New Items July 2016

005.133 JavaScript O83 Osmani, Addy. Learning JavaScript design patterns
153.3 E19 Eckert, Carolyn, Your idea starts here; 77 mind-expanding ways to unleash your creativity
155.3 N895 Norwood, Robin. Women who love too much; when you keep wishing and hoping he'll change
158.1 B983   Llewellyn's complete book of mindful living; awareness and meditation practices for living in the present moment
181.11 P977 Puett, Michael J., The path; what Chinese philosophers can teach us about the good life
200.973 J78 Jones, Robert P. The end of White Christian America
294.3 C545 Chödrön, Pema, When things fall apart; heart advice for difficult times
302.13 B496 Berger, Jonah, Invisible influence; the hidden forces that shape behavior
302.222 V948 Von Petzinger, Genevieve, The first signs; unlocking the mysteries of the world's oldest symbols
303.483 K29 Kelly, Kevin, The inevitable; understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future
305.5 I78 Isenberg, Nancy, White trash; the 400-year untold history of class in America
305.8 F523   The fire this time; a new generation speaks about race
305.8 S655 Smith, Mychal Denzel, Invisible man, got the whole world watching; a young black man's education
305.8 T829 Trillin, Calvin, Jackson, 1964 ; and other dispatches from fifty years of reporting on race in America
306.42 P876 Poundstone, William, Head in the cloud; why knowing things still matters when facts are so easy to look up
320.1 L814 Locke, John, Two treatises of government
325.73 F594 Fleegler, Robert L. Ellis Island nation; immigration policy and American identity in the twentieth century
330.1 M313 Marcal, Katrine Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner?: A Story about Women and Economics / Katrine Marcal translated from the Swedish by Saskia Vogel
330.9 S531 Sharma, Ruchir, The rise and fall of nations; forces of change in the post-crisis world
330.917 B919 Buchholz, Todd G., The price of prosperity; why rich nations fail and how to renew them
332.024 T629 Tobias, Andrew P. The only investment guide you'll ever need
332.6 J25 Jakab, Spencer, Heads I win, tails I win; why smart investors fail and how to tilt the odds in your favor
333.78 S652 Smith, Jordan Fisher, Engineering Eden; the true story of a violent death, a trial, and the fight over controlling nature
338.76 L991 Lyons, Daniel, Disrupted ; my misadventure in the start-up bubble
358.4 S278 Scahill, Jeremy, The assassination complex; inside the government's secret drone warfare program
362.3 B279 Barry, Dan, The boys in the bunkhouse; servitude and salvation in the heartland
364.151 S221 Sands, Philippe, East West Street; on the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity
371.427 R324 Reed, James, 101 job interview questions you'll never fear again
371.427 R989 Ryan, Robin, 60 seconds & you're hired!
383.4973 G162 Gallagher, Winifred, How the post office created America; a history
428 K15 Kamm, Oliver, Accidence will happen; a recovering pedant's guide to English language and style
478 P322 Patty, Ann, Living with a dead language; my romance with Latin
496.392 S971   Swahili phrasebook & dictionary
510 G577   God created the integers; the mathematical breakthroughs that changed history
512.7 M296 Maor, Eli. E ; the story of a number
512.7 N513 Nahin, Paul J. Dr. Euler's fabulous formula; cures many mathematical ills
512.723 D428 Derbyshire, John. Prime obsession; Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics
519.2 H236 Hand, D. J. The improbability principle; why coincidences, miracles, and rare events happen every day
520 E34 Eicher, David J., The new cosmos; answering astronomy's big questions
523.1 C595 Clark, Stuart The unknown universe; a new exploration of time, space, and cosmology
575 H849 Howard, Jules, Death on earth; adventures in evolution and mortality
591.5 F754 Foster, Charles, Being a beast; adventures across the species divide
591.56 B711 Bondar, Carin, Wild sex; the science behind mating in the animal kingdom
597.55 V891 Voigt, Emily, The dragon behind the glass; a true story of power, obsession, and the world's most coveted fish
597.8 M444 Mattison, Chris. Frogs and toads of the world
612.67 M685 Mitteldorf, Josh, Cracking the aging code; the new science of growing old---and what it means for staying young
612.8 B964 Burnett, Dean. Idiot brain; what your head is really up to
614.4 K45 Khan, Ali, The next pandemic; on the front lines against humankind's gravest dangers
616.399 G797 Green, Peter H. R., Gluten exposed; the science behind the hype and how to navigate to a healthy, symptom-free life
616.72 S558 Shlotzhauer, Tammi L., Living with rheumatoid arthritis
616.852 S849 Stewart, Alison, Junk; digging through America's love affair with stuff
616.891 W725 Williams, J. Mark G., Mindfulness ; an eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world
616.924 B931 Buhner, Stephen Harrod, Healing Lyme ; natural healing of Lyme borreliosis and the coinfections chlamydia and spotted fever rickettsioses
618.2 M977 Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg, What to expect when you're expecting
618.9285 B896 Bruni, Maryanne, Fine motor skills for children with Down syndrome; a guide for parents and professionals
624.2 M629 Middleton, William D., The bridge at Québec
635.96 B627 Black, Scott Hoffman, Gardening for butterflies; how you can attract and protect beautiful, beneficial insects
636.7 T736 Toutonghi, Pauls, Dog gone; a lost pet's extraordinary journey and the family who brought him home
636.8 L886 Louch, Jan, The true tails of Baker and Taylor; the library cats who left their pawprints on a small town --and the world
640 J42 Jay, Francine, The joy of less; a minimalist guide to declutter, organize, and simplify
641.5 C278 Carle-Sanders, Theresa, Outlander kitchen; the official Outlander companion cookbook
641.562 C284 Carlson, Jennifer, Growing up gourmet; 125 healthy meals for everybody and every baby
641.645 E92 Evans-Hylton, Patrick. Nuts; 50 tasty recipes, from crunchy to creamy and savory to sweet
646.2 I79 Ishida, Sanae, Sewing happiness; a year of simple projects for living well
646.72 Y67 Youn, Anthony, The age fix; a leading plastic surgeon reveals how to really look 10 years younger
652.8 S617 Singh, Simon. The code book; the science of secrecy from Egypt to Quantum Cryptography
709.05 M874   Akademie X; lessons in art + life
709.73 N277   National Museum of American Art
728.097 N995 Nylander, Jane C., Windows on the past; four centuries of New England homes
741.5 L349   Last night, a superhero saved my life; Neil Gaiman, Jodi Picoult, Brad Meltzer, and an all-star roster on the caped crusaders that changed their lives
745.592 A315 Akiyama, Lance, Rubber band engineer; build slingshot-powered rockets, rubber band rifles, unconventional catapults, and more guerrilla gadgets from household hardware
