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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 079

1749 December 17 Relinquishment of land by John Cragin for road way
1749 December 17   

Town accounts

Know all men By these present that I John Cragin of acton in the County of Middlesex and province of the Massachusets Bay in New England do here by relinquish all my Right and title to a certain spot or parcel of Land Lying and being in acton and bounded southwardly on the Land of John Cragin and Northerly on the Rev mr Swifts Land Said Land was Laid out by the Select men of Said town for an open road beginning on the west side of Said Cragins land and ending on the east side of Said Cragins land and for a more exact account of Land and Bounds Referance is had to the Town Book Containing by Estimation one acre and a half be the same more or less I do as afore said relinquish all my right to the same and do freely give Said land unto the above Said acton and Do for my self and my heirs warranting and defending Said land to be the Towns afore said against all claims or demands of any person for ever and further to declaire these to be sufficient warrants for the Town Clerk of Said town to enter Said instrument upon the Town Book and further it is to be understood by these present that I the Said John Cragin do reserve for my own use and benefit all the wood and stone on Said Land for fencing and further if Said way is discontinued then Said land returns to Said Cragin again and further before the [illegible] sealing hereof Do declare my self to be the true and lawful owner of Said Land

Signed Sealed and Delivered
In presence of us John Cragin
Nathan Robbins  
Hannah Osgood  

Ordered on this Book of Records
Attest Jonathan Hosmer Town Clerk

December ye 17: 1749
To an order to the widow Dorcas Brabrook for thirty three pounds old tenor for subsisting the widow Sarah Brabrook from the Second day of September 1748 to the Second day of September 1749 the whole of her demands for that time


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