Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1738 October 30  Contract between theTown of Acton and Reverend John Swift
1738 December 28 Town accounts
1738 January Town accounts

Where as the Town of Acton at a town meeting Duly warned on May ye 19th 1738 did Invite ye Rev Mr John Swift Into ye work of ye ministry among them & did allso pass a vote to Give him two hundred and fifty pounds towards a settlement and a hundred and fifty pounds sallary yearly and since at a town meeting October ye 10th 1738 did vote that said sallary should be kept up in ye value of it paid at Every half years End yearly & did allso Charge John Heald Joseph Fletcher Ammirnhama Faulkner John Brooks Samuel Wheeler & Simon Hunt as a Commett [committee] to Contract with said Mr Swift about ye said sallary the Contract & Agreement Between Said mr Swift & Said Commtt is as folloeth
1 that Said Sallary Shall ^be paid According to ye ould tennor of the Massachusetss Bills or in an Equivilency of Such Bills of Credit or lafull [lawful] Currancy as shall pase from time to time
2 that the value of said Sallary be kept up from time to time according as it was when voted on may affore sd according to ye [illegible] rise of the nesasary pro visions of life
3 That the payment of Said Salary continue So long as Said Mr Swift Shall contenue in ye work of ye min- istery in Said Acton & In witness here of Said Mr Swift and Said Committee have here under Set thair hands this 30th Day of October 1738
  John Swift
  John Heald
ordered on This Book
Joseph Fletcher
of Records Attest
Ammi Faulkner
Simon Hunt Town Clerk
Simon Hunt
  John Brooks

Acton December 28th 1738
To an order to my self Simon Hunt out of ye town Rate for money & time Expended in ye year 1737 }9 - 7 – 6

Acton December ye 28th 1738 to an order to Enoch Cleveland for four pounds out of ye town Rate for keep- ing ye widow Sheperd in full to ye 9 of January Next }9 – 0 – 0
Acton January Discounted with Mr John Barker for his sarvices being treasurer for ye three first years in full }3 – 11 - 4
Acton January 1738 to an order to Mr Joseph Fletcher out of ye town Rate for gathering ye Tax Rate in Acton }2 – 10 - 0
January 1738 to an order to Jonathan Billings out of ye town Rate for Gathering ye tax Rate }2 – 10 - 0
Acton January 1738 Mr Samuel Prescott Received of ye towns money for keeping Mr Swift in part

}4 – 0 - 0
[in left margin] out of [illegible] 5-0-0

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