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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 089

1749/50 February 9 Laying out of road way
1750 May 16 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for May 24 Town meeting

February ye 9: 1749/50
Then we the Subscribers Laid out Bits of way Leading from mr Daniel Fletchers to the meeting House Begining at Rocky Guzzle at a heap of Stones by a Stump and then to a Small black oke marked and then to a pitch pine tree marked the marks are on the Southerly Side of Said way Said way to be three rods wide
  Jonathan Hosmer
    } Select men
  Samuel Davies  

May ye 16: 1750
Then the Select men met and appointed a Town meeting to be at the meeting House on Thursday the twenty fourth Day of this instant may at three of the clock in the afternoon to consider and conclude on the following articles (viz)
1 To see if the town will choose a Representative
2 To see how much money the Town will add to the Rev mr John Swifts Salary this present year
3 To see how much money the Town will raise to defrey the Necessary charges that Shall arise within the Same this present year
4 To see if the Town will agree to have a Reading and a writing School this present year and also how much money the town will Raise to Support Said School
5 To see if the Town will agree to Sue the Town of Concord for their Refusing to go through upon the Line Between Said Concord and acton: and also to See if the town will agree to Choose a Committee to manage that afare
6 To see if the Town will agree to Let the Swine Run at Large this present year: and also to choose two [illegible] hog reeves for the year ensuing and the Same was committed to the Constables

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