New Items March 2014

001.422 Y94 Yuk, Mico. Data visualization for dummies
004.165 iPad B152 Baig, Edward C., aut iPad for dummies
005.133 Node.js C229 Cantelon, Mike, auth Node.js in action
005.133 P451f Foy, Brian D. Mastering Perl
005.369 Quicken2014 N431 Nelson, Stephen L. Quicken 2014 for dummies
006.6 K94 Krug, Steve, author. Don't make me think, revisited : a common sense approach to Web usability
006.78 AmazonWebServices G618 Golden, Bernard. Amazon web services for dummies
152.4 F848 Frazzetto, Giovanni. joy, guilt, anger, love: what neuroscience can--and can't--tell us about how we feel.
152.4 J69 Johnson, Susan M. Love sense : the revolutionary new science of romantic relationships
153.3 C182 Cameron, Julia. The artist's way : a spiritual path to higher creativity
153.7 C429 Chabris, Christopher The invisible gorilla : and other ways our intuitions deceive us
156 S943 Suddendorf, Thomas. The gap : the science of what separates us from other animals
158 J25 Jain, Sanjay (Sanjay Optimal living 360 : smart decision making for a balanced life
158.1 L896 Lovato, Demi, 1992- Staying strong : 365 days a year
179.9 T967 Tutu, Desmond. The book of forgiving : the fourfold path for healing ourselves and our world
296.7 D253 Davidson, Sara. The December Project : an extraordinary Rabbi and a skeptical seeker confront life's greatest mystery
302.14 D476 DeSteno, David. The truth about trust : how it determines success in life, love, learning, and more
303.483 P419 Pentland, Alex Social physics : how good ideas spread-the lessons from a new science
303.49 W555   What should we be worried about? : real scenarios that keep scientists up at night
305.8 S299 Schama, Simon, autho The story of the Jews : finding the words, 1000 BC-1492 AD
306.7 K89 Krasnow, Iris. Sex after-- : women share how intimacy changes as life changes
306.734 O98 Oyer, Paul E. (Paul Everything I ever needed to know about economics I learned from online dating
306.874 R118 Race, Kristen. Mindful parenting : simple and powerful solutions for raising creative, engaged, happy kids in today's hectic world
306.874 S779 Stafford, Rachel Mac Hands free mama : a guide to putting down the phone, burning the to-do list, and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters!
320.954 D229 Das, Gurcharan, auth India grows at night : a liberal case for a strong state
323.448 A595 Angwin, Julia. Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance
327.73 J92 Judis, John B., auth Genesis : Truman, American Jews, and the origins of the Arab
330.015 K18 Karabell, Zachary. The leading indicators : a short history of the numbers that rule our world
331.44 S386 Schulte, Brigid Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time
332.49 E36 Eisenstein, Charles Sacred economics : money, gift, & society in the age of transition
332.49 M379 Martin, Felix Money : the unauthorised biography
332.62 L675 Lewis, Michael (Mich Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt
332.63 G852 Griffis, Michael, au Trading for dummies
332.63 R682 Rockefeller, Barbara Technical analysis for dummies
336.2 T994 Tyson, Eric (Eric Ke Small business taxes for dummies
338.76 K16 Kane, Yukari Iwatani Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs.
338.76 L581 Leonard, Christopher The meat racket : the secret takeover of America's food business
362.19 S647 Smith, Fran (Journal Changing the way we die : compassionate end-of-life care and the hospicemovement
362.29 A769 Aromin, Romulo. 100 questions and answers about your child's substance abuse
362.293 C296 Carpenter, Murray. Caffeinated : how our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us
362.6 M877 Morris, Virginia, au How to care for aging parents : a one-stop resource for all your medical,financial, housing, and emotional issues
363.23 B655 Bloom, Lisa. Suspicion nation : the inside story of the Trayvon Martin injustice and why we continue to repeat it
364.15 H478 Helman, Scott. Long mile home : Boston under attack, the city's courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice
364.152 K59 Kirn, Walter Blood will out : the true story of a murder, a mystery, and a masquerade
364.152 L665 Levingston, Steven. Little demon in the City of Light : a true story of murder and mesmerismin Belle Epoque Paris
365.43 K39 Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black : my year in a women's prison
371.12 M939 Mometrix Media LLC. MTEL middle school mathematics
371.12 M939 Mometrix Media LLC. MTEL middle school mathematics (47) exam secrets. Study guide.
371.25 B971 Burris, Carol Corbet On the same track : how schools can join the twenty-first-century struggle against resegregation
371.262 AP Calculus A639   AP calculus BC.
378.1 S855 Stier, Debbie. The perfect score project : uncovering the secrets of the SAT
411 C622 Clayton, Ewan, autho The golden thread : the story of writing
428.1 F655 Fogarty, Mignon. Grammar Girl's 101 troublesome words you'll master in no time
492.7 A138 Abed, Shukri. Introduction to spoken standard Arabic : a conversational course on DVD.Part 2
519.2 H236 Hand, D. J. (David J The improbability principle : why coincidences, miracles, and rare events happen every day
523.019 J42 Jayawardhana, Ray. Neutrino hunters : the thrilling chase for a ghostly particle to unlock the secrets of the universe
551.6 R859 Roulstone, Ian. Invisible in the storm : the role of mathematics in understanding weather
575.7 K81 Kolbert, Elizabeth. The sixth extinction : an unnatural history
588 C734   Common mosses of the Northeast and Appalachians
595.4 B811 Bradley, Richard A. Common spiders of North America.
598.29 S564 Sibley, David The Sibley guide to birds
598.65 G798 Greenberg, Joel (Joe A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction
608.7 N787 Nolan-Brown, Patrici Idea to invention : what you need to know to cash in on your inspiration
612.6 F673 Fonda, Jane Being a teen : everything teen girls & boys should know about relationships, sex, love, health, identity & more
612.8 K13 Kaku, Michio, author The future of the mind : the scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind
613.25 F959 Fuhrman, Joel, autho The end of dieting : how to live for life
613.25 M824 Moore, Thomas J., au The DASH diet for weight loss : lose weight and keep it off--the healthyway--with America's most respected diet
613.25 V114 Vaccariello, Liz, au 21-day tummy : the revolutionary diet that soothes and shrinks any bellyfast
613.26 G823 Gregory, Rusty/ Chas Living Wheat-Free for Dummies.
613.28 H996 Hyman, Mark The blood sugar solution 10-day detox diet : activate your body's natural ability to burn fat and lose weight fast
613.7046 L487 Leeuwen, Gert van. Yoga, critical alignment : building a strong, flexible practice through intelligent sequencing and mindful movement
615.1 N974   Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy!.
615.788 M649 Miller, Richard J. Drugged : the science and culture behind psychotropic drugs
616.0472 F715 Foreman, Judy. A nation in pain : healing our biggest health problem
616.079 H758 Holt, Nathalia Cured : how the Berlin patients defeated HIV and forever changed medicalscience
616.34 B882 Browne, Jennifer (Je Happy healthy gut : the natural diet solution to curing IBS and other chronic digestive disorders
616.72 D538 Diana, Richard Healthy joints for life : an orthopedic surgeon's proven plan to reduce pain and inflammation, avoid surgery and get moving again
616.834 W137 Wahls, Terry L. The Wahls protocol : how I beat progressive MS using Paleo principles and functional medicine
