Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 118

1758 February 13 Laying out of road way

February ye 13: 1758
Then the Select men Laid out a Conveniant Bridle way to accomodate mr Nathan Wheeler and mr James Faulkner Begining at a white oak stand ing on the Northerly Side of the Road that Leads from Stephen Farrs to Concord from thence to a black oak from thence to a Large Rock all in mr Nathan Wheelers Land from thence to a walnut tree marked in Lieut Hunts Land from thence to a Grey oak in mr William Cuttings Land from thence two Rods to the North of mr Cuttings Barn from thence to a heap of Stones in Said Cuttings Land from thence through part of mr William Cuttings Land and through a Small Bit of Land of Jonathan Hosmers till it Comes to a Small walnut marked by the Side of the Road that Leads from mr Samuel Joneses to the meeting House and the Bounds are on the North westerly Side of Said way all Excepting mr Cuttings Barn and the way is to be two Rods wide and mr Nathan Wheeler and Lieut Hunt and mr William Cutting freely gave the way through their Land

  John Davis Jun
  Samuel Jones    } Select men of acton
  Samuel Hayward


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