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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 113

1753 February 13 Laying out of road way
1753 April 16
Acton-Concord town boundaries
1753 June 4-7 Acton-Concord town boundaries

February ye 13: 1753
Then we the Subscribers Laid out a way from Littleton Line to mr Tuttles place where mr Allen now Dwells Begining at Littleton Line at a heap of Stones where Littleton Left there Road then to a heap of Stones in Daniel Brooks Land then to a walnut tree then to a heap of Stones on a Rock then to the Stone wall and by the wall to mr Pipers Lands the one half in mr Pipers Land the other half in mr Brooks Land to a heap of Stones in mr Simon Tuttles Land then to a Black oke then to a white oke then to a heap of Stones and so to the Road that Leads from mr Allens to the meeting House Said way is two Rods wide and the marks are on the Easterly Side of Said way
  John Heald
    } Select men
  Daniel Fletcher  

Being Notified By the Select men of Concord to perambulate and Renew the Bounds Between Concord and Acton messrs Abishai Brown Stephen Hosmer Jun and Ephraim Jones of Concord Le[g]ally appeared from Concord and messrs John Cragin Samuel Jones and Daniel Fletcher Legally appeared from Acton at the House of mr Joseph Hayward on monday the Sixteenth Day of april and Did Joyn and Did Renew the Bound marks from Sudbury Corner to the Elm Stump by mr John Parlin and then Concord Refused to Renew any farther

and Then June ye 4: 1753 Being Notified again by the Select men of Concord to meet them in order to Renew the Line Through and accordingly mr John Cragin and mr Daniel Fletcher and Jonathan Hosmer from Acton Did meet messrs Abishai Brown and David Parlin appointed by the Select men of Concord on June ye 7 1753 at the House of mr John Parlin in Said Concord and Did Renew the Bounds from the Elm Stump afore Said and the first mark Renewed was a Stump and Stones on it Near the widow Healds Barn and then a pitch pine tree marked and then a White oke tree marked at Billerica Line Commonly Called Berry Corner

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