616.86 B573   Beyond addiction : how science and kindness help people change
616.994 S579 Sikka, Madhulika. A breast cancer alphabet
618.92 B881 Brown, Thomas E. A new understanding of ADHD in children and adults : executive function impairments
618.92 S256 Saul, Richard. ADHD does not exist : the truth about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
621.932 K71   Knives.
628.3 S976 Swidey, Neil. Trapped under the sea : one engineering marvel, five men, and a disasterten miles into the darkness
641.552 M737 Moncel, Beth, author Budget bytes : over 100 easy, delicious recipes to slash your grocery bill in half
641.563 T163 Tam, Michelle, autho Nom nom paleo : food for humans
641.563 V817 Virgin, JJ, author. The Virgin diet cookbook : 150 easy and delicious recipes to lose weightand feel better fast
641.5636 B576 Bialik, Mayim, autho Mayim's vegan table : more than 100 great-tasting and healthy recipes from my family to yours
641.5636 C782 Copeland, Sarah, aut Feast : generous vegetarian meals for any eater and every appetite
641.5636 R651 Robertson, Robin. Vegan planet : more than 425 irresistible recipes with fantastic flavorsfrom home and around the world
641.59 T575 Tillery, Carolyn Qui The African-American heritage cookbook : traditional recipes and fond remembrances from Alabama's renowned Tuskegee Institute
641.675 G628 Golson, Terry Blonde The farmstead egg guide & cookbook
641.86 A456 Alpers, Jackie. Sprinkles! : recipes and ideas for rainbowlicious desserts
641.874 F663 Foley, Ray, author. Bartending for dummies
647.95 G447 Gibney, Michael. Sous chef : 24 hours on the line
649.12 K64 Klein, Tovah P. How toddlers thrive : what parents can do today for children ages 2-5 toplant the seeds of a lifelong success
650.1 B833 Bregman, Peter. 18 minutes : find your focus, master distraction, and get the right things done
650.1 K64 Kleon, Austin. Show your work! : 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered
650.1 M115 McArdle, Megan, auth The up side of down : why failing well is the key to success
658.048 H985 Hutton, Stan, author Nonprofit kit for dummies
658.114 D858 Duffy, Scott, author Launch! : the critical 90 days from idea to market
658.114 H816 Horowitz, Ben, autho The hard thing about hard things : building a business when there are noeasy answers
658.114 P174 Palmer, Kimberly. The economy of you : discover your inner entrepreneur and recession-proof your life
658.45 G172 Gallo, Carmine. Talk like TED : the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's top minds
658.84 C699   EBay for dummies.
658.85 H796 Hopkins, Tom. When buyers say no : essential strategies for keeping a sale moving forward
664.1 W629 Whynott, Douglas The sugar season : a year in the life of maple syrup, and one family's quest for the sweetest harvest
671.7 R941 Runfola, Matthew, au Patina : 300+ coloration effects for jewelers & metalsmiths
709.2 T618 Titian. Titian.
746.432 A428 Allen, Pam Knitting for dummies
746.46 M467 May, Rachel (Rachel Quilting with a modern slant : people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the Modern Quilt Community
746.46 S666 Smucker, Janneken. Amish quilts : crafting an American icon
791.437 I91 Itzkoff, Dave. Mad as hell : the making of Network and the fateful vision of the angriest man in movies
796.323 D264 Davis, Seth. Wooden : a coach's life
796.357 F299 Feinstein, John, aut Where nobody knows your name : life in the minor leagues of baseball
796.6 M175 Macur, Juliet, autho Cycle of lies : the fall of Lance Armstrong
808.81 W927   World poetry : an anthology of verse from antiquity to our time
811.54 B959 Burkard, Michael Lucky coat anywhere : poems
811.54 B959 Burkard, Michael. Unsleeping : poems.
811.54 H217 Hamilton, Alfred Sta dark dreambox of another kind : the poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton.
811.54 K96 Kumin, Maxine And short the season : poems
811.54 S643 Smith, Bruce Devotions
811.54 W156 Walcott, Derek. The poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013
813.09 B928 Buell, Lawrence, aut The dream of the great American novel
813.52 F554c Churchwell, Sarah Ba Careless people : murder, mayhem, and the invention of the Great Gatsby
814.08 B561   The Best American essays.
814.54 H855 Howe, Fanny. The winter sun : notes on a vocation
814.54 N428 Nelson, Maggie Bluets
817.54 B279 Barry, Dave. You can date boys when you're forty : Dave Barry on parenting and other topics he knows very little about
828.914 P563 Phillips, Tom A humument : a treated Victorian novel
891.73 T654k Kaufman, Andrew Understanding Tolstoy
895.1 C614   Classical Chinese poetry : an anthology
895.6 R455 Rexroth, Kenneth One hundred poems from the Japanese
917.16 O69   Bradt travel guide. Nova Scotia.
929.1 H478 Helm, Matthew, autho Genealogy online for dummies
940.531 E24 Edsel, Robert M., au The monuments men : Allied heros, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in history
947.086 F297 Feifer, Gregory, aut Russians : the people behind the power
950.1 L783 Liu, Xinru. The Silk Road in world history
954.03 D297 De Courcy, Anne. The fishing fleet : husband-hunting in the Raj
956.7043 W181 Walker, Johnny Code name, Johnny Walker : the extraordinary story of the Iraqi who risked everything to fight with the U.S. Navy SEALs
956.94 B942 Bunton, Martin. Palestinian-Israeli conflict : a very short introduction.
967.51 S957 Sundaram, Anjan, aut Stringer : a reporter's journey in the Congo
970.6 O32   The official Overstreet indian arrowheads identification and price guide.
973.7 Z48 Zeitz, Joshua. Lincoln's boys : John Hay, John Nicolay, and the war for Lincoln's image
973.8 E29 Egerton, Douglas R. The wars of Reconstruction : the brief, violent history of America's most progressive era
ActonColl 974.4 H673   Historical journal of Massachusetts.
Biography Adams, Jacobs, Diane. Dear Abigail : the intimate lives and revolutionary ideas of Abigail Adams and her two remarkable sisters
Biography Caldwell, Caldwell, Gail New life, no instructions : a memoir
Biography Carmichael, Joseph, Peniel E. Stokely : a life
Biography Dyer, W. Dyer, Wayne W. I can see clearly now
Biography Fest, Fest, Joachim C. Not I : memoirs of a German childhood
Biography Glanville, Glanville, Brandi. Drinking and dating : P.S. Social media is ruining romance
Biography Handler, Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me
Biography Mayes, Mayes, Frances. Under magnolia : a Southern memoir
Biography Mounk, Mounk, Yascha Stranger in my own country : a Jewish family in modern Germany
Biography Nilan, Nilan, Chris. Fighting back : the Chris Nilan story.
