New Items June 2016

004.165 SamsungGalaxy H893 Hughes, Bill, Samsung Galaxy S6 For Dummies
004.165 SamsungGalaxy J72 Johnston, Craig James, My Samsung Galaxy S6
005.369 Office2016 L222 Lambert, Joan. Microsoft Office 2016
027 J66 Johnson, Alex, Improbable libraries: a visual journey to the world's most unusual libraries
027 M483   The meaning of the library: a cultural history
153.15 E68 Ericsson, K. Anders Peak : secrets from the new science of expertise
155.418 S528 Shanker, Stuart, Self-reg : how to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life
155.66 L948 Ludwig, Robi, Your best age is now: embrace an ageless mindset, reenergize your dreams, and live a soul-satisfying life
155.91 L894 Louv, Richard, Vitamin N: the essential guide to a nature-rich life
155.937 D658 Doka, Kenneth J., Grief is a journey: finding your path through loss
158.1 B467 Benincasa, Sara, Real artists have day jobs: (and other awesome things they don't teach you in school)
158.1 M153 McKay, Matthew. Self-esteem
158.1 W452 Wellings, Nigel, Why can't I meditate?: how to get your mindfulness practice on track
193 N677 Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, The portable Nietzsche
294.3 K55 Kingsland, James, Siddhartha's brain: unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment
294.3 N576 Nhất Hạnh, Silence: the power of quiet in a world full of noise
303.483 H461 Heffernan, Virginia, Magic and loss: the Internet as art
303.49 K66 Klosterman, Chuck, But what if we're wrong?: thinking about the present as if it were the past
305.3 B885 Browning, Frank, The fate of gender: nature, nurture, and the human future
305.8 A545 Anderson, Carol White rage: the unspoken truth of our racial divide
306.76 C397 Cenziper, Debbie, Love wins: the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality
306.76 D751 Downs, Jim, Stand by me: the forgotten history of gay liberation
306.76 H576   Making it legal: a guide to same-sex marriage, domestic partnership & civil unions
306.85 W287 Warren, Elizabeth, The two-income trap: why middle-class mothers and fathers are going broke
306.8743 A456 Alpert, Karen I want my epidural back: adventures in mediocre parenting
306.89 N796   Nolo's essential guide to divorce
307.3 D915 Duneier, Mitchell, Ghetto: the invention of a place, the history of an idea
320.1 R864 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, The social contract and, The discourses
320.55 H216 Hamid, Shadi, Islamic exceptionalism: how the struggle over Islam is reshaping the world
320.55 O83 Osman, Tarek, Islamism: what it means for the Middle East and the world
320.973 K53 King, Josh Off script: an advance man's guide to White House stagecraft, campaign spectacle, and political suicide
327.12 B927 Budiansky, Stephen, Code warriors: NSA's codebreakers and the secret intelligence war against the Soviet Union
328.73 D141 Daley, David Ratf**ked : the true story behind the secret plan to steal America's democracy
331.01 G932   The essential guide to federal employment laws
332.024 C637 Clifford, Denis. Plan your estate
332.024 E34   8 ways to avoid probate
332.024 J76 Jones, Anna Newell, The spender's guide to debt-free living
332.75 C467   Chapter 13 bankruptcy: repay your debts
333.33 E93   Every landlord's legal guide
363.2336 R414 Renner, James, True crime addict: how I lost myself in the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray
363.45 P844 Porter, Bruce, Snatched : from drug queen to informer to hostage: a harrowing true story
364.134 L436 Leamer, Laurence, The lynching: the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan
365.66 B874 Brottman, Mikita, The maximum security book club: reading literature in a men's prison
371.262 ACT B277   Barron's ACT
371.262 ACT M478   McGraw-Hill Education ACT
371.262 AP Biology A639   AP biology
371.262 AP Chemistry B277   Barron's AP chemistry
371.262 AP EnglishLiterature A639   AP English literature
371.262 AP U.S.Government A639   AP U.S. government and politics
371.262 AP U.S.History A639   AP U.S. history
371.262 ASVAB A861   ASVAB
371.262 GMAT O32   The Official guide for GMAT review
371.262 GRE C883   Cracking the GRE
371.262 PSAT N532   New PSAT/NMSQT: strategies, practice & review
371.262 RealEstate B277   Barron's real estate licensing exams: salesperson, broker, appraiser
371.262 SAT M478   McGraw-Hill Education SAT
371.262 SAT M478   McGraw-Hill Education SAT
371.262 SSAT/ISEE C883   Cracking the SSAT/ISEE
371.262 SSAT/ISEE S774   SSAT & ISEE
372.1 T722 Tough, Paul, Helping children succeed: what works and why
378.3 G394   Getting financial aid
378.3 S368   The College Board scholarship handbook
378.73 C697   The College Board book of majors
378.73 C697   The College Board college handbook
378.73 F773   4 year colleges
387.155 D664 Dolin, Eric Jay, Brilliant beacons: a history of the American lighthouse
501 K96 Kuhn, Thomas S. The structure of scientific revolutions
510 L616 Lerner, Marcia. Math smart
510 P331 Paulos, John Allen. Innumeracy : mathematical illiteracy and its consequences
510.1 H713 Hofstadter, Douglas R., Gödel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braid
510.7 H118 Hacker, Andrew, The math myth: and other STEM delusions
510.7 P738 Pólya, George, How to solve it: a new aspect of mathematical method
510.9 D917 Dunham, William, Journey through genius: the great theorems of mathematics
511.3 M296 Maor, Eli. To infinity and beyond: a cultural history of the infinite
512 S464 Selby, Peter H. Practical algebra: a self teaching guide
512.1 H888 Huettenmueller, Rhonda. Pre-calculus demystified
512.1 K95 Kuang, Yang, Pre-calculus for dummies
512.9 R498 Rich, Barnett, Schaum's outline of elementary algebra
512.9 S755 Spiegel, Murray R., College algebra
513.12 B658 Bluman, Allan G. Pre-algebra demystified
516 R498 Rich, Barnett, Geometry : includes plane, analytic, and transformational geometries
516.24 S838 Sterling, Mary Jane. Trigonometry for dummies
517 B219 Banner, Adrian D., The calculus lifesaver: all the tools you need to excel at calculus
517 D751 Downing, Douglas. Barron's E-Z calculus
517 T476 Thompson, Silvanus P. Calculus made easy: being a very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculus
519.5 R371 Reinhart, Alex, Statistics done wrong: the woefully complete guide
520 S129 Sagan, Carl, Cosmos
523.1 G155 Galfard, Christophe, The universe in your hand: a journey through space, time, and beyond
523.8 R456 Rey, H. A. The stars: a new way to see them
530.11 L716 Lieber, Lillian R. The Einstein theory of relativity: a trip to the fourth dimension
574.5263 C321 Carson, Rachel, The edge of the sea
598.23 Z64 Zickefoose, Julie, Baby birds: an artist looks into the nest
611 N857 Norris, Maggie Anatomy essentials for dummies
613.25 L948 Ludwig, David, Always hungry?: conquer cravings, retrain your fat cells, and lose weight permanently
613.6 B881 Brown, Tracey, Playing by the rules: how our obsession with safety is putting us all at risk
616.042 M953 Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene: an intimate history
616.74 L767 Liptan, Ginevra, The fibromanual: a complete fibromyalgia treatment guide for you and your doctor
616.891 G798 Greenberger, Dennis, Mind over mood: change how you feel by changing the way you think
616.994 W725 Williams, Mary Elizabeth, A series of catastrophes & miracles: a true story of love, science, and cancer
629.45 G212 Garan, Ron, The orbital perspective: lessons in seeing the big picture from a journey of seventy-one million miles
629.4553 P493 Petranek, Stephen L., How we'll live on Mars
632.96 F234   Farming with native beneficial insects: ecological pest control solutions
