sisters: a border kidnapping
327.12 H415 Hayden, Michael V. Playing to the edge: American intelligence in the age of terror
331.2 J42 Jayaraman, Sarumathi, Forked: a new standard for American dining
332.024 O45 Olen, Helaine, The index card: why personal finance doesn't have to be complicated
332.042 P449 Perkins, John, The new confessions of an economic hit man
332.1 K53 King, Mervyn A., The end of alchemy: money, banking and the future of the global economy
332.11 E39 El-Erian, Mohamed A., The only game in town: central banks, instability, and avoiding the next collapse
332.4 W561 Wheelan, Charles J., Naked money: a revealing look at what it is and why it matters
332.6 K89 Krantz, Matt. Investing online for dummies
333.82 S486 Sernovitz, Gary, The green and the black: the complete story of the shale revolution, the fight over fracking, and the future of energy
333.95 W747 Wilson, Edward O., Half-earth: our planet's fight for life
338.76 D415 Denton, Sally, The profiteers: Bechtel and the men who built the world
339.46 D464 Desmond, Matthew, Evicted: poverty and profit in the American city
339.47 G664 Gordon, Robert J., The rise and fall of American growth: the U.S. standard of living since the Civil War
344.73 T456 Thomas, Gillian Because of sex: one law, ten cases, and fifty years that changed American women's lives at work
354.152 M385 Martinez, Juan Conviction: the untold story of putting Jodi Arias behind bars
362.29 L295 Lansky, Sam, The gilded razor: a memoir
362.29 M155 McKenna, Terence K., Food of the gods: the search for the original tree of knowledge : a radical history of plants, drugs, and human evolution
362.29 M697 Mohammad, Akikur, The anatomy of addiction: what science and research tell us about the true causes, best preventive techniques, and most successful treatments
363.134 B816 Branan, Karen, The family tree: a lynching in Georgia, a legacy of secrets, and my search for the truth
363.33 O96 Overton, Iain, The way of the gun: a bloody journey into the world of firearms
363.45 G558 Glenny, Misha, Nemesis: one man and the battle for Rio
363.45 W142 Wainwright, Tom, Narconomics: how to run a drug cartel
363.97 C678 Cohen, Adam Imbeciles: the Supreme Court, American eugenics, and the sterilization of Carrie Buck
364.152 C789 Corbett, Ken, A murder over a girl: justice, gender, junior high
371.262 MCAT Biology S851 Stewart, Robert S., PhD. 500 review questions for the MCAT : biology
371.262 MCAT L278 Langford, Kevin, PhD. 500 review questions for the MCAT : critical analysis and reasoning skill
371.262 MCAT Physics W453 Wells, Connie J. 500 review questions for the MCAT : physic
371.262 SAT E93 Kaplan (COR) Kaplan Evidence-based Reading, Writing, and Essay Workbook for the New Sa
371.262 SAT French C883   Cracking the SAT.;French subject test
371.262 SAT Literature S253   SAT subject test.;Literature
371.262 SAT P485   Master the new SAT
371.262 SAT P485   Master the new SAT
371.262 SAT P485   Master the new SAT
371.262 SAT P485   Master the new SAT
371.262 TOEFL O32   Official TOEFL iBT tests.;Volume 2
382 G244 Garten, Jeffrey E., From silk to silicon: the story of globalization through ten extraordinary lives
394.2 F692 Forbes, Bruce David, America's favorite holidays: candid histories
500 D998 Dyson, Freeman J., Dreams of earth and sky
500 H474 Helfand, D. J. A survival guide to the misinformation age: scientific habits of mind
500 W887 Woodford, Chris, Atoms under the floorboards: the surprising science hidden in your home
510.9 S812 Stedall, Jacqueline A. The history of mathematics: a very short introduction
519.2 M476 Mazur, Joseph. Fluke: the math and myth of coincidences
523.1 G846 Gribbin, John, 13.8: the quest to find the true age of the universe and the theory of everything
523.4 L657 Levenson, Thomas, The hunt for Vulcan: ... and how Albert Einstein destroyed a planet, discovered relativity, and deciphered the universe
530 R873 Rovelli, Carlo, Seven brief lessons on physics
539.7 C645 Close, F. E., Nuclear physics: a very short introduction
546.431 Z85 Zoellner, Tom. Uranium: war, energy, and the rock that shaped the world
575.1 A748 Arney, Kat, Herding Hemingway's Cats: understanding how our genes work
577 H236 Hands, John, Cosmosapiens: human evolution from the origin of the universe
591.92 H266 Hardt, Marah J., Sex in the sea: our intimate connection with sex-changing fish, romantic lobsters, kinky squid, and other salty erotica of the deep
