New Items February 2017

004.165 iPhone B152 Baig, Edward C. IPhone for dummies
004.6 Facebook E95 Ewin, Carrie Facebook for seniors: connect with friends and family in 12 easy lessons
005.8 M684 Mitnick, Kevin D. The art of invisibility: the world's most famous hacker teaches you how to be safe in the age of Big Brother and big data
111 C549 Chopra, Deepak You are the universe: discovering your cosmic self and why it matters
128.2 D399 Dennett, D. C. From bacteria to Bach and back: the evolution of minds
128.46 J52 Jenkins, Carrie What love is: and what it could be
150 C678 Cohen, Lisa J. The handy psychology answer book
152.4 B396 Becker-Phelps, Leslie. Insecure in love: how anxious attachment can make you feel jealous, needy, and worried and what you can do about it
155.93 C953 Crowe, Kelsey There is no good card for this: what to say and do when life is scary, awful, and unfair to people you love
155.937 C652 Cobain, Bev Dying to be free: a healing guide for families after a suicide
158 B862 Brits, Louisa Thomsen The book of hygge: the Danish art of contentment, comfort, and connection
158 W663 Wiking, Meik The little book of hygge: Danish secrets to happy living
158.1 B258 Barlow, David H. 10 steps to mastering stress: a lifestyle approach
158.1 B472 Bennett, Sam Start right where you are: how little changes can make a big difference for overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers, and recovering perfectionists
158.1 B918 Buchanan, Laurie Note to self: a seven-step path to gratitude and growth
158.1 L868 Loreau, Dominique L'art de la simplicite = how to live more with less
158.1 R646 Robertson, Ian The stress test: how pressure can make you stronger and sharper
158.1 R992 Rydahl, Malene Happy as a Dane: 10 secrets of the happiest people in the world
158.2 E59 Enright, Robert D 8 keys to forgivenes
170.44 V711 Viljoen, Edward Ordinary goodness: the surprisingly effortless path to creating a life of meaning and beauty
174.24 W286 Warraich, Haider Modern death: how medicine changed the end of life
189.4 T454 Thomas Selected philosophical writings
302.34 H674 Hitchcock, Jayne A. Cyberbullying and the wild, wild web: what everyone needs to know
305.4 S771 Spruill, Marjorie Julian Divided we stand: the battle over women's rights and family values that polarized American politics
305.42 C932 Crispin, Jessa Why I am not a feminist: a feminist manifesto
305.42 H542   Here we are: feminism for the real world
305.42 M416 Massey, Alana All the lives I want: essays about my best friends who happen to be famous strangers
305.5 C874 Cowen, Tyler The complacent class: the self-defeating quest for the American dream
306.3 T469 Thompson, Derek Hit makers: the science of popularity in an age of distraction
306.4 J51 Jen, Gish The girl at the baggage claim: explaining the East-West culture gap
306.8743 B877 Brown, Genevieve Shaw The happiest mommy you know: why putting your kids first is the last thing you should do
306.9 S659 Smith, Scott Taylor. When someone dies: the practical guide to the logistics of death
320.51 A531 Amy, Douglas J. Government is good: an unapologetic defense of a vital institution
323.6 U54   U.S. immigration made easy
324.973 T129 Taibbi, Matt Insane clown president: dispatches from the 2016 circus
326 D898 Dunbar, Erica Armstrong Never caught: the Washingtons' relentless pursuit of their runaway slave, Ona Judge
327.73 H112 Haass, Richard A world in disarray: American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order
332.024 B118 Bach, David. The automatic millionaire, expanded and updated: a powerful one-step plan to live and finish rich
332.024 D529 DeYoe, Jonathan K. Mindful money: simple practices for reaching your financial goals and increasing your happiness dividend
332.024 K75 Kobliner, Beth Make your kid a money genius (even if you're not): a parents' guide for kids 3 to 23
332.024 S495 Sethi, Ramit. I will teach you to be rich
332.024 W969 Wurtenberger, Loretta Artist's estate : a handbook for artists, executors, and heir
332.1 S492 Servon, Lisa J. The unbanking of America: how the new middle class survives
332.6 D414 Dent, Harry S. The sale of a lifetime: how the great bubble burst of 2017-2019 can make you rich
333.33 S467   Selling your house: Nolo's essential guide
338.47 A374 Alexander, Brian Glass house: the 1% economy and the shattering of the all-American town
338.47 G881 Groth, Aimee The kingdom of happiness: inside Tony Hsieh's Zapponian utopia
338.47 W855 Wolfe, Alexandra Valley of the gods: a Silicon Valley story
355.02 A732 Armitage, David Civil wars: a history in ideas
363.2 C197 Campisi, Charles Blue on blue: an insider's story of good cops catching bad cops
363.254 T768 Trainum, James L. How the police generate false confessions: an inside look at the interrogation room
364.168 K81 Kolhatkar, Sheelah Black edge: inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street
368.4 K87 Kotlikoff, Laurence J. Get what's yours: the secrets to maxing out your Social Security revised and updated
371.262 MCAT Biology S851 Stewart, Robert S. 500 review questions for the MCAT: biology
371.262 PSAT C883   Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT
371.262 TOEFL C883   Cracking the TOEFL iBT
371.425 Q6 Quillen, W. Daniel Use social media to find your dream job!: how to use LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media in your job search
371.9 F239 Farrall, Melissa Lee Wrightslaw: all about tests and assessments : answers to frequently asked questions
394.9 S396 Schutt, Bill Cannibalism: a perfectly natural history
395.22 L478 Lee, Jamie Weddiculous: an unfiltered guide to being a bride
401.9 B495 Bergen, Benjamin K. What the f: what swearing reveals about our language, our brains, and ourselves
425 S561 Shrives, Craig Grammar rules: writing with military precisio
495.7 K54 Kingdon, Laura Essential Korean grammar: a comprehensive reference for learners at every level
500 C776 Cooper, Caren B. Citizen science: how ordinary people are changing the face of discovery
523.1 M552 Merali, Zeeya A big bang in a little room: the quest to create new universes
530 C998 Czerski, Helen Storm in a teacup: the physics of everyday life
530.11 G846 Gribbin, John Einstein's masterwork: 1915 and the general theory of relativity
575 F967 Fuller, Randall The book that changed America: how Darwin's theory of evolution ignited a nation
582.16 T461 Thomas, Peter Trees : their natural history
589.2 S398 Schwab, Alexander Mushrooming without fear: the beginner's guide to collecting safe and delicious mushrooms
591.5 D965 Durrani, Matin Furry logic: the physics of animal life
610.285 T166 Tanner, Adam Our bodies, our data: how companies make billions selling our medical records
610.695 E64 Epstein, Ronald Attending: medicine, mindfulness, and humanity
610.695 O33 Ofri, Danielle What patients say, what doctors hear: what doctors say, what patients hear
610.951 C268 Cardoza, Steven Chinese holistic medicine in your daily life: combine acupressure, herbal remedies & qigong for integrated natural healing
612 B668   The body: a complete user's guide : how your body functions and how to keep it healthy and strong
612 C289 Carney, Scott What doesn't kill us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength
612 H847   How the body works
612.68 D542 Diaz, Cameron The longevity book: the science of aging, the biology of strength, and the privilege of time
612.82 H851 Howard, Pierce J. The owner's manual for the brain: the ultimate guide to peak mental performance at all ages
613 K11 Kabat, Geoffrey C. Getting risk right: understanding the science of elusive health risks
613 M556 Mercola, Joseph Effortless healing: 9 simple ways to sidestep illness, shed excess weight, and help your body fix itself
613.042 N877 Northrup, Christiane. Women's bodies, women's wisdom: creating physical and emotional health and healing
613.2 C594 Clark, Nancy Nancy Clark's sports nutrition guidebook
613.2 S528 Shanahan, Catherine Deep nutrition: why your genes need traditional food
613.25 A263 Agatston, Arthur. The South Beach diet gluten solution: the delicious, doctor-designed, gluten-aware plan for losing weight and feeling great-- fast!