635.951 S955 Summers, Carolyn, Designing gardens with flora of the American East
636.7 D551 Dickey, Bronwen, Pit bull: the battle over an American icon
636.7 K21 Kavin, Kim, The dog merchants: inside the big business of breeders, pet stores, and rescuers
641.5 M169 McNamara, Laurie. Simply scratch: 120 wholesome homemade recipes made easy
641.563 B344 Bauer, Joy, From junk food to joy food: all the foods you love to eat ... only better
641.5636 H588 Hester, Kathy, The easy vegan cookbook: make healthy home cooking practically effortless
641.59597 T772 Tran, Van, The Vietnamese market cookbook: spicy, sour, sweet
641.69 U72 Urban, Mike, The New England seafood markets cookbook: recipes from the best lobster pounds, clam shacks, and fish mongers
643.3 C833 Cory, Steve. Affordable kitchen upgrades: transform your kitchen on a small budget
643.7 K62   Kitchen & bath renovation guide
646.724 S525 Shahin, Christine, Natural hair coloring: how to use henna and other pure herbal pigments for chemical-free beauty
649.65 H138 Haffner, Debra. Beyond the big talk: every parent's guide to raising sexually healthy teens--from middle school to high school, and beyond
650.1 F828 Frank, Robert H., Success and luck: good fortune and the myth of meritocracy
650.1 G663 Gordon, Jon, The energy bus: 10 rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy
650.1 V284 Van Vlack, Tarah Wheeler, Women in tech: take your career to the next level with practical advice and inspiring stories
658.114 W872   The women's small business start-up kit: a step-by-step legal guide
658.152 E59 Ennico, Clifford R., The crowdfunding handbook: raise money for your small business or start-up with equity funding portals
701.8 A332 Albers, Josef, Interaction of color
701.8 F511 Finlay, Victoria, The brilliant history of color in art
709.54 D322 Dehejia, Vidya. Indian art
746.432 B522 Bernard, Wendy The knitting all around stitch dictionary: 150 new stitch patterns to knit top down, bottom up, back and forth & in the round
747 L719 Liess, Lauren, Habitat: the field guide to decorating
747.797 C913 Cregan, Lisa. House beautiful kitchens: creating a beautiful kitchen of your own
747.797 G984 Gutiérrez, Manel Couto, 150 best new kitchen ideas
747.94 B993 Byam Shaw, Ros, Farrow & Ball: decorating with colour
747.94 C754 Conran, Terence, Conran on color
747.94 N598 Nicholas, Kristin, Crafting a colorful home: a room-by-room guide to personalizing your space with color
748.2 B959 Burke, Ed, Glass blowing: a technical manual
751.422 B651 Blockley, Ann, Experimental landscapes in watercolour
751.422 F936 Frontz, Leslie, The watercolor course you've always wanted: guided lessons for beginners and experienced artists
751.422 R936 Reardon, Michael, Watercolor techniques: painting light & color in landscapes & cityscapes
770 M883 Morrissey, Robert, iPhoneography PRO: techniques for taking your iPhone photography to the next level
784.5 H995 Hyden, Steven, Your favorite band is killing me: what pop music rivalries reveal about the meaning of life
784.5 R595   Rise up singing: the group singing songbook
791.43 F855 Freeman, Hadley, Life moves pretty fast: the lessons we learned from eighties movies (and why we don't learn them from movies anymore)
791.457 T856 Tropiano, Stephen, TV finales FAQ: all that's left to know about the endings of your favorite TV shows
793.7 G227 Gardner, Martin, The colossal book of short puzzles and problems: combinatorics, probability, algebra, geometry, topology, chess, logic, cryptarithms, wordplay, physics and other topics of recreational mathematics
796.54 H218 Hamilton, Linda Parker. Camping activity book for families: the kid-tested guide to fun in the outdoors
796.54 O52 Olsson, Helen. The down and dirty guide to camping with kids: how to plan memorable family adventures and connect kids to nature
808.023 H685   MLA handbook
808.1 L616 Lerner, Ben, The hatred of poetry
809.1 R919 Ruefle, Mary, Madness, rack, and honey: collected lectures
810.9 P621 Pierpont, Claudia Roth. American rhapsody: writers, musicians, movie stars, and one great building
811.54 R498 Rich, Adrienne, Collected poems, 1950-2012
813.52 H488b Blume, Lesley M. M., Everybody behaves badly: the true story behind Hemingway's masterpiece The Sun Also Rises
814.54 F848 Frazier, Ian. Hogs wild: selected reporting pieces
818.3 T488c Thoreau, Henry David, Collected essays and poems
818.3 T488c Thoreau, Henry David, Cape Cod
818.3 T488e Thoreau, Henry David, Essays : a fully annotated edition
818.3 T488m Thoreau, Henry David, The Maine woods: a fully annotated edition
818.3 T488w Thoreau, Henry David, Walden : a fully annotated edition
818.52 S399 Schwartz, Delmore, Once and for all: the best of Delmore Schwartz
824.91 W913 Woolf, Virginia, A room of one's own
861.64 N454 Neruda, Pablo, Then come back: the lost Neruda poems
888 P718 Plato. The republic
910.4 D996 Dyer, Geoff, White sands: experiences from the outside world
914.11 F653   Fodor's Scotland
914.43 P232   Paris
914.5 I88   Italy
914.64 M183   Madrid
914.95 R539   Rick Steves' Greece: Athens & the Peloponnese
914.972 R539   Rick Steves' Croatia & Slovenia
915.2 F653   Fodor's Japan
915.61 T939   Turkey
915.93 F653   Fodor's ... Thailand
917.15 F653   Fodor's Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada
917.299 F653   Fodor's Bermuda
917.4 F653   Fodor's New England
917.449 M818   Moon handbooks, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket
917.56 M818   Moon handbooks, North Carolina
917.8 F653   Fodor's complete guide to the National Parks of the West
917.95 M818   Moon handbooks, Oregon
940.541 H219 Hamilton, Nigel. Commander in chief: FDR's battle with Churchill, 1943
947.086 O85 Ostrovsky, Arkady, The invention of Russia: from Gorbachev's freedom to Putin's war
956.91 A316 Al-Sabouni, Marwa, The battle for home: the vision of a young architect in Syria
956.91 D574 Di Giovanni, Janine, The morning they came for us: dispatches from Syria
958.1 R763 Romesha, Clinton, Red Platoon: a true story of American valor
973.3 F533 Fisher, David, Bill O'Reilly's Legends & lies, The patriots
973.917 W935 Wortman, Marc 1941 : fighting the shadow war: a divided America in a world at war
974 R374 Reinstein, Ted, Wicked pissed: New England's most famous feuds
974.02 W294 Warren, Wendy New England bound: slavery and colonization in early America
Biography Beck, F. Beck, Joseph Madison, My father and Atticus Finch: a lawyer's fight for justice in 1930s Alabama
Biography Benmosche, B. Benmosche, Bob, Good for the money: my fight to pay back America
Biography Brown, B. Brown, Bobby Every little step: my story
Biography Cooper, A. Cooper, Anderson. The rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son talk about life, love, and loss
Biography Elizabeth II Andersen, Christopher P., Game of crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the throne
Biography Farsad, N. Farsad, Negin, How to make white people laugh
Biography Forhan, C. Forhan, Chris, My father before me: a memoir
Biography Frank, A. Frank, Anne, Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl
Biography Guerro, D. Guerrero, Diane, In the country we love: my family divided
Biography Haig, M. Haig, Matt, Reasons to stay alive
Biography Handwerker, N. Handwerker, Lloyd, Famous Nathan: a family saga of Coney Island, the American dream, and the search for the perfect hot dog
Biography Jacoby, M.J. Lascher, Bill, Eve of a hundred midnights: the star-crossed love story of two WWII correspondents and their epic escape across the Pacific
Biography Jahren, H. Jahren, Hope. Lab girl
Biography Kalanithi, P. Kalanithi, Paul, When breath becomes air