Biography Roosevelt, McCullough, David G. Mornings on horseback
Biography Vincent, Vincent, Leah. Cut me loose : sin and salvation after my ultra-Orthodox girlhood
Biography Wall, Wall, Carol Mister Owita's guide to gardening : how I learned the unexpected joy of a green thumb and an open heart
BookOnCD 796.357 B811 Bradlee, Ben, author The kid [sound recording] : the immortal life of Ted Williams
BookOnCD 796.357 F299 Feinstein, John. Where nobody knows your name [sound recording] : life in minor league baseball
BookOnCD 956.94 S533 Shavit, Ari. My promised land [sound recording]
BookOnCD Alcott Alcott, Kate. The daring ladies of Lowell [sound recording]
BookOnCD Berenson Berenson, Alex. The counterfeit agent [sound recording]
BookOnCD Biography Clinton, H. Allen, Jonathan, aut HRC [sound recording] : state secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton
BookOnCD Bradley Bradley, C. Alan The dead in their vaulted arches [sound recording]
BookOnCD Cook Cook, Robin Cell [sound recording]
BookOnCD Eggers Eggers, Dave. The circle [sound recording]
BookOnCD Fluke Fluke, Joanne Blackberry pie murder
BookOnCD Harris Harris, Robert An officer and a spy [sound recording]
BookOnCD Horan Horan, Nancy. Under the wide and starry sky [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan. Killer [sound recording]
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexan The forever girl [sound recording]
BookOnCD Nesbo Nesbo, Jo Police [sound recording] : a novel
BookOnCD Novak Novak, B. J. One more thing [sound recordings]
BookOnCD Pavone Pavone, Chris. The accident [sound recording]
BookOnCD Smith Smith, April A star for Mrs. Blake [sound recording]
BookOnCD White White, Randy Wayne. Bone deep [sound recording]
COM Classical Bach Bach, Johann Sebasti Cantatas. 55 [sound recording] : BWV 30, 69, 191
COM Classical Berlioz Berlioz, Hector Grande messe des morts
COM Classical Bowen Bowen, York The complete works for violin and piano
COM Classical Francesco Francesco, da Milano "Il Divino"
COM Classical MacMillan MacMillan, James Tenebrae responsories [sound recording] ; and other choral works
COM Classical Quilter Quilter, Roger The complete Quilter songbook. Vol. 1 [sound recording].
COM Classical Shostakovich Shostakovich, Dmitri Cello concerto no. 1 ; Sonata for cello and piano, op. 40
COM Language Finnish Pimsleur, Paul. Finnish. The short course [sound recording].
COM Language Swahili Pimsleur, Paul. Swahili. The short course [sound recording].
COM Language Swedish   Swedish. The short course [sound recording].
COM Opera Wagner Wagner, Richard Gotterdammerung [sound recording] ; Die Meistersinger von Nurnburg : excerpts ; Siegfried. Idyll
COM Popular Williams Williams, Pharrell. G I R L [sound recording]
COM Rock Beck Beck. Morning phase [sound recording]
COM Rock First First Aid Kit (Music The lion's roar [sound recording]
DVD 333 S724   La source [videorecording]
DVD 759 C988   Cutie and the boxer
DVD Butch   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Chinese Grandmaster   Yi dai zong shi [videorecording] = The Grandmaster
DVD Sherlock   Sherlock. Season three
DVD Sherlock   Sherlock. Season 2 [videorecording]
DVD Unforgiven   Unforgiven [videorecording]
DVD Veep   VEEP. The complete second season
DVD Wild   The wild bunch [videorecording]
E-audiobook Tartt, Donna. The goldfinch [electronic resource].
E-audiobook Gilbert, Elizabeth. The signature of all things [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-audiobook Finkel, David. Thank you for your service [electronic resource]. David Finkel.
E-audiobook Wright, Lawrence Going clear [electronic resource] : Scientology, Hollywood, & the prisonof belief
E-audiobook Packer, George The unwinding [electronic resource] : an inner history of the new America
E-book Beam, Cris. To the end of june [electronic resource] : The Intimate Life of AmericanFoster Care. Cris Beam.
E-book Albom, Mitch. The first phone call from heaven [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-book Stossel, Scott. My age of anxiety [electronic resource] : Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind. Scott Stossel.
E-book Tartt, Donna. The secret history [electronic resource]
E-book Forman, Gayle. If I stay [electronic resource] : a novel
E-book Green, John. Paper towns [electronic resource].
E-book Wright, Lawrence Going clear [electronic resource] : Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of belief
E-book Sixsmith, Martin. Philomena [electronic resource] : A Mother, Her Son, and a Fifty-Year Search (Movie Tie-in). Martin Sixsmith.
E-book Fink, Sheri. Five days at memorial [electronic resource] : Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital.
E-book Shteyngart, Gary. Little failure [electronic resource] : A Memoir.
E-book Patchett, Ann. This is the story of a happy marriage [electronic resource].
E-book Moyes, Jojo Me before you [electronic resource].
E-book Maynard, Joyce. The good daughters [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-book Kenner, J. Complete me (the stark trilogy) [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-book Kline, Christina Bak Orphan train [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-book Condie, Allyson Brai Matched [electronic resource] : Matched Trilogy, Book 1.
E-book Kidd, Sue Monk. The invention of wings [electronic resource] : A Novel.
E-book Grisham, John. A time to kill [electronic resource]
E-book Ozeki, Ruth. A tale for the time being [electronic resource]. Ruth Ozeki.
E-book Cornwell, Patricia D The bone bed [electronic resource] : Kay Scarpetta Series, Book 20.
E-book Luttrell, Marcus. Lone survivor [electronic resource] : the eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10
E-book Irving, John A prayer for Owen Meany [electronic resource] : a novel
E-book Edsel, Robert M. The monuments men [electronic resource] : Allied heroes, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in history
Fic Alcott Alcott, Kate, author The daring ladies of Lowell
Fic Archer Archer, Jeffrey Be careful what you wish for
Fic Atkinson Atkinson, Kate. Life after life.
Fic Barnes Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood
Fic Bell Bell, Ted. Warriors : an Alex Hawke novel
Fic Bishop Bishop, Anne. Murder of crows : a novel of the Others
Fic Bradford Bradford, Barbara Ta Cavendon Hall
Fic Briggs Briggs, Patricia. Night broken
Fic Bushnell Bushnell, Jeremy P. The weirdness : a novel
Fic Cameron Cameron, Claire The bear : a novel
Fic Campbell Campbell, Rick. The trident deception
Fic Camus Camus, Albert The stranger
Fic Carr Carr, Robyn, author. Four friends
Fic Carr Carr, Robyn, author. Four friends
Fic Cartwright Cartwright, Justin. Lion heart : a novel
Fic Cassella Cassella, Carol Wile Gemini : a novel
Fic Colgan Colgan, Jenny. The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris
Fic Corporon Corporon, Yvette Man When the cypress whispers
Fic Coupland Coupland, Douglas. Worst. person. ever.