613.25 B366 Beale, Lucy. The complete idiot's guide to glycemic index weight loss
613.25 G975 Gundry, Steven R. Dr. Gundry's diet evolution: turn off the genes that are killing you-and your waistline-and drop the weight for good
613.25 I89 Itsines, Kayla The bikini body 28-day healthy eating & lifestyle guide
613.25 K92 Kress, Diane Metabolism miracle : 3 easy steps to regain control of your weight ... permanentl
613.25 S252 Sass, Cynthia Slim down now: shed pounds and inches with real food, real fast
613.25 S439 Sears, Barry The Mediterranean zone: unleash the power of the world's healthiest diet for superior weight loss, health, and longevity
613.26 B259 Barnard, Neal D. The cheese trap: how breaking a surprising addiction will help you lose weight, gain energy, and get healthy
613.7 F546   Fitness and exercise sourcebook
613.7 G437 Gibala, Martin The one-minute workout: science shows a way to get fit that's smarter, faster, shorter
613.7046 C249 Cappy, Peggy. Yoga for all of us: a modified series of traditional poses for any age and ability
613.7046 K15 Kaminoff, Leslie Yoga anatomy
613.7046 L477 Lee, Cyndi. Yoga body, Buddha mind
613.7046 S737 Sparrowe, Linda. The woman's book of yoga and health: a lifelong guide to wellness
613.71 C429 Chabut, LaReine Weight training for dummies
613.71 R646 Roberts, Melanie Stretching
614.4 W951 Wright, Jennifer Ashley Get well soon: history's worst plagues and the heroes who fought them
614.523 W123 Wadman, Meredith The vaccine race: science, politics, and the human costs of defeating disease
614.88 F527   First aid for the USMLE step 1: a student-to-student guide
615.321 C527 Chevallier, Andrew Encyclopedia of herbal medicine
615.535 S825 Stengler, Mark Prescription for natural cures: a self-care guide for treating health problems with natural remedies including diet, nutrition, supplements, and other holistic methods
616 B957 Burgos, Marilyn Medical billing and coding demystified
616.078 N969 Nuland, Sherwin B. How we die: reflections on life's final chapter
616.12 K88 Kowalski, Robert E. New 8-week cholesterol cure : the ultimate program for preventing heart diseas
616.362 K59 Kirkpatrick, Kristin Skinny liver: a proven program to prevent and reverse the new silent epidemic--fatty liver disease
616.45 R766 Romm, Aviva Jill The adrenal thyroid revolution: a proven 4-week program to rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind & mood
616.46 R896 Rubin, Alan L. Diabetes for dummies
616.8 S121 Sacks, Oliver An anthropologist on Mars: seven paradoxical tales
616.85 A511 Amen, Daniel G. Change your brain, change your life: the breakthrough program for conquering anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, lack of focus, anger, and memory problems
616.85 K89 Kramer, Peter D. Ordinarily well: the case for antidepressants
616.85 M563 Merkin, Daphne This close to happy: a reckoning with depression
616.85 M663   The mindful way through depression: freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness
616.85 M741 Mondimore, Francis Mark Adolescent depression: a guide for parents
616.852 B417 Begley, Sharon Can't just stop: an investigation of compulsions
616.852 C712 Collins, Judy Cravings: how I conquered food : a memoir
616.852 D233 d'Ath, Katie Managing OCD with CBT for dummie
616.852 G988 Guyenet, Stephan J. The hungry brain: outsmarting the instincts that make us overeat
616.852 S399 Schwartz, Jeffery M Brain lock: free yourself rom obsessive-compulsive behavio
616.852 S617 Singer, Janet Overcoming OCD: a journey to recovery
616.8521 H551 Herman, Judith Lewis Trauma and recovery: the aftermath of violence, from domestic abuse to political terror
616.8523 L556 Lemonick, Michael D. The perpetual now: a story of amnesia, memory, and love
616.853 D495 Devinsky, Orrin Epilepsy in children: what every parent needs to know
616.853 S745 Spencer, David C. Navigating life with epilesy
616.856 G188 Gambaro, Jill The truth about carpal tunnel syndrome: finding answers, getting well
616.89 M549   Mental health information for teens: health tips about mental wellness and mental illness, including facts about recognizing and treating mood, anxiety, personality, psychotic, behavioral, impulse control, and addiction disorders
616.89 S439 Searls, Damion The inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing
616.891 S326 Scherz, Jared. How to succeed in therapy: navigating the pitfalls on the path to wellness
616.8982 B182 Baldwin, Marjorie L. Beyond schizophrenia: living and working with a serious mental illness
616.924 M235 Makris, Katina Autoimmune illness and lyme disease recovery guide : mending the body, mind, and spiri
618.175 M547   The menopause solution
629.41 R727 Rogers, Lucy. It's only rocket science: an introduction in plain English
634.92 H249 Hansen, Ann Larkin A landowner's guide to managing your woods : how to maintain a small acreage for long-term health, biodiversity, and high-quality timber productio
635.04 W614 Whitman, John Fresh from the garden: an organic guide to growing vegetables, berries, and herbs in cold climates
635.9 R845 Roth, Sally The beginner's guide to building a garden one project at a time: 326 fast, easy, affordable ways to transform your yard
636.7 M645 Millan, Cesar Cesar Millan's lessons from the pack: stories of the dogs who changed my life
636.7 S966 Sutherland, Amy Rescuing Penny Jane: one shelter volunteer, countless dogs, and the quest to find them all homes
640 W226 Walsh, Peter Let it go: downsizing your way to a richer, happier life
641.22 C397 Centamore, Adam Tasting wine & cheese: an insider's guide to mastering the principles of pairing
641.5 S237 Santos, Chris Share: delicious and surprising recipes to pass around your table
641.563 B697 Bonacci, Jane The gluten-free bread machine cookbook: 175 recipes for splendid breads and delicious dishes to make with them
641.563 E92 Evans, Pete The complete gut health cookbook: everything you need to know about the gut and how to improve yours
641.563 S959   Super foods cookbook: 184 super easy recipes to boost your health
641.563 W454 Wells, Katie The Wellness Mama cookbook: 200 easy-to-prepare recipes and time-saving advice for the busy cook
641.5631 K19 Katz, Rebecca The cancer-fighting kitchen, second edition: nourishing, big-flavor recipes for cancer treatment and recovery
641.5635 C773   Cooking that counts: 1,200 to 1,500-calorie meal plans to lose weight deliciously
641.5635 C955 Cruise, Jorge Belly fat cure : discover the new carb swap system and lose 4 to 9 lbs. every wee
641.5636 B862 Britton, Sarah Naturally nourished: healthy, delicious meals made with everyday ingredients
641.5636 H588 Hester, Kathy. Ultimate vegan cookbook for your instant pot : 80 easy and delicious plant-based recipes that you can make in half the time
641.5636 M911 Moskowitz, Isa Chandra. Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar: 100 dairy-free recipes for everyone's favorite treats
641.591 P974 Psilakis, Michael Live to Eat: Cooking the Mediterranean Wa
641.59597 N576 Nguyen, Andrea Quynhgiao The pho cookbook: easy to adventurous recipes for Vietnam's favorite soup and noodles
641.5975 L673 Lewis, Edna The Edna Lewis cookbook
641.82 G465 Gilbert, Molly One pan & done: hassle-free meals from the oven to your table
641.824 B896 Bruni, Frank A meatloaf in every oven: two chatty cooks, one iconic dish and dozens of recipes --from Mom's to Mario Batali's
641.875 S651 Smith, J. J. Green smoothies for life
641.875 S651 Smith, J. J. 10-day green smoothie cleanse
646.72 G659   Goop clean beauty
650.1 D865 Dufu, Tiffany Drop the ball: achieving more by doing less
658.114 B361 Bayrasli, Elmira From the other side of the world: extraordinary entrepreneurs, unlikely places
658.114 O52 O'Loughlin, Sheryl Killing it: an entrepreneur's guide to keeping your head without losing your heart
658.3 R518 Richards, Shola Making work work: the positivity solution for any work environment
658.4 G585 Godin, Seth. Tribes: we need you to lead us
658.4 M847 Morgan, Angie Spark: how to lead yourself and others to greater success
700 F791 Fox, Dan Pretentiousness: why it matters
709.024 H435 Heard, Kate. The Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein
709.2 A365 Aldwyth Aldwyth: work v./work n. : collage and assemblage 1991-2009
709.2 B444b Bätschmann, Oskar Giovanni Bellini