Biography Nicolson, J. Nicolson, Juliet, A house full of daughters: a memoir of seven generations
Biography Notaro, T. Notaro, Tig, I'm just a person
Biography Paine, T. Gray, Edward G., Tom Paine's iron bridge: building a United States
Biography Ripert, E. Ripert, Eric. 32 yolks: from my mother's table to working the line
Biography Steel, L.M. Steel, Lewis M., The butler's child: an autobiography
Biography Valenti, J. Valenti, Jessica, Sex object: a memoir
BookOnCD 158.1 D871 Duhigg, Charles. Smarter faster better [sound recording]: the secrets of being productive in life and business
BookOnCD 327.73 L257 Landler, Mark. Alter egos [sound recording]: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the twilight struggle over American power
BookOnCD 530 R873 Rovelli, Carlo, Seven brief lessons on physics [sound recording]
BookOnCD 616.34 A968 Axe, Josh, Eat dirt [sound recording]: why leaky gut may be the root cause of your health problems and 5 surprising steps to cure it
BookOnCD Backman Backman, Fredrik, Britt-Marie was here [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Biography McCartney, P. Norman, Philip. Paul McCartney - The Life [sound recording]
BookOnCD Brown Brown, Rita Mae, Tall tail [sound recording]
BookOnCD Connelly Connelly, Michael, The crossing [sound recording]
BookOnCD Cronin Cronin, Justin, The city of mirrors [sound recording]
BookOnCD Deaver Deaver, Jeffery, The steel kiss [sound recording]
BookOnCD Harris Harris, Charlaine, Night shift [sound recording]
BookOnCD Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, Here's to us [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Hill Hill, Joe, The fireman [sound recording]: [a novel]
BookOnCD Johnson Johnson, Craig, The highwayman [sound recording]: a Longmire story
BookOnCD King King, Stephen, End of watch [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Lagercrantz Lagercrantz, David, Fall of man in Wilmslow [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Leary Leary, Ann, The children [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Meltzer Meltzer, Brad, The house of secrets [sound recording]
BookOnCD Sandford Sandford, John, Extreme prey [sound recording]: a novel
BookOnCD Showalter Showalter, Gena. The darkest torment [sound recording]
BookOnCD Straub Straub, Emma, Modern lovers [sound recording]
BookOnCD Vanderbilt Vanderbilt, Tom. You may also like [sound recording]: taste in an age of endless choice
Chinese 004.09 Isaacson Isaacson, Walter, Chuang xin zhe men: xian qi shu wei ge ming de tian cai, guai jie he hai ke
Chinese 005 Shen Shen, Chao. Zhong lao nian ren wan zhuan APP
Chinese 306.8745 Fan Fan, Wanfa, Hao ye ye sheng guo hao lao shi: yi wei ye ye de 6 nian yu er shou j
Chinese 330 Zhou Zhou, Ruijin, Huang Fuping: Zhongguo gai ge he chu qu = Hangfu Ping: whither China's reform
Chinese 332 Duff Duff, Turney. Tong yu ai de jiao yi sheng ya: Wo zai dui chong ji jin de 5840 tian = The buy side A wall street trader's tale of spectacular excess
Chinese 355 Feixingdianyundou Feixingdianyundou, Chuan yue huo xian: wo zai Meiguo dang da bing
Chinese 362 Gawande Gawande, Atul. Ning shi si wang: yi wei wai ke yi shi dui shuai lao yu si wang de si suo
Chinese 610 Rao Rao, Yi Youyou you hao: Tu Youyou yu qing hao s
Chinese 613 Liu Liu, Hao. Meiguo lao nian ren jian kang zhi nan: Xian gei fu mu de yi fen xin y
Chinese 615 Jiao   Chao shi yong jing jian yao tui an mo quan shu
Chinese 616 Beattie Beattie, Melody Mei yi tian lian xi zhao gu zi ji: dang wo men wei zi ji fu qi ze ren, jiu neng zhen zheng fang shou, zuo zi j
Chinese 641 Chen   She jian shang de Zhongguo: Zhonghua mei shi pao zhi fang fa quan gong lüe
Chinese 641 Gan   Sao yi sao, Ma shang xue zuo su cai
Chinese 641 Gan   Sao yi sao, Ma shang xue zuo hun cai
Chinese 641 Gan   Sao yi sao, Ma shang xue zuo he xian hai xian
Chinese 641 Huang Huang, Wanling Huang wan ling jing dian chong xian shi chuan de tai cai pu: 40 dao a she cai . jiu jia cai . jia zhuang cai . ban zhuo cai . jia chang cai,xiang xi bu zou shi fan rang ni ye neng cheng wei tai cai chuan re
Chinese 641 Xie Xie, Kaiting, Xigu mei wei ren qi yi guo xing fu zhu =;One pot meals
Chinese 813 Maher Maher, Edwin Zhao de zhuo bei: Yang shi yang zhu bo de xin sheng hu
Chinese 895 Zhang Zhang, Xiangchi Sheng dian 1959-1961: Xinyang da ji huang chen si l
Chinese 917 Li Li, Sixian, Di yi ci zi zhu you Meiguo chao jian dan =;United States of America
Chinese 917 Que Que, Weihang, Zhe xie nian ni mei kan jian de Meiguo
Chinese 920 Kefan   Kefan qing ting: Tian ji yi pia
Chinese 931 Qianhong Qianhong, Hong le Chun qiu, lü le Zhan guo
Chinese Biography Clinton, H.R. Bernstein, Carl Xilali zhuan: ji nian ba
Chinese Biography Deng, X. Maomao Wo de fu qin Deng Xiaoping
Chinese Biography Hu, Y. Gao, Yong. Wo gei Hu Yaobang dang mi shu
Chinese Fic Bi Bi, Shumin, You deng de jia
Chinese Fic Ge Ge, Fei, Chun jin Jiang nan
Chinese Fic Ge Ge, Fei, Ren mian tao hua
Chinese Fic Ge Ge, Fei Shan he ru men
Chinese Fic Luo Luo, Xue. Wo zai Meiguo hang mu dang da bing
Chinese Fic Nanpaisanshu Nanpaisanshu. Nu jiang zhi zhan: quan ji
Chinese Fic Qiu Qiu, Zuyin Shao nu Mazu p
Chinese Fic Su Su, Tong Huang que ji
Chinese Fic Su Su, Landuo Xun zhao Aiwei'er = Xunzhao Aiwei'e
Chinese Fic Wu Wu, Wo. Shou xi cuo a
Chinese Fic Yishu Yishu. Jia ou
CollegeCourses CD 780.92 B415 Greenberg, Robert, Symphonies of Beethoven [sound recording]
COM Country Carpenter Carpenter, Mary Chapin, The things that we are made of [sound recording]
COM Country Urban Urban, Keith, Ripcord [sound recording]
COM Popular Beyonce   Lemonade [sound recording]
COM Popular Drake Drake, Views [sound recording]
COM Popular Fifth   7/27 [sound recording]
COM Popular Grande   Dangerous woman [sound recording]
COM Popular Jonas   Last year was complicated [sound recording]
COM Popular Trainor   Thank you [sound recording]
COM Rock American   What we live for [sound recording]
COM Rock Avett   True sadness [sound recording]
COM Rock Clapton Clapton, Eric, I still do [sound recording]
COM Rock Fitz   Fitz and the Tantrums [sound recording]
COM Rock Kills   Ash & ice [sound recording]
COM Rock McCartney McCartney, Paul, Pure McCartney [sound recording]
COM Rock Radiohead   A moon shaped pool [sound recording]
COM Rock Red   The getaway [sound recording]
COM Rock Simon Simon, Paul, Stranger to stranger [sound recording]
COM RockTegan   Love you to death [sound recording]
DVD 303 W567   Where to invade next [videorecording]
DVD All   All the president's men [videorecording]
DVD Anomalisa   Anomalisa [videorecording]
DVD Brothers   The Brothers Grimsby [videorecording]
DVD Call   Call the midwife, Season five [videorecording]
DVD Eddie   Eddie the Eagle [videorecording]
DVD Fear   Fear the walking dead, The complete first season [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Chinese Blade   Blade of fury [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Chinese Pedicab   Qun long xi feng [videorecording] =;Pedicab driver
DVD ForeignFilm Spanish No   No [videorecording]
DVD Fortyfive   45 years [videorecording]
DVD Grace   Grace and Frankie, Season one [videorecording]
DVD Grantchester   Grantchester, Season 2 [videorecording]
DVD Hail   Hail, Caesar! [videorecording]
DVD How   How to be single [videorecording]
DVD Knight   Knight of cups [videorecording]
DVD Midnight   Midnight special [videorecording]
DVD Mr.   Mr. Selfridge, Season 4 [videorecording]
DVD Orange   Orange is the new black, Season three [videorecording]
DVD Perfect   The perfect storm [videorecording]
DVD Pride   Pride and prejudice and zombies [videorecording]
DVD Race   Race [videorecording]