598.99 H432 Head, Vernon R. L., The rarest bird in the world: the search for the Nechisar Nightjar
612.799 S825 Stenn, Kurt S., Hair: a human history
613 L764 Lipman, Frank, 10 reasons you feel old and get fat: ... and how you can stay young, slim, and happy!
613.042 H885 Hudson, Kate, Pretty happy: healthy ways to love your body
613.0423 B847 Brewer, Stephen C., The Canyon Ranch guide to men's health: a doctor's prescription for male wellness
613.2 V211 Valpone, Amie, Eating clean: the 21-day plan to detox, fight inflammation, and reset your body
613.25 H584 Heskett, Jamé, The well path: lose 20 pounds, reverse the aging process, change your life
613.25 H996 Hyman, Mark, Eat fat, get thin: why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health
613.25 L793 Lloyd, Kenneth L. Is your job making you fat?: how to lose the office 15... and more!
613.25 W855 Wolfe, Jenna, Thinner in 30: small changes that add up to big weight loss in just 30 days
614.4 S525 Shah, Sonia, Pandemic: tracking contagions, from cholera to Ebola and beyond
614.521 C836 Coss, Stephen, The fever of 1721: the epidemic that revolutionized medicine and American politics
616.075 H361 Hatch, Steven, Snowball in a blizzard: a physician's notes on uncertainty in medicine
616.8 K45 Kharrazian, Datis, Why isn't my brain working?: a revolutionary understanding of brain decline and effective strategies to recover your brain's health
616.8982 R666 Robison, John Elder, Switched on: a memoir of brain change and emotional awakening
616.994 R845 Roth, Andrew J., Managing prostate cancer: a guide for living better
618.9285 L761 Lintala, Janet, The un-prescription for Autism: a natural approach for a calmer, happier, and more focused child
618.97 B745 Boss, Pauline. Loving someone who has dementia: how to find hope while coping with stress and grief
620.1 H174 Hall, Christopher Materials: a very short introduction
621.381 B575 Bhattacharya, D. K., Solid state electronic devices
621.384 G446 Gibilisco, Stan, Ham and shortwave radio for the electronics hobbyist
623.8201 R845 Roth, Milton. Ship modeling from stem to stern
624.1 B651 Blockley, D. I., Structural engineering: a very short introduction
625.19 F839 Frary, Dave. How to build realistic model railroad scenery
628.1 A427 Allen, Laura, The water-wise home: how to conserve, capture, and reuse water in your home and landscape
629.2293 B821 Leitman, Seth. Build your own electric vehicle
629.244 J65 Johanson, Chris Auto Electricity & Electronics Shop Manual, A6
629.4 H758 Holt, Nathalia, Rise of the rocket girls: the women who propelled us, from missiles to the moon to Mars
632.96 T727 Tourles, Stephanie L., Naturally bug-free: 75 nontoxic recipes for repelling mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, moths & other pesky insects
635.59 S379 Schrider, Don. Storey's guide to raising turkeys: breeds, care, marketing
635.964 G239 Garrett, Howard, Organic lawn care: growing grass the natural way
635.976 G222 Gardiner, James M. The Timber Press encyclopedia of flowering shrubs
636.5 A529 Amundsen, Lucie B., Locally laid: how we built a plucky, industry-changing egg farm--from scratch
636.7 A512   Meet the breeds: a guide to 198 AKC breeds
636.7 A512   The American Kennel Club's train your puppy right
641.3 G975 Gunders, Dana, Waste-free kitchen handbook: a guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food
641.4 M431 Mathiot, Ginette, Preserving: conserving, salting, smoking, pickling
641.5 M927 Moulton, Sara, Sara Moulton's home cooking 101: how to make everything taste better
641.5 T263 Teigen, Chrissy, Cravings: recipes for all the food you want to eat
641.5631 H112 Haas, Amanda, The anti-inflammation cookbook: a delicious approach to reducing inflammation and staying healthy
641.5636 C464 Chaplin, Amy. At home in the whole food kitchen: celebrating the art of eating well
641.5636 V915 Volger, Lukas, Bowl: vegetarian recipes for ramen, pho, bibimbap, dumplings, and other one-dish meals
641.589 C771   Cook it in cast iron: kitchen-tested recipes for the one pan that does it all
641.64 A678 Arefi, Yossy, Sweeter off the vine: fruit desserts for every season
641.675 G628 Golson, Terry Blonder, The farmstead egg guide & cookbook
641.874 B162 Baiocchi, Talia, Spritz: Italy's most iconic aperitivo cocktail, with recipes
646.724 B711 Bond, Kylee. Idiot's guides: hairstyles
647.95 H468 Hein, Jon, Fast food maniac: from Arby's to White Castle, one man's supersized obsession with America's favorite food
648 H424 Haynes, Alison, The toxin-free home: a guide to maintaining a clean, eco-friendly, and healthy home
648.5 J31 Jameson, Marni, Downsizing the family home: what to save, what to let go
649.64 P538 Phelan, Thomas W., 1-2-3 magic: effective discipline for children 2-12
650.1 C533 Chideya, Farai, The episodic career: how to thrive at work in the age of disruption
657 W676   Wiley CPAexcel exam review focus notes.;Business environment and concepts
658.114 J65 John, Daymond, The power of broke: how empty pockets, a tight budget, and a hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage
658.4 K67 Knapp, Jake, Sprint: how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days
