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Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 048

1743/4 March 5
Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1743/4 February 15 Laying out of road way

5 it was propounded to se if the Town would grant the Request of Josiah Piper and Daniel Sheperd which was to have Liberty to Cut one window between their pews and They would keep them in Repair voted on the affermative
6 it was propounded to se if the Town would agree to Repair their ways this present year by a Rate voted on the affermative then it was propounded how much money the Town would Raise for the Highways voted one Hundred and Fifty pounds (old Tenor) then it was propounded How much the Town would allow men a day for working at the ways voted Eight Shillings a day till the first of September and then six shilling a day old Tenor Then it was propounded to se how much the Town would allow a day for a pare of oxen voted four shillings and one shilling and six pence a day for a cart (old Tenor) Then it was propounded to see what time a Day men must begin to work at the Highways voted at Eight a Clock then it was propoudned whether the surveyors should set a price upon mens work if they came out of season voted on affirmative
7 it was propounded to see if the swine should Run at Large this present year voted on the affirmative
8 it was propounded to see if the Town would Dismiss the Last article voted on the affimative and then the meeting was Dismist

February ye 15: 1743/4
Then layed out by the Select men of Acton a High way begining on the Highway Leading from John Parlins to the meeting House between Simon Davis’s Land and William Conant’s Land a Rod on Each to a small white oak marked in said Conants Land then to a walnut stake and so to Concord Lane between said Lotts said marks are on the southerly side of said way February ye 15th 1743/4 then Laid out by the Select men a Highway Beginning at a heep of stones four Rods from Timothy Farrars barn the north Corner of it then to a Stake in said Farrars fence then liveing [leaving?] a Convenient watering below the Bridge then to a pine stake then a black oak stump then by John Davis wall to a pare of Bars then to a pine tree then to a grey oke then to a white oke by the way Leading from Capt Davis’s to the meeting House said marks being on the northerly side of said way said way is Three Rods wide
the Selectmen that Laid out
said ways was
Andrew Derby
Jonathan Hosmer


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