DVD Ride   Ride along 2 [videorecording]
DVD Risen   Risen [videorecording]
DVD Rizzoli   Rizzoli & Isles, The complete sixth season [videorecording]
DVD Royal   Royal pains, Season seven [videorecording]
DVD Ten   10 Cloverfield Lane [videorecording]
DVD Thirteen   13 hours [videorecording]: the secret soldiers of Benghazi
DVD Triple   Triple 9 [videorecording]
DVD Tumbledown   Tumbledown [videorecording]
DVD Whiskey   Whiskey tango foxtrot [videorecording]
DVD Zoolander   Zoolander no. 2 [videorecording]
E-audiobook Rowling, J. K. Harry potter and the deathly hallows [electronic resource]: Harry Potter Series, Book 7
E-audiobook Winslow, Don. The cartel [electronic resource]
E-audiobook Jahren, Hope. Lab girl [electronic resource]
E-audiobook Highsmith, Patricia. Carol [electronic resource]
E-audiobook Duckworth, Angela. Grit [electronic resource]: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
E-book Rowell, Rainbow. Fangirl [electronic resource]
E-book Kidd, Sue Monk. The invention of wings [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Nguyen, Viet Thanh. The sympathizer [electronic resource]
E-book Plath, Sylvia. The bell jar [electronic resource]
E-book Kellerman, Faye. The theory of death [electronic resource]: Peter Decker / Rina Lazarus Series, Book 23
E-book Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible [electronic resource]: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice
E-book Jance, J.A. Clawback [electronic resource]: An Ali Reynolds Novel
E-book Mukherjee, Siddhartha. The gene [electronic resource]: An Intimate History
E-book Morton, Kate. The lake house [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Meyer, Marissa. Cinder [electronic resource]: Lunar Chronicles Series, Book 1
E-book Eskens, Allen. The life we bury [electronic resource]
E-book Awad, Mona. 13 ways of looking at a fat girl [electronic resource]: A Novel
E-book Carnegie, Dale, How to win friends and influence people [electronic resource]
E-book Alexievich, Svetlana. Secondhand time [electronic resource]: The Last of the Soviets
Fic Adams Adams, Alice. Invincible summer: a novel
Fic Ahrnstedt Ahrnstedt, Simona All I
Fic Alam Alam, Rumaan, Rich and pretty
Fic Albert Albert, Susan Wittig, Loving Eleanor: a novel
Fic Anam Anam, Tahmima, The bones of grace: a novel
Fic Backman Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove: a novel
Fic Beauregard Beauregard, Mark. The whale: a love story
Fic Blau Blau, Jessica Anya, The trouble with Lexie: a novel
Fic Bradford Bradford, Barbara Taylor, The Cavendon luck
Fic Brooks Brooks, Kim, The houseguest: a novel
Fic Brown Brown, John Gregory. A thousand miles from nowhere: a novel
Fic Callaway Callaway, Joy, The Fifth Avenue Artists Society: a novel
Fic Carey Carey, M. R., Fellside
Fic Carter Carter, Matt, Almost infamous: a supervillain novel
Fic Cline Cline, Emma, The girls: a novel
Fic Cluchey Cluchey, Dan, The life of the world to come
Fic Coonts Coonts, Stephen, Liberty's last stand
Fic Day Day, Sylvia, One with you
Fic DeBotton De Botton, Alain, The course of love: a novel
Fic Douglas Douglas, Claire, The sisters
Fic Erdrich Erdrich, Louise, LaRose
Fic Ferrante Ferrante, Elena, My brilliant friend: book one: childhood, adolescence
Fic Fesperman Fesperman, Dan, The letter writer
Fic Foenkinos Foenkinos, David. Charlotte: a novel
Fic Furst Furst, Alan, A hero of France: a novel
Fic Giffin Giffin, Emily, First comes love: a novel
Fic Graham Graham, Heather. Haunted destiny
Fic Greene Greene, Thomas Christopher, If I forget you: a novel
Fic Gyasi Gyasi, Yaa, Homegoing: a novel
Fic Harris Harris, Robert, An officer and a spy
Fic Hawley Hawley, Noah, Before the fall
Fic Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin. Here's to us: a novel
Fic Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin. Here's to us: a novel
Fic Humphrey Humphrey, Claire, Spells of blood and kin: a dark fantasy
Fic Huntley Huntley, Swan. We could be beautiful: a novel
Fic Install Install, Deborah. A robot in the garden
Fic Jewell Jewell, Lisa, The girls in the garden: a novel
Fic Kay Kay, Liz, Monsters: a love story
Fic Kay Kay, Guy Gavriel, Children of earth and sky
Fic Kelly Kelly, Martha Hall, Lilac girls: a novel
Fic Kenyon Kenyon, Sherrilyn, Born of legend
Fic King King, Stephen, End of watch: a novel
Fic King King, Stephen, Misery : a novel
Fic Knausgaard Knausgård, Karl Ove, My struggle, Book five
Fic Lackey Lackey, Mercedes, A study in sable
Fic Leary Leary, Ann, The children: a novel
Fic Ludlum/ VanLustbader Lustbader, Eric, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne enigma: a new Jason Bourne novel
Fic Macomber Macomber, Debbie Adam's imag
Fic Martin-Lugand Martin-Lugand, Agnès, Happy people read & drink coffee
Fic McKinnon McKinnon, Hannah Roberts. Mystic summer: a novel
Fic McNear McNear, Mary, The space between sisters
Fic Means Means, David, Hystopia
Fic Meltzer Meltzer, Brad. The house of secrets
Fic NDiaye NDiaye, Marie, Ladivine
Fic North North, Claire, The sudden appearance of Hope
Fic O'Malley O'Malley, Daniel, Stiletto: a novel
Fic Palmer Palmer, Diana Defende
Fic Parr Parr, Delia, The midwife's dilemma
Fic Patterson Patterson, James, The games
Fic Perez-Reverte Pérez-Reverte, Arturo, What we become
Fic Phillips Phillips, Helen, Some possible solutions: stories
Fic Porter Porter, Max, Grief is the thing with feathers: a novel
Fic Proulx Proulx, Annie. Barkskins: a novel
Fic Quindlen Quindlen, Anna, Miller's Valley: a novel
Fic Randel Randel, Weina Dai, The empress of bright moon
Fic Reay Reay, Katherine, The Brontë plot
Fic Rees Rees, Tracy. Amy Snow
Fic Reid Reid, Iain, I'm thinking of ending things
Fic Richards Richards, Emilie, When we were sisters
Fic Richardson Richardson, Kim Michele, God pretty in the tobacco field
Fic Richardson Richardson, Samuel, Pamela, or, Virtue rewarded
Fic Rowley Rowley, Steven, Lily and the octopus
Fic Russo Russo, Richard, Everybody's fool
Fic Schine Schine, Cathleen, They may not mean to, but they do
Fic Shriver Shriver, Lionel The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-204
Fic Silva Silva, Daniel, The black widow
Fic Simonson Simonson, Helen, The summer before the war: a novel
Fic Sittenfeld Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible: a novel
Fic Smith Smith, Dominic, The last painting of Sara De Vos
Fic Smith Smith, Alexis M, Marrow Island
Fic Steel Steel, Danielle, Magic : a novel
Fic Straub Straub, Emma, Modern lovers
Fic Svensson Svensson, Anton, The father: made in Sweden: part 1
Fic Sweeney Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Fic Tanabe Tanabe, Karin, The gilded years: a novel
Fic Tempest Tempest, Kate, The bricks that built the houses
Fic Terrell Terrell, Whitney, The good lieutenant: a novel
Fic Thompson Thompson, Jean, She poured out her heart
Fic Thor Thor, Brad. Foreign agent : a thriller
Fic Tidhar Tidhar, Lavie. Central Station
Fic Timmer Timmer, Julie Lawson, Untethered
Fic Tremblay Tremblay, Paul, Disappearance at Devil's Rock: a novel
Fic Tyler Tyler, Anne, Vinegar girl : The taming of the shrew retold
Fic VanBooy Van Booy, Simon, Father's day : a novel
Fic Wasserman Wasserman, Robin. Girls on fire: a novel
Fic Watson Watson, Larry, As good as gone: a novel
Fic Williams Williams, Beatriz, A certain age
Fic Winter Winter, Ariel S., Barren Cove: a novel
Fic Yehoshua Yehoshua, Abraham B., The extra
Graphic 970.3 H392 Hawke, Ethan, Indeh : a story of the Apache wars
Graphic Hanawalt Hanawalt, Lisa, Hot dog taste test
J 031.02 U47   Ultimate weird but true 3
J 1,2,3 Medina Medina, Juana, 1 big salad
J 301 H945 Hunter, Dru. Why do we behave like that?