658.45 G172 Gallo, Carmine, The storyteller's secret: from TED speakers to business legends, why some ideas catch on and others don't
658.834 L753 Lindström, Martin, Small data: the tiny clues that uncover huge trends
659.28 G745 Gramm, Jeff, Dear chairman: boardroom battles and the rise of shareholder activism
671.52 C554 Christena, Stephen Blake. Learn to weld: beginning MIG welding and metal fabrication basics
676.2 M752 Monro, Alexander, The paper trail: an unexpected history of a revolutionary invention
684.1 U97 Uyeda, Ben, Homemade modern: smart DIY designs for a stylish home
709.2 C433g Goodman, Susan Tumarkin. Chagall: love, war, and exile
720.9744 H559   Heroic: concrete architecture and the new Boston
721.823 W765   Windows: history, repair, and conservation
736.4 M152 Macintosh, Hal. Chainsaw carving: the art and craft
741.26 R842 Rota, Matt, The art of ballpoint: experimentation, exploration, and techniques in ink
741.5 W445 Weldon, Glen, The caped crusade: Batman and the rise of nerd culture
745.5 C334 Casa, Jennifer. Handmade heirlooms: crafting with intention, making things that matter, and connecting to family & tradition
745.54 E57 Engel, Peter, Origami odyssey: a journey to the edge of paperfolding
746.432 B927 Budd, Ann, New directions in sock knitting: 18 innovative designs knitted from every which way
746.432 C254 Capshaw-Taylor, Alex, Dressed in knits: 19 designs for creating a custom knitwear collection
746.432 D951 Durant, Judith, Increase, decrease: 99 step-by-step methods
746.432 H582 Herzog, Amy, Knit wear love: foolproof instructions for knitting your best-fitting sweaters ever in the styles you love to wear
746.432 K71   Knitting pearls: writers writing about knitting
746.432 P245 Parkes, Clara, Knitlandia: a knitter sees the world
746.432 S733 Spainhower, Courtney, Family-friendly knits: seasonal knitted garments and accessories for children and adults
746.46 H279 Hargrave, Harriet, Quilter's Academy.;Vol. 5,;Master's year : a skill-building course in quiltmaking
746.6 V43 Vejar, Kristine, The modern natural dyer: a comprehensive guide to dyeing silk, wool, linen, and cotton at home
751.4 D438 D'Errico, Camilla, Pop painting: inspiration and techniques from the pop surrealism art phenomenon
778.53 P948 Priebe, Ken A. The advanced art of stop-motion animation
778.93 T266 Tekulsky, Mathew, Backyard bird photography: how to attract birds to your home and create beautiful photographs
780.1 R236 Ratliff, Ben, Every song ever: twenty ways to listen in an age of musical plenty
782.81 V665 Viertel, Jack. The secret life of the American musical: how Broadway shows are built
784.54 H826 Hoskyns, Barney, Small town talk: Bob Dylan, the Band, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and friends in the wild years of Woodstock
796.323 A161 Abrams, Jonathan P. D., Boys among men: how the prep-to-pro generation redefined the NBA and sparked a basketball revolution
796.323 F992 Fury, Shawn, Rise and fire: the origins, science, and evolution of the jump shot-- and how it transformed basketball forever
796.323 W238 Walton, Bill, Back from the dead
796.323 W724 Williams, Jay, Life is not an accident: a memoir of reinvention
796.357 S889 Stout, Glenn, The selling of the Babe: the deal that changed baseball and created a legend
796.6 C626 Clemitson, Suze. Ride the revolution: the inside stories from women in cycling
796.72 B976 Busbee, Jay, Earnhardt nation: the full-throttle saga of NASCAR's first family
797.122 M148 McGuffin, Gary, Paddle your own kayak: an illustrated guide to the art of kayaking
808.02 L521 Le Guin, Ursula K., Steering the craft: a twenty-first century guide to sailing the sea of story
808.042 M821 Moore, Dinty W., Crafting the personal essay: a guide for writing and publishing creative nonfiction
808.1 P895   The Practice of poetry: writing exercises from poets who teach
808.3 C338 Casey, John, Beyond the first draft: the art of fiction
811.4 D553c Charyn, Jerome, A loaded gun: Emily Dickinson for the 21st century
811.54 C639 Clifton, Lucille, Mercy: poems
812.54 M647 Miller, Arthur, The crucible: a play in four acts
813.09 C318 Carrington, André M., Speculative blackness: the future of race in science fiction
814.54 D578 Dillard, Annie, The abundance: narrative essays old and new
814.6 B864 Broder, Melissa, So sad today: personal essays
816.52 W673 Wilder, Laura Ingalls, The selected letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder
821.08 I68   Irish poems
821.3 D685 Donne, John, Poems and prose
821.4 M662 Milton, John, Paradise lost
821.7 K25 Keats, John, Poems
822.33 J Shakespeare, William, The Norton Shakespeare
822.33 O1 Shakespeare, William, All's well that ends well
822.33 O3 Shakespeare, William, As you like it
822.33 O5 Shakespeare, William, The comedy of errors
822.33 O7 Shakespeare, William, Love's labor's lost
822.33 P1 Shakespeare, William, Measure for measure
822.33 P5 Shakespeare, William, The merry wives of Windsor
822.33 Q1 Shakespeare, William, Much ado about nothing
822.33 Q3 Shakespeare, William, The taming of the shrew
822.33 Q5 Shakespeare, William, The tempest
822.33 Q7 Shakespeare, William, Twelfth night, or What you will
