Acton Memorial Library

Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

File/page number: 012

1736 December 30 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for January 5 Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1736/7 January 5 Town meeting
1736/7 March 19 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 28 Town meeting (continued on next page)

2 To se how ye Town will agree to have thare meetinghouse finished
3 To se if ye Town will agree to Chuse a Commity to let Sd house out to a man or men to finish
4 To se if ye Town will agree to Preaching this Preasent winter and untill the town meeting in ye month of march Next
5 To se if ye Town will agree to Purchis a Peace of Land for a buiring [burying] Place
then the warrants was Commited to the Constables and ye Inhabatants did asemble on ye Day above Sd and made choice of Mr Joseph Fletcher a moderator of Sd meeting: it was Propounded wither thay will finish the meetinghouse or what Part thay will do to it and how Long before the work shall be done voted thay will board and shingel ye roof and board and clabord ye sides and Ends make windowframes and Casements and make ye Doores and Crown ye Doores and windows Put up troughs [illegible] build ye Pulpet and Lay ye Lower frame Said work to be Done by ye first Day of November Next on ye articule Relating to Preaching it was Dismissed on ye articule for Chuseing a Commity to Let the meetinghouse out to finish voted that Lt John Heald Simon Hunt & John Shepard be a Commity to Let Sd house out to Do on ye fift articule Relating to Purchasing Land for a buring Place voted that Mr John Barker and Nathan Robins be Impowered to Procure ye Land on ye Towns Charge / then ye meeting was Dismised

Acton March ye 19th 1736/7
Then ye Selectmen of Sd town met and agreed on a town meeting to be on ye Last Monday in this instant March and on ye aritcules following viz
1 To Chuse town offisers for this preasent year
2 To se what ye town will Relating to ye widdow Elizebeth Shepard
3 To se if ye Town will Discontinue ye way that was Laied out from Littleton Road over Nagog Brook to John Davis his mill and turn Sd way a Long Littleton Road over ye bridge and so bring Sd way in by the mill aforsaid
4 To se if the town will Discontinue ye way that was laied out over ye brook at ye Rock and agree to have it go over ye brook at or Near ye old ford way by Joseph Barnes that afore ye meadow and so in ye most Convanant Place to ye way that Cometh from ye NorEst Part of ye Town
5 To se if ye town will agree to build a bridge over ye brook Near John Shepard and Jones sawmill to acomadate Sd Shepard or except of a way laied out by ye Selectmen over the brook or Pond to the way that leads to ye meeting house
6 To se if ye Town will agree that Mr Joseph Barnes should have 9 = 7 = 6 out of ye tax money for framing ye meeting house
7 To se if ye town will except of Two ways laied out by the select in ye year 1736 one to acomadate John Davis ye other George Robbins
8 To se if ye Town will agree on a day for thare anoul [annual] meeting in march

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