746 D765 Draper, Jean, Stitch and structure
746.46 C153 Califano, Diane, Building blocks; back to quilt basics
746.46 E47 Ellis, Amy, Modern heritage quilts; new classics for every generation
781 H321 Harrison, Mark, All about music theory; a fun and simple guide to understanding music
781 R529 Richer, Margaret, Understand music theory
781.2 S961 Surmani, Andrew, Music theory essentials; everything you need to know in an easy-to-follow format!
784.54 H529 Hepworth, David, Never a dull moment; 1971-- the year that rock exploded
787.92 J13 Jackson, Jake, Ukulele chords made easy; see it hear it
791.457 A736 Armstrong, Jennifer Keishin, Seinfeldia; how a show about nothing changed everything
791.457 G878 Gross, Edward The fifty year mission; the complete, uncensored, unauthorized oral history of Star trek
794.8 P247 Parkin, Simon, Death by video game; danger, pleasure, and obsession on the virtual frontline
796 D315 Deford, Frank, I'd know that voice anywhere; my favorite NPR commentaries
796.357 K36 Kenny, Brian, Ahead of the curve
796.357 L742 Lindbergh, Ben, The only rule is it has to work; our wild experiment building a new kind of baseball team
796.357 T118 Tackett, Michael, The Baseball Whisperer; a small-town coach who shaped Big League dreams
796.3576 W529 Westly, Erica, Fastpitch ; the untold history of softball and the women who made the game
796.48 G618 Goldblatt, David, The games; a global history of the Olympics
796.54 W583 White, Dan, Under the stars; how America fell in love with camping
796.64 M133 McCullough, Robert, Old wheelways; traces of bicycle history on the land
798.4 D765 Drape, Joe, American Pharoah; the untold story of the Triple Crown winner's legendary rise
808.5 F532 Fish, Stanley Eugene, Winning arguments; what works and doesn't work in politics, the bedroom, the courtroom, and the classroom
808.51 A545 Anderson, Chris, TED talks; the official TED guide to public speaking
909 A881   Atlas of world history
910.4 B218 Banks, Russell, Voyager; travel writings
910.4 H486 Hely, Steve, The wonder trail; true stories from Los Angeles to the end of the world
914.21 Z35 Zappaterra, Yolanda, Escape London; days out within easy reach of London
914.8 S283   Scandinavia
915.3 O58 O'Neill, Zora, All strangers are kin; adventures in Arabic and the Arab world
917.449 C251   Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, & Nantucket
917.97 M818   Moon handbooks; Washington
932 F613 Fletcher, Joann, The story of Egypt; the civilization that shaped the world
940.5354 R142 Raghavan, Srinath, India's war ; World War II and the making of modern South Asia
943.1 H263 Harding, Thomas, The house by the lake; one house, five families, and a hundred years of German history
947.086 A366 Aleksievich, Svetlana, Secondhand time; the last of the Soviets
956.05 W932 Worth, Robert Forsyth, A rage for order; the Middle East in turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS
956.94 V798 Viorst, Milton, Zionism; the birth and transformation of an ideal
968.7 V228 Van der Leun, Justine, We are not such things; the murder of a young American, a South African township, and the search for truth and reconciliation
973.7 F689 Foote, Shelby. The Civil War, a narrative
Biography Arbus, D. Lubow, Arthur, Diane Arbus; portrait of a photographer
Biography Armstrong, L. Cline-Ransome, Lesa, Just a lucky so and so; the story of Louis Armstrong
Biography Brown, H.G. Hirshey, Gerri, Not pretty enough; the unlikely triumph of Helen Gurley Brown
Biography Bush, G.W. Smith, Jean Edward, Bush
Biography Herrmann, A. Rockliff, Mara, Anything but ordinary Addie; the true story of Adelaide Herrmann, queen of magic
Biography Hoffman, C. Hoffman, Claire, Greetings from Utopia Park; surviving a transcendent childhood
Biography Holmes, D. Holmes, Dave, Party of one; a memoir in 21 songs
Biography Jackson, M. Smiley, Tavis, Before you judge me; the triumph and tragedy of Michael Jackson's last days
Biography Jackson, M. Richards, Matt, 83 minutes; the doctor, the damage, and the shocking death of Michael Jackson
Biography Kennedy, K. Byrne, Paula, Kick; the true story of JFK's sister and the heir to Chatsworth
Biography Kennedy, R.F. Tye, Larry, Bobby Kennedy; the making of a liberal icon
Biography Klein, J. Klein, Jessi, You'll grow out of it
Biography Llewelyn-Davies, M. Dudgeon, Piers, The real Peter Pan; J.M. Barrie and the boy who inspired him
Biography Matar, H. Matar, Hisham, The return; fathers, sons, and the land in between
Biography McDaniels, D. DMC Ten ways not to commit suicide; a memoir
Biography Melville, H. Shelden, Michael, Melville in love; the secret life of Herman Melville and the muse of Moby-Dick
Biography Padilla Peralta, D. Padilla Peralta, Dan-el, Undocumented; a Dominican boy's odyssey from a homeless shelter to the Ivy League
Biography Polk, S. Polk, Sam, For the love of money; a memoir
Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D., Hillbilly elegy; a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Biography West, L. West, Lindy, Shrill; notes from a loud woman
BookOnCD 303.49 K66 Klosterman, Chuck, But what if we're wrong [sound recording]; thinking about the present as if it were the past
BookOnCD 355.07 R628 Roach, Mary, Grunt [sound recording]; the curious science of humans at war
BookOnCD 616.042 M953 Mukherjee, Siddhartha, The gene [sound recording]; an intimate history
BookOnCD 973.3 P545 Philbrick, Nathaniel, Valiant ambition [sound recording]; George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