709.2 G511f Flores d'Arcais, Francesca Giotto
709.2 H281k Kolossa, Alexandra Keith Haring, 1958-1990: a life for art
709.2 K63p Partsch, Susanna Paul Klee, 1879-1940: poet of colours, masters of lines
709.2 R217t Thoenes, Christof Raphael, 1483-1520: the invention of the High Renaissance
709.2 R385b Bockemühl, Michael Rembrandt, 1606-1669: the mystery of the revealed form
709.2 R535 Richter, Gerhard Gerhard Richter : panorama
709.2 R692b Blanchetiere, François Auguste Rodin: 1840-1917
731.4 S437   The sculpting techniques bible: an essential illustrated reference for both beginner and experienced sculptors
736.4 P887   Power carving manual : tools, techniques, and 16 all-time favorite project
746 H749 Holmes, Cas Stitch stories: personal places, spaces and traces in textile art
746.14 M817 Moodie, Maryanne On the loom: a modern weaver's guide
746.14 S934 Stump, Margaret Pin loom weaving to go : 30 projects for portable weavin
746.422 H333 Hartmann, Kat Hot knots: fresh macrame̹ ideas for jewelry, home, and fashion
746.432 D231 Dassau, Jennifer Knitting Short Rows: Techniques for Great Shapes & Angle
746.432 F421 Fettig, Hannah Texture: exploring simple stitch patterns in knitwear
746.46 P263 Parrott, Helen Mark making : fresh inspiration for quilt and fiber artist
746.6 D853 Duerr, Sasha Natural color
791.437 F829 Frankel, Glenn High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classi
791.437 I78 Isenberg, Noah William We'll always have Casablanca: the life, legend, and afterlife of Hollywood's most beloved movie
791.457 E49 Else, Jon True south: Henry Hampton and eyes on the prize, the landmark television series that reframed the civil rights movement
796.323 R327 Reeder, Lydia Dust bowl girls: the inspiring story of the team that barnstormed its way to basketball glory
796.426 G891 Grunenwald, Jill A. Running with a police escort: tales from the back of the pack
808 S839 Stern, Linda What every student should know about avoiding plagiarism
810.8 B561   The best American nonrequired reading
811.52 M645 Millay, Edna St. Vincent Collected poems
811.52 N248 Nash, Ogden The best of Ogden Nash
811.54 W363 Weaver, Afaa M. Multitudes: poems selected and new
812.54 A312 Albee, Edward Three tall women: a play in two acts
812.54 A328 Albee, Edward Edward Albee's Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
812.54 H249 Hansberry, Lorraine A raisin in the sun
812.54 H858 Howe, Tina. Approaching Zanzibar
812.54 M647 Miller, Arthur The crucible: a play in four acts
813.3 H399 Hawthorne, Nathaniel The portable Hawthorne
814.08 B561   The Best American essays
814.54 G618 Goldbarth, Albert. Adventures of form and content: essays
814.54 N428 Nelson, Maggie Bluets
818.4 T979 Twain, Mark Letters from the earth: uncensored writings
823.91 D754s Sims, Michael Arthur and Sherlock: Conan Doyle and the creation of Holmes
839.61 S673 Snorri Sturluson The prose Edda: Norse mythology
842.8 R839 Rostand, Edmond Cyrano de Bergerac
914 F653   Fodor's essential Europe
914 R539   Rick Steves' best of Europe
914.1 B916 Bryson, Bill Notes from a small island
914.3 R539   Rick Steves' Germany
914.531 R539   Rick Steves' Venice
914.563 R763   Rome
914.58 S566   Sicily
915.2 F653   Fodor's Tokyo
915.97 V666   Vietnam and Angkor Wat
916.4 M867   Morocco
917.2 M611   Mexico
917.59 H939 Hunt, Bruce Seafood lover's Florida : restaurants, markets, recipes & traditions
918.2 A691   Argentina
937.06 G624 Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith Pax Romana: war, peace, and conquest in the Roman world
937.07 H734 Holland, Tom Dynasty: the rise and fall of the House of Caesar
938 S761 Spivey, Nigel Jonathan The classical world: the foundations of the West and the enduring legacy of antiquity
940.414 T887 Tuchman, Barbara W. The guns of August
940.531 R992 Rydell, Anders The book thieves: the Nazi looting of Europe's libraries and the race to return a literary inheritance
940.5449 W749 Wilson, Kevin Blood and fears: how America's bomber boys of the 8th air force saved World War II
940.547 D177 Dando-Collins, Stephen The big break: the greatest American WWII POW escape story never told
940.5486 M662 Milton, Giles Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: the mavericks who plotted Hitler's defeat
940.5486 S848 Stevenson, William A man called Intrepid: the incredible WWII narrative of the hero whose spy network and secret diplomacy changed the course of history
942 C563 Churchill, Winston History of the English-speaking people
942 C563 Churchill, Winston History of the English-speaking people
942 C563 Churchill, Winston History of the English-speaking people
942 C563 Churchill, Winston History of the English-speaking people
943.086 S742 Speer, Albert Inside the Third Reich: memoirs
944.36 M477 Mazzeo, Tilar J. The hotel on Place Vendôme: life, death, and betrayal at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris
947.084 R221 Rappaport, Helen Caught in the revolution: Petrograd, Russia, 1917-- a world on the edge
972.83 P937 Preston, Douglas J. The lost city of the Monkey God: a true story
973.56 S342 Schlesinger, Arthur M. The age of Jackson
973.7 P558 Phillips, Donald T. Lincoln on leadership for today: Abraham Lincoln's approach to twenty-first-century issues
973.7 P973 Pryor, Elizabeth Brown Six encounters with Lincoln: a president confronts democracy and its demons
973.932 D194 D'Antonio, Michael A consequential president: the legacy of Barack Obama
975 F795   Foxfire 2: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs, corm shuckin's, wagon making and more affairs of plain living
Biography 920 M193 Maggs, Sam Wonder women: 25 innovators, inventors, and trailblazers who changed history
Biography 920 P737 Plutarch The age of Caesar: five Roman lives
Biography Bishop, E. Marshall, Megan Elizabeth Bishop: a miracle for breakfast
Biography Gandhi, M. Gandhi An autobiography: the story of my experiments with truth
Biography Gregory, D. Gregory, Dick. Nigger: an autobiography
Biography Griffeth, B. Griffeth, Bill The stranger in my genes: a memoir
Biography Humiston, G. Ricca, Brad Mrs. Sherlock Holmes: the true story of New York City's greatest female detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation
Biography Kohler, S. Kohler, Sheila Once we were sisters: a memoir
Biography Li, Y. Li, Yiyun Dear friend, from my life I write to you in your life
Biography Lowell, R. Jamison, Kay R. Robert Lowell, setting the river on fire: a study of genius, mania, and character
Biography Marnell, C. Marnell, Cat How to murder your life: a memoir
Biography Rhodes, J. Rhodes, James Instrumental: a memoir of madness, medication, and music
Biography Roosevelt, E. Roosevelt, Eleanor The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
Biography Schuman, R. Schuman, Rebecca Schadenfreude, a love story : me, the Germans, and 20 years of attempted transformations, unfortunate miscommunications, and humiliating situations that only they have words for
Biography Thoreau, H.D. Dann, Kevin T. Expect great things: the life and search of Henry David Thoreau
Biography Thorp, E. Thorp, Edward O. A man for all markets: from Las Vegas to Wall Street, how I beat the dealer and the market
Biography Todd, B.F. Todd, Barbara Feinman Pretend I'm not here: how I worked with three newspaper icons, one powerful first lady, and still managed to dig myself out of the Washington swamp
Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Biography Washington, B.T. Washington, Booker T Up from slavery
BookOnCD 158 W663 Wiking, Meik The little book of hygge: Danish secrets to happy living
BookOnCD Biography Fisher, C. Fisher, Carrie The princess diarist
BookOnCD Biography Vance, J.D. Vance, J. D. Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
BookOnCD Fluke Fluke, Joanne Banana cream pie murder
BookOnCD Gaiman Gaiman, Neil Norse mythology
BookOnCD Hoover Hoover, Colleen It ends with us
BookOnCD McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander The Bertie project
BookOnCD Saunders Saunders, George Lincoln in the bardo: a novel
BookOnCD Towles Towles, Amor A gentleman in Moscow: a novel
BookOnCD Woods Woods, Stuart Below the belt
COM Language Japanese Abramoff Abramoff, Kimiko Ise Japanese 4
DVD 784 E34   Eight days a week: the touring years
DVD 792 K43   Kevin Hart: what now?