822.33 R1 Shakespeare, William, The two gentlemen of Verona
822.33 R3 Shakespeare, William, The winter's tale
822.33 R3 Shakespeare, William, The winter's tale
822.33 S3 Shakespeare, William, Coriolanus
822.33 S5 Shakespeare, William, Cymbeline
822.33 T7 Shakespeare, William, Othello
822.33 U1 Shakespeare, William, Pericles, Prince of Tyre
822.33 U4   Romeo and Juliet: a critical reader
822.33 U5 Shakespeare, William, Timon of Athens
822.33 V1 Shakespeare, William, Troilus and Cressida
822.33 W1 Shakespeare, William, Henry IV, part 2
822.33 W5 Shakespeare, William, Henry VI, part 1
822.33 W7 Shakespeare, William, Henry VIII
822.33 X1 Shakespeare, William The Life and Death of King Joh
822.33 X3 Shakespeare, William, The tragedy of Richard II
822.33 X3   King Richard II
822.33 X5 Shakespeare, William, Richard III
822.33 Y1 Shakespeare, William, Shakespeare's sonnets and poems
822.33 Z Fletcher, John, The two noble kinsmen
822.91 S534 Shaw, Bernard, Pygmalion: a romance in five acts
822.912 C874 Coward, Noel, Three plays: Blithe spirit, Hay fever, Private lives
822.914 P659 Pinter, Harold, Complete works
822.914 S883 Stoppard, Tom. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead
880.9 J53 Jenkyns, Richard. Classical literature: an epic journey from Homer to Virgil and beyond
884.01 S241f Freeman, Philip, Searching for Sappho: the lost songs and world of the first woman poet : including new translations of all of Sappho's surviving poetry
895.108 B592   The big red book of modern Chinese literature: writings from the Mainland in the long twentieth century
909 F834 Frankopan, Peter. The Silk Roads: a new history of the world
909 M662 Milton, Giles, When Hitler took cocaine ;and, Lenin lost his brain : history's unknown chapters
917.3 H432 Heacox, Kim, The national parks: an illustrated history
917.3 T443   A thinking person's guide to America's national parks
940.252 G783 Grayling, A. C., The Age of Genius: the seventeenth century and the birth of the modern mind
940.53 W423 Weinberg, Gerhard L., World War II: a very short introduction
942.03 J76 Jones, Dan, The Plantagenets: the warrior kings and queens who made England
943.085 B884 Brownell, Will, The first Nazi: Erich Ludendorff, the man who made Hitler possible
945.053 S476 Sengupta, Somini, The end of karma: hope and fury among India's young
946.081 H685 Hochschild, Adam, Spain in our hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
947.43 G239 Garrels, Anne, Putin country: a journey into the real Russia
951.056 K91 Kraus, Richard Curt. The cultural revolution: a very short introduction
951.06 F674 Fong, Mei, One child: the story of China's most radical experiment
954.93 G491 Gimlette, John, Elephant complex: travels in Sri Lanka
956.05 E57 Engel, Richard, And then all hell broke loose: two decades in the Middle East
958.1 B629 Blackmon, Jimmy F., Pale horse: hunting terrorists and commanding heroes with the 101st Airborne Division
971.01 M165 MacLeod, D. Peter, Northern Armageddon: the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and the making of the American Revolution
973.1 R436 Restall, Matthew, The conquistadors: a very short introduction
973.332 O26 O'Donnell, Patrick K., Washington's immortals: the untold story of an elite regiment who changed the course of the revolution
973.92 C844 Cotkin, George, Feast of excess: a cultural history of the New Sensibility
ActonColl 974.4 H673   Historical journal of Massachusetts
Biography Abramovich, A. Abramovich, Alex, Bullies: a friendship
Biography Adams, J.Q. Traub, James. John Quincy Adams: militant spirit
Biography Ali, M. Roberts, Randy, Blood brothers: the fatal friendship of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X
Biography Booker, C. Booker, Cory. United: Thoughts on finding common ground and advancing the common goo
Biography Bronte, C. Harman, Claire. Charlotte Bronte: a fiery heart
Biography Burroughs, A. Burroughs, Augusten, Lust & wonder
Biography Einstein, A. Calaprice, Alice, An Einstein encyclopedia
Biography Folger, H. Grant, Stephen H., Collecting Shakespeare: the story of Henry and Emily Folger
Biography Frederick II Blanning, T. C. W., Frederick the Great: King of Prussia
Biography Giudice, T. Giudice, Teresa, Turning the tables: from housewife to inmate and back again
Biography Gleiberman, D. Gleiberman, Owen, Movie freak: my life watching movies
Biography Grinspoon, P. Grinspoon, Peter, Free refills: a doctor confronts his addiction
Biography Hitler, A. Range, Peter Ross, 1924: the year that made Hitler
Biography Howe, J.W. Showalter, Elaine, The civil wars of Julia Ward Howe: a biography
Biography Ibadi, S. ʻIbādī, Shīrīn, Until we are free: my fight for human rights in Iran
Biography Kushner, D. Kushner, David, Alligator candy: a memoir
Biography Lawless, W. Lawless, Wendy, Heart of glass: a memoir
Biography MacLaine, S. MacLaine, Shirley, Above the line: my Wild oats adventure
Biography Meagher, T.F. Egan, Timothy. The immortal Irishman: the Irish revolutionary who became an American hero
Biography Medici Family Strathern, Paul, The Medici: power, money, and ambition in the Italian Renaissance