BookOnCD 973.92 H645 Hill, Clint, Five presidents [sound recording]; my extraordinary journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford
BookOnCD Carr Carr, Robyn, Swept away [sound recording]; a novel
BookOnCD Erdrich Erdrich, Louise, LaRose [sound recording]; a novel
BookOnCD Feehan Feehan, Christine, Fire bound [sound recording]
BookOnCD Iggulden Iggulden, Conn. Wars of the Roses; Bloodline [sound recording]
BookOnCD Johansen Johansen, Iris, Night and day [sound recording]
BookOnCD Lindsey Lindsey, Johanna. Make me love you [sound recording]
BookOnCD Lippman Lippman, Laura, Wilde Lake [sound recording]; a novel
BookOnCD Loigman Loigman, Lynda Cohen, The two-family house [sound recording]
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, Chance developments [sound recording]; stories
BookOnCD Patterson Patterson, James, 15th affair [sound recording]
BookOnCD Quindlen Quindlen, Anna, Miller's Valley [sound recording]; a novel
BookOnCD Roberts Roberts, Nora. Stolen [sound recording]
BookOnCD Roberts Roberts, Nora, The obsession [sound recording]
BookOnCD Russo Russo, Richard, Everybody's fool [sound recording]
BookOnCD Sullivan Sullivan, Michael J., Age of myth [sound recording]
BookOnCD Sweeney Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix. The nest [sound recording]; a novel
BookOnCD Taylor Taylor, Brad, Ghosts of war [sound recording]
BookOnCD White White, Karen Flight patterns [sound recording]
Chinese 179.9 Brooks Brooks, David, Pin ge; lu li biao yu zhui dao wen de jue ze
Chinese 617.48 Marsh Marsh, Henry, Dan qiu wu shang; yi ge nao shen jing wai ke yi shi de zi da, zi xing yu zi wo liao yu de li cheng
Chinese 641.5 Rombauer Rombauer, Irma S., Chu yi zhi le; 75 zhou nian ji nian ban, cong shi cai dao gong xu, peng tiao de guan jian ji fa yu shi yong shi pu, dan gao, bing gan, dian xin, tang shuang, tian jiang zhi, guo dong, yan cai, zi wu, guan cang, xun zhi
Chinese Biography Clinton, H.R. Bernstein, Carl, Xilali zhuan
Chinese Fic Adams Adams, Douglas, Yin he bian che zhi nan; Di yi bu
CollegeCourses 973.2 A439 Allison, Robert J. Before 1776 [sound recording]; life in the American colonies
CollegeCourses CD 230 C333 Cary, Phillip, The history of Christian theology [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 232 E33 Ehrman, Bart D., How Jesus became God [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 270 J67 Johnson, Luke Timothy. The history of Christianity [sound recording]; from the disciples to the dawn of the Reformation
CollegeCourses CD 270.1 J67 Johnson, Luke Timothy. Early Christianity [sound recording]; the experience of the Divine
CollegeCourses CD 332.024 F965 Fullenkamp, Connel. Financial literacy [sound recording]; finding your way in the financial markets
CollegeCourses CD 332.63 D317 DeGennaro, Ramon Paul, How the stock market works [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 342.73 F514 Finn, John E., The First Amendment and you [sound recording]; what everyone should know
CollegeCourses CD 509 V831 Viskontas, Indre. 12 essential scientific concepts [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 611.81 P769 Polk, Thad A., The addictive brain [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 612.82 S241 Sapolsky, Robert M., Biology and human behavior [sound recording]; the neurological origins of individuality
CollegeCourses CD 613.7 B722 Bonura, Kimberlee Bethany How to boost your physical and mental energy [sound recording
CollegeCourses CD 616.9 F791 Fox, Barry C. An introduction to infectious diseases [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 658.834 B496 Berger, Jonah How ideas spread [sound recording
CollegeCourses CD 808.543 H341 Harvey, Hannah Blevins. The art of storytelling [sound recording]; from parents to professionals
CollegeCourses CD 809 V971 Voth, Grant L., The skeptic's guide to the great books [sound recording]
CollegeCourses CD 973 S875 Stoler, Mark A. Skeptic's guide to American history [sound recording
CollegeCourses CD 973.8 O26 O'Donnell, Edward T., America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era [sound recording]
CollegeCourses DVD 641.555 B862 Briwa, Bill, The everyday gourmet [videorecording]; making great meals in less time
CollegeCourses DVD 770 S251 Sartore, Joel, Fundamentals of photography [videorecording]
CollegeCourses DVD 809.31 K89   Masterpieces of short fiction [videorecording]
COM Classical Beethoven Acton Memorial Library. Dummy item records needed for Bibliotheca
COM Folk Mumford   Johannesburg [sound recording]
COM Musicals Alice Elfman, Danny. Alice through the looking glass [sound recording]; original motion picture soundtrack
COM Musicals Odom Odom, Leslie, Leslie Odom Jr; [sound recording]
COM Opera Verdi Verdi, Giuseppe, Aida [sound recording]
COM Popular Dylan Dylan, Bob, Fallen angels [sound recording]
COM Popular Fantasia   The definition of..; [sound recording]
COM Popular Marley Marley, Ziggy. Ziggy Marley [sound recording]
COM Rock Beck   Loud hailer [sound recording]
COM Rock Blake   The colour in anything [sound recording]
COM Rock Blink   California [sound recording]
COM Rock Grateful   Day of the dead [sound recording]
COM Rock Mudcrutch   2 [sound recording]
DVD Anesthesia   Anesthesia [videorecording]
DVD Born   Born to be blue [videorecording]
DVD Break   Break point [videorecording]
DVD Brokenwood   The Brokenwood mysteries; Series 1 [videorecording]
DVD By   By the sea [videorecording]