DVD Accountant   The accountant
DVD Allied   Allied
DVD American   American pastoral
DVD Bad   Bad Santa 2
DVD Better   Better call Saul; Season two
DVD Billy   Billy Lynn's long halftime walk
DVD Death   Death in paradise; Season five
DVD Dirk   Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
DVD Doctor   Doctor Strange
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Ae   Ae dil hai mushkil
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Housefull   Housefull 3
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Pink   Pink
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Rustom   Rustom: patroit? traitor? murderer?
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Udta   Udta Punjab
DVD ForeignFilm Hindi Unpanishad   Upanishad Ganga =Upanishada Gaṅgā
DVD ForiegnFilm French Innocents   The innocents
DVD ForiegnFilm Hindi Dear   Dear Zindagi
DVD ForiegnFilm Hindi Madaari   Madaari
DVD ForiegnFilm Hindi Paheli   Paheli
DVD Girl   The girl on the train
DVD Hacksaw   Hacksaw Ridge
DVD Imperium   Imperium
DVD Jack   Jack Reacher; Never go back
DVD Keeping   Keeping up with the Joneses
DVD Manchester   Manchester by the sea
DVD Moonlight   Moonlight
DVD Mosquito   The mosquito coast
DVD Night   The night of
DVD Night   The night of the iguana
DVD Operation   Operation Chromite
DVD Ouija   Ouija: origin of evil
DVD Place   A place to call home; Season 4
DVD Ray   Ray Donovan; Season four
DVD Rules   Rules don't apply
DVD Shut   Shut in
DVD Tyler   Tyler Perry's Boo!: a Madea Halloween
DVD Vikings   Vikings; Season 4, Volume 1
DVD When   When the bough breaks
DVD Zero   Zero days
Fic Alcott Alcott, Kate The Hollywood daughter: a novel
Fic Atogun Atogun, Odafe Taduno's song: a novel
Fic Attenberg Attenberg, Jami All grown up
Fic Barry Barry, Sebastian Days without end: a novel
Fic Carey Carey, Jacqueline Miranda and Caliba
Fic Chabon Chabon, Michael Moonglow: a novel
Fic Coetzee Coetzee, J. M. The schooldays of Jesus
Fic Cutter Cutter, Nick Little heaven: a novel
Fic Daly Daly, Paula The trophy child
Fic Dolan-Leach Dolan-Leach, Caite Dead letters: a novel
Fic Domet Domet, Sarah The Guineveres: a novel
Fic Doucette Doucette-Dudman, Deborah The forgotten roses
Fic Drabble Drabble, Margaret The dark flood rises
Fic Dunant Dunant, Sarah In the name of the family: a novel
Fic Feehan Feehan, Christine Power game
Fic Forester Forester, C. S. The African Queen
Fic Forester Forester, C. S. The African Queen
Fic Frankel Frankel, Laurie This is how it always is
Fic Fuller Fuller, Claire Swimming lessons
Fic Gaiman Gaiman, Neil Norse mythology
Fic George George, Alex Setting free the kites
Fic Giolito Persson Giolito, Malin Quicksan
Fic Greenwood Greenwood, Bryn All the ugly and wonderful things
Fic Grossman Grossman, David A horse walks into a bar
Fic Harman Harman, Patricia The runaway midwife
Fic Heller Heller, Peter Celine: a novel
Fic Hepworth Hepworth, Sally The mother's promise
Fic Heyns Heyns, Michiel The typewriter's tale
Fic Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Elin. Summer people
Fic Hoffman Hoffman, Cara Running
Fic Hogan Hogan, Ruth The keeper of lost things: a novel
Fic Horan Horan, Nancy. Loving Frank: a novel
Fic Hunter Hunter, Georgia We were the lucky ones
Fic Irving Irving, John Avenue of mysteries
Fic Jaeger Jaeger, Meredith The dressmaker's dowry
Fic James James, Vic Gilded cage
Fic Jenoff Jenoff, Pam The Orphan's Tale
Fic Jenoff Jenoff, Pam The orphan's tale
Fic Jones Jones, Stephen Mack August Snow
Fic Joyce Joyce, James Finnegans wake
Fic Kent Kent, Kathleen The dime
Fic Kenyon Kenyon, Sherrilyn Born of vengeance
Fic Kerouac Kerouac, Jack Road novels 1957-1960
Fic Kinsella Kinsella, Sophie My not so perfect life: a novel
Fic Kline Kline, Christina Baker A Piece of the World: A Novel
Fic Knight Knight, Michael Eveningland: stories
Fic Lipman Lipman, Elinor On Turpentine Lane
Fic Mackintosh Mackintosh, Clare I see you
Fic Mallery Mallery, Susan A million little things
Fic Marion Marion, Isaac The burning world: a novel
Fic Martin Martin, George R. R. A storm of swords
Fic McAllister McAllister, Tom The young widower's handbook
Fic Mehta Mehta, Rahul No other world: a novel
Fic Mejia Mejia, Mindy Everything you want me to be: a novel
Fic Miller Miller, Mary Always happy hour: stories
Fic Moore Moore, Kathleen Dean Piano tide: a novel
Fic Murakami Murakami, Haruki 1Q84
Fic Murphy Murphy, Sara Flannery The possessions: a novel
Fic Oates Oates, Joyce Carol A book of American martyrs
Fic O'Loughlin O'Loughlin, Ed Minds of Winte
Fic Pachico Pachico, Julianne The lucky ones: a novel
Fic Patterson Patterson, James Humans, bow down
Fic Pears Pears, Tim The horseman
Fic Poeppel Poeppel, Amy Small admissions: a novel
Fic Pritchett Pritchett, Laura The blue hour: a novel
Fic Puchner Puchner, Eric Last day on earth: stories
Fic Rand Rand, Ayn. The fountainhead
Fic Rand Rand, Ayn. We the living
Fic Rekulak Rekulak, Jason The impossible fortress: a novel
Fic Richler Richler, Emma Be my Wolff: a novel
Fic Rosenstiel Rosenstiel, Tom Shining city
Fic Ruiz Zafon Ruiz Zafón, Carlos The shadow of the wind
Fic Ruskovich Ruskovich, Emily Idaho: a novel
Fic Ryan Ryan, Jennifer The Chilbury Ladies' Choir: a novel
Fic Saunders Saunders, George Lincoln in the bardo: a novel
Fic Schwab Schwab, Victoria A conjuring of light
Fic Shepard Shepard, Jim The world to come: stories
Fic Smith Smith, April Home sweet home
Fic Sparks Sparks, Nicholas See me
Fic Steinbeck Steinbeck, John East of Eden
Fic Umansky Umansky, Ellen M. The fortunate ones: a novel
Fic Vann Vann, David Bright air blac
Fic Vonnegut Vonnegut, Kurt. Cat's cradle
Fic Vonnegut Vonnegut, Kurt. Cat's cradle
Fic Ward Ward, Amanda Eyre The nearness of you: a novel
Fic Watkins Watkins, Claire Vaye Gold fame citrus
Fic Whitaker Whitaker, Kayla Rae The animators: a novel
Fic Whitehead Whitehead, Colson The underground railroad: a novel
Fic Whitehead Whitehead, Colson The underground railroad: a novel
Graphic 323.41 L674 Lewis, John March
Graphic 818.6 J17 Jacobson, Abbi. Carry this book
Graphic Schulz Schulz, Charles M. The complete Peanuts
J 032 S973 Swartz, Clay Who wins?
