Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 039

1742/3 March 1
Town meeting
1744 April 25
Acton-Littleton town boundaries
1744 May 14 Acton-Billerica town boundaries

  1742 39
Acton march ye 1st 1742/3 at a Gineriel Town meeting
Being Legally warned as Appeered by the Returns of the Constables: Mr Joseph Fletcher was Choosen moderator for Said meeting & proseeded as followeth: Simon Hunt was Choosen Town Clerk Samuel Hayward ye first Constable David Furbush was Choosen ye Second Constable
1 Simon Hunt Andrew Derby & John Brooks was Choosen Selectmen & Assessers Jonathan Billing was Chosen Treusurer Ammi Falkner Timothy Brooks Mark White Juner [Junior] Samuel Davies Jr Daniel Sheperd Zecariah Emery Survaers of high wayes: John Davis Jr John Cragin Deersmen: Josiah Piper William Cutting Fence viwers [viewers]: Joseph Berns Ezekiel Davis Titus Law David Procter: hog Reefes Mr Barker Seeler of wagths & measurers
2 voted to subscribe to the Rev Mr Swift
3 article propounded & Nagitive
4 Propounded & passed in ye Nagitive
5 passed in ye Nagitive
6 passed in ye Nagitive
7 propounded & passed in the affermitive and then the meeting was Dismist

April ye 25th 1744
Being notified by the Select men of Littleton to perambulate the Line Between the Towns of Littleton and Acton Capt Joseph Baker and Deacon Caleb Taylor of Littleton and John Cragin and Andrew Darby of Acton Did Joyn in the affaire and Began at the southerly part of Nagog Pond 1 a heap of stones 2 a Black oak 3 a white oak 4 to a heap of stones 5 to a white oak 6 to a white oak about 14 rods east of fort pond Brook

May ye 14 1744
Being notified by the Selectmen of Billerica to perambulate the Line between the Towns of Billerica and Acton Capt Ridder and Christopher Osgood of Billerica and Deacon John Heald and Andrew Darby of Acton did Joyn in the affare and Began at to a white oak then a black oak then to a heap of stones at the Corner then turning South East to a white oak in Joseph Parlins wall

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