Biography Nimoy, L. Shatner, William, Leonard: my fifty-year friendship with a remarkable man
Biography Raeburn, D. Raeburn, Daniel K., Vessels: a love story
Biography Roosevelt, F.D. Brinkley, Douglas, Rightful heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America
Biography Silverman, S. Silverman, Susan, Casting lots: creating a family in a beautiful, broken world
Biography Smith, K. Smith, Lee, Dimestore
Biography Stirling, L. Stirling, Lindsey, The only pirate at the party
Biography Sultan, T. Sultan, Tim. Sunny's nights: lost and found at a bar on the edge of the world
Biography Towler, K. Towler, Katherine, The penny poet of Portsmouth: a memoir of place, solitude, and friendship
Biography Woolson, C.F. Rioux, Anne Boyd, Constance Fenimore Woolson: portrait of a lady novelist
BookOnCD 158.1 C964 Cuddy, Amy Joy Casselberry, Presence [sound recording]: bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges
BookOnCD 371.78 K63 Klebold, Sue. A mother's reckoning [sound recording]: living in the aftermath of tragedy
BookOnCD 613.25 L948 Ludwig, David, Always hungry? [sound recording]: conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells, and lose weight permanently
BookOnCD 914.1 B916 Bryson, Bill. The road to Little Dribbling [sound recording]: adventures of an American in Britain
BookOnCD Backman Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove [sound recording]
BookOnCD Binchy Binchy, Maeve, A few of the girls [sound recording]: stories
BookOnCD Biography Burroughs, A. Burroughs, Augusten. Lust and Wonder [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Kalanithi Kalanithi, Paul, When breath becomes air [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Lennox, M.D. Weir, Alison, The lost Tudor princess [sound recording]: a life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox
BookOnCD Biography Parker, M.L. Parker, Mary-Louise. Dear Mr. You [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Steinem, G. Steinem, Gloria. My life on the road [sound recording]
BookOnCD Brown Brown, Pierce, Morning star [sound recording]
BookOnCD Coben Coben, Harlan, Fool me once [sound recording]
BookOnCD Fluke Fluke, Joanne, Wedding cake murder [sound recording]
BookOnCD Gardner Gardner, Lisa. Find her [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Hill Hill, Lawrence, The illegal [sound recording]
BookOnCD Lutz Lutz, Lisa, The passenger [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Martel Martel, Yann. The high mountains of Portugal [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, The revolving door of life [sound recording]
BookOnCD Robb Robb, J. D., Brotherhood in death [sound recording]
BookOnCD Simonson Simonson, Helen. The summer before the war [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Strout Strout, Elizabeth. My name Is Lucy Barton [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Yanagihara Yanagihara, Hanya, A little life [sound recording]: a novel
COM Classical Piano   Piano concertos [sound recording]
COM Country Church   Mr. Misunderstood [sound recording]
COM Country Lynn Lynn, Loretta, Full circle [sound recording]
COM Folk Dylan Dylan, Bob, The best of the cutting edge 1965-1966 [sound recording]
COM Folk Lumineers   Cleopatra [sound recording]
COM NewAge Yanni Yanni. Sensuous Chill [sound recording]
COM Popular Buckley Buckley, Jeff, You and I [sound recording]
COM Popular Keys Keys, Alicia. Girl on fire [sound recording]
COM Popular Macklemore Macklemore, This unruly mess I've made [sound recording]
COM Popular Now   Now that's what I call music! 56 [sound recording]
COM Popular Now   Now that's what I call music! 57 [sound recording]
COM Popular Rihanna   Anti [sound recording]
COM Popular Santigold Santigold, 99¢ [sound recording]
COM Popular Wilson Wilson, Rita. Rita Wilson [sound recording]
COM Religion Staples Staples, Mavis. Livin' on a high note [sound recording]
COM Rock 1975   I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it [sound recording]
COM Rock Daughtry   It's not over-- [sound recording]: the hits so far
COM Rock John   Wonderful crazy night [sound recording]
COM Rock Lake   Side pony [sound recording]
COM Rock Lamar   Untitled unmastered [sound recording]
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COM Rock Raitt   Dig in deep [sound recording]
COM Rock Tedeschi   Let me get by [sound recording]
COM Rock Violent   We can do anything [sound recording]
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COM Rock Williams Williams, Lucinda, The ghosts of Highway 20 [sound recording]
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DVD 305 S554   She's beautiful when she's angry [videorecording]
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DVD 613 L634   The tone every zone walk [videorecording]
DVD 613 S642   Power step workout [videorecording]
DVD 613 S642   Kathy Smith's timeless collection, Great buns and thighs step workout [videorecording]
DVD 613 S642   Kathy Smith timeless collection, Step workout [videorecording]
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 910 B561   Best of travel [videorecording]: Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China