DVD Colonia   Colonia [videorecording]
DVD Confirmation   The confirmation [videorecording]
DVD Criminal   Criminal [videorecording]
DVD DCI   DCI Banks; Season four [videorecording]
DVD Death   Death in paradise; Season four [videorecording]
DVD Doctor   The Doctor Blake mysteries; Season one [videorecording]
DVD Endeavour   Endeavour; Series 2 [videorecording]
DVD Everybody   Everybody wants some!! [videorecording]
DVD Eye   Eye in the sky [videorecording]
DVD Fantastic   Fantastic 4 [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Chinese Mountains   Mountains may depart [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Airlift   Airlift [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Bajirao   Bajirao Mastani [videorecording]; the love story of a warrior
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Kis   Kis kisko pyaar karoon [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Mr.   Mr. Joe B Carvalho [videorecording] =;Mi. Jo Bī Karavālo
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Sanam   Sanam teri kasam [videorecording]
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Wazir   Wazir [videorecording]
DVD Green   Green room [videorecording]
DVD Hello   Hello, my name is Doris [videorecording]
DVD House   House of cards; The complete fourth season [videorecording]
DVD How   How to get away with murder; The complete second season [videorecording]
DVD How   How to get away with murder; The complete first season [videorecording]
DVD I   I saw the light [videorecording]
DVD Jane   Jane got a gun [videorecording]
DVD Mermaid   The mermaid [videorecording]
DVD Miles   Miles ahead [videorecording]
DVD Miracles   Miracles from Heaven [videorecording]
DVD Mother's Acton Memorial Library. Dummy item records needed for Bibliotheca
DVD Mother's   Mother's Day [videorecording]
DVD Mr.   Mr. Robot; Season 1 [videorecording]
DVD My   My golden days [videorecording]
DVD My   My big fat Greek wedding 2 [videorecording]
DVD New   New tricks; Season 12 [videorecording]
DVD Secret   Secret in their eyes [videorecording]
DVD Sing   Sing Street [videorecording]
DVD Suits   Suits; Season five [videorecording]
DVD Tangerine   Tangerine [videorecording]
DVD Wallander   Wallander; Season 4 [videorecording]
DVD Witch   The witch [videorecording]
DVD X-files   The X-files [videorecording]; the event series
DVD Young   The young Messiah [videorecording]
Fic Abbott Abbott, Megan E., You will know me; a novel
Fic Ausubel Ausubel, Ramona, Sons and daughters of ease and plenty
Fic Ball Ball, Jesse, How to set a fire and why; a novel
Fic Bensimon Bensimon, Kelly Killoren, A dangerous age
Fic Boone Boone, Ezekiel, The hatching; a novel
Fic Brown Brown, Eleanor, The light of Paris; [a novel]
Fic Brown Broun, Bill, Night of the animals
Fic Burton Burton, Jessie, The muse
Fic Byrnes Byrnes, Michael Bounty; a novel
Fic Clancy/ Blackwood Blackwood, Grant. Tom Clancy duty and honor
Fic Close Close, Jennifer, The hopefuls; a novel
Fic Cogman Cogman, Genevieve, The invisible library
Fic Coleman Coleman, Rowan, We are all made of stars; a novel
Fic DeBoard DeBoard, Paula Treick, The drowning girls
Fic Dennis-Benn Dennis-Benn, Nicole, Here comes the sun; a novel
Fic Duffy Duffy, Erin, Lost along the way
Fic Dundas Dundas, Chad, Champion of the world
Fic Durbin Durbin, Frederic S., A green and ancient light
Fic Eggers Eggers, Dave, Heroes of the frontier; a novel
Fic Ephron Ephron, Delia, Siracusa [a novel]
Fic Fay Fay, Juliette, The Tumbling Turner sisters
Fic Feldman Feldman, Suzanne, Absalom's daughters; a novel
Fic Fellowes Fellowes, Julian, Belgravia
Fic Finder Finder, Joseph, Guilty minds; a novel
Fic Flanery Flanery, Patrick, I am no one; a novel
Fic Follett Follett, Ken, The pillars of the earth
Fic Gersen Gersen, Hannah, Home field; a novel
Fic Green Green, Jane, Falling
Fic Hatton Hatton, Lindsay, Monterey Bay
Fic Ivey Ivey, Eowyn, To the bright edge of the world; a novel
Fic Joyce Joyce, James, The Little Review Ulysses
Fic Karlsson Karlsson, Jonas, The invoice
Fic Khemiri Khemiri, Jonas Hassen, Everything I don't remember
Fic Kunstler Kunstler, James Howard, The harrows of spring; a world made by hand novel
Fic Lancaster Lancaster, Jen, By the numbers
Fic Larsen Larsen, Ward, Assassin's silence
Fic Lawson Lawson, Michael, House revenge
Fic Leimbach Leimbach, Marti, Age of consent; a novel
Fic Levy Levy, Deborah, Hot milk; [a novel]
Fic Maugham Maugham, W. Somerset Of human bondage
Fic McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, Chance developments
Fic McMillan McMillan, Terry, I almost forgot about you; a novel
Fic Moore Moore, Liz, The unseen world
Fic Moran Moran, Michelle, Mata Hari's last dance; a novel
Fic Moriarty Moriarty, Liane, Truly madly guilty
Fic Moriarty Moriarty, Liane, Truly madly guilty
Fic Nadzam Nadzam, Bonnie, Lions ; a novel
Fic Nakamura Nakamura, Fuminori, The kingdom
Fic Novik Novik, Naomi, League of dragons
Fic O'Farrell O'Farrell, Maggie, This must be the place
Fic Oliva Oliva, Alexandra, The last one; a novel
Fic Ortlepp Ortlepp, Amanda, Claiming Noah ; a novel
Fic Overton Overton, Hollie, Baby doll
Fic Pearson Pearson, Ridley, White bone
Fic Pittard Pittard, Hannah, Listen to me
Fic Proehl Proehl, Bob, A hundred thousand worlds
Fic Reader   Reader, I married him; stories inspired by Jane Eyre
Fic Rimington Rimington, Stella, Breaking cover
Fic Rita Rita, Carmen, Never too real
Fic Roberts Roberts, Nora, Bay of sighs
