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Acton Memorial Library

Early Town Records of Acton, Massachusetts

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1735 December 29 Town meeting (continued from previous page)
1735/6 January 2 Town meeting (continuation of December 29 meeting)
1735/6 March 15 Selectmen's meeting: warrant for March 22 Town meeting
1735/6 March 22 Town meeting (continued on next page)

Sd Emery Paying ye sume of teen pounds five pounds at ye Raising ye meetinghouse the other five att ye getting ye minister in sd town voted on ye afirmitive at the same time ^voted Thomas Wheeler should Receive sd money of sd Emery and give him a discharge for the money.

Acton January ye 2th 1735/6
Upon an ajornment of ye meeting from December ye 29th 1735 to January ye 2th 1735/6
Propounded wither the town will reconsider thare vote that they will build thare meetinghouse 46 feet in Length and 38 feet in breadth voted in the aformitive propo unded wither the town will agree to build the house 46 Feet in Length and 36 feet in breadth and 21 feet between joynts voted on the aformitive Propounded wither all the inhabitants of the town should have the ofer to work at giting the timber for the house by the commity voted on the afirmitive Propounded whither Samell Wheeler Jonathan Parlin Simon Hunt John Shepard and Daniell Shepard be a Commity to manage the afaer of giting the timber for the meetinghouse voted on the afirmitive at the same time voted that the commity should have six shilings per day for thar work and the other laibourers to have five shilings per day at the same time voted that thare should be a rate of seventy pounds made and assessed on the inhabatants of the town of Acton towards seting up the frame of the house
Acton March ye 15th 1735/6
Then the selectmen of Sd town met and agreed on a town meeting to be on the 22th day of march 1735/6 and on the arti- Cles following viz
1 To chues Town Offesors for this preasent year
2 To se if the town will Except of the ways layed out by the Selectmen to and from the meetinghouse Place in the severaill Parts of the town as shall be shown by an account taken of the ways by the selectmen
3 To se if the town will agree to work at the highways any more than is required by law this present year and if so how much more
4 To se what the town will do in Respect to the widdow Elizabeath Shepard now residing in Acton to se if the town will agree to stand a sute [suit] in the Law with the Town of Concord if need be on the widdow Shepard’s accound

Acton March ye 22th 1735/6
Att a General Town meeting of the Inhabitants of the town legally worned Lt John Heald was Chosen moderator of the meeting on the first article viz to chuse town offisors Thomas Wheeler was chosen town Clark Mark White and Simon Hunt was chosen Constables Joseph Fletcher John Brooks & Thomas Wheeler was Chosen Selectmen and assessors Mr John Barker was Chosen Town Treasurer

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