J 292.08 R585 Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson's Greek heroes
J 398.21 A544 Andersen, H. C. The snow queen
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J 448 C134 Pleau-Murissi, Marilyn. Caillou; Mon premier spectacle
J 448 C134 Johnson, Marion Joue au cirque
J 448 C134 Johanson, Sarah Margaret. L'explorateu
J 448 C134 Johanson, Sarah Margaret Caillou cherche sa chaussett
J 448 N667 Nielandt, Dirk. Qui est-ce qui--
J 492.7 M217 Maier, Inger M. Sufi yakhaf an yafqid umu
J 520 S358 Schneider, Howard Night sky
J 538 R892 Royston, Angela All about magnetism
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J 551.21 T943 Turnbull, Stephanie. Volcanoes
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J 597.8 M638 Milbourne, Anna. Tadpoles and frogs
J 598.1 H859 Howell, Catherine Herbert Reptiles & amphibians
J 598.12 M161 Maclaine, James Snakes
J 598.2 B415 Beer, Julie Birds
J 598.97 B712 Bone, Emily Owls
J 599.744 B368 Crockford, Susan J. Polar bear facts and myths a science summary for all age
J 599.82 B787 Beckett-Bowman, Lucy. Monkeys
J 626.7 N551 Newman, Aline Alexander. How to speak dog: a guide to decoding dog language
J 629.892 B871 Brook, Henry, author. Artificial intelligenc
J 636.4 M161 Maclaine, James Pigs
J 636.8 N551 Newman, Aline Alexander How to speak cat: a guide to decoding cat language
J 746 H848 Howard, Alison Pompom crafts: 17 fun projects to make
J 746.4 G986 Guy, Lucinda Kids learn to stitch
J 791.437 H632 Hidalgo, Pablo Star wars: Rogue one: the ultimate visual guide
J 811.4 D553 Dickinson, Emily Emily Dickinson: Poetry for kids
J 917.3 H551 Herman, Debbie. From Pie Town to Yum Yum: weird and wacky place names across the United States
J 937 O18 O'Connor, Jim Where is the Colosseum?
J 940.53 R246 Raum, Elizabeth. World War II: an interactive history adventure
J 948.97 T161 Tan, Chung Lee Finland
J 951.5 L668 Levy, Patricia Tibet
J 954 H776 Hoobler, Dorothy Where is the Taj Mahal?
J 959.6 S541 Sheehan, Sean Cambodia
J 963 G532 Gish, Steven Ethiopia
J 965 H597 Hintz, Martin Algeria
J 969.1 O75 Orr, Tamra Madagascar
J 970.5 B877 Ehrlich, Amy Wounded Knee ;an Indian history of the American Wes
J 972.85 M298 Mara, Wil Nicaragua
J 972.87 H355 Hassig, Susan M. Panama
J 973.2 L347 Lassieur, Allison. Colonial America;: an interactive history adventure
J A,B,C Medina Medina, Juana ABC pasta: an entertaining alphabet
J Biography 923.1 B234 Barber, James Presidents
J Biography Ball, L. Pollack, Pam Who was Lucille Ball?
J Biography Chavez, C. Rau, Dana Meachen Who was Cesar Chavez?
J Biography Douglass, F. Myers, Walter Dean Frederick Douglass: the lion who wrote history
J Biography Hendricks, A. Levinson, Cynthia The youngest marcher: the story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a young civil rights activist
J Biography Holiday, B. Golio, Gary Strange fruit: Billie Holiday and the power of a protest song
J Biography Horne, L. Weatherford, Carole Boston The legendary Miss Lena Horne
J Biography Ledecky, K. Scheff, Matt Katie Ledecky
J Biography Mantle, M. Winter, Jonah Mickey Mantle: the Commerce Comet
J Biography Musk, E. Vance, Ashlee Elon Musk and the quest for a fantastic future
J Biography Sotomayor, S. Stine, Megan Who is Sonia Sotomayor?
J Biography Thorpe, J. Sheinkin, Steve Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football team
J Biography Wheatley, Phillis McLeese, Don. Phillis Wheatley: heroes of the American revolution
J BoardBk Baruzzi Baruzzi, Agnese Look, look again
J BoardBk Brown Brown, Petra Itsy bitsy spider
J BoardBk Burton Burton, P. Jeffrey The itsy bitsy snowman
J BoardBk Crews Crews, Donald Freight train =;Tren de carga
J BoardBk Flintham Flintham, Thomas One lonely fish
J BoardBk Hegarty Hegarty, Patricia Five black cats
J BoardBk Peanuts Manning, Craig My first peanuts 1 2 3: a counting adventure
J BoardBk Perkins Perkins, Chloe Snow White
J BoardBk Perkins Perkins, Chloe Cinderella
J BoardBk Sago Leighton, Aaron Make a robot!
J BoardBk Sanrio   Hello Kitty, hello spring!
J BoardBk Sirett Sirett, Dawn. Baby night-night
J BoardBk Sirett Sirett, Dawn. Baby faces
J BookOnCD Alexander Alexander, Kwame The Playbook: 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in This Game Called Lif
J BookOnCD Bell Bell, Jennifer The crooked sixpence
J BookOnCD Children's Dickens, Charles. The children's classic collection
J BookOnCD Creech Creech, Sharon Moo
J BookOnCD Gidwitz Gidwitz, Adam The Inquisitor's tale, or, the three magical children and their holy dog
J BookOnCD Grabenstein Grabenstein, Chris Home sweet motel
J BookOnCD Grimes Grimes, Nikki. Garvey's choice
J BookOnCD Haddix Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Children of exile
J BookOnCD MacHale MacHale, D. J. Curse of the boggin
J BookOnCD Mass Mass, Wendy The candymakers and the great chocolate chase
J BookOnCD Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A. Mark of the thief; 03: Wrath of the storm
J BookOnCD O'Connor O'Connor, Barbara. Wish
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick The hammer of Thor
J BookOnCD Riordan Riordan, Rick For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla guide to the Norse worlds
J BookOnCD Rowling Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J BookOnCD Sloan Sloan, Holly Goldberg Short
J CD Book&CD Michel Illustrated by Ilya Green Under the Moon: Jazz Standards and Lullabies Performed by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone..
J CD EarlyChildhood Rockabye   Rockabye baby!;Lullaby renditions of Coldplay
J DVD 598 E11   The eagle huntress
J DVD 599 C538   Chimpanzee
J DVD 646 Y47   Yes, I can sew!: hand sewing
J DVD Barbie   Barbie & her sisters in the great puppy adventure
J DVD Cat   The cat in the hat knows a lot about that; Hurray! It's Valentine's Day!