Fic Rosen Rosen, Jane L., Nine women, one dress
Fic Schwab Schwab, Victoria. A darker shade of magic
Fic Scotch Scotch, Allison Winn, In twenty years; a novel
Fic Sharma Sharma, Jade, Problems
Fic Silva Silva, Daniel, The black widow
Fic Smith Smith, Dinitia, The honeymoon
Fic Solomon Solomon, Anna, Leaving Lucy Pear
Fic Syal Syal, Meera, The house of hidden mothers
Fic Tan Tan, Cheryl Lu-Lien Sarong Party Girl
Fic Taylor Taylor, Brad, Ghosts of war; a Pike Logan thriller
Fic Thomas Thomas, Scarlett, The seed collectors
Fic Turtledove Turtledove, Harry Fallout: the hot wa
Fic Walker Walker, Wendy, All is not forgotten
Fic Ware Ware, Ruth, The woman in cabin 10
Fic Watson Watson, Brad, Miss Jane; a novel
Fic Weisberger Weisberger, Lauren, The singles game
Fic Williams Williams, Joy, Ninety-nine stories of God
Fic Winter Winter, Jessica, Break in case of emergency
Fic Winters Winters, Ben H., Underground airlines
Fic Wright Wright, Lili, Dancing with the tiger
Fic Wright Wright, Camron Steve, The rent collector; a novel
Fic Young Young, Heather, The lost girls
Graphic 931 L783 Liu, Jing Foundations of Chinese civilization; the yellow Emperor to the Han dynasty (2697 BCE - 220 CE)
Graphic Feiffer Feiffer, Jules, Cousin Joseph; a graphic novel
J 1,2,3 Mortensen Mortensen, Lori, Mousequerade ball; a counting tale
J 177.3 V527 Vermond, Kira, Half-truths and brazen lies; an honest look at lying
J 491.85 A512 Amery, Heather. The Usborne internet-linked first thousand words in Polish; with internet-linked pronunciation guide
J 516 L484 Leedy, Loreen. Seeing symmetry
J 597.31 M788 Montgomery, Sy, The Great White shark scientist
J 598.2 V213 Valério, Geraldo, My book of birds
J 599.31 C596 Clark, Willow. Three-toed sloths
J 599.323 R845 Roth, Susan L., Prairie dog song; the key to saving North America's grasslands
J 599.744 P189 Jazynka, Kitson, Panda rescue; all about pandas and how to save them
J 614.57 J37 Jarrow, Gail. Bubonic panic ; when plague invaded America
J 629.133 G458 Gifford, Clive. Planes and helicopters
J 629.2 S587 Silverman, Buffy, How do Formula One race cars work?
J 629.43 P243 Parker, Steve, Probes to the planets
J 646.2 A473 Alvarez, Beverley. Kids can sew; fun and easy projects for your small stitcher
J 743.6 A513 Ames, Lee J., Draw 50 dogs; the step-by-step way to draw beagles, German shepherds, collies, golden retrievers, yorkies, pugs, malamutes, and many more ...
J 746 C284 Carlson, Laurie M., Knit, hook, and spin; a kid's activity guide to fiber arts and crafts
J 793.74 C962   The cube; the ultimate guide to the world's bestselling puzzle : secrets, stories, solutions
J 797.2 M845 Morey, Allan, Swimming and diving
J 917.3 N277   Beginner's United States atlas
J 973.311 M913 Moss, Marissa. America's tea parties; not one but four! : Boston, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia
J 978 B129 Bacon, Melvin. Bent's Fort; crossroads of cultures on the Santa Fe trail
J 998 A675   Arctic and Antarctic
J Biography Alexander, the Great Waterfield, Kathryn, Who was Alexander the Great?
J Biography Comaneci, N. Gray, Karlin, Nadia; the girl who couldn't sit still
J Biography MattyB MattyB, That's a rap
J Biography Persson, M. Cornell, Kari, Minecraft creator Markus Notch Persson
J Biography Verne, J. Buckley, James, Who was Jules Verne?
J BoardBk Animal   Animal friends; a touch-and-feel book
J BoardBk Bryant Bryant, Megan E. Alphasaurus
J BoardBk Star Star, Fleur, Shapes
J BoardBk Star Star, Fleur, Counting
J BookOnCD Peck Peck, Richard. The mouse with the question mark tail [sound recording]; [a novel]
J BookOnCD Sepetys Sepetys, Ruta. Salt to the sea [sound recording]; a novel
J DVD AmericanGirl   American girl; Lea to the rescue [videorecording]
J DVD Darby   Darby O'Gill and the little people [videorecording]
J DVD Emma's   Emma's chance [videorecording]
J DVD Seasame   Sesame Street presents Follow that bird [videorecording]
J DVD Sofia   Sofia the first; The secret library [videorecording]
J DVD Stuart   Stuart Little [videorecording]
J DVD WordWorld   Wordworld; Welcome to Wordworld [videorecording]
J EasyReader Mayer Mayer, Gina. Just a secret
J EasyReader Seuss Seuss, There's a wocket in my pocket
J Fic Aikens-Nunez Aikens-Nuñez, Talia, OMG ... I did it again?!
J Fic Arnold Arnold, Elana K., Far from fair
J Fic Beatty Beatty, Robert, Serafina and the Twisted Staff
J Fic Bentley Bentley, Sue, Snowy wishes
J Fic Blackford Blackford, Cheryl, Lizzie and the lost baby
J Fic Briner Briner, K. H. Snowize & Snitch; highly effective defective detectives
J Fic Calonita Calonita, Jen, Battle of the bands
J Fic Child Child, Lauren, Feel the fear
J Fic Cirrone Cirrone, Dorian, The first last day
J Fic Clifton Clifton, Lutricia, Seeking Cassandra
J Fic Colfer Colfer, Chris, An author's odyssey
J Fic Cooper Cooper, Abby, Sticks & stones
J Fic Dairman Dairman, Tara, Stars so sweet
J Fic Dairman Dairman, Tara, Stars so sweet
J Fic Dilloway Dilloway, Margaret. Momotaro ; Xander and the lost island of monsters
J Fic Eager Eager, Edward, Magic by the lake
J Fic Eager Eager, Edward. Knight's castle
J Fic Eager Eager, Edward, Half magic
J Fic Earhart Earhart, Kristin, Finding luck
J Fic Eland Eland, Lindsay, 5 times revenge
J Fic Fantaskey Fantaskey, Beth, Isabel Feeney; Star Reporter
J Fic Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, Sarah Moore, The apple tart of hope
J Fic Flom Flom, Scott. Adventures of a Kid Magician; From the Magical Life of Justin Flom
J Fic Go Perry, Chrissie. Surf's up!