Fic Cussler Cussler, Clive. The bootlegger : an Isaac Bell adventure
Fic Dillen Dillen, Frederick G. Beauty : a novel
Fic Doughty Doughty, Louise Apple Tree Yard
Fic Eisler Eisler, Barry, autho Graveyard of memories
Fic Freeman Freeman, Brian The cold nowhere
Fic Glass Glass, Julia And the Dark Sacred Night
Fic Gloss Gloss, Susan. Vintage
Fic Green Green, Jane Tempting fate
Fic Greene Greene, Thomas Chris The headmaster's wife
Fic Greene Greene, Amy Long man : a novel
Fic Grossman Grossman, David. Falling out of time
Fic Hadley Hadley, Tessa. Clever girl : a novel
Fic Hagberg Hagberg, David. Blood pact
Fic Harris Harris, Eve The marrying of Chani Kaufman
Fic Harrison Harrison, Kim The undead pool
Fic Hiraide Hiraide, Takashi The guest cat
Fic Holsinger Holsinger, Bruce W. A Burnable Book
Fic Hudson Hudson, Kerry. Tony Hogan bought me an ice-cream float before he stole my Ma
Fic Hummel Hummel, Maria. Motherland
Fic Huneven Huneven, Michelle Off course : a novel
Fic Just Just, Ward S. American romantic
Fic Kasischke Kasischke, Laura Mind of winter : a novel
Fic Kaysen Kaysen, Susanna Cambridge : a novel
Fic Kidd Kidd, Sue Monk. The invention of wings : a novel
Fic Korelitz Korelitz, Jean Hanff You should have known
Fic Lancaster Lancaster, Jen Twisted sisters
Fic Lawhon Lawhon, Ariel, autho The wife, the maid, and the mistress
Fic Leigh Leigh, Lora. Rule Breaker : a novel of the Breeds
Fic Li Li, Yiyun Kinder than solitude : a novel
Fic Ludlum Garrison Garrison, Paul Robert Ludlum's The Janson option
Fic Macomber Macomber, Debbie, au Blossom Street brides : a Blossom Street Novel
Fic Malamud Malamud, Bernard, au Bernard Malamud : novels and stories of the 1960s
Fic Malamud Malamud, Bernard, au Bernard Malamud : novels and stories of the 1940s & 50s
Fic Mallery Mallery, Susan, auth Evening stars
Fic Margulies Margulies, Phillip Belle Cora
Fic McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexan Bertie's guide to life and mothers
Fic McCleen McCleen, Grace. The land of decoration : a novel
Fic Meynard Meynard, Yves. Chrysanthe
Fic Mirvis Mirvis, Tova. Visible city
Fic Moore Moore, Lorrie. Bark : stories
Fic Morais Morais, Richard C. The hundred-foot journey : a novel
Fic Nesbit Nesbit, TaraShea. The wives of Los Alamos : a novel
Fic Ness Ness, Patrick The crane wife : a novel
Fic O'Connor O'Connor, Scott. Half World : A Novel
Fic Oyeyemi Oyeyemi, Helen. Boy, snow, bird : a novel
Fic Pataki Pataki, Allison. The traitor's wife : a novel : the woman behind Benedict Arnold and the plan to betray America
Fic Pavone Pavone, Chris. The accident : a novel
Fic Penman Penman, Sharon Kay A king's ransom
Fic Pratchett Pratchett, Terry, au Raising Steam : a Discworld novel
Fic Proust Proust, Marcel Remembrance of things past
Fic Rieger Rieger, Susan The divorce papers : a novel
Fic Roberts Roberts, Nora. Shadow spell
Fic Ryan Ryan, Donal The spinning heart
Fic Shotwell Shotwell, Vivien. Vienna nocturne : a novel
Fic Steel Steel, Danielle. Power play : a novel
Fic Tartt Tartt, Donna. The goldfinch
Fic Tartt Tartt, Donna. The goldfinch
Fic Theroux Theroux, Marcel Strange bodies : a novel
Fic Utton Utton, Dominic. Martin Harbottle's appreciation of time
Fic Waldman Waldman, Ayelet. Love and treasure : a novel
Fic Walser Walser, Robert Masquerade and other stories
Fic Ward Ward, J. R. The king : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
Fic Wildgen Wildgen, Michelle. Bread and butter : a novel
Graphic 940.42 S119 Sacco, Joe. The Great War : July 1, 1916 : the first day of the Battle of the Somme : an illustrated panorama
Graphic 940.5315 K19 Katin, Miriam. Letting it go
Graphic Flitcroft Flitcroft, Ian. Journey by starlight : a time traveler's guide to life, the universe, and everything
Graphic Kindt Kindt, Matt. Red handed : the fine art of strange crimes
J 152.4 T664 Toner, Jacqueline B. What to do when it's not fair : a kid's guide to handling envy and jealousy
J 292.08 J54 Jennings, Ken Greek mythology
J 297 O58   1001 inventions & awesome facts from Muslim civilization.
J 303.69 R111 Raatma, Lucia. Stop bullying
J 303.69 R111 Raatma, Lucia. Cyberbullying
J 323.4 G196 Ganeri, Anita I have a dream : Martin Luther King, Jr. and the fight for equal rights
J 332.4 C623 Cleary, Brian P. A dollar, a penny, how much and how many?
J 333.79 B255 Barker, Geoff How renewable energy works
J 333.79 H273 Hardyman, Robyn, aut How a solar-powered home works
J 333.79 M172 McPherson, Stephanie War of the currents : Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla
J 355 W873 Wood, Alix. Serving in the Army
J 356.1 C773 Cooke, Tim US Airborne forces
J 356.1 C773 Cooke, Tim US Army special forces
J 356.1 C773 Cooke, Tim US Army Rangers
J 358.4 W873 Wood, Alix. Serving in the Air Force
J 359 W873 Wood, Alix. Serving in the Navy
J 359.96 C773 Cooke, Tim US Marine Corps
J 359.96 W873 Wood, Alix. Serving in the Marine Corps
J 359.97 W873 Wood, Alix. Serving in the Coast Guard
J 359.98 C773 Cooke, Tim US Navy SEALs
J 363.349 G822 Gregory, Josh. The superstorm : Hurricane Sandy
J 363.7 H946 Hunter, Nick, author How carbon footprints work
J 363.728 B255 Barker, Geoff How recycling works
J 385.09 F628 Floca, Brian. Locomotive
J 394.29 A453 Aloian, Molly. Cultural traditions in Thailand
J 394.29 P424 Peppas, Lynn. Cultural traditions in Greece
J 398.2 F583 Flannigan, Liz. Starlight Grey
J 495.1 M271   Mandarin Chinese picture dictionary.
J 512.72 G233 Garland, Trudi Hamme Fibonnaci fun : fascinating activities with intriguing numbers
J 519.2 G624 Goldstone, Bruce. That's a possibility! : a book about what might happen
J 523.2 J49 Jemison, Mae Journey through our solar system
J 523.24 J49 Jemison, Mae Discovering new planets
J 523.3 A221 Adamson, Thomas K. Do you really want to visit the moon?
J 523.3 O97 Owen, Ruth The moon
J 523.41 A221 Adamson, Thomas K. Do you really want to visit Mercury?
J 523.41 O97 Owen, Ruth Mercury
J 523.42 A221 Adamson, Thomas K. Do you really want to visit Venus?
J 523.42 O97 Owen, Ruth Venus
J 523.43 A221 Adamson, Thomas K. Do you really want to visit Mars?
J 523.43 O97 Owen, Ruth Mars
J 523.45 H528 Heos, Bridget. Do you really want to visit Jupiter?
J 523.45 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Jupiter
J 523.46 H528 Heos, Bridget. Do you really want to visit Saturn?
