Art Exhibits

Catching SightRiver Quilt, painting by Gillian Haven

Landscape Paintings by Gillian Haven

July 6 - August 31, 2017

Artist Gillian Haven will exhibit her oil paintings at the Acton Memorial Library during the months of July and August.

Haven has used the landscape that is close at hand to make her artistic statements about nature and the changing environment. She has developed a technique that she calls “quilt paintings,” where there is a primary object in the center surrounded by smaller images, much like a border that is on a quilt. Both sets of images are related. The detailed border paintings add depth to the central landscape and frequently show children and how they use and enjoy the natural environment.

She says of her work: “I find inspiration in the landscape close at hand and the plants, animals and children that flourish there. The local landscape has provided the backdrop to my life. Painting it, I ponder the relationships that I have taken for granted. The gestures of geography are iconic. At the same time these are often obscured by urban growth. I seek to find the landmarks of the region that provide a touchstone amidst change. They have a story and continued relevance that we must not lose.”

There will be an opening reception of Haven’s work on July 6 from 6:30 to 8:30 where she will be available to discuss her work. All are welcome.


Exhibitions are free and handicapped accessible. Exhibitions in the library meeting room are available for viewing whenever the library is open and the room is not in use for a meeting. Please check the library Events Calendar for availability.

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