J Fic Gottesfeld Gottesfeld, Jeff. The tree in the courtyard
J Fic Green Green, Poppy, The clover curse
J Fic Grove Grove, S. E., The crimson skew
J Fic Hart Hart, Melissa, Avenging the owl
J Fic Hatfield Hatfield, Ruth, The color of darkness
J Fic Hay Hay, Sam, Flight of the pummeled parakeet
J Fic Homzie Homzie, Hillary, Queen of likes
J Fic Hopper Hopper, Ada, March of the mini beasts
J Fic Howland Howland, Leila The Brightest Stars of Summe
J Fic Hunt Hunt, Lynda Mullaly, Fish in a tree
J Fic Hunter Hunter, Erin. Bluestar's prophecy
J Fic Keene Keene, Carolyn. Without a trace
J Fic Kerbel Kerbel, Deborah Feathere
J Fic Kline Kline, Suzy. Song Lee in Room 2B
J Fic Kline Kline, Suzy. Song Lee and the Leech Man
J Fic Kline Kline, Suzy. Horrible Harry on the ropes
J Fic Krumgold Krumgold, Joseph, Onion John
J Fic Lacey Lacey, Josh, The dragonsitter's castle
J Fic Lacey Lacey, Josh, The dragonsitter's castle
J Fic Lasky Lasky, Kathryn. Christmas after all; the diary of Minnie Swift
J Fic Lawson Lawson, Jessica, Waiting for Augusta
J Fic Lowry Lowry, Lois, Zooman Sam
J Fic Lowry Lowry, Lois. See you around, Sam!
J Fic Lowry Lowry, Lois, Sam Krupnik; 02; Attaboy, Sam!
J Fic Malone Malone, Jen, The sleepover
J Fic Mann Mann, Jennifer Ann, Scar ; a Revolutionary War tale
J Fic Markell Markell, Denis. Click here to start; a novel
J Fic Martin Martin, Lisa, Anton and Cecil; cats on track
J Fic Martin Martin, Laura, The ark plan
J Fic McDonald McDonald, Megan, The big bad blackout
J Fic McKay McKay, Hilary. Lulu and the rabbit next door
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Zoe the skating fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Florence the friendship fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Destiny, the rock star fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy, Carrie the snow cap fairy
J Fic Messner Messner, Kate, The seventh wish
J Fic Penney Penney, Mary, Eleven and holding
J Fic Poskitt Poskitt, Kjartan, Agatha Parrot and the Odd Street School ghost
J Fic Raskin Raskin, Ellen. The Westing game
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick. The lightning thief
J Fic Rolli Rolli, Kabungo
J Fic Rowling Thorne, Jack, Harry Potter and the cursed child; Parts one and two
J Fic Roy Roy, Ron, The unwilling umpire
J Fic Selfors Selfors, Suzanne, The griffin's riddle
J Fic Selfors Selfors, Suzanne The Fairy Swar
J Fic Serwacki SerWacki, Epic fail
J Fic Smith Smith, Mark David, Caravaggio; signed in blood
J Fic Springer Springer, Kristina, Cici Reno; #MiddleSchoolMatchmaker
J Fic Springstubb Springstubb, Tricia, Every single second
J Fic Stine Stine, R. L. One day at HorrorLand
J Fic SuperHeroes Yee, Lisa, Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
J Fic Teele Teele, Elinor, The mechanical mind of John Coggin
J Fic Thompson Thompson, Holly, Falling into the dragon's mouth
J Fic Thomson Thomson, Sarah L., Deadly flowers; a ninja's tale
J Fic Treacy Treacy, Ann, The search for the homestead treasure
J Fic Urban Urban, Linda, Weekends with Max and his dad
J Fic Voyagers Mass, Wendy, The seventh element
J Fic Walker Walker, Nan, Spork out of orbit
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Chandler, The mystery at the Calgary Stampede
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Chandler, The legend of the Irish castle
J Fic Webb Webb, Holly. Rose and the silver ghost
J Fic Wells Wells, Marcia, Mystery in Mayan Mexico
J Fic Wells Wells, Marcia, Doom at Grant's tomb
J Fic Weston Weston, Joanna M., Frame and Maguire
J Graphic Flying Eaton, Maxwell, The flying beaver brothers and the Crazy Critter Race
J Graphic Frampton Frampton, Otis, Oddly Normal
J Graphic Frampton Frampton, Otis, Oddly Normal
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield fat cat 3-pack
J Graphic Hilo Winick, Judd, Hilo; saving the whole wide world
J Graphic Pearls Pastis, Stephan, When crocs fly
J Graphic Pommaux Pommaux, Yvan, Theseus and the Minotaur
J Graphic Pommaux Pommaux, Yvan, Orpheus in the underworld
J Graphic Pommaux Pommaux, Yvan, Oedipus; trapped by destiny
J Graphic Rutabaga Colossal, Eric. Rutabaga the adventure chef; 2,; Feasts of fury
J Graphic Stickman Ford, Christopher, Stickman Odyssey; Book two,; The wrath of Zozimos
J Graphic Stratford Lendler, Ian, Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue presents Romeo and Juliet
J Graphic Sturm Sturm, James, Birdsong; a story in pictures
J Graphic SuperHeroes Caramagna, Joe, Ultimate Spider-Man web warriors; spider-verse
J Graphic Three Chantler, Scott, The dark island
J PictureBk Adams Adams, Alane, The egg thief
J PictureBk Adamson Adamson, Ged, Douglas, you need glasses!