J 523.46 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Saturn
J 523.47 H528 Heos, Bridget. Do you really want to visit Uranus?
J 523.47 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Uranus
J 523.481 H528 Heos, Bridget. Do you really want to visit Neptune?
J 523.481 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Neptune
J 523.482 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Pluto and other dwarf planets
J 523.7 J49 Jemison, Mae Exploring our sun
J 523.7 O97 Owen, Ruth The sun
J 525 O97 Owen, Ruth, 1967-, a Earth
J 530 C213 Canavan, Thomas. Why do ice cubes float? : questions and answers about the science of everyday materials
J 550 C213 Canavan, Thomas Does it really rain frogs? : questions and answers about planet Earth
J 551.5 P174 Palmer, Kristen Wild weather trivia
J 568.19 F695 Forbes, Scott How to be a dinosaur hunter : your globe-trotting, time-travelling guide
J 574.87 B311   The basics of cell biology
J 574.87 N428 Nelson, Maria. Cells up close
J 575.1 S539 Shea, John M. DNA up close
J 581 B311   The basics of plant structures
J 591 B966 Burnie, David, autho The animal book : a visual encyclopedia of life on Earth
J 591 C213 Canavan, Thomas. Why do zebras have stripes? : questions and answers about animals
J 591.47 L665 Levine, Sara. Bone by bone : comparing animal skeletons
J 591.5 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Beneath the sun.
J 593.4 M189 Magby, Meryl. Sponges
J 593.6 M189 Magby, Meryl. Sea anemones
J 593.71 M189 Magby, Meryl. Jellyfish
J 593.95 M189 Magby, Meryl. Sea urchins
J 594.3 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Slugs, snails, and worms
J 595.1 G619 Goldish, Meish. Inside the worm's hole
J 595.38 M189 Magby, Meryl. Lobsters
J 595.44 L963 Lunis, Natalie. Inside the spider's web
J 595.44 M372 Marsico, Katie Black widow spiders
J 595.46 P957 Pringle, Laurence Scorpions! : strange and wonderful
J 595.7 T238 Taylor-Butler, Chris Insects and spiders
J 595.726 B658 Bluemel Oldfield, Da Inside the cricket's burrow
J 595.726 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on grasshoppers
J 595.726 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Grasshoppers
J 595.733 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on dragonflies
J 595.733 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Dragonflies
J 595.76 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Beetles
J 595.764 O87 Otfinoski, Steven. Fireflies.
J 595.764 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on fireflies
J 595.769 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on ladybugs
J 595.78 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on butterflies
J 595.79 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Zoom in on bees
J 595.796 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Ants
J 597 T238 Taylor-Butler, Chris Fish
J 597.31 M189 Magby, Meryl. Hammerhead sharks
J 597.53 O97 Owen, Ruth Seahorse fry
J 597.6 T238 Taylor-Butler, Chris Amphibians
J 597.8 B658 Bluemel Oldfield, Da Water frog polliwogs
J 598.1 S774 Squire, Ann. Reptiles
J 598.1 W911 Woodward, John. Everything you need to know about snakes : and other scaly reptiles
J 598.13 O97 Owen, Ruth Sea turtle hatchlings
J 598.2 S774 Squire, Ann. Birds
J 598.24 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Feathers : not just for flying
J 598.24 S851 Stewart, Melissa. Feathers : not just for flying
J 598.33 O97 Owen, Ruth Puffins
J 598.44 O97 Owen, Ruth Penguin chicks
J 598.61 M189 Magby, Meryl. Wild turkeys
J 598.65 F888 Fretland VanVoorst Homing pigeons
J 598.97 M298 Mara, Wil. Owls.
J 598.97 O97 Owen, Ruth Snowy owls
J 598.97 Z46 Zeiger, Jennifer, au Snowy owls
J 599 S774 Squire, Ann. Mammals
J 599.31 L988 Lynette, Rachel. Three-toed sloths
J 599.322 M298 Mara, Wil. Rabbits
J 599.323 L988 Lynette, Rachel. Capybaras
J 599.4 M298 Mara, Wil. Bats
J 599.5 O97 Owen, Ruth Orca calves
J 599.5 O97 Owen, Ruth Beluga whales
J 599.53 L988 Lynette, Rachel. Pink river dolphins
J 599.55 O97 Owen, Ruth Manatee calves
J 599.725 R111 Raatma, Lucia, autho Plains zebras
J 599.727 L988 Lynette, Rachel. South American tapirs
J 599.735 M189 Magby, Meryl. White-tailed deer
J 599.735 M189 Magby, Meryl. Mountain goats
J 599.735 M298 Mara, Wil. Deer
J 599.735 M372 Marsico, Katie White-tailed deer
J 599.735 O97 Owen, Ruth Musk oxen
J 599.744 B368 Magby, Meryl. Black bears
J 599.744 C367 Lynette, Rachel. Jaguars
J 599.744 F791 Owen, Ruth Arctic foxes
J 599.744 K55 Lynette, Rachel. Kinkajous
J 599.744 M189 Magby, Meryl. Mountain lions
J 599.744 O89 Owen, Ruth Sea otter pups
J 599.744 O89 Lynette, Rachel. Giant river otters
J 599.744 R118 Otfinoski, Steven. Raccoons
J 599.744 R118 Magby, Meryl. Raccoons
J 599.744 W853 Gregory, Josh. Red wolves
J 599.747 O97 Owen, Ruth Walruses
J 599.748 O97 Owen, Ruth Seal pups
J 599.82 L988 Lynette, Rachel. Squirrel monkeys
J 609 A136 Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem What color is my world? : the lost history of African-American inventors
J 612.661 M178 Madaras, Lynda. My body, my self for girls
J 612.661 M178 Madaras, Lynda. My body, my self for boys
J 616.01 S539 Shea, John M. Viruses up close
J 621.8 C436 Chaline, Eric. Fifty machines that changed the course of history
J 629.2 H946 Hunter, Nick, author How electric and hybrid cars work
J 629.227 G739 Graham, Ian Motorcycles
J 629.45 J49 Jemison, Mae The 100 year starship
J 635 S756 Spilsbury, Louise, a How community gardens work
J 636.1 K96 Kummer, Patricia K. Working horses
J 636.1 M372 Marsico, Katie Therapy horses
J 636.1 M372 Marsico, Katie Horse rescue
J 636.1 T866 Trueit, Trudi Strain Horse care
J 636.7 N551 Newman, Aline Alexan How to speak dog : a guide to decoding dog language
J 641.5 B274 Barrett, Judi. Grandpa's cloudy with a chance of meatballs cookbook
J 688.72 K96 Kuipers, Nathanael. The LEGO build-it book : more amazing vehicles
J 736.98 B689 Bolitho, Mark. Fold your own origami navy
J 743 D485 Deuchars, Marion. Let's make some great fingerprint art
J 743.6 G781 Gray, Peter How to draw cats and dogs and other pets
J 743.6 K96 Kuo, Julia. 20 ways to draw a cat and 44 other awesome animals : a sketchbook for artists, designers, and doodlers
J 743.7 R419 Renouf, Eloise. 20 ways to draw a tree : and 44 other nifty things from nature : a sketchbook for artists, designers, and doodlers
J 745.5 N478 Neuburger, Emily K. Show me a story : 40 craft projects and activities to spark children's storytelling
J 745.5 S965 Sutcliffe, Kristen Fabric paper thread : 26 projects to stitch with friends
J 746.4 C752 Connor, Kaylee. Beaded friendship bracelets
J 776 C867 Cousens, David. Digital art : a complete guide to making your own computer artworks
J 786.4 M346 Marks, Anthony. Learn to play blues
J 791.437 D659 Dolan, Hannah, autho The Lego movie : the essential guide
J 796 B951 Burdick, Jeff. Super sports trivia
J 796.815 W454 Wells, Garrison. Karate : Japanese empty-hand combat
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Tae kwon do
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Kung fu
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Karate
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Jujitsu
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Judo
J 796.815 W873 Wood, Alix. Aikido
J 798.23 K89 Kras, Sara Louise. Horse riding
J 798.24 G782 Gray, Susan Heinrich Horse shows
J 811.54 N428 Nelson, Marilyn How I discovered poetry
J 811.54 S617 Singer, Marilyn. Rutherford B., who was he? : poems about our presidents
J 910 J54 Jennings, Ken Maps and geography
J 910.453 T722 Tougias, Mike The finest hours : the true story of a heroic sea rescue
J 917.53 O34 Ogintz, Eileen. The kid's guide to Washington, D.C.