DVD 917 T727   Touring Alaska : touring Hawaii [videorecording
DVD Agatha   Agatha Christie's, Partners in crime [videorecording]
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DVD Before   Before midnight [videorecording]
DVD Benefactor   The Benefactor [videorecording]
DVD Big   Big Stone Gap [videorecording]
DVD Big   The big short [videorecording]
DVD Brooklyn   Brooklyn [videorecording]
DVD Carol   Carol [videorecording]
DVD Concussion   Concussion [videorecording]
DVD Creed   Creed [videorecording]
DVD Crime   Crime and punishment [videorecording]
DVD Crimson   Crimson Peak [videorecording]
DVD Daddy's   Daddy's home [videorecording]
DVD Danish   The Danish girl [videorecording]
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DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Bahubali   Bahubali [videorecording]: the beginning
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Prem   Prem Ratan Dhan Payo [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Tamasha   Tamasha [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Italian Wonders   The wonders [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Korean Beauty   The beauty inside [videorecording]
DVD Game   Game of thrones, The complete fifth season [videorecording]
DVD Grease   Grease live! [videorecording]
DVD Hateful   The hateful eight [videorecording]
DVD Hunger   The Hunger Games.;Mockingjay,;Part 2
DVD In   In the heart of the sea [videorecording]
DVD James   James White [videorecording]
DVD Jesus   Jesus of Nazareth [videorecording]: the complete miniseries
DVD Legend   Legend [videorecording]
DVD Macbeth   Macbeth [videorecording]
DVD Miss   Miss you already [videorecording]
DVD My   My all American [videorecording]
DVD Paranormal   Paranormal activity, The ghost dimension [videorecording]
DVD Place   Place to Call Home, A: Season 03 [videorecording]
DVD Point   Point break [videorecording]
DVD Room   Room [videorecording]
DVD Spotlight   Spotlight [videorecording]
DVD StarWars   Star Wars: The Force Awakens [videorecording
DVD Steve   Steve Jobs [videorecording]
DVD Ted   Ted 2 [videorecording]
DVD Trumbo   Trumbo [videorecording]
DVD Unbreakable   Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.;Season one [videorecording]
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J Fic Grant Grant, Holly. The dastardly deed: the League of Beastly Dreadfuls, book 2
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J Fic London London, Matt, We built this city
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J Fic Malone Malone, Jen, You're invited
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J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Lacey the little mermaid fairy
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J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Julia the sleeping beauty fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Gwen the beauty and the beast fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Faith the cinderella fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Eleanor the snow white fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Aisha the princess and the pea fairy
J Fic Neri Neri, Greg, Tru and Nelle: a novel
J Fic Ninjago Howard, Kate, Spy vs. spy
J Fic Ostow Ostow, Micol, Louise Trapeze did NOT lose the juggling chickens
J Fic Parish Parish, Herman, Amelia Bedelia on the job
J Fic Park Park, Linda Sue, Forest of wonders
J Fic Pilkey Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets
J Fic Roland Roland, Timothy, Monkey me and the school ghost
J Fic Roland Roland, Timothy, Monkey me and the pet show
J Fic Roland Roland, Timothy, Monkey me and the new neighbor
J Fic Roland Roland, Timothy, Monkey me and the golden monkey
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J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, Big Nate: thunka, thunka, thunka
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J PictureBk Bagley Bagley, Jessixa, Before I leave
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J PictureBk Disney Scollon, Bill, The Good Dinosaur
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J PictureBk Gerber Gerber, Carole. Spring blossoms
J PictureBk Goetz Goetz, Steve, Old Macdonald had a truck
J PictureBk Gorbachev Gorbachev, Valeri, Not me!
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J PictureBk Hesselberth Hesselberth, Joyce, Shape shift
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Bemelmans Bemelmans, Ludwig, Madeline's Christmas
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J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Berenstain Berenstain, Jan, The Berenstain Bears and the joy of giving
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Brett Brett, Jan, The wild Christmas reindeer
J PictureBk Holiday Christmas Brett Brett, Jan, Christmas trolls
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J PictureBk Ikegami Ikegami, Aiko, Friends
J PictureBk James James, Helen Foster, Grandpa loves you!
J PictureBk Jarvis   Who Is happy?: see and say your first feelings
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J PictureBk Jenson-Elliott Jenson-Elliott, Cynthia L., Dig in!
