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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1744/5 February 14 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 4 Town meeting
1744/5 March 4 Town meeting (continued on next page)

February ye 14: 1744/5
Then the Select men met and appointed a Town Meeting to be at the Meeting House on the first Monday of March at Ten of the Clock in the forenoon then and there to Consider the Conclude on the following articles viz
1 To Chuse Town officers for the year Ensuing
2 To see if the Town will agree to work at the High ways by a rate this present year and also To see How much Mony the Town will Raise for that purpose or agree to pass any other vote Relateing to that affare
3 To see what the Town will Do Relating to the Rates of mr John Davis that are Behind in the Hands of Mr Jonathan Billings one of the former Constables
4 To see what the Town will Do Relating to the pews Next to Each Stairs in the Meeting House Referd to this Meeting
5 To see if the Town will agree that Mr John Law shall have a way Laid out from his House to Mr Samll Prescotts or other ways Releve said Law as the Town shall think Best
6 To see if Town will Discontinue the way that was formerly Laid out to accomodate Mr George Robbins and Except of a way Laid out by the Select men to accomadate Hugh Foster from his own Land Through Mr Nathan Robbins and Lieut Simon Hunts Land till it Comes to the way that was Laid out by the Selectmen of Concord as will appear by the Return of said way at the Meeting
7 To see if the Town will agree to Let the Swine Run at Large this present year and the same was Commited to the Constables

March ye 4: 1744/5
At a General Town Meeting at the Meeting House it being Legally warned as appeared By the Returns of the Constables on their warrants Deacon Joseph Fletcher was Chosen Moderator for said meeting and proceeded as follows on the first article to Chuse Town oficers Jonathan Hosmer was chosen Town Clerk and first Select man and Timothy Brooks was Chosen the first Constable and Andrew Darby the Second Constable and John Brooks the Second Select man and Samll Davies the third Select man and the Select men was Chosen assessers and Jonathan Billing was Chosen Town Treasurer Deacon John Heald / Timothy Farmer / Nathan Robbins/ Micah Robbins and David Brooks was Chosen Survayers of Highways Lieut Hunt and Mark White was Chosen fence viewers and David Lamson & Daniel Shepherd and Joseph Wheeler was Chosen Hog Reves and mr John Barker Sealer of Weights and Measures.

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