J DVD Cat   The Cat in the hat knows a lot about that!;Bugs and beyond
J DVD Daniel   Daniel tries something new ;Daniel's big feelings
J DVD Gruffalo's   The Gruffalo; The Gruffalo's child
J DVD Leapfrog   Talking words factory
J DVD Peanuts   Peanuts by Schulz; Snoopy tales
J DVD Pinocchio   Pinocchio
J DVD Pinocchio   Pinocchio
J DVD Queen   Queen of Katwe
J DVD Scooby-Doo   Scooby doo; The 13 ghosts of scooby-doo
J DVD Scooby-Doo   Scooby-doo and the alien invaders
J DVD Surf's   Surf's up; 2
J DVD Trolls   Trolls
J EasyReader Bailey Bailey, R. J. Ramadan
J EasyReader Bailey Bailey, R. J. Memorial Day
J EasyReader Black Black, Vanessa Tortoises
J EasyReader Black Black, Vanessa Green iguanas
J EasyReader Black Black, Vanessa Geckos
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of world soccer
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of WWE
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of the UFC
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of the NHL
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of pro tennis
J EasyReader Kortemeier Kortemeier, Todd Superstars of NASCAR
J EasyReader Meister Meister, Cari. Tugboats
J EasyReader Meister Meister, Cari Snowplows
J EasyReader Meister Meister, Cari Icebreakers
J EasyReader Meister Meister, Cari Diggers
J EasyReader Meister Meister, Cari Concrete mixers
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe Mexico
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe Living in ... South Africa
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe Living in ... India
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe Italy
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe China
J EasyReader Perkins Perkins, Chloe Brazil
J EasyReader Prelutsky Prelutsky, Jack. My parents think I'm sleeping
J EasyReader Seba Sebra, Richard It's Diwali!
J EasyReader Sebra Sebra, Richard It's Diwali!
J EasyReader Sofia Marsoli, Lisa Ann Welcome to Royal Prep
J EasyReader StarWars   Star Wars; What is a Wookiee?
J EasyReader VanVoorst Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny Weather in winter
J EasyReader VanVoorst Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny Plants in winter
J EasyReader VanVoorst Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny Birds in winter
J EasyReader VanVoorst Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny Animals in winter
J Fic Bailey Bailey, Kristin The Silver Gate
J Fic Banks Banks, Angelica Blueberry pancakes forever
J Fic Barnhill Barnhill, Kelly Regan The girl who drank the moon
J Fic Carter Carter, Aimée Simon Thorn and the viper's pit
J Fic Chan Chan, Marty Melody and myth
J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ramona's world
J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ramona Quimby, age 8
J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ramona forever
J Fic Cleary Cleary, Beverly. Ramona and her mother
J Fic Crowe Crowe, Sara Bone Jack
J Fic Diaz Diaz, Alexandra. Only road
J Fic Disney Allen, Elise. Anna's icy adventure
J Fic Dougherty Dougherty, John Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the badness of badgers
J Fic Ephron Ephron, Amy The castle in the mist
J Fic Flying   Flying lessons & other stories
J Fic Frederick Frederick, Heather Vogel Yours Truly
J Fic Gemeinhart Gemeinhart, Dan Scar Island
J Fic Gidwitz Gidwitz, Adam The inquisitor's tale, or, the three magical children and their holy dog
J Fic Glewwe Glewwe, Eleanor Wildings
J Fic Hansen Hansen, Dustin Follow that tiny-dactyl
J Fic Harper Harper, Charise Mericle The Wonder wheel: Mae and June
J Fic Holt Holt, K. A. Red moon rising
J Fic Hopper Hopper, Ada The sky is falling
J Fic Hopper Hopper, Ada Robots rule the school
J Fic Hopper Hopper, Ada A case of the clones
J Fic Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules
J Fic LaReau LaReau, Kara The Jolly Regina
J Fic Larson Larson, Kirby Audacity Jones steals the show
J Fic Lewis Lewis, Gill Gorilla dawn
J Fic Lewis Lewis, Amanda West The pact
J Fic Lupica Lupica, Mike Last man out
J Fic MacKnight MacKnight, Wendy McLeod It's a mystery, Pig Face!
J Fic McMann McMann, Lisa Dragon captives
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Marissa the science fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Lydia the reading fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Kathryn the gym fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Chelsea the congratulations fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Alison the art fairy
J Fic Meadows Meadows, Daisy Alicia the Snow Queen fairy
J Fic Meyerhoff Meyerhoff, Jenny. Playing cupid: a wish novel
J Fic Minecraft Cheverton, Mark Herobrine's war: an unofficial minecrafter's adventure
J Fic Mosier Mosier, Paul Train I ride
J Fic Patterson Patterson, James Peril at the top of the world
J Fic Paver Paver, Michelle Warrior bronze
J Fic Pla Pla, Sally J. The someday birds
J Fic Riley Riley, James Secret origins
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick. The lightning thief
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick. The Titan's curse
J Fic Riordan Riordan, Rick The hammer of Thor
J Fic Sanna Sanna, Francesca The journey
J Fic Scott Scott, Lisa Ann Wings that shine
J Fic Scott Scott, Lisa Ann Let it glow
J Fic Scott Scott, Lisa Ann Dreams that sparkle
J Fic Scott Scott, Lisa Ann All that glitters
J Fic Smith Smith, Ronald L. The mesmerist
J Fic St John St. John, Lauren Dolphin song
J Fic Staniszewski Staniszewski, Anna Once upon a cruise
J Fic Stilton Stilton, Thea Thea Stilton and the chocolate sabotage
J Fic Sutherland Sutherland, Tui Talons of power
J Fic Sutherland Sutherland, Tui Talons of power
J Fic Sutherland Sutherland, Tui Talons of power
J Fic Svingen Svingen, Arne The ballad of a broken nose
J Fic Swallow Swallow, Gerry Long live the queen: magnificent tales of misadventure
J Fic Tarpley Tarpley, Natasha The Harlem charade
J Fic Varian Varian, H. K. The shadow fox
J Fic Varian Varian, H. K. The selkie song
J Fic Varian Varian, H. K. The gathering storm
J Fic Warner Warner, Gertrude Chandler The mystery horse
J Fic Warner Garretson, Dee Journey on a runaway train
J Fic Woods Woods, Brenda Zoe in wonderland
J Graphic Bad Blabey, Aaron The bad guys
J Graphic Dinosaurs Plumeri, Arnaud Dinosaurs. #4, A game of bone
J Graphic Gravel Gravel, Elise The great Antonio
J Graphic O'Connor O'Connor, George Artemis: wild goddess of the hunt
J Graphic Plants Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies; Grown sweet home
J Graphic Plants Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies; Grown sweet home
J Graphic Plants Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies; Garden warfare
J Graphic Plants Tobin, Paul Petal to the metal
J Graphic Plants Tobin, Paul Plants vs. zombies: boom boom mushroom
J Graphic Plants   Art of plants vs. zombies: a visual retra retrospec book
J Graphic Sanna Sanna, Alessandro Pinocchio: the origin story
J Graphic Winx   Winx Club; Volume 1,;Magic collection
J PictureBk 568.19 F919 Frith, Alex. The Usborne big book of big dinosaurs
J PictureBk 595.7 B712 Bone, Emily. The Usborne big book of big bugs and a few little ones too--
J PictureBk 612 L131 Lacey, Minna The Usborne big book of the body
J PictureBk Akulukjuk Akulukjuk, Roselynn The owl and the lemming
J PictureBk Alborough Alborough, Jez. Where's my teddy?
J PictureBk Aliki Aliki. The two of them
J PictureBk Asch Asch, Frank. Moonbear's pet
J PictureBk Awdry   Down at the docks
J PictureBk Awdry   Down at the docks
J PictureBk Awdry Courtney, Richard Calling all engines!