J 917.949 O34 Ogintz, Eileen. Kid's guide to Los Angeles County.
J 940.1 S795 Star, Fleur Castles and knights
J 940.545 S543 Sheinkin, Steve. The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights
J 943.8 M298 Mara, Wil. Poland
J 948.5 H469 Heinrichs, Ann. Sweden
J 949.2 D372 Dematons, Charlotte Holland
J 949.2 D372 Dematons, Charlotte. A Thousand Things about Holland.
J 951.24 S696 Somervill, Barbara A Taiwan
J 953.67 S699 Sonneborn, Liz. Kuwait
J 963 F848 Frazel, Ellen. Ethiopia
J 969.1 F848 Frazel, Ellen. Madagascar
J 972.83 F848 Frazel, Ellen. Honduras
J 972.86 Y54 Yomtov, Nelson, auth Costa Rica
J 972.95 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. Puerto Rico
J 973 H888 Huey, Lois Miner. Ick! Yuck! Eew! : our gross American history
J 973.2 B954 Burgan, Michael. The carpenter
J 973.2 H469 Heinrichs, Ann. The Shipbuilder
J 973.2 M298 Mara, Wil. The gunsmith
J 973.2 M474 Mead, Wendy. The merchant
J 973.2 P484 Petersen, Christine. The wheelwright
J 973.91 L347 Lassieur, Allison. 100 years ago.
J 973.922 K29 Kelly, Tracey. A day that changed history : the assassination of John F. Kennedy
J 973.922 S972 Swanson, James L. "The president has been shot!" : the assassination of John F. Kennedy
J 974.1 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan. Maine
J 974.2 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan. New Hampshire
J 974.3 D713 Dornfeld, Margaret. Vermont
J 974.5 P494 Petreycik, Rick. Rhode Island
J 975.3 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan. Washington, D.C.
J 975.4 P494 Petreycik, Rick. West Virginia
J 975.7 H586 Hess, Debra. South Carolina
J 975.8 H427 Haywood, Karen Diane Georgia
J 976.1 H325 Hart, Joyce Alabama
J 976.2 G142 Gaines, Ann. Mississippi
J 976.6 S215 Sanders, Doug Oklahoma
J 976.7 K52 King, David C. Arkansas
J 976.8 P494 Petreycik, Rick. Tennessee
J 976.9 G142 Gaines, Ann. Kentucky
J 977.1 H325 Hart, Joyce Ohio
J 977.2 D439 Derzipilski, Kathlee Indiana
J 977.4 H237 Haney, Johannah. Michigan
J 977.7 K52 King, David C. Iowa
J 977.8 S215 Sanders, Doug Missouri
J 978.1 K52 King, David C. Kansas
J 978.2 S215 Sanders, Doug Nebraska
J 978.3 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. South Dakota
J 978.4 S215 Sanders, Doug North Dakota
J 978.6 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. Montana
J 978.7 P494 Petreycik, Rick. Wyoming
J 978.9 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. New Mexico
J 979.1 D439 Derzipilski, Kathlee Arizona
J 979.2 S215 Sanders, Doug Utah
J 979.3 H631 Hicks, Terry Allan. Nevada
J 979.5 H325 Hart, Joyce Oregon
J 979.6 S215 Sanders, Doug Idaho
J 979.8 B626 Bjorklund, Ruth. Alaska
J 986.1 Y54 Yomtov, Nelson, auth Colombia
J 993 F848 Frazel, Ellen. New Zealand
J 996.9 G142 Gaines, Ann. Hawaii
J Biography 920 R643 Roberts, Cokie, auth Founding mothers : remembering the ladies
J Biography Barton, Polacco, Patricia. Clara and Davie
J Biography Clinton, Doak, Robin S. (Robi Hillary Clinton
J Biography DiCamillo, Corbett, Sue. Kate DiCamillo
J Biography Funke, Corbett, Sue. Cornelia Funke
J Biography Holm, J. Corbett, Sue. Jennifer L. Holm
J Biography Jobs, Gregory, Josh. Steve Jobs
J Biography Kandinsky, Rosenstock, Barb, au The noisy paint box : the colors and sounds of Kandinsky's abstract art
J Biography Kinney, Corbett, Sue. Jeff Kinney
J Biography Obama, Doak, Robin S. (Robi Barack Obama
J Biography Paulsen, Corbett, Sue. Gary Paulsen
J Biography Rector, Bolden, Tonya. Searching for Sarah Rector : the richest Black girl in America
J Biography Reid, Lapham, Steven Selle Philip Reid saves the statue of freedom
J Biography Riordan, Corbett, Sue. Rick Riordan
J Biography Silverstein, Haney, Johannah. Shel Silverstein
J BoardBk At   At my house.
J BoardBk Disney   Olaf's 1-2-3
J BoardBk Gomi Gomi, Taro. Spring is here
J BoardBk Katz Katz, Karen. Baby loves winter!
J BoardBk McPhail McPhail, David Bella loves Bunny
J BoardBk National National Wildlife Fe My First Book of Baby Animals (National Wildlife Federation).
J BoardBk Soman Soman, David. Ladybug Girl says good night
J BoardBk Wellington Wellington, Monica. Firefighter Frank
J BoardBk Who's   Who's that-- jumping? : and other animal actions.
J BookOnCD Bond Bond, Michael. A bear called Paddington [sound recording].
J BookOnCD Dickens Dickens, Charles A Christmas carol [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Gruelle Gruelle, Johnny Raggedy Ann stories and Raggedy Andy stories [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Jensen Jensen, Marion. Almost super [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Lobel Lobel, Arnold. The Arnold Lobel audio collection [sound recording].
J BookOnCD Lupica Lupica, Mike. Heavy hitters [sound recording].
