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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 156

1760 February 19 Laying out of road way
1760 March 29 Selectmen's meeting (warrant for April 2 Town meeting)

1760 April 2

Town meeting


  Acton February ye 19: 1760
Then we the Subscribers Laid out a Bridle way to accomodate Ensign Hapgood Begining at Ens Hapgoods gate where is a heap of Stones then to a walnut tree marked then to a heap of Stones and then to a heap of Stones on a Rock then to a white oke and then to a white oke all in mr Nathaniel Wheelers Land and then to the Corner of the Stone wall at mr Brooks way Said way is two Rods wide and the marks are on the Southwesterly Side of Said way and the Select men that Laid out Said way was
  Jonathan Billing
  Jonathan Hosmer
  Samuel Hayward

  Acton March ye 29: 1760
Then the Select men met and Appointed a Town meeting to be at the meeting House on Wednesday the Second Day of april Next at four of the Clock in the afternoon to Consider and Conclude on the following article (viz) To See if the Town will Chuse a Committe to meet the Committe that has Lately been Granted by the Quarter Sessions at Charlestown at their Last Session at the Desire of mr Josiah Hayward of Acton and others Concerning a County Road they want through sum part of Acton or pass any other vote that may be thought proper when met and the Same was Committed to the Constables

April ye 2: 1760
at a Town meeting it Being Legally warned as appeared by the Returns of the Constables on their warrant Deacon Heald was Chosen moderator for Said and proceeded as follows it was propounded whether the Town will Chuse a Committe to meet the Honourable Committe appointed by the Quarter Sessions Relating to a County Road through some part of Acton voted on the affirmative and then the Town made Choice of Deacon John Brooks and mr Jonas Allen and mr Nehemiah Wheeler and mr Mark White and mr John Cragin Jun to be a Committe for that purpose and then the meeting was Dismist

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