J PictureBk Ahlberg Ahlberg, Jessica, Fairy tales for Mr. Barker
J PictureBk Allen Allen, Elanna, Poor little guy
J PictureBk Andres Andrés, José Carlos, Carlota wouldn't say boo
J PictureBk Barnett Barnett, Mac. Oh no!, or, How my science project destroyed the world
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Byron, My house
J PictureBk Booth Booth, Anne The fairiest fairy
J PictureBk Brun-Cosme Brun-Cosme, Nadine, With Dad, it's like that
J PictureBk Bryan Bryan, Ed, The three little pigs
J PictureBk Bryant Bryant, Megan E., Dump truck duck
J PictureBk Chung Chung, Arree, Ninja! attack of the clan
J PictureBk Climo Climo, Liz, Rory the dinosaur wants a pet
J PictureBk Cotter Cotter, Charis. The Ferryland Visitor; A mysterious tale
J PictureBk Dean Dean, Janice, Freddy the Frogcaster and the terrible tornado
J PictureBk Dubuc Dubuc, Marianne, The animals' ark
J PictureBk Farish Farish, Terry, Joseph's big ride
J PictureBk Galindo Galindo, Renata, My new mom and me
J PictureBk Goldman Goldman, Judy, Kopecks for blintzes
J PictureBk Gomi Gomi, Tarō, Over the ocean
J PictureBk Hatke Hatke, Ben, Nobody likes a goblin
J PictureBk Hemingway Hemingway, Edward, Field guide to the Grumpasaurus
J PictureBk Holabird Holabird, Katharine. Angelina and Alice
J PictureBk Holiday Ramadan Rey Khan, Hena, It's Ramadan, Curious George
J PictureBk Hopkinson Hopkinson, Deborah. Steamboat school; inspired by a true story, St. Louis, Missouri: 1847
J PictureBk Jarvis Jarvis, Peter, Alan's big, scary teeth
J PictureBk Jules Jules, Jacqueline, Feathers for peacock
J PictureBk Karas Karas, G. Brian, On the farm, at the market
J PictureBk Kleber Kleber, Dori, More-igami
J PictureBk Knapman Knapman, Timothy, Superhero dad
J PictureBk Kooser Kooser, Ted, The bell in the bridge
J PictureBk Lang Lang, Suzanne, Hooray for kids
J PictureBk Litten Litten, Kristyna, Blue & Bertie
J PictureBk Lloyd-Jones Lloyd-Jones, Sally, Skip to the loo, my darling!; a potty book
J PictureBk Lodding Lodding, Linda Ravin, Painting Pepette
J PictureBk London London, Jonathan, Froggy goes to the library
J PictureBk McCarthy McCarthy, Jenna. Lola knows a lot
J PictureBk McCully McCully, Emily Arnold, Clara ; the (mostly) true story of the rhinoceros who dazzled kings, inspired artists, and won the hearts of everyone ... while she ate her way up and down a continent!
J PictureBk Messer Messer, Claire, Grumpy pants
J PictureBk Miyanishi Miyanishi, Tatsuya, You are my best friend
J PictureBk Miyares Miyares, Daniel, Bring me a rock!
J PictureBk Mortensen Mortensen, Lori, Cowpoke Clyde rides the range
J PictureBk Murray Murray, Alison Hare and Tortoise
J PictureBk Na Na, Il Sung, The opposite zoo
J PictureBk Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Moonhorse
J PictureBk Rey Rey, H. A. Curious George takes a job
J PictureBk Reynolds Reynolds, Aaron, Creepy carrots!
J PictureBk Ringgold Ringgold, Faith, We came to America
J PictureBk Rubin Rubin, Susan Goldman, Roy's house
J PictureBk Ruzzier Ruzzier, Sergio, This is not a picture book
J PictureBk Saudo Saudo, Coralie, My dad at the zoo
J PictureBk Takahashi Takahashi, Kazue, Kuma-Kuma Chan's home
J PictureBk Westaway Westaway, Kylie. A whale in the bathtub
J PictureBk Yamada Yamada, Kobi, What do you do with a problem?
J PictureBk Yoon Yoon, Salina, Duck, Duck, Porcupine!
J PictureBk Zommer Zommer, Yuval, One hundred bones!
J Playaway DiCamillo DiCamillo, Kate, Raymie Nightingale [sound recording]
J Ref 423.1 B847 Dent, Susie Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fabl
J VideoPlayer 500 M194   The Magic school bus; Vol. 6 [electronic resource]
J VideoPlayer 513 M495   Meet the math facts; Level 3,;Addition & subtraction
J VideoPlayer Bridwell   Clifford the big red dog; Vol. 6 [electronic resource]
LargeType Bjork Bjørk, Samuel, I'm traveling alone
LargeType Ellison Ellison, J. T., Field of graves
LargeType Finder Finder, Joseph, Guilty minds
LargeType Giffin Giffin, Emily, First comes love
LargeType Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin, Here's to us
LargeType Martin Martin, Kat, Into the whirlwind
LargeType Millet Millet, Lydia, Sweet lamb of heaven
LargeType Roberts Roberts, Nora, Bay of sighs
LargeType Scottoline Scottoline, Lisa, I've got sand in all the wrong places
LargeType Silva Silva, Daniel, The black widow
LargeType Smith Smith, Dominic, The last painting of Sara de Vos
LargeType Steel Steel, Danielle, Magic ; a novel
LargeType Thor Thor, Brad, Foreign agent ; a thriller
LargeType Weisberger Weisberger, Lauren, The singles game
LargeType Yun Yun, Jung, Shelter
Mystery Atkins Atkins, Ace, The innocents
Mystery Berry Berry, Flynn, Under the harrow
Mystery Booth Booth, Claire, The Branson beauty
Mystery Buzzelli Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane, A most curious murder
Mystery Cannon Cannon, Joanna, The trouble with goats and sheep; a novel
Mystery Connolly Connolly, John, A time of torment; a Charlie Parker thriller
Mystery Copperman Copperman, E. J., Written off
Mystery Daniel Daniel, Ray, Child not found; a Tucker mystery
Mystery Davis Davis, Lindsey, The graveyard of the Hesperides
Mystery DiMarco Di Marco, Connie, The madness of Mercury; a zodiac mystery
Mystery Doiron Doiron, Paul, Widowmaker
Mystery Fairstein Fairstein, Linda A., Killer look
Mystery Farrow Farrow, John, Seven days dead
Mystery Flynn Flynn, Rory, Dark horse; an Eddy Harkness novel
Mystery Gutcheon Gutcheon, Beth Richardson. Death at breakfast
Mystery Haseldine Haseldine, Jane, The last time she saw him