J PictureBk Awdy   Thomas scares the crows
J PictureBk Bagley Bagley, Jessixa Laundry Da
J PictureBk Barrett Barrett, Judi. Pickles to Pittsburgh: [the sequel to Cloudy with a chance of meatballs]
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Chris. Shark vs. train
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Byron. Machines at work
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Bethany This monster needs a haircut
J PictureBk Barton Barton, Byron My bus
J PictureBk Bentley Bentley, Tadgh Samson: the piranha who went to dinner
J PictureBk Bogart Bogart, Jo Ellen Count your chickens
J PictureBk Coelho Coelho, Rogério Boat of dreams
J PictureBk Courtauld Courtauld, Sarah. On a pirate ship
J PictureBk Deedy Deedy, Carmen Agra The rooster who would not be quiet!
J PictureBk DiPucchio DiPucchio, Kelly Antoinette
J PictureBk Dyckman Dyckman, Ame You don't want a unicorn!
J PictureBk Elliott Elliott, Rebecca Dalmatian in a digger
J PictureBk Ericson Ericson, Nora Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day
J PictureBk Fox Fox, Mem This & that
J PictureBk Galing Galing, Ed Tony
J PictureBk Ganz-Schmitt Ganz-Schmitt, Sue Planet Kindergarten: 100 days in orbit
J PictureBk Goodhart Goodhart, Pippa. Just imagine
J PictureBk Hallowell Hallowell, Edward M. A walk in the rain with a brain
J PictureBk Holiday Easter Manning Manning, Craig The great Easter race!
J PictureBk Holiday Passover Leopold-Strauss Strauss, Linda Leopold A different kind of Passover
J PictureBk Hudson Hudson, Katy Too many carrots
J PictureBk Hudson Hudson, Katy The runaway egg
J PictureBk Hurley Hurley, Jorey Ribbit
J PictureBk Jenkins Jenkins, Emily Princessland
J PictureBk Kelly Kelly, L. J. R Sometimes it's storks
J PictureBk Kramer Kramer, Jackie Azúa The green umbrella
J PictureBk Laden Laden, Nina If I had a little dream
J PictureBk Lee Lee, Michelle Play with me!
J PictureBk Lodding Lodding, Linda Ravin The queen is coming to tea
J PictureBk Magliaro Magliaro, Elaine Things to do
J PictureBk McAnulty McAnulty, Stacy Mr. Fuzzbuster knows he's the favorite
J PictureBk McCanna McCanna, Tim Watersong
J PictureBk McGill McGill, Erin I do not like Al's hat
J PictureBk Minor Minor, Florence Friedmann How to be a bigger bunny
J PictureBk Pierce Pierce, Terry. My busy green garden
J PictureBk Rhatigan Rhatigan, Joe The itsy bitsy spider
J PictureBk Richmond Richmond, Lori Pax and Blue
J PictureBk Rim Rim, Sujean Chee-Kee: a panda in Bearland
J PictureBk Rinker Rinker, Sherri Duskey Mighty, mighty construction site
J PictureBk Ritchie Ritchie, Scot My house is alive!: the weird and wonderful sounds your house makes
J PictureBk Robertson Robertson, Donald Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo
J PictureBk Rowe Rowe, Thereza. Mister Pip
J PictureBk Rusch Rusch, Elizabeth Ready, set ... baby!
J PictureBk Sandall Sandall, Ellie Everybunny dance!
J PictureBk Schwartz Schwartz, Joanne Pinny in summer
J PictureBk Shraya Shraya, Vivek The boy & the bindi
J PictureBk Silvestro Silvestro, Annie. Bunny's book club
J PictureBk Sima Sima, Jessie Not quite narwhal
J PictureBk Stubbs Stubbs, Lisa Lily and Bear: grumpy feet
J PictureBk Sturgis Reeves Sturgis, Brenda Still a family
J PictureBk Surrey Surrey, Ellen Giving thanks: more than 100 ways to say thank you
J PictureBk Twohy Twohy, Mike Mouse & Hippo
J Playaway Kinney Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid; Double down
J Playaway Mlynowski Mlynowski, Sarah Sticks & stones
J Playaway Mlynowski Mlynowski, Sarah Showing off
J Playaway Pastis Pastis, Stephan. The book you're not supposed to have
J Playaway Sanderson Sanderson, Brandon. Alcatraz vs. the evil librarians; Book five,;The dark talent
J ProgramColl BoardBk Craig Craig, Lindsey Farmyard beat
J ProgramColl BoardBk Ehlert Ehlert, Lois. Planting a rainbow
J ProgramColl BoardBk Sago   Wake and sleep: a lift-the-flap book
J ProgramColl PictureBk Bijsterbosch Bijsterbosch, Anita Everyone is yawning
J VideoPlayer Clifford   Clifford the Big Red Dog; Vol. 13
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Preschool is cool; Counting with Elmo
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Imagine that
J VideoPlayer Sesame   Happy healthy monsters
J VideoPlayer Sesame   The best of Elmo 1 and 2
J VideoPlayer Trains   Trains, trucks & more
LargeType 177.7 S382 Schroff, Laura Angels on eart
LargeType 303.483 F911 Friedman, Thomas L. Thank you for being late: an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations
LargeType Backman Backman, Fredrik And every morning the way home gets longer and longer: a novella
LargeType Balogh Balogh, Mary Someone to hold
LargeType Barclay Barclay, Linwood The twenty-three: a Promise Falls novel
LargeType Cogman Cogman, Genevieve The masked city: an invisible library novel
LargeType Colin Colin, Beatrice To capture what we cannot keep
LargeType Corry Corry, Jane My husband's wife
LargeType Hurwitz Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew The nowhere man
LargeType Kinsella Kinsella, Sophie My not so perfect life
LargeType Lescroart Lescroart, John T. Fatal
LargeType Martin Martin, Kat Into the firestorm
LargeType Mastai Mastai, Elan All our wrong todays
LargeType Parker (Knott) Knott, Robert Robert B. Parker's Revelation
LargeType Peacock Peacock, Nancy The life and times of Persimmon Wilson
LargeType Robb Robb, J. D. Echoes in death
LargeType Stambach Stambach, Scott Invisible life of Ivan Isaenk
LargeType Von Kreisler Von Kreisler, Kristin Earnest
Mystery Beaton Beaton, M. C. Death of a ghost
Mystery Black Black, Lisa Unpunished
Mystery Blaedel Blædel, Sara The lost woman
Mystery Boyce Boyce, Trudy Nan Detective Sarah Alt; 02: Old bones
Mystery Chaney Chaney, JoAnn What you don't know: a novel
Mystery Cleeves Cleeves, Ann The crow trap
Mystery Crombie Crombie, Deborah Garden of lamentations
Mystery Dugoni Dugoni, Robert The trapped girl
Mystery Faye Faye, Lyndsay The whole art of detection: lost mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
Mystery Fluke Fluke, Joanne Banana cream pie murder
Mystery French French, Tana The trespasser
Mystery Grippando Grippando, James Most dangerous place
Mystery Hart Hart, Ellen Fever in the dark
Mystery Herron Herron, Mick Spook street
Mystery Kay Kay, Edward. At rope's end: a Dr. James Verraday mystery
Mystery Kellerman Kellerman, Jonathan Heartbreak Hotel: an Alex Delaware novel
Mystery Kellerman Kellerman, Faye Bone box: a Decker/Lazarus novel
Mystery King King, Laurie R. Mary Russell's war: and other stories of suspense
Mystery Lansdale Lansdale, Joe R. Rusty puppy
Mystery Leon Leon, Donna. A sea of troubles
Mystery Mark Mark, David John Cruel mercy
Mystery Maxwell Maxwell, Alyssa Murder at Rough Point
Mystery McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander The Bertie project
Mystery Raybourn Raybourn, Deanna A perilous undertaking
Mystery Robb Robb, J. D. Echoes in death
Mystery Ross Ross, Loretta Death & the gravedigger's angel
Mystery Silvis Silvis, Randall Two days gone
