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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1741 March 2 Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1741 March 2 Laying out of road way in southwest part of town



7 Propounded Samuel Jones & Joseph Barnses Request & Dismist
8 Propounded whether ye swine Run at Large this year voted in ye affermitive and ye meeting was Dismist

3 rods wide the way before discribed as folloeth viz begining at ye End of Stephen Farrs Lane nere Stow Line at a heep of Stoons then Est to a small pine the[n] to another small pine then to a heep of Stoons on a Rock all in Said Farrs Land then to a white oak in Davis his Land then to a small white oak then to a Gray oak then another Gray oak then to a white oak being in Cummings his Land & soon Esterdly as ye way now goes to a stake and stoones on Jonathan Coblyth his Land then to ye End of Thomas Farrs rail fence then to a stake and stoons in Thomas Farrs Land then to a small wite oak near Timothy Brooks his SouthEst Corner then to a larg white oak in Farrs Land then to a small wite oak by ye ould way then turning south as ye way runs to a stake in Said Farrs fence then as ye fence Goes over ye Bridge to Gray oak then to a Large white oak as ye way Runs & as ye trees are marked while it Cums to Simon Hunt’s Land to a black oak marked then a
2 rods wide small white oake in a pond hole then as ye fenses stand while it Comes in to ye ould way: ye before Said way is three Rods wide & ye marks on ye Southwest side of ye way then as ye way goes to Samuel Jones Juner [junior] his land to a white oak marked then to a black oak with stoons about it then to ye North west Corner of Said Jones his orcherd wall then Running & turn-
2 rods wide ing as ye wall stands then to a Gray oak then to a wite oak then begining in Titus Laws Land a black oak marked then turning Northerly to a white oak then turning Southerd to a black oak then a Gray oak then a black oak then white oak then a heep of stoons on a Rock by a Little bridge
2 rods wide or caseaway the marks are on ye North Side of ye way then beginning on ye East of John Brooks his House in his Land Easterdly as ye trees are marked to a bit of wall then to a pine ye marks are on ye south side of ye way then a pine then a pine then to ye End of Laws wall So as ye wall & fence stands over ye Bridges as ye way Now gows
  to a Large Rock on ye top of ye hill then as ye tree are marked to Concord Line three Rods wide from Brook Land to ye End and all ye Before Discribed way to be an open way and all ye persons Concerned in ye Land freely Consent in thereto and fullly satisfied therefore said way was Laid out by ye Select- men vis Simon Hunt and Ammivhemis Falkner

    Excepted by ye Town march ye 2nd, 1741
order on Record [Attsr] Simon Hunt Town Clerk


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