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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1740/1 February 27 Town accounts
1740/1 February 23 Town accounts
1740/1 March 2 Town accounts
1741 April 26 Town accounts
1741 May 15 Town accounts
1741 February 6 Town accounts
1741 April Acton-Concord town boundaries

1740/1 32
September ye [illegible] 1740: To order to Mr Enoch Cleveland for one pound & two shillings & four pence in full for keeping ye widdow Sheperd } 1-2-4
Feabruary ye 27th: 1740/1 to an order to ye widdow Mary Sheperd in full for Keeping ye widdow Elizebeth Sheperd } 4-11-0
February ye 23th: 1740/1 To an order to Daniel Sheperd for his servis in caring out John Stewerd & feamily in part } 2-10-0
March ye 2nd: 1740/1 to an order to Jonathan Wheeler for four shillings } 0-4-0
ye same day an order to myself for my servis & money Expended in ye year 1740 -------------------------- } 2-10-0
April ye 26th 1741 to an order to Josiah Piper for one po[u]nd & fifteen shill- ings for his taking Care of ye meeting house } 1-15-0
to an order for two pounds to myself not ansured [answered?] in page 29 in ye year 1739/4 } 2-0-0
May ye 15th 1741 to an order to Nathan Robbins for Eight Shillings Due for ye Euse of ye pound } 0-8-0
Feabuary ye 6th 1741 to an order to ye Widdow Sheperd in full for keeping ye owld [old] Widdow Sheperd } 5-14-4

April             1741            Being Notified by the by the Select men of Concord to prerambulate ye Line Between ye said towns of Concord & Acton Corn [Colonel] John Flint David Melvin& Stephen Horsmer of Concord & John Brooks Simon Hunt Andrew Derby of Acton Did Joyn in Sd [said] affare began at Sudbuary Corner and renued first a Stake and Stone 2 a Stake & Stones on the Root of an ould pine tree ye 3 Ditto 4 an ould pine of ten marked 5 a Large pine 6 a heep of Stoons on a Large Rock Laws brook 7 a heep of Stoons at Baptis madow 8 a heep of Stoons on ye root of an ould pine 9 a black oke tree & Stoons Stoons a- boute it 10 a heep of stons 11 a black oake 12 a heeps of Stoons 13 a black oake or walnut 14 a heep of Stoons on Larg Rock 15 a heepe of Stoons 16 a heepe of Stoones 17 a heepe of Stoons on ye Roots of a Large Elm which was ye Last mark which ^was Renued [illegible]

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