J BookOnCD McDonald McDonald, Megan, aut Stink and the shark sleepover
J BookOnCD Meloy Meloy, Colin. Wildwood Imperium [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Mull Mull, Brandon. Sky raiders [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A. The shadow throne [sound recording]
J BookOnCD Pflugfelder Pflugfelder, Bob Nick and Tesla's Robot army rampage [sound recording] : a mystery with hoverbots, bristlebots, and other robots you can build yourself
J CD Music Frozen   Frozen [sound recording]
J DVD 598 T962   Turtle [videorecording] : the incredible journey
J DVD AirBuddies   Snow buddies [videorecording]
J DVD Daniel   Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Life's little lessons.
J DVD Daniel   Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. Daniel's big feelings [videorecording].
J DVD Frozen   Frozen [videorecording].
J DVD Oscar's   Oscar's orchestra : the adventures of Oscar the piano. Volume 2 [videorecording].
J DVD Pirate   The pirate fairy
J DVD Tangled   Tangled [videorecording]
J DVD Wild   Wild Kratts: Bugging Out [videorecording].
J EasyReader Archer Archer, Dosh, author Itsy bitsy spider
J EasyReader Barbie   Barbie fairytale collection : step 2 books, a collection of five early readers.
J EasyReader Capucilli Capucilli, Alyssa Sa Biscuit wins a prize
J EasyReader Disney Webster, Christy, au Anna's best friends
J EasyReader Disney Rabe, Tish. Big snowman, little snowman
J EasyReader Disney Lagonegro, Melissa. A tale of two sisters
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. Walruses = Las morsas
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. Sea otters = Las nutrias marinas
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. Orcas = Las orcas
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. author Manatees = Los manaties
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. Harp seals = Las focas de groenlandia
J EasyReader Drumlin Drumlin, Sam. Dolphins = Los delfines
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The White House = La Casa Blanca
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The Statue of Liberty = La Estatua de la Libertad
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The National Anthem = El Himno Nacional
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The Liberty Bell = La Campana de la Independencia
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The flag = La bandera
J EasyReader Gaspar Gaspar, Joe. The bald eagle = El aguila calva
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Rays = Las rayas
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Sea stars = Las estrellas de mar
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Sea horses = Los caballos de mar
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Jellyfish = Las medusas
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Goldfish = Los carpines dorados
J EasyReader Gibbs Gibbs, Maddie. Clownfish = Los peces payaso
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick. Monster trucks
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick. Monster trains
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick, author Monster dump trucks
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick, author Monster diggers
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick. Monster cranes
J EasyReader Gordon Gordon, Nick, author Monster cars
J EasyReader Hayward Hayward, Linda The first Thanksgiving
J EasyReader Mack Mack, Jeff. Hippo & Rabbit in three short tales
J EasyReader Mack Mack, Jeff. Hippo and Rabbit in three more tales : brave like me
J EasyReader O'Connor O'Connor, Jane. Nina, Nina, star ballerina
J EasyReader Potter   I am Peter.
J EasyReader Riley Riley, J. D. Axel the truck : rocky road
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J EasyReader Yee Yee, Wong Herbert. Mouse and Mole : a winter wonderland
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J Fic Adler Adler, David A. Danny's doodles : the jelly bean experiment
J Fic Angleberger Angleberger, Tom, au Princess Labelmaker to the rescue! : an Origami Yoda book
J Fic Baglio Baglio, Ben M. Into the blue
J Fic Baldacci Baldacci, David, aut The finisher
J Fic Banks Banks, Rosie (Childr Enchanted palace
J Fic Banks Banks, Rosie (Childr Cloud Island
J Fic Bean Bean, Raymond, autho Benji Franklin : kid zillionaire
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J Fic Berk Berk, Sheryl, author Baby cakes
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J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ramona and her mother
J Fic Creech Creech, Sharon. Love that dog
J Fic De Laurentiis De Laurentiis, Giada Paris!
J Fic De Laurentiis De Laurentiis, Giada Naples!
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J Fic Deutsch Deutsch, Stacia. Sacagawea's strength
J Fic Deutsch Deutsch, Stacia. Betsy Ross's star
J Fic Deutsch Deutsch, Stacia. Ben Franklin's fame
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J Fic Friedman Friedman, Laurie B. Can you say catastrophe?
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J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin. The broken path
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J Fic Lubar Lubar, David. Numbed!
J Fic MacDonald MacDonald, Betty Bar Happy birthday, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
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J Fic Martin Martin, Ann M. Better to wish : the first generation
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J Fic Miles Miles, Ellen. Baxter
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J Fic Nylund Nylund, Eric S. Sterling squadron
J Fic Nylund Nylund, Eric S. Operation Inferno
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J Fic O'Dell O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
J Fic O'Hara O'Hara, Mo, author. My big fat zombie goldfish : the seaquel
J Fic Orr Orr, Wendy Wanted! A guinea pig called Henry
J Fic Orr Orr, Wendy Stolen! : a pony called Pebbles
J Fic Orr Orr, Wendy Missing! A cat called Buster
J Fic Orr Orr, Wendy Abandoned! A lion called Kiki
J Fic Orr Orr, Wendy. Discovered! : a beagle called Bella
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J Fic Pastis Pastis, Stephan, aut Timmy Failure : now look what you've done
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J Fic Smith Smith, Roland The Alamo
J Fic Spirit Nix, Garth, author. Blood ties
J Fic Spirit Nix, Garth, author. Blood ties
J Fic Stevenson Stevenson, Steve, au The Eiffel Tower incident
J Fic Stroud Stroud, Jonathan. Ptolemy's gate
J Fic Tashjian Tashjian, Janet. Einstein the class hamster
J Fic Tashjian Tashjian, Janet. My life as a stuntboy
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J Fic Vernick Vernick, Audrey. Screaming at the ump
J Fic Walden Walden, Mark, author Earthfall
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The poison frog mystery
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha Mystery ranch
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The mystery in the fortune cookie
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The mystery in San Francisco
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The ghost of the Chattering Bones
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The camp-out mystery
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Cha The Boxcar Children Halloween special : The mystery of the singing ghost; The mystery of the mummy's curse ; The mystery of Skeleton Point
J Fic Weston Weston, Carol. Ava and Pip
J Fic Winkler Winkler, Henry Bookmarks are people too!
J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, aut Big Nate : in the zone
J Graphic Big Peirce, Lincoln, aut Big Nate : in the zone
J Graphic Calvin Watterson, Bill. It's a magical world : a Calvin and Hobbes collection
J Graphic DC Super-pets Sazaklis, John. Royal rodent rescue
J Graphic DC Super-pets Sazaklis, John. The hopping hero
J Graphic Explorer   Explorer : the lost islands
J Graphic FoxTrot Amend, Bill. Foxtrotius Maximus
J Graphic Franklin   Franklin Richards, son of a genius : ultimate collection. Book 2
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Mr.Puzzle Eliopoulos, Chris Mr. Puzzle super collection!