Mystery Honda Honda, Tetsuya, The silent dead
Mystery Hyde Hyde, Katherine Bolger, Arsenic with Austen
Mystery Johansen Johansen, Iris, Night and day
Mystery Johnson Johnson, Craig, The highwayman
Mystery Kuhns Kuhns, Eleanor, The devil's cold dish
Mystery Loehfelm Loehfelm, Bill. Let the devil out; a Maureen Coughlin novel
Mystery Lovesey Lovesey, Peter, Another one goes tonight; a Peter Diamond investigation
Mystery McCafferty McCafferty, Keith, Buffalo jump blues; a Sean Stranahan mystery
Mystery McKenzie McKenzie, C. B., Burn what will burn; a novel
Mystery Merritt Merritt, Raymond W., Clamour of crows
Mystery Patterson Patterson, James, Bullseye
Mystery Runcie Runcie, James, Sidney Chambers and the dangers of temptation
Mystery Schmitt Schmitt, Gerry, Little girl gone
Mystery Sefton Sefton, Maggie, Knit to be tied
Mystery Spiegelman Spiegelman, Peter, Dr. Knox
Mystery Steiner Steiner, Susie, Missing, presumed; a novel
Oversized 709.2 A552 Andō, Hiroshige, Hiroshige ; One hundred famous views of Edo
Paperback Bush Bush, Nancy, You don't know me
Paperback Crichton Crichton, Michael, Timeline
Paperback Jenkins Jenkins, Beverly, Forbidden
Paperback Long Long, Julie-Anne, Hot in Hellcat Canyon
Paperback Lorret Lorret, Vivienne, The debutante is mine
Paperback Sands Sands, Lynsay, Runaway vampire
Paperback Sykes Sykes, V. K., Summer at the shore
Ref 371.01 A188 Acton-Boxborough Regional School District. FY17 budget information
Ref 378.73 C697   The College Board college handbook
Ref 378.73 C697   The College Board book of majors
Ref 769.56 S431   Scott standard postage stamp catalogue
Ref 929.1 R432   Researching your family's history at the Massachusetts Archives
Ref 974.44 A188   Bylaws of the Town of Acton
Rental DVD   Miracles from Heaven [videorecording]
Rental DVD   Allegiant [videorecording]
SciFi Chambers Chambers, Becky, The long way to a small, angry planet
SciFi Crouch Crouch, Blake, Dark matter; a novel
SciFi Haig Haig, Francesca, The map of bones
SciFi Kroese Kroese, Robert, The big sheep
Speed Read Weisberger, Lauren, The singles game
Speed Read Thorne, Jack, Harry Potter and the cursed child; Parts one and two
Speed Read Thorne, Jack, Harry Potter and the cursed child; Parts one and two
Speed Read Philbrick, Nathaniel, Valiant ambition; George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
Speed Read Patterson, James, Bullseye
Speed Read Muller, Marcia, Someone always knows
Speed Read Moriarty, Liane, Truly madly guilty
Speed Read Miranda, Lin-Manuel, Hamilton ; the revolution : being the complete libretto of the Broadway musical, with a true account of its creation, and concise remarks on hip-hop, the power of stories, and the new America
Speed Read Green, Jane, Falling
Teen 594.56 M788 Montgomery, Sy, The soul of an octopus; a surprising exploration into the wonder of consciousness
Teen Ahern Ahern, Cecelia, Flawed
Teen Bedford Bedford, Martyn, Twenty questions for Gloria
Teen Biography Millay, E.S. Goddu, Krystyna Poray. A girl called Vincent; the life of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay
Teen BookOnCD Nelson Nelson, Marilyn, American ace [sound recording]
Teen Boyne Boyne, John, The boy at the top of the mountain
Teen Buxbaum Buxbaum, Julie, Tell me three things
Teen Carter Carter, Caela, Tumbling; a novel
Teen Cooper Cooper, Constance, Guile
Teen David David, Stuart, My brilliant idea; (and how it caused my downfall)
Teen DVD Avengers   Marvel's The Avengers [videorecording]
Teen DVD Batman   Batman v Superman [videorecording]; dawn of justice
Teen DVD Divergent   Allegiant [videorecording]
Teen DVD Eddie   Eddie the Eagle [videorecording]
Teen DVD Gods   Gods of Egypt [videorecording]
Teen DVD Life   Life of a king [videorecording]
Teen DVD Race   Race [videorecording]
Teen DVD Sleepy   Sleepy Hollow; Season 2 [videorecording]
Teen Graphic Horikoshi Horikoshi, Kōhei, My hero academia
Teen Graphic Rising Kyu, Aiya, The rising of the shield hero; the manga companion
Teen Graphic Sword Kawahara, Reki, Sword art online; Phantom bullet
Teen Green Green, Sally Half lost
Teen Hirsch Hirsch, Jeff, Black River falls
Teen Khoury Khoury, Jessica, Kalahari
Teen Lore Lore, Pittacus, United as one
Teen Paolini Paolini, Christopher. Inheritance ; or, The vault of souls; Book 4
Teen Spalding Spalding, Amy, The new guy (and other senior year distractions)
Teen Stewart Stewart, Martin J., Riverkeep; a novel
Teen Tamaki Tamaki, Mariko, Saving Montgomery Sole
Teen Vande Velde Vande Velde, Vivian, 23 minutes
Teen West West, Jacqueline, Dreamers often lie
YA Fic Avery Avery, Lara, The memory book
YA Fic Bardugo Bardugo, Leigh, Six of crows
YA Fic Cook Cook, Eileen, With malice
YA Fic Gilmore Gilmore, Jennifer, We were never here
YA Fic Knudsen Knudsen, Michelle, Evil librarian
YA Fic Mallery Mallery, Susan, Daughters of the bride
YA Fic Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, Twilight
YA Fic Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, New moon
YA Fic Meyer Meyer, Stephenie, Eclipse
YA Fic Ormsbee Ormsbee, Katie. Lucky few
YA Fic Quick Quick, Matthew, Every exquisite thing
YA Fic Reinhardt Reinhardt, Dana, Tell us something true
YA Fic Reynolds Reynolds, Jason, The boy in the black suit
YA Fic Romano Romano, Juliana, Summer in the invisible city
YA Fic Rowell Rowell, Rainbow. Eleanor & Park
YA Fic Schlitz Schlitz, Laura Amy, The hired girl
YA Fic Umminger Umminger, Alison, American girls
YA Graphic Samanci Samancı, Özge, Dare to disappoint; growing up in Turkey
YA Graphic Stevenson Stevenson, Noelle, Nimona