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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 035

1741 April 20 Acton-Stow town boundaries

1741                   35
April ye 20th: 1741   being notified by ye select men of Stow viz Benjamin Hale Joshua Whitney Nathan Witney Jon Wetherbe to meet them on order: ye selectmen of acton met them at time& Place Amos Brown and Willm Farr of Stow Appinted: John Brook Simon Hunt of Acton by agreement In order to prerambulate ye Line & Renue ye marks Between ye said towns: Began at ye SouthEster mark rear of ye Rever [river] being a White scratch? in a wall 2 a Large maple 3 a white oak 4 a Dead oak then agreed to ye marks in Ironwork Madow Swamp then begining at Robbens his orcherd 5 a wallnut tree in the wall 6 a hornbeem: then consented to severl marks in a rivery white pine swamp being all white pines marked then 7 a white oak tree Near a Little Dam 8 a stake and stoons 9 a stake & stoons 10 a white oak tree [illegible] by ye side of a swamp 11 a heep of stoons neerby: 12 a white oak on ye hill 13 a maple tree in a swamp 14 a Black oak with stoons set up against it 15 formerly a black Burtch now a heep of stoons & stake 16 a Large heep of stoons & stake on the side of a Large Hill whare there is severil [Phalen transcribes this word as Levirit, in reference to Governor Leverett] re-marks made on trees near by it it being the Corner of Acton and severil times Demolishd which was supposed to be done by Stow people [Illegible] and now it was Erected & [illegible] renewed as folloeth viz most of ye stoons being Removed it was Disputed whether it was ye Corner or not Stow people being very Contrary about it it was agreed upon by Each party that if it Could Appear by Evidence sufficiantly to be ye Aintiant [ancient] Bound or Corner to renew ye same. Corl Flint Esqr & Corll James Minott Esqr being present together with many of Concord Stow and Acton people It was desiered  if their was any person present that had any Knowledge of ye Corner to manifest it: and Lutt [Leutenant] Joseph Wright William Wheeler & Stephen Horsmer all of Concord and Abraham Witney of Stow herd ye following owth [oath] administered to them by Corll Flint to this Effect that ye Evidence that they should Give in Relaiting to that Corner or any other mark to be prerambulated and in ansuring all such Questions ye should be asked by Each party Concerned to be ye truth ye whool truth & nothing but ye truth. Whoose Evidence agreed and was full to ye purpose allso a coppy of ye Return of ye Gineril Courts Commett was [heard?] to Excepttence & ye Bound renewed and ye next mark was a Large Red Oak by a Little hill being ye 17th mark 18 a heep of stones on a Little bushy pine plane against Nat Wheeler 19 a heep of stoon, at ye Root of an ould Red oak tree near Benjamin Healds Barn 20th & last a swamp oak neer ye corner all ye before mentioned marks was renewed & Agreed to By Each town.

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