J 307 K92 Kreisman, Rachelle, Places we go: a kids' guide to community buildings
J 307 K92 Kreisman, Rachelle, People who help: a kids' guide to community heroes
J 307 K92 Kreisman, Rachelle, Being a good citizen: a kids' guide to community involvement
J 307 K92 Kreisman, Rachelle, Things we do: a kids' guide to community activity
J 325.73 C881 Coy, John, Their great gift: courage, sacrifice, and hope in a new land
J 327.12 R917 Rudolph, Jessica. CIA paramilitary operatives in action
J 333.79 O87 Otfinoski, Steven, Wind, solar, and geothermal power: from concept to consumer
J 333.956 R892 Royston, Angela, What happens if we overfish the oceans?
J 356.1 P467 Person, Stephen. Army Night Stalkers in action
J 359.98 P467 Person, Stephen. Navy SEAL Team Six in action
J 359.98 R917 Rudolph, Jessica. Marine scout snipers in action
J 363.7 D795 Drummond, Allan, Green city: how one community survived a tornado and rebuilt for a sustainable future
J 363.73 C213 Canavan, Roger, You wouldn't want to live without clean water!
J 363.73 C723 Colson, Mary, What happens if the ozone disappears?
J 371 M123 McCarney, Rosemary A., The way to school
J 372.4 K26 Keeley, Shannon. Reading comprehension: Grade 5
J 398.2 A456   Chicken littl
J 398.245 M128 McCluskey, Kerry, Tulugaq: an oral history of ravens
J 495.1 A512 Amery, Heather. The Usborne internet-linked first thousand words in Chinese: with internet-linked pronunciation guide
J 495.7 V953 Vorhees, Duance. Mr. Moon and Miss Sun =;Haennim tallim The herdsman and the weaver = Kyŏnu wa chingnyŏ
J 500 H945 Hunter, Dru, What is the reason?
J 500 H945 Hunter, Dru, How does it work?
J 500 H945 Hunter, Dru, How do we apply science?
J 525 R513 Richard, Orlin, Investigating seasons
J 529 M135 Macdonald, Fiona, You wouldn't want to live without clocks and calendars!
J 550 H945 Hunter, Dru, What is out there?
J 551.48 R212 Ransom, Candice F., Investigating the water cycle
J 551.6 M372 Marsico, Katie, The wettest and the driest
J 551.6 M372 Marsico, Katie, The hottest and the coldest
J 551.6 M372 Marsico, Katie, The darkest and the brightest
J 551.6 R892 Royston, Angela, What happens when an ice cap melts?
J 551.8 M372 Marsico, Katie, The highest and the lowest
J 552 L743 Lindeen, Mary. Investigating the rock cycle
J 574 H945 Hunter, Dru, Where do we look for life?
J 574.51 C723 Colson, Mary. What happens if the rain forests disappear?
J 574.522 L743 Lindeen, Mary, Investigating the carbon cycle
J 576 C213 Canavan, Roger. You wouldn't want to live without bacteria!
J 581.3 A528 Amstutz, Lisa J., Investigating plant life cycles
J 591 B258 Barman, Adrienne, Creaturepedia : welcome to the greatest show on earth
J 591.13 L665 Levine, Sara Tooth by tooth: comparing fangs, tusks, and chompers
J 591.3 A528 Amstutz, Lisa J. Investigating animal life cycles
J 591.5 N551 Newman, Aline Alexander, Rascally rabbits!: and more true stories of animals behaving badly!
J 591.5 O98 Oxlade, Chris, Be a tracker
J 591.5 S555 Shields, Amy. Best friends forever!: and more true stories of animal friendships
J 591.54 P361 Pearson, Carrie A., A warm winter tail
J 591.54 P361 Pearson, Carrie A., A cool summer tail
J 591.57 J52 Jenkins, Steve, Flying frogs and walking fish: leaping lemurs, tumbling toads, jet-propelled jellyfish, and more surprising ways that animals move
J 598.33 B167 Baker, Jeannie, Circle
J 598.44 M982 Murray, Laura K., Penguin
J 598.97 G822 Gregory, Josh. Owls
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, Sparks, shocks, and secrets: explore electricity and use science to survive
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, Shipwrecked : explore floating and sinking and use science to survive
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, Escape the volcano: explore materials and use science to survive
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, A cry in the dark: sound and the science of survival
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, Crushed : explore forces and use science to survive
J 613.69 S756 Spilsbury, Richard, The cave of shadows: explore light and use science to survive
J 614.532 D676 Donaldson, Olivia, Malaria
J 614.57 A567 Andrews, Lawrence, The plague
J 615.372 R777 Rooney, Anne. You wouldn't want to live without vaccinations!
J 616.025 S944 Suen, Anastasia. From accident to hospital
J 621.31 H811 Hord, Colleen, From power plant to house
J 621.381 J14 Jackson, Tom, Digital technology
J 621.385 J14 Jackson, Tom, Telephones and cell phones
J 624 G837 Greve, Meg, From empty lot to building
J 624.55 E29 Eggers, Dave, This bridge will not be gray
J 625.2 O87 Otfinoski, Steven, High-speed trains: from concept to consumer
J 625.4 C797 Corey, Shana. The secret subway
J 629.133 J14 Jackson, Tom, Aircraft
J 629.2 J14 Jackson, Tom, Car
J 629.227 S944 Suen, Anastasia, From factory to store
J 629.28 G837 Greve, Meg, From tow truck to auto body shop
J 629.4 J14 Jackson, Tom, Spacecraft
J 633.15 M982 Murray, Laura K., Corn
J 633.15 H528 Heos, Bridget, So you want to grow a taco?
J 634 H528 Heos, Bridget, So you want to grow a pie?
J 635 H528 Heos, Bridget, So you want to grow a salad?
J 635 H528 Heos, Bridget, So you want to grow a pizza?
J 635.65 M982 Murray, Laura K., Bean
J 636.7 F991 Furstinger, Nancy, Paws of courage: true tales of heroic dogs that protect and serve
J 638.1 C432 Chadwick, Fergus The bee book
J 641.3 H811 Hord, Colleen, From farm to restaurant
J 668.12 W913 Woolf, Alex, You wouldn't want to live without soap!
J 668.4 G739 Graham, Ian, You wouldn't want to live without plastic!
J 741.59 A636 Antram, David, The art of drawing manga monsters
J 741.59 A636 Antram, David, The art of drawing manga heroes
J 745.5 S446   The secret files of Professor L. Otto Funn: or, stop being a slug, open this book, and make your brain happy
J 745.5 S621 Sirrine, Carol. Cool crafts with old CDs: green projects for resourceful kids
J 778.53 W739 Willoughby, Nick, Digital filmmaking for kids for dummies
J 778.53 W739 Willougby, Nick, Making YouTube videos
J 780.06 J14 Jackson, Tom, Music technology
J 780.23 A615 Anniss, Matt. Performing live
J 784.5 A615 Anniss, Matt. The history of modern music
J 784.55 P655 Pinkney, Andrea Davis, Rhythm ride: a road trip through the Motown sound
J 786.4 H399 Hawthorn, Philip. Learn to play easy piano classics
J 792.02 M661 Milstein, Janet B. Cool characters for kids: 71 one-minute monologues, ages 4-12
J 796.48 H551 Herman, Gail, What are the Summer Olympics?
