Pine Hawk F.A.Q.

Friends of Pine Hawk

Q. Where can I see some of the Pine Hawk artifacts? 

Pine Hawk display at the Acton Memorial Library
Pine Hawk display at the Acton Memorial Library

There is a wonderful exhibit on the ground floor of the library, outside of the elevator.  A number of artifacts are displayed, along with contextual information.

Most of the thousands of artifacts, however, are kept at the Public Archaeology Laboratory (PAL) in Rhode Island. PAL excavated the site and has the state contract to protect and care for these items. 


Q. Do you have any educational materials?

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Pine Hawk poster

Pine Hawk Poster 2


Q. Are there any legal issues connected with the artifacts? 

You bet. The Massachusetts Historical Commission by law owns the actual artifacts, and PAL (Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc.) has the overall contract for their maintenance. There are strict storage and safety requirements for those that are displayed locally in Acton. The Native Americans themselves also have significant legal rights and interests.


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The Friends of Pine Hawk are grateful to the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, Woodard & Curran, and the Friends of the Acton Libraries for their support.      

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