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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 122

1754 November 11

Account of the committee to determine prices for life necessities for use in adjusting Rev. John Swift's contract
1754 November 11 Rev. John Swift's acceptance of committee's accounts

Acton November ye 11: 1754

Whereas we the Subscribers Being Appointed a Committe to State the price of the Necessarys of Life at the Time of the Revd mr Swifts Settlement among us and Accordingly we have According to our Best Information found the price as they was Sold in this and the Neighbouring Towns to be as follows (viz)

Indian Corn Thirty Bushels at Six Shillings pr Bushel
Twenty Bushels of Rie at ten Shillings pr Bushel
five Hundred weights of pork at Eight pence pr pound
Three Hundred weights of Beefe at five pence pr pound
Twenty five pound of Sheep wool at three Shillings and
Six pence pr pound
Fifteen pound of Cotton wool at four Shillings and Six pence pr pound
fifty pound of flax at one Shilling and three pence pr pound
Sugar fifty Six pound at one Shilling and four pence pr pound
Twenty Gallons of Rum at Eight Shillings pr Gallon
Eighty weight of Butter at one Shilling and four pence pr pound Two Hats at three pounds pr Hat
Ten pair of Shoes at fifteen Shillings pr pair

  Ammi Faulkner
  John Brook
  Josiah Hayward } Committe
  Jonathan Hosmer
  Samuel Davies
  John Davis Jun
  Daniel Fletcher  
Nov 11: 1754
These may Certify that I the Subscriber am Content with the above accounts of the price of Nesessarys of Life at ye time of my Settlement in the Town of Acton witness my hand the Date above
  John Swift

ordered on this Book of Records
Attest Jonathan Hosmer Town Clerk

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