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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 044

1743 May 13
Selectmen's meeting: warrant for May 20 Town meeting
1743 May 20 Town meeting

May ye 13th 1743 at a Gineril Town m

The Select men met & appinted a Town meeting to be on the Twentieth of may Currant at the meet- ing House in Said Town to Consider & Conclude on ye artiles [articles] here after mentioned viz first to se if the town
Chuse a Deputy 2 to here the Report of the Commett that was Choosen to Adjust accounts with the town Treasurer and Select men 3 to here ye Request of Sam- uel Wheeler Refered to this meeting 4 to se what money the Town will Raise to Defray Nesasary Charges within the Same 5 to se what money ye town will raise towards Finishing ye meeting House allso to se whether the town will agree that any money be forthwith assessed 6 to se how many Days Each man Shall work at the Highways this year and the same was Commited to ye Constables

May the 20th 1743 at a Gineril Town meeting being Legally warned as apapeared by ye Constables meet at ye meeting House Andrew Derby was Choosen modarator
1 and first No person chosen Deputy Deputy
2 propounded whether ye town will Except of the Report of ye Commett that was Choosen to Adjust accounts with ye town Treasurer & Selectmen voted in the affermitive Said Report was as follows Town Treasurer [?] 47-08-09 Dn [Deacon] Joseph Joseph Fletcher [?] 17-02-1 Mark Whites Hands 12-7-5 paid toward Glaiseing ye meeting House 42-0-0
3 It was propounded whether Samuel Wheeler shall be Excepted from working at ye Highways for two years voted in ye affermitive
4 Propounded what money ye town will Raise towards Nesasary Charges this year voted twenty illegible pounds ould tenor
5 propounded what money thay will raise of ye meet- ing House voted one hundred poundes ould tenor
6 propounded how many days Each man Shall work at the Highways this year voted thay will work three days a man and then ye meeting was Dismist

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