J 796.5 O98 Oxlade, Chris, Be an explorer
J 796.5 O98 Oxlade, Chris. Be an adventurer
J 808.042 W956 Grade1 Kemper, Dave, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Write source
J 808.042 W956 Grade3   SkillsBook: Grade
J 808.042 W956 Grade4   SkillsBook: Grade
J 808.042 W956 Grade6   SkillsBook: Grade
J 902 M372 Marsico, Katie, The oldest and the newest
J 910.4 D542 Di⁺¹az, Natalia, A ticket around the world
J 929.9 L222 Lambert, Nancy The star-spangled banner
J 940.544 W362 Weatherford, Carole Boston, You can fly: the Tuskegee Airmen
J 943.086 F853 Freedman, Russell. We will not be silent: the White Rose student resistance movement that defied Adolf Hitler
J 973.313 H315 Harris, Michael C., What is the Declaration of Independence?
J 973.71 G618 Gold, Susan Dudley, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's Cabin
J 973.71 M873 Morretta, Alison. Frederick Douglass and William Garrison: a partnership for abolition
J 974.71 O18 O'Connor, Jim, What were the Twin Towers?
J 975.3 C264 Carbone, Elisa Lynn. Diana's White House garden
J Biography 920 S775 Stabler, David, Kid athletes: true tales of childhood from sports legends
J Biography 920 Z94 Zuckerman, Gregory, Rising above: how 11 athletes overcame challenges in their youth to become stars
J Biography Johnson, L. Barton, Chris, Whoosh! : Lonnie Johnson's super-soaking stream of inventions
J Biography Micheaux, L. Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux. The book itch: freedom, truth, & Harlem's greatest bookstore
J Biography Monet, C. Ascari, Giancarlo, The garden of Monsieur Monet
J BoardBk Barton Barton, Byron. Machines at work
J BoardBk Boynton Boynton, Sandra. Barnyard dance!
J BoardBk Carle Carle, Eric. Eric Carles ABC
J BoardBk Eubank Eubank, Patti Reeder. Countdown to Christmas
J BoardBk Gerth Gerth, Melanie. Ten little ladybug
J BoardBk MacDonald MacDonald, Amy. Let's do it
J BoardBk Matisse   Blue & other colors
J BoardBk Priddy Priddy, Roger. My big truck book
J BoardBk Priddy   En la ciudad =;In the town: en español y en inglés
J BoardBk Wallace Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. Baby day!
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick, The hidden oracle [sound recording]
J CD EarlyChildhood Jenkins Jenkins, Ella Rythm and games songs for the little ones #2 [sound recording
J Chinese Fic Barnett Barnett, Mac Shanmu he Dawei qu wa dong
J Chinese Fic Brown Brown, Margaret Wise, Tao jia xiao tu
J DVD American   Molly [videorecording] : an American girl on the home front
J DVD Fantasia   Fantasia 2000 [videorecording]
J DVD Fantasia   Fantasia [videorecording]
J DVD Kung   Kung Fu Panda 3 [videorecording]
J DVD Little   The little mermaid [videorecording]
J DVD Moonday   Moonday [videorecording]
J DVD StarWars   Star wars, Episode V,;Empire strikes back [videorecording]
J DVD Zootopia   Zootopia [videorecording]
J EasyReader Arnold Arnold, Tedd. Hi! Fly Guy
J EasyReader Arnold Arnold, Tedd. Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
J EasyReader Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain bears ride the thunderbolt
J EasyReader Lewison Lewison, Wendy Cheyette. Mud
J EasyReader Penner Penner, Lucille Recht. The Statue of Liberty
J EasyReader Willems Willems, Mo. There is a bird on your head!
J EasyReader Willems Willems, Mo, The thank you book
J EasyReader Willems Willems, Mo, The thank you book
J EasyReader Willems Willems, Mo, I will take a nap!
J Fic Allen Allen, Elise, Troll control
J Fic Avi Avi, School of the dead
J Fic Beauvais Beauvais, Clémentine, Scam on the Cam
J Fic Beckhorn Beckhorn, Susan Williams, The wolf's boy
J Fic Berk Berk, Sheryl, Bakers on board
J Fic Bonder-Stone Bondor-Stone, Annabeth, The pirate who's back in bunny slippers
J Fic Bowen Bowen, Fred, Out of bounds
J Fic Bowen Bowen, Fred, Out of bounds
J Fic Bradley Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. The war that saved my life
J Fic Chapman Chapman, Linda. Stronger than magic
J Fic Chapman Chapman, Linda. Starlight surprise
J Fic Chapman Chapman, Linda. A special friend
J Fic Chapman Chapman, Linda. Dreams come true
J Fic Conklin Conklin, Melanie, Counting Thyme
J Fic Dahl Dahl, Roald. Charlie and the chocolate factory
J Fic Dumas Dumas, Firoozeh, It ain't so awful, falafel
J Fic Farrey Farrey, Brian, The secret of Dreadwillow Carse
J Fic Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, Laura Marx, The gallery
J Fic Flanagan Flanagan, John The ghostfaces
J Fic Funke Funke, Cornelia Caroline. Inkheart
J Fic George George, Jean Craighead, Julie of the wolves
J Fic Graff Graff, Lisa A clatter of jars
J Fic Green Green, Tim, First team
J Fic Griffin Griffin, Paul, When friendship followed me home
J Fic Grisham Grisham, John, Theodore Boone: the scandal
J Fic Hammel Hammel, Sara. The underdogs
J Fic Harrington Harrington, Karen, Mayday
J Fic Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules
J Fic Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg Heffley's journal
J Fic Kitchings Kitchings, Taylor, Yard war
J Fic Lane Lane, Kathleen, The best worst thing
J Fic Larson Larson, M. A., The shadow cadets of Pennyroyal Academy
J Fic Levy Levy, Dana Alison. The family Fletcher takes Rock Island
J Fic Mason Mason, Jane B. The Princess School, Books 1-3
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, Pi in the sky
J Fic Mass Mass, Wendy, The galactic B.U.R.P.
J Fic McAnulty McAnulty, Stacy, Too big to hide
J Fic McDonald McDonald, Megan. Cloudy with a chance of boys
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Evie Scruffypup's surprise
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Chloe Slipperside's secret
J Fic Mull Mull, Brandon, Death weavers
J Fic Myracle Myracle, Lauren, Wishing day
J Fic Myracle Myracle, Lauren, Twelve
J Fic Oechsle Oechsle, Michael, The lost cipher
J Fic Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Viking ships at sunrise
J Fic Park Park, Barbara. Junie B., first grader: boo --and I mean it!
J Fic Park Park, Barbara. Junie B., first grader: aloha-ha-ha!
J Fic Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara, Waylon!: one awesome thing
J Fic Preller Preller, James. The case of the stinky science project
J Fic Revell Revell, Mike, Stonebird
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, Demigods & magicians
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick, Demigods & magicians
J Fic Rodda Rodda, Emily. Shadowgate
J Fic Ross Ross, Joel N., The lost Compass
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
J Fic Rowling Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
J Fic Roy Roy, Ron, The x'ed out x-ray
J Fic Smith Smith, Alex T., Claude in the country
J Fic StarWars Windham, Ryder. Pirates from beyond the sea
J Fic Stevens Stevens, Robin, Poison is not polite
J Fic Stine Stine, R. L. Please don't feed the vampire!
J Fic Stine Stine, R. L. Little comic shop of horrors
J Fic Stine Stine, R. L. The creepy creations of Professor Shock
J Fic Vance Vance, Alexander P. Behind the canvas
J Fic Viva Viva, Frank, Sea change
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Chandler, Celebrity cat caper
J Fic Watson Watson, Tom, Stick Cat: a tail of two kitties
J Fic Weeks Weeks, Sarah, Save me a seat
J Fic Wolk Wolk, Lauren, Wolf Hollow: a novel
J Graphic Cleopatra Maihack, Mike, Cleopatra in space, Book three,;Secret of the time tablets
J Graphic Mr. Pants McCormick, Scott, Mr. Pants: camping catastrophe!
J PictureBk 331.7 P324 Paul, Miranda, Whose hands are these?: a community helper guessing book
J PictureBk 591.18 R848 Rotner, Shelley, Whose eye am I?