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J PictureBk Kent Kent, Allegra, Ballerina gets ready
J PictureBk Lewin Lewin, Ted, I see and see
J PictureBk Light Light, Steve, The bunny burrow buyer's book: a tale of rabbit real estate
J PictureBk Light Light, Steve, Swap!
J PictureBk Lipan Lipan, Sabine, Mom, there's a bear at the door
J PictureBk Long Long, Ethan, Big Cat
J PictureBk Martin Martin, Bill, Listen to our world
J PictureBk Maxwell Maxwell, John C., Sometimes you win--sometimes you learn: for kids!
J PictureBk McClintock McClintock, Barbara, Emma and Julia love ballet
J PictureBk McPike McPike, Elizabeth. Little bitty friends
J PictureBk Mebane Mebane, Jeanie, At the marsh in the meadow
J PictureBk Meng Meng, Cece, Always remember
J PictureBk Merino Merino, Gemma, The cow who climbed a tree
J PictureBk Miller Miller, Pat Zietlow, The quickest kid in Clarksville
J PictureBk Minions King, Trey, Minions: seek and find
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J PictureBk Scarry Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's Best word book ever
J PictureBk Schotter Schotter, Roni, Go, little green truck!
J PictureBk Seki Seki, Sunny, Yuko-chan and the Daruma doll: the adventures of a blind Japanese girl who saves her village
J PictureBk Shore Shore, Diane ZuHone, This is the Earth
J PictureBk Shore Shore, Diane ZuHone, This is the Earth
J PictureBk Siddals Siddals, Mary McKenna. Bringing the outside in
J PictureBk Sif Sif, Birgitta, Where my feet go
J PictureBk Sosin Sosin, Deborah, Charlotte and the quiet place
J PictureBk Sperring Sperring, Mark, How many sleeps 'til my birthday?
J PictureBk Spink Spink, Matt, Some birds
J PictureBk Spires Spires, Ashley, Over-scheduled Andrew
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J PictureBk Timmers Timmers, Leo, Franky
J PictureBk Torrey Torrey, Rich, The almost terrible playdate
J PictureBk Tullet Tullet, Hervé. Press here
J PictureBk Vander Heyden Vander Heyden, Linda, Mr. McGinty's monarchs
J PictureBk Velasquez Velasquez, Eric, Looking for Bongo
J PictureBk Vidal Vidal, Séverine, Mega Mouse
J PictureBk Wall Wall, Laura, Goose goes to the zoo
J PictureBk Warner Warner, Carl. A world of food
J PictureBk Weaver Weaver, Jo, Little One
J PictureBk Wilhelm Wilhelm, Hans, A hole in the wall
J PictureBk Wing Wing, Natasha, The night before the new pet
J PictureBk Wong Wong, Liz, Quackers
J PictureBk Yolen Yolen, Jane, How do dinosaurs stay friends?
J Playaway Gutman Gutman, Dan Lincoln project [sound recording
J Playaway Lofting Lofting, Hugh, The story of Dr. Dolittle [sound recording]
J Playaway Lupica Lupica, Mike Extra yard [sound recording
J Playaway SuperHeroes Wyatt, Chris Marvel's Ant-Man : the junior novel [sound recording
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LargeType Betley Betley, Matthew, Overwatch: a thriller
LargeType Binchy Binchy, Maeve, A few of the girls: [stories]
LargeType Chevalier Chevalier, Tracy, At the edge of the orchard
LargeType Childs Childs, Laura, Devonshire scream: a tea shop mystery
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LargeType Cussler Cussler, Clive, The gangster: an Isaac Bell adventure
LargeType Deaver Deaver, Jeffery, The steel kiss: a Lincoln Rhyme novel
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LargeType Greaney Greaney, Mark, Back blast
LargeType Guskin Guskin, Sharon, The forgetting time
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Literacy 428.1 H691 Hodkinson, Kenneth. Wordly wise 3000: systematic academic vocabulary development
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Literacy 428.24 M723 Molinsky, Steven J. Foundations
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Literacy 428.24 M978 Murphy, Raymond. Basic grammar in use: self-study reference and practice for students of North American English : with answers
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Mystery Albert Albert, Susan Wittig. Blood orange
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Mystery Coben Coben, Harlan, Fool me once
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Mystery Delany Delany, Vicki, Unreasonable doubt: a Constable Molly Smith mystery
Mystery Drake Drake, Rebecca, Only ever you
Mystery Eskens Eskens, Allen, The life we bury
Mystery Faye Faye, Lyndsay, Jane Steele
Mystery Flanagan Flanagan, Joe Lesser evils
Mystery Franze Franze, Anthony J., The advocate's daughter
Mystery French French, Nicci. Thursday's children: a Frieda Klein mystery
Mystery Gaylin Gaylin, Alison, What remains of me: a novel
Mystery Hamilton Hamilton, Glen Erik, Hard cold winter: a Van Shaw novel
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Mystery Hewson Hewson, David, The Flood
Mystery Hodgson Hodgson, Antonia. The last confession of Thomas Hawkins
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Mystery Kasasian Kasasian, M. R. C. Death descends on Saturn Villa
Mystery Kerr Kerr, Philip, The other side of silence
