Civil War records of George A. Reed


Letter dated June 14, 1861 from George Reed, to his cousin Miss Fannie Reed, Natick, Mass.

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2007.7.4)

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Envelope addressed to Miss Fannie Reed Natick, Mass.
Lamers Hill Elkridge Landing
Camp Relay Maryland Friday June 14 1861

Dear Couisin
I received your
Letter in due time and
was Glad to hear frome
you and that you was
all well. I have Just come frome
Baltimore our Reg. & 4 pieces[?] of Artilery
went yesterday morning it was [--?]
day theyr and we expected to [--?]
Lee Some Trable [trouble] But every thing
went off [--?] But am Sorry
to Say the secessenass[?] Carried
the day.  We went with in a
Bout A mile of the city and
Camp out in a open Field ready
to march into the city at a
moments Notice. We Laid on
our armes[?] till 5 o Clock when we
formed a line headed By the


[p. 2]
Artillery. we marched into the
City Dubble Quick as if we had Begun[?]
the [--?] through it had the Side
walks was[?] Crowded Some Crying
at the [--?] Eager to Learn the news[?]
we marched around through much
of the Principle Streats then we
marched Back and [--?] into [--?]
and they drummed 15 men out of
Each Co. to go on guard I was one to go out
of our co. we was on Guard all
Night our guns was Loaded ready
they was quite a Crowd in the [--?]
Part of the [illegible] But they [--?]
went a way. and every thing went
[--?] [--?] we Supt[?] there the
morning and Came Back to our old
Camp when we have got our Dinner
we expect to go Back there in
a day or to and I think
we Shall hafter fight there [--?]
for we have [B--?] the [A--?]


[p. 3]
and have not fought and the
3th time means [--?] So they say)
We are all aking to Pay
them for their kindness on
the 19 of Aprill when we [--?]
through there. I do not think
of mutch more to write at
Present  tell Martha Jane if
She will write to me I will
Answer[?] it as I have 1 or 2
Letters every day I don’t get
mutch time nor do not have
any my Conveinent Plaise to write
only the Ground. Charles & Unke
& Little Bill are
all Prety well Tell Daniel
I Should like to hear from
him and all Inquiring Friends
that I know. the wether
here is Prety hot now
Cherries are ripe Strawberry[?]
are Selling for 4 cents a quart


[p. 4]
the Peaple are [h--?] but
now the [g--?] [--?] are
Pretty Strict we have got one
month more to stay and
I think we Shall all return[?]
if we don’t get killed. I do
not think of mutch more
So I will Close yours
in heart frome your Cousin
Ge A Reed write soon and
write all the News you
can think of [--?]
[--?] [--?] the Line as [--?]
have. Washington City D.C.
Co E 6th Regiment
M.V.M. Cap Daniel
Tuttle Col E.F. Jones