Mystery Todd Todd, Charles Racing the devil: an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery
Mystery Vargas Vargas, Fred A climate of fear
Oversized 523.8 D587 Dinwiddie, Robert The stars: the definitive visual guide to the cosmos
Oversized 553.8 G322   Gem: the definitive visual guide
Oversized 612 C737   The complete human body: the definitive visual guide
Oversized 709.2 B316 Basquiat, Jean-Michel Basquiat
Oversized 709.2 B751z Zöllner, Frank. Sandro Botticelli
Oversized 709.2 G613 Gogh, Vincent van Vincent van Gogh: the lost Arles sketchbook
Oversized 709.2 T454 Thomas, Alma Alma Thomas
Oversized 709.2 V434l López-Rey, José Velázquez: the complete works
Oversized 730.945 S437 Verson, Timothy Sculpture in the age of Donatello : Renaissance masterpieces from Florence Cathedra
Oversized 751 E93   The everything art handbook: a comprehensive guide to more than 100 art techniques and tools of the trade
Oversized 910.2 N277   Destinations of a lifetime: 225 of the world's most amazing places
Oversized 912.09 G786   Great city maps: [a historical journey through maps, plans, and paintings]
Paperback Bell Bell, Ted. Patriot
Paperback DeMille DeMille, Nelson Radiant Ange
Paperback Dunn Dunn, Matthew The spy house
Paperback Enoch Enoch, Suzanne Hero in the highlands
Paperback Four   Four weddings and a sixpence: an anthology
Paperback Gilstrap Gilstrap, John Friendly fire
Paperback Holmes Holmes, Julianne Just killing time
Paperback Holmes Holmes, Julianne Clock and dagger
Paperback Howells Howells, Debbie The bones of you
Paperback Hunter Hunter, Madeline The wicked duke
Paperback Jeffries Jeffries, Sabrina The danger of desire
Paperback Macomber   Because It's Christmas
Paperback Maxwell Maxwell, Cathy A date at the altar
Paperback Sands Sands, Lynsay Lady pirate
Paperback Schreiber Schreiber, Flora Rheta. Sybil
Paperback Woods Woods, Sherryl The Inn at Eagle Point
Rental DVD   Trolls
Rental DVD   Storks
Rental DVD   Moonlight
Rental DVD   Masterminds
Rental DVD   Manchester by the sea
Rental DVD   Inferno
Rental DVD   The girl on the train
Rental DVD   Florence Foster Jenkins
Rental DVD   Doctor Strange
Rental DVD   Ben-Hur
Rental DVD   Arrival
Rental DVD   Allied
Rental DVD   Queen of Katwe
Rental DVD   Kubo and the two strings
SciFi Bradbury Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451
SciFi Forstchen Forstchen, William R. The final day
SciFi Stross Stross, Charles Empire games
SciFic Kalfar Kalfar, Jaroslav Spaceman of Bohemia
Speed Read Yanagihara, Hanya A little life: a novel
Speed Read Whitehead, Colson The underground railroad: a novel
Speed Read Tara, Sylvia The secret life of fat: the science behind the body's least understood organ and what it means for you
Speed Read Smith, Zadie Swing time
Speed Read Poeppel, Amy Small admissions: a novel
Speed Read Patterson, James Humans, bow down
Speed Read Lee Shetterly, Margot Hidden figures: the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race
Speed Read Kline, Christina Baker A Piece of the World: A Novel
Speed Read Kelly, Megyn Settle for more
Speed Read Gaiman, Neil Norse mythology
Speed Read Coleman, Reed Farrel What you break
Speed Read Chabon, Michael Moonglow: a novel
Speed Read Backman, Fredrik My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry: a novel
Teen 305.42 H542   Here we are: feminism for the real world
Teen 323.4 B351 Bausum, Ann The March against Fear: the last great walk of the civil rights movement and the emergence of Black power
Teen 616.85 T664 Toner, Jacqueline B. Depression: a teen's guide to survive and thrive
Teen 646.72 Y81 Youngs, Jennifer Leigh. Skin, hair & nail care guide for teens and young adults
Teen 808.88 L349   The last message received
Teen Anderson Anderson, Natalie C. City of saints & thieves
Teen Beaufrand Beaufrand, Mary Jane Useless Bay
Teen BookOnCD Brown Brown, Dan The Da Vinci code: the young adult adaptation
Teen BookOnCD Dashner Dashner, James The fever code
Teen BookOnCD Lu Lu, Marie The midnight star
Teen BookOnCD Sutherland Sutherland, Krystal Our chemical hearts
Teen Boorman Boorman, Kate A. Winterkill
Teen Boorman Boorman, Kate A Heartfire
Teen Boorman Boorman, Kate A. Darkthaw: a Winterkill novel
Teen Braxton-Smith Braxton-Smith, Ananda Merrow
Teen Brown Brown, Dan The Da Vinci code
Teen Carson Carson, Rae Like a river glorious
Teen Cast Cast, P. C. Moon chosen
Teen Cooper Cooper, E. E. Vanished
Teen Cooper Cooper, E. E. Avenged: a Vanished novel
Teen DVD Arrival   Arrival
Teen DVD Doctor   Doctor Who; The power of the Daleks
Teen DVD Doctor   Doctor Strange
Teen DVD Max   Max Steel
Teen DVD Shanghai   Shanghai knights
Teen Goodman Goodman, Alison. Dark days club
Teen Graphic Meyer Meyer, Marissa Wires and nerve; Volume 1
Teen Hawkins Hawkins, Rachel Hex Hall
Teen Howard Howard, A. G. Rose blood
Teen Muchamore Muchamore, Robert. The sleepwalker
Teen Muchamore Muchamore, Robert. Maximum security
Teen Myers Myers, Walter Dean Slam!
Teen Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Simply Alice
Teen Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. The grooming of Alice
Teen Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Alice on the outside
Teen Naylor Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Achingly Alice
Teen Playaway Konen Konen, Leah. The romantics
Teen Playaway Shepard Shepard, Sara The amateurs
Teen Powell Powell, Patricia Hruby Loving vs. Virginia: a documentary novel of the landmark civil rights case
Teen Roe Roe, Robin A list of cages
Teen Slayton Slayton, Shonna Spindle
Teen Ward Ward, Kaitlin Bleeding Earth
YA Fic Brown Brown, Jennifer Dare you: a shade me novel
YA Fic Curtis Curtis, Simon Boy robot
YA Fic Hutchinson Hutchinson, Shaun David At the edge of the universe
YA Fic LaCour LaCour, Nina. We are okay: a novel
YA Fic Mac Mac, Carrie 10 things I can see from here
YA Fic Moracho Moracho, Cristina A good idea
YA Fic Rivera Rivera, Lilliam The education of Margot Sanchez
YA Fic Savage Savage, Kim Beautiful broken girls
YA Fic Schwab Schwab, Victoria This savage song: a monsters of verity novel
YA Fic Sedoti Sedoti, Chelsea The hundred lies of Lizzie Lovett
YA Fic Self Self, Jeffery Drag teen: a tale of angst and wigs
YA Fic Van Arsdale Van Arsdale, Peternelle The Beast is an animal
YA FSpecialColl 371.78 C592 Clark, Annie E. We believe you: survivors of campus sexual assault speak out
YA Graphic Johnson Johnson, Brian David MWD: hell is coming home
YA SpecialColl 155.5 B812 Bradshaw, Cheryl M. How to like yourself: a teen's guide to quieting your inner critic & building lasting self-esteem
YA SpecialColl 306.7 V111   The V-word: true stories about first-time sex
YA SpecialColl 306.768 T342 Testa, Rylan Jay The gender quest workbook: a guide for teens & young adults exploring gender identity
YA SpecialColl 362.28 F495 Fine, Carla. No time to say goodbye: surviving the suicide of a loved one
YA SpecialColl 371.82 S881 Stone, Tanya Lee Girl rising: changing the world one girl at a time
YA SpecialColl 616.8583 L833 Lohmann, Raychelle Cassada The sexual trauma workbook for teen girls: a guide to recovery from sexual assault & abuse