Mystery King King, Laurie R. Murder of Mary Russell: a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holme
Mystery Laukkanen Laukkanen, Owen, The watcher in the wall: a Stevens and Windermere novel
Mystery Leon Leon, Donna, The waters of eternal youth
Mystery MacDonald MacDonald, Siobhan. Twisted river
Mystery McKinty McKinty, Adrian, Rain dogs
Mystery Parker Parker, T. Jefferson, Crazy blood: a novel
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James, Private Paris
Mystery Pattison Pattison, Eliot, Blood of the oak: a novel
Mystery Perry Perry, Anne, Treachery at Lancaster Gate: a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel
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Mystery Shelton Shelton, Paige, The Cracked Spine
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Mystery Sykes Sykes, S. D., Butcher bird
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Mystery White White, Randy Wayne, Deep blue
Mystery Winspear Winspear, Jacqueline, Journey to Munich: a novel
Mystery Woods Woods, Stuart Family jewel
Mystery Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. The silence of the sea: a thriller
Oversized 552 F235 Farndon, John The Practical Encyclopedia of Rocks & Minerals: How to Find, Identify, Collect and Preserve the World's Best Specimens, with Over 1000 Photographs and Ar
Oversized 709.2 R961m   The masterworks of Charles M. Russell: a retrospective of paintings and sculpture
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RefTable 629.22 G481 Gillis, Jack. The car book
Rental DVD   Star Wars: The Force Awakens [videorecording
Rental DVD   Steve Jobs [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Spotlight [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Room [videorecording]
Rental DVD   The Hunger Games.;Mockingjay,;Part 2
Rental DVD   The hateful eight [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Creed [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Brooklyn [videorecording]
Rental DVD   The big short [videorecording]
SciFi Brown Brown, Pierce, Morning star
Spanish Fic Allende Allende, Isabel, El juego de Ripper
Spanish Fic Allende Allende, Isabel. El cuaderno de Maya
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Speed Read Patterson, James, Private Paris
Speed Read Hamer, Kate, The girl in the red coat: a novel
Speed Read Coben, Harlan, Fool me once
Tamil Fic Caṣi Muraḷi Caṣi Muraḷi, Tittikkutē
Tamil Fic Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ, Yāḻiṉi eṉṟoru tēṉaruvi
Tamil Fic Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ, Taṅkak kāṭu
Tamil Fic Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ, Āṉanta tāṇṭavam
Tamil Fic Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ Intirā Cauntarrājaṉ, Aintu vaḻi... mūṉṟu vācal...
Tamil Fic Mōkaṉ Mōkaṉ, Jeyanti, Kauri kalyāṇa vaipōkamē
Tamil Fic Muttulaṭcumi Rākavaṉ, Muttulaṭcumi Rākavaṉ, Muttulaṭcumi Rākavaṉ eḻutiya anti vāṉam..
Tamil Fic Muttuliṅkam Muttuliṅkam, A., Piḷḷai kaṭattalkāraṉ
Tamil Fic Srutiviṉō Srutiviṉō, Oru nāḷ uṟavā ituvē
Tamil Fic Srutiviṉō Srutiviṉō, Mavuṉam pēcumā?
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Teen Cavallaro Cavallaro, Brittany. A study in Charlotte: a Charlotte Holmes novel
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Teen DeStefano DeStefano, Lauren, Broken crowns
Teen DVD 371 H432   He named me Malala [videorecording]
Teen DVD 796 T673   Top spin [videorecording]
Teen DVD Doctor   Doctor Who.;The husbands of River Song [videorecording]
Teen DVD Hobbit   The hobbit.;The desolation of Smaug [videorecording]
Teen DVD Hunger   The Hunger Games.;Mockingjay,;Part 2
Teen DVD Maze   Maze runner.;The Scorch trials [videorecording]
Teen DVD StarWars   Star wars.;I, II, III [videorecording]
Teen DVD Suffragette   Suffragette [videorecording]
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Teen Graphic Mad   Spy vs spy: an explosive celebration
Teen Graphic Mad   Spy vs. spy 2: the joke and dagger files
Teen Graphic Mad Prohias, Antonio. Spy vs spy: missions of madness
Teen Graphic Mad Kuper, Peter Spy vs spy : fight to the finish
Teen Graphic Pearls Pastis, Stephan. Pearls gets sacrificed: a Pearls before swine treasury
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Teen Longo Longo, Jennifer, Up to this pointe
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Teen Maxwell Maxwell, Lisa, Unhooked
Teen Meyer Meyer, Marissa, Stars above: a Lunar Chronicles collection
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Teen Playaway Older Older, Daniel Jose Shadowshaper [sound recording
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Teen Rule Rule, Adi, The hidden twin
Teen Scott Scott, Victoria Titans
Teen Strand Strand, Jeff, The greatest zombie movie ever
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YA Fic Federle Federle, Tim. The great American whatever
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YA Fic Weston Weston, Paula Shimme
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