J PictureBk Barnett Barnett, Mac, Rules of the house
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears, no girls allowed
J PictureBk Berenstain Berenstain, Stan, The Berenstain Bears get their kicks
J PictureBk Border Border, Terry MIlk goes to schoo
J PictureBk Bourgeois Bourgeois, Paulette. Franklin's secret club
J PictureBk Bourgeois Bourgeois, Paulette. Franklin in the dark
J PictureBk Buckley Buckley, Richard, The foolish tortoise
J PictureBk Clanton Clanton, Ben, Mo's mustache
J PictureBk De Seve De Sève, Randall, A fire truck named Red
J PictureBk Dunrea Dunrea, Olivier, Me and Annie McPhee
J PictureBk Elhert Ehlert, Lois, Rain fish
J PictureBk Emanuel Emanuel, Gabrielle. The everlasting embrace
J PictureBk Friend Friend, David, With any luck, I'll drive a truck
J PictureBk Hamilton Hamilton, K. R. Blue Boat
J PictureBk Hoffman Hoffman, Eric, A dark, dark cave
J PictureBk Holabird Holabird, Katharine. Angelina ice skates
J PictureBk Holabird Holabird, Katharine. Angelina and Alice
J PictureBk Holabird Craig, Helen. Angelina and the Princess
J PictureBk Idle Idle, Molly Schaar, Flora and the peacocks
J PictureBk Lloyd-Jones Lloyd-Jones, Sally, Baby wren and the great gift
J PictureBk McAnulty McAnulty, Stacy, Excellent Ed
J PictureBk McClure McClure, Nikki, Waiting for high tide
J PictureBk Patterson Patterson, Ellie. Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug
J PictureBk Pizzoli Pizzoli, Greg, Good night owl
J PictureBk Rey Rey, Margret. Curious George and friends: favorite stories
J PictureBk Rey Perez, Monica. Curious George plants a tree
J PictureBk Rockwell Rockwell, Anne F. Let's go to the hardware store
J PictureBk Roeser Roeser, Matt, Oh no, Astro!
J PictureBk Rogers Rogers, Paul, What will the weather be like today?
J PictureBk Santat Santat, Dan, Are we there yet?
J PictureBk Schwartz Schwartz, Corey Rosen, Hensel and Gretel, ninja chicks
J PictureBk Smith Smith, Lane, There is a tribe of kids
J PictureBk SuperHeroes Kelly, Michael. Transformers : dark of the Moon: action pop-ups!
J PictureBk Underwood Underwood, Deborah, Good night, baddies
J PictureBk Van Slyke Van Slyke, Rebecca. Dad School
J PictureBk Walsh Walsh, Liam Francis, Fish
J PictureBk Woollvin Woollvin, Bethan, Little Red
J PictureBk Yolen Yolen, Jane, What to do with a box
J VideoPlayer Cronin   The diary of a worm [videorecording]: and other diary stories
Korean Fic Han Han, Sung-won Mul e chamgin aboji: Han Sung-won changp'yon soso
Korean Fic Hwang Hwang, Sog-yong Hae chil muryo
Korean Fic Kim Kim, Sum Panujil hanun yoja: Kim Sum changp'yon sosol
Korean Fic Ku Ku, Hyo-so Saepyok pyol i ima e taul tta
Korean Fic Paek Paek, Yong-ok, Aein ui aein ege: Paek Yong-ok changp'yon sosol
Korean Fic Pak Pak, Pom-sin Tangsin: kkonnip poda pukton: Pak Pom-sin changp'yon sosol
Korean Fic Perullin   Perŭllin Pʼil oe: che 61-hoe Hyŏndae Munhaksang susang sosŏlchip
Korean Fic P'yon P'yon, Hye-yong Hol = The hol
Korean Fic Yi Yi, Yu, Sogakŭi yŏwang: Yi Yu changp'yŏnsosŏl
LargeType Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay, The weekenders
LargeType Barnes Barnes, Julian, The noise of time
LargeType Barr Barr, Nevada, Boar Island
LargeType Brooks Brooks, Terry, The sorcerer's daughter
LargeType Brown Brown, Rita Mae, Tall tail: a Mrs. Murphy mystery
LargeType Clancy /Blackwood Blackwood, Grant. Tom Clancy Duty and honor
LargeType Cronin Cronin, Justin City of mirror
LargeType Cussler Cussler, Clive, The Emperor's revenge
LargeType DiSclafani DiSclafani, Anton, The after party
LargeType Evanovich Evanovich, Janet, The pursuit: a Fox and O'Hare novel
LargeType Graham Graham, Heather, Haunted destiny
LargeType Harrison Harrison, Jim, The ancient minstrel: novellas
LargeType King King, Stephen, End of watch
LargeType Kubica Kubica, Mary, Don't you cry
LargeType Les Becquets Les Becquets, Diane, Breaking wild
LargeType McGarrity McGarrity, Michael, The last ranch: a novel of the new American West
LargeType Palmer Palmer, Daniel, Mercy
LargeType Patterson Patterson, James, The Games
LargeType Pauw Pauw, Marion Girl in the dar
LargeType Petrie Petrie, Nicholas, The drifter
LargeType Proulx Proulx, Annie, Barkskins
LargeType Rowley Rowley, Steven, Lily and the octopus
LargeType Schine Schine, Cathleen They may not mean to, but they d
LargeType Sittenfeld Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible: a modern retelling of Pride and prejudice
LargeType Timmer Timmer, Julie Lawson, Untethered
LargeType White White, Karen Flight patterns
LargeType Woods Woods, Stuart, Dishonorable intentions
Literacy 323.6 S974 Swedenberg, Mike, Study guide for the US citizenship test in English and Spanish
Literacy 323.6 S974 Swedenberg, Mike, Study guide for the US citizenship test in English and French
Literacy 323.6 S974 Swedenberg, Mike, Study guide for the US citizenship test in English and Chinese
Literacy 418.0071 P261 Parrish, Betsy. Teaching adult ESL: a practical introduction
Mystery Adler Adler, Elizabeth The charmers
Mystery Bilal Bilal, Parker, City of jackals
Mystery Black Black, Cara, Murder on the Quai
Mystery Coben Coben, Harlan, Fool me once
Mystery Crawford Crawford, Susan The other widow
Mystery Evanovich Evanovich, Janet, The pursuit
Mystery Evanovich Evanovich, Janet, The pursuit
Mystery Hand Hand, Elizabeth, Hard light: a Cass Neary crime novel
Mystery Harvey Harvey, Michael T., Brighton
Mystery Jones Jones, Darynda, The curse of tenth grave
Mystery Kope Kope, Spencer, Collecting the dead
Mystery Lovesey Lovesey, Peter, Another one goes tonight: a Peter Diamond investigation
Mystery McGoran McGoran, Jonathan. Dust up
Mystery McKevett McKevett, G. A., Killer reunion
Mystery Miranda Miranda, Megan, All the missing girls: a novel
Mystery Mosley Mosley, Walter, Charcoal Joe : an Easy Rawlins mystery
Mystery Muller Muller, Marcia, Someone always knows
Mystery O'Mallery O'Malley, Thomas, We were kings
Mystery Sund Sund, Erik Axl, The crow girl
Mystery Vatsal Vatsal, Radha, A front page affair
Mystery Walker Walker, Martin, Fatal pursuit
Mystery Wohlsdorf Wohlsdorf, Gina. Security: a novel
Mystery Woods Woods, Stuart, Dishonorable intentions
Online   EBL ebook library [electronic resource]
Online   Axis 360: digital media library from Baker & Taylor [electronic resource]
Online   AtoZ world culture [electronic resource]
Online   AtoZ world business [electronic resource]
Online   Global road warrior [electronic resource]
Online   BiblioBoard [electronic resource]
Paperback Caldwell Caldwell, Ian, The fifth gospel
Paperback Coben Coben, Harlan, Missing you
Paperback Cook Cook, Robin, Nano
Paperback Cussler Cussler, Clive, Zero hour: a novel from the NUMA files
Paperback Cussler Cussler, Clive, Havana storm
Paperback Gardner Gardner, Lisa, Crash & burn
Paperback Iles Iles, Greg. Natchez burning: a novel
Paperback Macomber Macomber, Debbie, Mr. Miracle: a Christmas novel
Paperback Mallery Mallery, Susan, Best of my love
Paperback Martini Martini, Steve The Enemy Insid
Paperback Neggers Neggers, Carla, Cider Brook
Paperback Reichs Reichs, Kathy, Speaking in bones: a novel
Paperback Remarque Remarque, Erich Maria, All quiet on the Western front
Paperback Shalvis Shalvis, Jill. It had to be you
