Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 086

1749/50 February 10 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 5 Town meeting
1750/51 January 11 Town accounts

February ye 10: 1749/50
Then the Select men met and appointed a town meeting to be at the meeting on Monday the 5 Day of march at ten of the Clock in the fore noon to Conclude on the following articles (viz)
1 To choose Town officers for the year Ensueing
2 To See if the Town will accept of a way Laid out by the Select men from Chelsford Road to mr Oliver Wheelers according to the Return of Said way
3 To See if the Town will accept of a way Laid out by the Select men to accomodate mr John Barker from his Land Through land Belonging to Ens Mark White and John Darby Late of Acton to the road that Leads from mr Fletchers to the meeting House according to the Return of Said way
4 To See if the Town will accept the way that was was Laid out Last year by the forge as a Bridle way Through John Barker Juns Land according to the mark then made and also an open way through mr Nathan Robbins Land till it comes to the Road that Leads from Daniel Shephards to the meeting House as it was metioned in the Return of Said way: according to the desire of Several persons for Said way
5 To See if the town will discontinue a bit of way that leads from Daniel Shephards Beginning at a place Commonly called Rocky Guzzle to a pitch pine upon the High Land towards the meeting House and also to See if the town will accept of a bit of way Laid out from Said Rocky Guzzle to the pitch pine a fore Said according to the marks mentioned in the return of Said way
6 To See if the Town will accept of a High way Laid out to accomodate mr phinehas Osgood Beginning at a heap of stones a Corner mark Between the Rev mr Swifts and mr Osgoods Land and then to a pine marked and then to a heap of stones and from Said heap of stones to the meeting House Said way to be a two Rods way and then Same was Committed to the Constables

January ye 11: 1750/51
To an order to mr John Davis Jun for one pound four shillings Lawfull money for plank for the bridge by mr Locks and for half a Days work in runing Lines between Littleton and acton the whole of his Demands

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