J Graphic Ninjago Farshtey, Greg. Stone cold
J Graphic Peanuts Schulz, Charles M. ( The many faces of Snoopy
J Graphic Ruth Ruth, Greg, author Lost boy
J Graphic Sava Sava, Scott Christia Gary the pirate
J Graphic Superman Wallace, Daniel Superman : the ultimate guide to the Man of Steel
J Graphic TenNapel TenNapel, Doug. Tommysaurus rex
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J Graphic Three Chen, Weidong. Three Kingdoms. vol 2, the family plot
J Graphic Toon Carre, Lilli Tippy and the night parade : a Toon book
J Graphic Varon Varon, Sara. Bake sale
J PictureBk 398.8 P924 Prelutsky, Jack. The silver moon : lullabies and cradle songs
J PictureBk 613 A312 Ajmera, Maya. Healthy kids
J PictureBk 621.8 D276 Dayton, Connor. Cranes
J PictureBk 621.9 D276 Dayton, Connor. Jackhammers
J PictureBk 629.22 C723 Colson, Rob Trucks
J PictureBk 629.225 D276 Dayton, Connor. Street sweepers
J PictureBk 629.225 D276 Dayton, Connor. Garbage trucks
J PictureBk 629.225 D276 Dayton, Connor. Cherry pickers
J PictureBk 629.225 D276 Dayton, Connor. Asphalt pavers
J PictureBk AmericanGirl Bitty Larson, Kirby, autho Bitty Baby has a tea party
J PictureBk Ashburn Ashburn, Boni, autho The fort that Jack built
J PictureBk Bauer Bauer, Marion Dane. Dinosaur thunder
J PictureBk Beaty Beaty, Daniel. Knock knock : my dad's dream for me
J PictureBk Bell-Rehwoldt Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri You think it's easy being the tooth fairy?
J PictureBk Berger Berger, Lou. Dream dog
J PictureBk Bossio Bossio, Paula. The line
J PictureBk Brown Brown, Alison, autho Eddie and dog
J PictureBk Byous Byous, Shawn, author Because I stubbed my toe
J PictureBk Caillou Johanson, Sarah Marg Caillou dances with Grandma
J PictureBk Caillou Nadeau, Nicole The shopping trip
J PictureBk Cote Cote, Genevieve. Mr. King's castle
J PictureBk Daniel McDoogle, Farrah, au Thank you day
J PictureBk Daniel Friedman, Becky, aut Welcome to the neighborhood!
J PictureBk Dempsey Dempsey, Kristy. A dance like starlight : one ballerina's dream
J PictureBk DePalma DePalma, Mary Newell Two little birds
J PictureBk Disney Saxon, Victoria. Frozen.
J PictureBk Disney Berrios, Frank. A day in the sun
J PictureBk Disney Scollon, Bill. Frozen
J PictureBk Dominguez Dominguez, Angela N. Santiago stays
J PictureBk Dominguez Dominguez, Angela N. Let's go, Hugo!
J PictureBk Donaldson Donaldson, Julia. Superworm
J PictureBk Donaldson Donaldson, Julia. The snail and the whale
J PictureBk Donofrio Donofrio, Beverly, a Where's Mommy?
J PictureBk Drummond Drummond, Ree. Charlie goes to school
J PictureBk Ehlert Ehlert, Lois. Lots of spots
J PictureBk Ehlert Ehlert, Lois. Pie in the sky
J PictureBk Ernst Ernst, Lisa Campbell Round like a ball!
J PictureBk Ezra Ezra, Mark. The sleepy dormouse
J PictureBk Gerstein Gerstein, Mordicai. How to bicycle to the moon to plant sunflowers : a simple but brilliant plan in twenty-four easy steps
J PictureBk Gerstein Gerstein, Mordicai. You can't have too many friends!
J PictureBk Gibbs Gibbs, Edward, autho I spy in the sky
J PictureBk Gilbert Gilbert, Melissa Daisy and Josephine
J PictureBk Guion Guion, Melissa. Baby penguins love their mama!
J PictureBk Hader Hader, Berta. The big snow
J PictureBk Hader Hader, Berta. The big snow
J PictureBk Haley Haley, Gail E. A story, a story; an African tale, retold and illustrated by Gail E. Haley.
J PictureBk Hall Hall, Zoe It's pumpkin time!
J PictureBk Hall Hall, Zoe It's pumpkin time!
J PictureBk Hall Hall, Zoe The apple pie tree
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J PictureBk Holiday Easter Underwood Underwood, Deborah. Here Comes the Easter Cat.
J PictureBk Holiday Easter Underwood Underwood, Deborah. Here Comes the Easter Cat.
J PictureBk Holiday Valentine Yee Yee, Wong Herbert. Mouse and Mole, secret valentine
J PictureBk Holiday Valentine Yee Yee, Wong Herbert. Mouse and Mole, secret valentine
J PictureBk Hush   Hush, little baby : a folk song with pictures
J PictureBk Hutchins Hutchins, Pat The wind blew.
J PictureBk Ismail Ismail, Yasmeen, aut Time for bed, Fred!
J PictureBk Kaplan Kaplan, Michael B. Betty Bunny wants a goal
J PictureBk Kaplan Kaplan, Michael B. Betty Bunny didn't do it
J PictureBk Korngold Korngold, Jamie S. Sadie's Lag Ba'omer mystery
J PictureBk Lachenmeyer Lachenmeyer, Nathani The origami master
J PictureBk LaRochelle LaRochelle, David. Moo!
J PictureBk LaRochelle LaRochelle, David. It's a tiger!
J PictureBk London London, Jonathan Froggy gets a doggy
J PictureBk Meddaugh Meddaugh, Susan. Martha blah blah
J PictureBk Morrissey Morrissey, Tricia. Everyday life through Chinese peasant art
J PictureBk Muth Muth, Jon J., author Hi, Koo! : a year of seasons
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J PictureBk Nayar Nayar, Nandini. What could it be?
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J PictureBk Nichols Nichols, Lori, autho Maple
J PictureBk Norman Norman, Kim. If it's snowy and you know it, clap your paws!
J PictureBk Parr Parr, Todd. We belong together : a book about adoption and families
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J PictureBk Percy Percy, J. P. Nature
J PictureBk Percy Percy, J. P. At home
J PictureBk Percy Percy, J. P. Animals : can you guess what I am?
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J PictureBk Weston Weston, Carrie. What noise does a rabbit make?
J PictureBk Wolff Wolff, Ferida It is the wind
J Playaway Angleberger Angleberger, Tom. The surprise attack of Jabba the Puppett [sound recording]
J Playaway Horowitz Horowitz, Anthony Russian roulette [sound recording] : the story of an assassin
J Playaway Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid. Hard luck [sound recording]
J Playaway Travers Travers, P. L. (Pame Mary Poppins
J VideoPlayer Sid   Sid the science kid. Senses [videorecording]
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Mystery Childs Childs, Laura. Steeped in evil
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Mystery Doyle Doyle, Arthur Conan The new annotated Sherlock Holmes
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Mystery Patterson Patterson, James Private L.A.
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James NYPD red 2
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Mystery Robinson Robinson, Peter Children of the revolution : an Inspector Banks novel
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Paperback Cornwell Cornwell, Patricia D Point of origin
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Paperback Deaver Deaver, Jeffery. The bodies left behind
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Paperback Delinsky Delinsky, Barbara. The summer I dared
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Paperback Evanovich Evanovich, Janet. Full house
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Paperback Ferris Ferris, Monica. Threadbare
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Paperback Hawkins Hawkins, Karen. How to capture a countess
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Teen Roth Roth, Veronica. Divergent
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YA Fic White White, Kiersten, aut Perfect lies
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