Paperback Steel Steel, Danielle, A perfect life: a novel
Paperback Woods Woods, Sherryl. The Christmas bouquet
Portuguese Fic Acioli Acioli, Socorro A cabeça do sant
Portuguese Fic Andrade Andrade, Mário de Macunaíma, o herói sem nenhum caráte
Portuguese Fic Cardoso Cardoso, Eliana A. Bonecas russas
Portuguese Fic Leitao Leitão, Miriam Tempos extremos: romanc
Portuguese Fic Portella Portella, Mariana O outro lado da sombra
Portuguese Fic Ramos Ramos, Graciliano S. Bernardo
Portuguese Fic Seixas Seixas, Heloisa O oitavo selo: quase romanc
Portuguese Fic Vaitsman Vaitsman, Heliete O cisne e o aviador
Ref 305.26 S477   Seniors BlueBook: Boston Metro West and surrounding are
Ref 769.56 S431   Scott standard postage stamp catalogue
Ref 769.56 S431   Scott standard postage stamp catalogue
Ref 808.023 M685   MLA handbook
Rental DVD   Whiskey tango foxtrot [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Kung Fu Panda 3 [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Hail, Caesar! [videorecording]
Rental DVD   The age of Adaline [videorecording]
Rental DVD   45 years [videorecording]
Rental DVD   13 hours [videorecording]: the secret soldiers of Benghazi
Rental DVD   Zootopia [videorecording]
SciFi Gray Gray, Claudia, Bloodline
SciFi Pratchett Pratchett, Terry, The long cosmos
SciFi Taylor Taylor, Jodi, Just one damned thing after another
Speed Read Tyler, Anne, Vinegar girl : The taming of the shrew retold
Speed Read Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix, The nest
Speed Read Straub, Emma, Modern lovers
Speed Read Smith, Dominic, The last painting of Sara De Vos
Speed Read Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible: a novel
Speed Read Simonson, Helen, The summer before the war: a novel
Speed Read Silva, Daniel, The black widow
Speed Read Russo, Richard, Everybody's fool
Speed Read Quindlen, Anna, Miller's Valley: a novel
Speed Read Patterson, James, The games
Speed Read Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene: an intimate history
Speed Read King, Stephen, End of watch: a novel
Speed Read Kelly, Martha Hall, Lilac girls: a novel
Speed Read Kalanithi, Paul, When breath becomes air
Speed Read Jahren, Hope. Lab girl
Speed Read Hilderbrand, Elin. Here's to us: a novel
Speed Read Hawley, Noah, Before the fall
Speed Read Giffin, Emily, First comes love: a novel
Speed Read Fisher, David, Bill O'Reilly's Legends & lies, The patriots
Speed Read Ferrante, Elena, My brilliant friend: book one: childhood, adolescence
Speed Read Cooper, Anderson, The rainbow comes and goes: a mother and son on life, love, and loss
Speed Read Cline, Emma, The girls: a novel
Speed Read Evanovich, Janet, The pursuit
Speed Read Backman, Fredrik, A man called Ove: a novel
Speed Read Evanovich, Janet, The pursuit
Teen 155.5 C135 Cain, Susan, Quiet power: the secret strengths of introverts
Teen 306.76 B351 Bausum, Ann, Stonewall : breaking out in the fight for gay rights
Teen 324.6 F596 Fleischer, Jeff, Votes of confidence: a young person's guide to American elections
Teen 500 M968 Munroe, Randall, What if?: serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
Teen 500 M968 Munroe, Randall, Thing explainer: complicated stuff in simple words
Teen 636.7 H816 Horowitz, Alexandra, Inside of a dog: what dogs see, smell, and know
Teen Alexander Alexander, Sarah, The art of not breathing
Teen Anstey Anstey, Cindy, Love, lies and spies
Teen Arnold Arnold, David, Mosquitoland
Teen Berry Berry, Julie, The passion of Dolssa: a novel
Teen Blankman Blankman, Anne, Traitor angels
Teen BookOnCD Scheidt Scheidt, Erica Lorraine. Uses for boys [sound recording]
Teen BookOnCD Wein Wein, Elizabeth. Rose under fire [sound recording]
Teen Braswell Braswell, Liz, Once upon a dream
Teen Brewer Brewer, Zac, The blood between us
Teen Castner Castner, K. D., Daughters of ruin
Teen Chima Chima, Cinda Williams, Flamecaster
Teen Collins Collins, Suzanne. Catching fire
Teen Cooney Cooney, Caroline B., No such person
Teen Dalton Dalton, Ryan The year of lightning
Teen Dashner Dashner, James, The Scorch trials
Teen Dayton Dayton, Arwen. Seeker
Teen George George, Madeleine. The difference between you and me
Teen George George, Elizabeth, The edge of the shadows
Teen Gier Gier, Kerstin, Dream on
Teen Gier Gier, Kerstin, Dream a little dream
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula Digger. Volume two
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula Digger. Volume thre
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula, Digger, Volume six
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula. Digger, Volume one
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula, Digger, Volume four
Teen Graphic Vernon Vernon, Ursula, Digger, Volume five
Teen Hartley Hartley, A. J., Steeplejack
Teen Hubbard Hubbard, Mandy. You wish
Teen John John, Antony, Renegade: an Elemental novel
Teen Kephart Kephart, Beth, This is the story of you
Teen Lee Lee, Stacey, Outrun the moon
Teen Lore Lore, Pittacus, Zero hour
Teen Mabry Mabry, Samantha. A fierce and subtle poison
Teen Matson Matson, Morgan, The unexpected everything
Teen McCreight McCreight, Kimberly, The outliers
Teen Moore Moore, Lisa, Flannery
Teen Nelson Nelson, Marilyn, American ace
Teen Reuter Hapgood Reuter Hapgood, Harriet, The square root of summer
Teen Riggs Riggs, Ransom. Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children
Teen Russell Russell, Romina, Zodiac
Teen Saedi Saedi, Sara, Never ever
Teen Spinale Spinale, Wendy, Everland
Teen Stiefvater Stiefvater, Maggie, The Raven King
Teen Watkins Watkins, Steve, Great Falls
Teen Welch Welch, Jenna Evans, Love & gelato
YA Fic Caletti Caletti, Deb. Essential maps for the lost
YA Fic Hoffmeister Hoffmeister, Peter Brown, This is the part where you laugh
YA Fic Kagawa Kagawa, Julie, Soldier
YA Fic Kagawa Kagawa, Julie, Rogue
YA Fic Lake Lake, Nick, Whisper to me
YA Fic Toten Toten, Teresa, Beware that girl
YA Fic Vivian Vivian, Siobhan, The last boy and girl in the world
YA Fic Weston Weston, Paula, Burn
YA Fic Whaley Whaley, John Corey, Highly illogical behavior
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 28,;Baron's lecture full-course
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 7,;Broken coda
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 6;The death trilogy overture
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 5,;Right arm of the giant
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 4, Quincy Archer hates you
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 3, Memories in the rain
YA Graphic Bleach Kubo, Tite. Bleach, 2, Goodbye Parakeet, good night my sista
YA Graphic Bleach Caselman, Lance. Bleach, 1 [Strawberry and the soul reapers]
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fruits Takaya, Natsuki, Fruits basket
YA Graphic Fushigi Watase, Yuu, Fushigi yugi, Vol. 2, Oracle
YA Graphic Fushigi Watase, Yuu, Fushigi yûgi : the mysterious play: Vol. 1: Priestess
YA Graphic Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi, Naruto, Vol. 9, Turning the tables
YA Graphic Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi, Naruto, Vol. 1, The tests of the Ninja
YA Graphic Naruto Kishimoto, Masashi, Naruto, Vol. 10, A splendid ninja